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Animal Communication: Learning by Listening about Danger.

A variety of animals eavesdrop and learn to use other species' alarm calls to avoid predators. Superb fairy-wrens, when hearing unfamiliar calls together with known alarm calls, can learn to associate these new calls with danger.

A Prospective Observational Cohort Study of Calls for Help in a Tertiary Care Academic Operating Room Suite.

While significant literature exists on hospital-based "code calls," there is a lack of research on calls for help in the operating room (OR). The purpose of this study was to quantify the rate and nature of calls for help in the OR of a tertiary care hospital. For a 1-year period, all calls were recorded in the main OR at The University of California, Irvine Medical Center. The average rate of calls per 1000 anesthesia hours was 1.4 (95% CI, 1.1-1.8), corresponding to a rate of 5.0 (3.8-6.5) calls per 1000 ...

Development of snake-directed antipredator behavior by wild white-faced capuchin monkeys: III. the signaling properties of alarm-call tonality.

In many primates, the acoustic properties of alarm calls can provide information on the level of perceived predatory threat as well as influence the antipredator behavior of nearby conspecifics. The present study examined the harmonics-to-noise ratio (tonality of spectral structure) of alarm calls emitted by white-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus) in trees directed at photographic models of a boa constrictor, neotropical rattlesnake, scorpion eater snake, and white snake-shaped control presented on t...

King Devick computerized neurocognitive test scores in professional football players with learning and attentional disabilities.

This study examined outcomes from the King Devick (K-D) in athletes with Learning Disabilities (LD) and attention disorders (ADHD).

The workforce trends of physician assistants in Iowa (1995-2015).

Physician assistants are expected to have an important role in providing both primary and specialty care. Iowa has a large rural (and aging) population and faces challenges to provide equitable access to care. This study examined changes in the Iowa physician assistant workforce (1995-2015) focusing on practice setting (primary v. subspecialty care) and geographic location (rural/urban, Health Professional Shortage Area). Documenting their current locations and service in HPSAs for primary care will help he...

Emotional responses to conspecific distress calls are modulated by affiliation in cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus).

Vocal communication is used across the animal kingdom to transfer information from emitters to receivers, such as size, sex, age, dominance status or even emotional states. The transmission of an emotional state from one individual to another is called "emotional contagion" and is classified as the first level of empathy. Emotional contagion is thought to be stronger between familiar individuals. While affiliation represents a stronger relation between individuals than mere familiarity, it remains understud...

Trill-calls in Java sparrows: repetition rate determines the category of acoustically similar calls in different behavioral contexts.

Bird vocalizations are often differentiated using terms such as "song" and "call." The Java sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora) uses several calls in different behavioral situations; notably, they produce similar calls in disparate situations of aggressiveness or affinity. These calls are composed of short syllables with narrow intervals repeated in quick succession. We distinguished these "trill-calls" as either aggressive or affiliative trills based on behavioral context. We compared the sound pressure levels, f...

CNValidator: validating somatic copy-number inference.

CNValidator assesses the quality of somatic copy number calls based on coherency of haplotypes across multiple samples from the same individual. It is applicable to any copy number calling algorithm which makes calls independently for each sample. This test is useful in assessing the accuracy of copy number calls, as well as choosing among alternative copy number algorithms or tuning parameter values.

Sleep-disordered breathing in the Cavalier King Charles spaniel: A case series.

To describe sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) in the Cavalier King Charles spaniel (CKCS).

Impact of Lift Assist Calls on Paramedic Services: A Descriptive Study.

The aging population in Canada is steadily increasing and is placing greater demand on paramedic services, especially through the growing number of non-emergent lift assist (LA) calls. A LA occurs when a person calls paramedic services and requests assistance to get up or mobilize, usually after experiencing a fall. The patient refuses transport to the emergency department for further medical attention. LA calls are time consuming and are non-reimbursable. The increase in number of this call type, specifica...

Morphometric analysis of spinal cord termination in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

There is an association between Chiari malformations, syringomyelia (CMSM) and tethered cord syndrome (TCS) in people, suggesting Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (CKCS) with CMSM could also have TCS. Currently there are no data on the position of the caudal spinal cord structures in CKCS.

The nasal and oropharyngeal microbiomes of healthy livestock workers.

Little information exists on the microbiomes of livestock workers. A cross-sectional, epidemiological study was conducted enrolling 59 participants (26 of which had livestock contact) in Iowa. Participants were enrolled in one of four ways: from an existing prospective cohort study (n = 38), from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Animal Feeding Operations database (n = 17), through Iowa county fairs (n = 3), and through snowball sampling (n = 1). We collected swabs from the nares and oropharynx of ea...

