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Correction to: Near infrared laser irradiation induces NETosis via oxidative stress and autophagy.

The published online version contains mistake on the author names. The first names and family names were interchanged. Corrected names are shown in the author group section above.

Surface curvature effects on the tonal noise of a wall-mounted finite airfoil.

This paper is concerned with the influence of camber on the noise of a wall-mounted finite airfoil with natural boundary layer transition. Tonal noise measurements taken in an aeroacoustic wind tunnel are presented for airfoils with aspect ratio of 2, NACAxx12 profile and camber between 0 and 6% at 40% chord. The results show camber is an important parameter that determines the operating conditions for which acoustic tone generation occurs and the number and intensity of the tones produced. Airfoils with 0%...

Why are so many effectively published names of prokaryotic taxa never validated?

Nearly half of the new names of prokaryotic taxa between the ranks of subspecies and class that were effectively published in journals other than the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM) in the period 2014-2017 were never submitted for validation. A survey of such effectively published names that include information on the etymology of the name, a description of the taxon, and for species and subspecies generally at least one culture collection deposit, shows that for mo...

Use of Proprietary Names by Prescribers for Generic Products.

Proprietary names are often used when prescribing drug products in the United States. The purpose of this study is to describe prescribers' use of proprietary names for generic products, branded-generic names, on prescription orders and to identify prescribing practice trends to inform the development and evaluation of new proprietary names.

Endowment Effect: Trading for Oneself Versus Trading for Others.

Prior research on the endowment effect has tended to focus on decisions made by individuals acting on their own account rather than on others' behalf. This article reports on three experiments that modeled this "for-self" versus "for-others" distinction and measured its effects on prices. Specifically, our participants who were asked to make trading decisions for other people subsequently reported decreases in the endowment effect. We concluded that, in the context of the trading of goods, perceived ownersh...

Near Misses in Financial Trading: Skills for Capturing and Averting Error.

The aims of this study were (a) to determine whether near-miss incidents in financial trading contain information on the operator skills and systems that detect and prevent near misses and the patterns and trends revealed by these data and (b) to explore if particular operator skills and systems are found as important for avoiding particular types of error on the trading floor.

Design of Brand Names of Medicines Considering Subjects' Preferences.

Only recently, regulations on the names of medicines were developed. Regulations are mainly focused on avoiding the approval of medicine names that may be confusing to others. Furthermore, legal requirements do not include testing for human factors, such as potential users' preferences.

Clostridium difficile and Clostridioides difficile: two validly published and correct names.

The current status of the names Clostridium difficile and Clostridioides difficile is explained in view of the current confusion about the correct name of this well-known pathogen. Both names have been validly published under the provisions of the Prokaryotic Code and both names can be used.

Chlamydia: a pill for the partner? Results of the PICC-UP project on patient-initiated partner therapy.

Effective partner notification and partner treatment are essential to prevent reinfection with Chlamydia trachomatis. For this reason we investigated the possibilities for patient-initiated partner therapy (PIPT) in the Netherlands.

General equilibrium with endogenous trading constraints.

In a competitive model where agents are subject to endogenous trading constraints, we make the access to financial trade dependent on prices and consumption decisions. Our framework is compatible with the existence of both credit market segmentation and market exclusion. In this context, we show equilibrium existence in two scenarios. In the first one, individuals can fully hedge the payments of segmented financial contracts by trading unsegmented assets. In the second one, it is assumed that agents may com...

Effluent trading planning and its application in water quality management: A factor-interaction perspective.

In this study, a Bayesian risk-induced interval stochastic modeling framework (BRISF) is proposed for planning effluent trading program among point and nonpoint sources as well as identifying interactions of important trading factors under system risk. BRISF incorporates nutrient fate modeling with soil and water assessment tool (SWAT), Bayesian inference with random walk Metropolis algorithm (RWM), and constraint-violation risk-based two-stage stochastic programming (CRTSP) within a general framework. Baye...

3- and 5-year-old children's adherence to explicit and implicit joint commitments.

The problem with collaboration is that there are temptations to defect. Explicit joint commitments are designed to mitigate some of the risks, but people also feel committed to others implicitly when they both know together that they each hold the other's fate in their hands. In the current study, pairs of 3-year-old and 5-year-old children ( = 192) played a collaborative game. One child was offered individual rewards (bribed) to opt out of the collaboration. In 3 different conditions, the level of the comm...

Use of Proprietary Names by Prescribers When Prescribing Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drug Products.

To identify if proprietary names are used by health care practitioners when prescribing over-the-counter (OTC) drug products. These findings can inform evaluation of proposed proprietary names for both prescription and OTC drug products.

Slow-fast analysis of a multi-group asset flow model with implications for the dynamics of wealth.

