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Role of the Chief Nurse Officer in Ensuring Person- and Family-Centered Care.

Person- and family-centered care (PFCC) is a philosophy that has been espoused for decades and yet is rarely embedded in health care organizations. Difficulties dispelling the numerous myths about what PFCC is, as well as daunting challenges to designing and implementing it, have hindered progress. The chief nurse officer is well-positioned to assume organizational leadership in successfully navigating this effort. This article provides 9 specific steps a chief nurse officer should take to create a culture,...

NHS can lead in reducing pollution to improve public health, says chief medical officer.

Sir Adolphe Abrahams: physician and Olympics medical officer.

Mature gastric chief cells are not required for the development of metaplasia.

During human gastric carcinogenesis, intestinal metaplasia (IM) is frequently seen in the atrophic stomach. In mice, a distinct type of metaplasia known as spasmolytic polypeptide-expressing metaplasia (SPEM) is found in several inflammatory and genetically engineered models. Given the diversity of long- and short-term models of mouse SPEM, it remains unclear whether all models have a shared or distinct molecular mechanism. The origin of SPEM in mice is currently under debate. It is postulated that stem or ...

The role and the interventions of the Hospital Social Service (HSS) for the integration of the health and social activities: a comparative survey between 2008 and 2014 in the Social Service of the "Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Policlinico Umberto I" in Rome, Italy.

In the Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, the Hospital Social Services (HSS) is located within the Directorate of Health, reporting directly to the Chief Medical Officer, providing counselling and supporting clinical services. The HSS is part of a network with its own technical, professional and assessment independence. It often serves as liaison between the hospital and the territory, facilitating the development of services and contributing to public health recovery and maint...

MJA editor-in-chief Prof Nick Talley wins top honour.

Quality and performance indicators of the pilot program for cervical cancer screening by health visitors.

The aim of our analysis was the assessment of the qualitative and performance indicators of a pilot program for health visitors' cervical cancer screening. The analysis involved the data from the Communication module of the Office of the National Chief Medical Officer. In the examined period (October, 2013 - September, 2015) the participation indicators of women aged 25-65, the prevalence rates of human papillomavirus and the cervical intraepithelial neoplasia were determined. In the screening period, the c...

AttrActin' Attention to Early Mouse Development.

A new study by Zenker et al. uses time-lapse imaging to discover how dynamic actin movements contribute to epithelialization of living mouse embryos. Together with work from other labs, this study presents exciting new ways to think about the emergence of cell fates during mammalian development.

Emergency Department Chief Complaints Among Children With Cancer.

Children with cancer have high emergency department (ED) utilization, but little is known about their chief complaints. A retrospective chart review of ED chief complaints for children with cancer (actively receiving therapy) at Riley Hospital for Children from January 2014 to December 2015 was performed. Proportions of visits and disposition for top 5 chief complaints were determined. Multivariate logistic regression analyzed factors associated with admission. There were 598 encounters by 231 children with...

Randomly auditing research labs could be an affordable way to improve research quality: A simulation study.

The "publish or perish" incentive drives many researchers to increase the quantity of their papers at the cost of quality. Lowering quality increases the number of false positive errors which is a key cause of the reproducibility crisis. We adapted a previously published simulation of the research world where labs that produce many papers are more likely to have "child" labs that inherit their characteristics. This selection creates a competitive spiral that favours quantity over quality. To try to halt the...

Medical Perspective Articles to Stimulate the Field for Needs-Finding.

This editorial by the journal's Editor in Chief, Brian Pogue, explains the need for a new type of paper.

Medical cyber-physical systems: A survey.

Medical cyber-physical systems (MCPS) are healthcare critical integration of a network of medical devices. These systems are progressively used in hospitals to achieve a continuous high-quality healthcare. The MCPS design faces numerous challenges, including inoperability, security/privacy, and high assurance in the system software. In the current work, the infrastructure of the cyber-physical systems (CPS) are reviewed and discussed. This article enriched the researches of the networked Medical Device (MD)...

Design of a secure remote management module for a software-operated medical device.

Software-based medical devices need to be maintained throughout their entire life cycle. The efficiency of after-sales maintenance can be improved by managing medical systems remotely. This paper presents how to design the remote access function extensions in order to prevent risks imposed by uncontrolled remote access. A thorough analysis of standards and legislation requirements regarding safe operation and risk management of medical devices is presented. Based on the formal requirements, a multi-layer ma...