Underlying decision making processes on Iowa Gambling Task.

Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) assesses decision making in uncertain conditions. Several studies have reported impaired performance on IGT in various clinical population compared to healthy normal. However, some researchers have reported incongruent findings from the basic assumptions of IGT in healthy normal. Our aim was to examine the possible decision making processes on IGT.

Ultrasonic vocalization in female rats: A comparison among three outbred stocks from pups to adults.

Long Evans (LE), Sprague-Dawley (SD) and Wistar (WU) are outbred rat stocks, which differ in terms of brain, physiology, pharmacological reactivity and behavior. Extending our previous work with males from these stocks, we here report the analysis of ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) in females. Identical to our previous studies, we tested them as pups for 40-kHz calls during short-term isolation, as juveniles for appetitive 50-kHz calls during a cage test or when being tickled, and finally as adults for 22-kH...

The aurora named STEVE is not an aurora.

Review of Steve Stewart-Williams's The Ape That Understood the Universe: How the Mind and Culture Evolve : (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018).

Molecular docking of Aβ peptide and its Iowa DN mutant using small molecule inhibitors: Possible mechanisms of Aβ-peptide inhibition.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common form of neurodegenerative diseases, characterized by the deposition of Aβ (amyloid beta) peptide. In this study, we have unravelled the interactions as well as anti amyloidogenic behaviour of 40 small molecule inhibitors with Aβ peptide and Iowa mutant DN-Aβ1 peptide at atomic level and their modes of binding by docking approaches. The binding mode between wild type peptide and drug is distinctly different from the Iowa-mutant-peptide and drug. Here we proposed...

The King-Devick test in an outpatient concussion clinic: Assessing the diagnostic and prognostic value of a vision test in conjunction with exercise testing among acutely concussed adolescents.

This study investigated the diagnostic and prognostic value of the King-Devick (K-D) test in conjunction with treadmill testing in adolescents after sport-related concussion (SRC) in an outpatient concussion management clinic without baseline measures.

Morphine, Cocaine, and the Euthanasia of King George V.


To analyze the frequency and nature of after-hours calls to Endocrinology Fellows and employ interventions to direct appropriate care to Primary endocrinologists.

Clinical usefulness of the Iowa Gambling Task in severe alcohol-use disorders: Link with relapse and cognitive-physiological deficits.

Decision-making impairments have been repeatedly evaluated in severe alcohol use disorders (SAUD) using the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT). The IGT, capitalizing on strong theoretical background and ecological significance, allowed identifying large-scale deficits in this population and is now a standard decision-making assessment in therapeutic settings. However, the clinical usefulness of the IGT, particularly regarding its ability to predict relapse and its link with key cognitive-physiological deficits, remai...

Do sexual calls in female black capuchin monkeys (Sapajus nigritus) vary with fertility? An acoustic analysis.

Females across a range of animal taxa produce vocalizations and signals uniquely associated with periods of mating. While such signals may ultimately function to increase female attractivity to males, conflicting findings challenge the extent to which these signals co-vary in accordance with the probability of conception. Female black capuchin monkeys (Sapajus nigritus) display an elaborate repertoire of both vocal and visual components as part of their socio-sexual behavior, and previous analyses have show...

Social patterning of telephone health-advice for diarrhoea and vomiting: analysis of 24 million telehealth calls in England.

Gastrointestinal (GI) infections are common and most people do not see a physician. There is conflicting evidence of the impact of socioeconomic status (SES) on risk of GI infections. We assessed the relationship between SES and GI calls to two National Health Service (NHS) telephone advice services in England.

Conservation of White Rhinoceroses Threatened by Bovine Tuberculosis, South Africa, 2016-2017.

During 2016-2017, when Kruger National Park, South Africa, was under quarantine to limit bovine tuberculosis spread, we examined 35 white and 5 black rhinoceroses for infection. We found 6 infected white rhinoceroses during times of nutritional stress. Further research on Mycobacterium bovis pathogenesis in white rhinoceroses is needed.

Follow-up postoperative calls to reduce common postoperative complaints among urogynecology patients.

The purpose of our study was to identify the most common reasons why postoperative urogynecology patients called their surgeon within the first 6 weeks of surgery. We hypothesize that implementing a follow-up postoperative call (FPC) policy would decrease the number of patient-initiated calls within this postoperative period.

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