The multi-group asset flow model is a nonlinear dynamical system originally developed as a tool for understanding the behavioral foundations of market phenomena such as flash crashes and price bubbles. In this paper we use a modification of this model to analyze the dynamics of a single-asset market in situations when the trading rates of investors (i.e., their desire to exchange stock for cash) are prescribed ahead of time and independent of the state of the market. Under the assumption of fast trading com...

Violence Against Female Adolescents in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Evidence From 36 National Household Surveys.

The goal of this article is to provide evidence on the past-year prevalence of violence against female adolescent children age 15 to 17 and test the hypothesis that higher socioeconomic status is associated with lower likelihoods of past-year violence. We used national household surveys from 36 low- and-middle-income countries to provide evidence on the prevalence of violence against 34,901 adolescents age 15 to 17 and logistic regression analysis to measure the association between socioeconomic status and ...

Early and multiple-loci divergency of proper and common names: An event-related potential investigation.

We investigated how the brain represents and processes proper and common names by measuring event-related brain potentials (ERPs) while participants performed a lexical decision task. We capitalized on the fact that in Italian proper names require an upper-case initial letter. Stimuli were either in their typical (proper names with upper-case letter and common names with lower-case letter, Teresa, matita 'pencil') or atypical/less frequent written format (proper names with lower-case letter and upper-case w...

Vehicle registration year, age, and weight - Untangling the effects on crash risk.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of passenger cars' first year of registration, weight, and age on the number of killed or seriously injured (KSI) car drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Poisson regression models were developed of injury crashes involving passenger cars in Norway in 2000-2016, with the following predictor variables: The cars' first year of registration and weight, either crash year or car age, the drivers age and gender, and in models for car-car collisions the cr...

Prevalence and risk factors of intimate partner violence among women in four districts of the central region of Ghana: Baseline findings from a cluster randomised controlled trial.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant global public health problem. Understanding risk factors is crucial for developing prevention programmes. Yet, little evidence exists on population-based prevalence and risk factors for IPV in West Africa. Our objective was to measure both lifetime and past year prevalence of IPV and to determine factors associated with past year physical or sexual IPV experience. This population-based survey involved 2000 randomly selected women aged 18 to 49 years living in...

The rise of medicalization of plants in Brazil: A temporal perspective on vernacular names.

Brazilian plant species used in folk medicine have acquired several popular names related to commercial medicines in recent decades. This fact has directly effect to the medicalization process.

Common Reversal Agents/Antidotes in Small Animal Poisoning.

This article provides a quick source of information for practicing veterinarians for using various antidotes in small animal poisoning cases. For easy access, this information is included in the form of a table. The first column includes common names and/or brand names of different antidotes. In the second column, names of different toxicants or indications for which these antidotes can be used are described. The third column is the comment section that briefly describes salient points or cautions for using...

Correction to: Assessment of ocular toxoplasmosis patients reported at a tertiary center in the northeast of Iran.

Unfortunately, in the original publication of the article, given name and family name of the first and fourth author names were mentioned incorrectly. The exact given name and family name of those author names have been provided in the erratum.

Correction to: Highlights from 2017: impactful topics published in the Annals of Nuclear Medicine.

The author names in the original version of this article were inversed. Correct author names were reflected here.

Perceived partner responsiveness predicts smoking cessation in single-smoker couples.

Romantic partners are crucial to successful smoking cessation, but the mechanisms by which partners influence cessation is unclear. Research in this area has focused heavily on partner smoking status and support for quitting, but partner influence may not be limited to these two constructs. The current study examines the perceived responsiveness of the partner (i.e., the perception that the partner understands, approves of, and supports the self) as a predictor of smoking cessation in unassisted quitters, i...

The impact of intimate partner violence on women's contraceptive use: Evidence from the Rakai Community Cohort Study in Rakai, Uganda.

A systematic review of longitudinal studies suggests that intimate partner violence (IPV) is associated with reduced contraceptive use, but most included studies were limited to two time points. We used seven waves of data from the Rakai Community Cohort Study in Rakai, Uganda to estimate the effect of prior year IPV at one visit on women's current contraceptive use at the following visit. We used inverse probability of treatment-weighted marginal structural models (MSMs) to estimate the relative risk of cu...

Cycle of violence among young Kenyan women: The link between childhood violence and adult physical intimate partner violence in a population-based survey.

The aim of the current analysis is to elucidate the link between childhood experiences of violence and physical intimate partner violence in young adulthood in a national survey of young Kenyan women. In 2010, we conducted the Violence against Children Survey in Kenya, collecting retrospective reports from 13 to 24 year old males and females (N = 2928). The analysis presented here focused on females aged 18-24 who ever had an intimate partner (n = 566). Young Kenyan women had statistically higher ...

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