Contested roles of Canada's Chief Medical Officers of Health.

The roles and responsibilities of Canada's Chief Medical Officers of Health (CMOHs) are contested. On the one hand, they are senior public servants who confidentially advise government on public health matters and manage the implementation of government priorities. On the other hand, CMOHs are perceived as independent communicators and advocates for public health. This article analyzes public health legislation across Canada that governs the CMOH role. Our legal analysis reveals that the presence and degree...

Challenges for successful implantation of biofuel cells.

There is a growing interest in the design and engineering of operational biofuel cells that can be implanted. This review highlights the recent progress in the electrochemistry of biofuel cell technologies, but with a particular emphasis on the medical and physiological aspects that impact the biocompatibility of biofuel cells operating inside a living body. We discuss the challenge of supplying power to implantable medical devices, with regard to the limitations of lithium battery technology and why implan...

Medical education research: aligning design and research goals.

An Application-Directed, Versatile DNA FISH Platform for Research and Diagnostics.

DNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (DNA FISH) has emerged as a powerful microscopy technique that allows a unique view into the composition and arrangement of the genetic material in its natural context-be it the cell nucleus in interphase, or chromosomes in metaphase spreads. The core principle of DNA FISH is the ability of fluorescently labeled DNA probes (either double- or single-stranded DNA fragments) to bind to their complementary sequences in situ in cells or tissues, revealing the location of th...

Taking Charge: Moving from Peer to Supervisor.

Leadership transitions occur frequently, and these times can be challenging for the individual and those they lead. Leaders must develop new knowledge and skills required of the position. Leaders also assume a new formal leadership role over prior peers. This can be a difficult task for junior leaders. The following article illustrates an example case faced by a junior Navy Medical Corps Officer and how one might respond.

The Problem of Training of Professors of Medicine in Russia of the Beginning of XIX Century.

The article considers an unknown aspect in history of medical education - the project of training of professors of medicine of "natural Russians". The author of the project was Ya.V. Wylie, the physician-in-ordinary of the Emperor, the chief medical inspector of army and the president of the Medical surgical academy. His intention was implemented in 1817-1818 and resulted in cessation of international employments of professors of medicine for Russian universities and medical surgical academies and organizat...

Building a Stable Relationship: Ensuring Homeostasis among Cell Types within a Tissue.

Many processes controlling cell growth and death are well characterized for individual cell lineages, but how ensembles of different cell types in a tissue regulate collective size and composition remains unclear. In this issue of Cell, Zhou et al. employ experiments and theory to uncover design principles of tissue homeostasis arising from cross-talk between fibroblasts and macrophages.

ICF and the Term "Substantial Disability" in the German Bundesteilhabegesetz (BTHG).

The new law, called "Bundesteilhabegesetz" was rapidly approved by the German legislative institutions in December 2016. It was supposed to be a milestone demonstrating the change from paternalistic care to the right of autonomous participation in all parts of social life. This new law sought to offer new ways, but actually there remains a big space for interpretations in the implementation. The law proposal wanted to claim 5 from the nine areas of life from the ICF. That was not accepted. Until December 20...

Incorporating a companion test into the noninferiority design of medical device trials.

Noninferiority trials are commonly utilized to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medical devices. It could happen that the noninferiority hypothesis is rejected while the performance of the active control is clinically not satisfactory. This may pose a great challenge when making a regulatory decision. To avoid such a difficult situation, we propose to conduct a companion test to assess the performance of the active control when testing the main noninferiority hypothesis and to incorporate such a tes...

Office design and health: a systematic review.

To carry out a systematic review of recent research into the effects of workplace design, comparing individual with shared workspaces, on the health of employees.


Measurements of the dose equivalent at different distances from the isocenter of the proton therapy center at iThemba LABS were previously performed with a tissue-equivalent proportional counter (TEPC). These measurements showed that the scattered radiation levels were one or two orders of magnitude higher in comparison to other passive scattering delivery systems. In order to reduce these radiation levels, additional shielding was installed shortly after the measurements were done. Therefore, the aim of th...

Versatile graphene biosensors for enhancing human cell therapy.

Technological advances in engineering and cell biology stimulate novel approaches for medical treatment, in particular cell-based therapy. The first cell-based gene therapy against cancer was recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Progress in cancer diagnosis includes a blood test detecting five cancer types. Numerous stem cell phase I/II clinical trials showing safety and efficacy will soon pursue qualifying criteria for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP), aspiring to join the fi...

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