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When friends behave badly: Loneliness and children's expectations of friends and responses to transgressions.

Previous research has shown that friendships buffer against loneliness, but some children remain lonely despite having best friends. The current study examines relationships between loneliness and Friendship Functions, expectations, and responses to friendship transgressions in children with best friends (8-11 years; N = 177). Children completed questionnaires that measured loneliness, fulfilment of Friendship Functions, Friendship Expectations, and the Transgressions of Friendship Expectations Questionn...

Psychometric properties and operating characteristics of the Spanish-adapted version of the CRAFFT questionnaire in adolescents from Greater Buenos Aires.

The Car, Relax, Alone, Forget, Family and Friends, Trouble (CRAFFT) questionnaire is an instrument used in the screening for problematic alcohol and substance use, abuse or dependence in adolescents. While there is a Spanish-adapted and validated version for Argentine adolescents (CRAFFTa), it cannot be applied indiscriminately because it has not been assessed in different sociocultural settings.

Directed forgetting in problem solving.

In two experiments, we investigated intentional forgetting of problem-solving routines by adapting the list method of directed forgetting. In Experiment 1, participants practiced solving water-jar problems (Luchins, 1942). After working on a first series of problems that all could be solved by the same formula, one group of participants was instructed to forget the so-far presented items because these, allegedly, had only served as a warm-up, whereas another group did not receive a forget instruction. After...

Moving Backgrounds Confer Age-Related Positional Uncertainty on Flash-Grab Targets.

The flash-grab effect made a stationary flashing cross appear to jump back and forth through a distance of more than 2°. Observers were asked to move a cursor as quickly as possible on to this flashing target. All observers younger than 65 years, and 39% of those over 65 years, could do this without difficulty within 1 second to 2 seconds. But 61% of those over 65 years experienced uncertainty about the exact position of the target and took from 6 to 147 seconds to hit it-about 4 times longer than to hit a...

Associations of CYP24A1 Copy Number Variation with Vitamin D Deficiency and Insulin Secretion.

Vitamin D plays an important role in insulin secretion. As the enzyme that initiates degradation of the active metabolite of vitamin D (1,25-(OH)2D), 24-hydroxylase encoded by CYP24A1 may be associated with insulin secretion. In this study, we aimed at investigating the association between copy number of CYP24A1 and the concentration of insulin. 1528 rural people in Henan Province of China were included. The copy number of CYP24A1 and the concentrations of serum 25(OH)D3 and insulin were determined. Associa...

Effect of digital alteration information and disclaimer labels attached to fashion magazine advertisements on women's body dissatisfaction.

The present study aimed to investigate whether the provision of prior information about digital alteration would enhance the effectiveness of disclaimer labels attached to fashion images in protecting against body dissatisfaction. Participants were 363 female undergraduate students who viewed fashion magazine advertisements with either no label or a digital alteration disclaimer label. Prior to viewing the advertisements, participants read one of three news stories containing digital alteration information ...

Normative feedback and intentions to help friends with bulimic symptoms.

The current study examined accuracy in estimating campus norms for eating disorder (ED) pathology and the impact of normative feedback on intentions to help friends. The sample included 130 undergraduate women. Participants estimated prevalence of ED pathology and were randomly assigned to normative feedback or a control condition. Vignettes were presented describing bulimic and sleep disorder symptoms. After presentation of each vignette, participants reported sympathy for and intentions to help friends ...

Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together Within a Team-Based Physical Activity Intervention? A Social Network Analysis.

Homophily is the tendency to associate with friends similar to ourselves. This study explored the effects of homophily on team formation in a physical activity challenge in which "captains" signed up their Facebook friends to form teams.

Investigation of mitochondrial DNA copy number in patients with major depressive disorder.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is implicated in the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder (MDD). This dysfunction can be indirectly assessed using the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) copy number. A total of 118 patients with MDD and 116 age- and sex-matched control subjects were recruited for this study, and mtDNA copy numbers were measured in peripheral blood cells. This study also examined the potential variables that might impact mtDNA copy number in MDD, including age and clinical features. Additionally, ep...

Don't Forget the Kids: Care Transformations that Meet the Needs of Children.

Longitudinal Associations Between Sexual Communication With Friends and Sexual Behaviors Through Perceived Sexual Peer Norms.

The role of peers in adolescents' sexual behaviors is not yet fully understood. We investigated the association between sexual communication with friends (at T1) and subsequent changes in adolescents' experience with sexual behaviors (between T1-T3), and examined whether this association was explained by adolescents' perceptions of three sexual peer norms (at T2): (1) peers' sexual behaviors (descriptive norms), (2) peers' approval of sexual behaviors (injunctive norms), and (3) peer pressure to have sex. T...

Positive Affect between Close Friends: Brain-Behavior Associations during Adolescence.

Identifying the neural correlates of positive interactions between friendship dyads may provide insights into mechanisms associated with adolescent social development. Forty-eight 14- to 18-year old typically developing adolescents were video-recorded discussing a shared positive event with a close friend and subsequently viewed clips during an fMRI scan of that friend during the interaction and of an unfamiliar peer in a similar interaction. Adolescents also reported on their positive affect in daily life ...

Friends and relatives as sources of prescription opioids for misuse among young adults: The significance of physician source and race/ethnic differences.

Given the public health issues associated with prescription opioid misuse, there is surprisingly little research on sources of prescription opioids for misuse. We know that free from friends/relatives is the most common source, that source is associated with patterns of misuse, and that sources vary based on the sociodemographic characteristics. The current research assesses how friends/relatives obtain the prescription opioids they freely share with others. Data were from the 2009-2014 National Survey on ...

Neuro-prognostication: Don't forget that time is brain!

Sex Hormones and Asthma - Don't Forget Progesterone.

Centromere 17 copy number gain reflects chromosomal instability in breast cancer.

Chromosomal instability (CIN) is known to be associated with prognosis and treatment response in breast cancer. This study was conducted to determine whether copy number gain of centromere 17 (CEP17) reflects CIN, and to evaluate the prognostic and predictive value of CIN in breast cancer. CIN status was determined by summing copy number gains of four centromeric probes (CEP1, CEP8, CEP11, and CEP16) based on fluorescence in situ hybridization and CIN scores were calculated using next generation sequencing ...

Involvement of increased p53 expression in the decrease of mitochondrial DNA copy number and increase of SUV of FDG-PET scan in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

We appraised Warburg effect through analysis of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) copy number and maximum standard uptake value (SUV) of F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (FDG-PET) scan and their alterations in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). Later T-status and longer longitudinal tumor length was associated with lower mtDNA copy number (p 

A Friend in Need? Exploring the Influence of Disease and Disability Onset on the Number of Close Friends among Older Adults.

This research examines whether onset of life-threatening disease (i.e., cancer, lung disease, heart disease, or stroke) or Activities of Daily Living (ADL) disability influences the reported number of close friends.

Reply to "Sex Hormones and Asthma - Don't Forget Progesterone".

Association between high adolescent smartphone use and academic impairment, conflicts with family members or friends, and suicide attempts.

This study aims to evaluate the association between smartphone use and suicide attempts, independent of possible confounders, including conflicts with family/friends and poor academic performance due to smartphone use. Data were obtained from the 2017 Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-based Survey, a nationally representative survey of middle- and high-school students (N = 62,276). Time spent using a smartphone was divided into four categories: less than 1 h, 1-2 h, 3-4 h, and 5 h or more a day. The association...

Challenges for the Editors - Looking forward, but don't forget the past ...

Pre-travel health care attendance among migrant travellers visiting friends and relatives (VFR): a 10-year retrospective analysis.

Travellers visiting friends and relatives (VFR) define a specific population of travellers exposed to higher risks for health and safety than tourists. The aim of this study was to assess differentials in pre-travel health care in VFR travellers compared to other travellers.

Identifying pig mitochondrial TSS: Structure and functional features.

The transcription start sites (TSSs) of porcine mitochondrial genome were firstly identified in this study, including heavy-strand promoter 1 and 2 (HSP1 and HSP2) harbored at nt 903 and nt 1369 in H strand, respectively, and light-strand promoter (LSP) located at nt 166 in L strand. HSP1 structure and expression features were investigated by analyzing mtDNA copy number, expression of 11 nucleoplasmic genes, mtDNA methylation levels, and gene expression levels of methyl-modifying enzymes, DNMT1 and TETs. Th...

How we diagnose and manage altered oxygen affinity hemoglobin variants: Lest we forget JAK2 Exon 12 mutation.

Quantification of peripheral whole blood, cell-free plasma and exosome encapsulated mitochondrial DNA copy numbers in patients with atrial fibrillation.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) copy number changes have been associated with various diseases. Several studies showed that mtDNA content in peripheral blood was associated with oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is one of the severe cardiovascular diseases. We aimed to determine the mtDNA copy numbers in peripheral blood, in cell-free plasma and in exosomes of AF patients and healthy controls. Peripheral blood was drawn from 60 AF patients and 72 healthy controls. DNA was isola...

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