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Effects of Tubing Type, Formulation and Post-Pumping Agitation on Nano- and Microparticle Formation in Intravenous Immunoglobulin Solutions Processed with a Peristaltic Filling Pump.

The main goal of this study was to use state-of-the-art instruments for nano- (nanoparticle tracking analysis and resonant mass measurement) and microparticle counting (flow-imaging) to assess the effects of peristaltic filling pump operation on particle formation in formulations of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG). Microparticle levels were also measured with light obscuration (LO). Post-pumping agitation was studied as an accelerated degradation method, three different commercial peristaltic tubing types...

Peristaltic Elastic Instability in an Inflated Cylindrical Channel.

A long cylindrical cavity through a soft solid forms a soft microfluidic channel, or models a vascular capillary. We observe experimentally that, when such a channel bears a pressurized fluid, it first dilates homogeneously, but then becomes unstable to a peristaltic elastic instability. We combine theory and numerics to fully characterize the instability in a channel with initial radius a through an incompressible bulk neo-Hookean solid with shear modulus μ. We show instability occurs supercritically with...

Simultaneous measurement of blood pressure and RBC aggregation by monitoring on-off blood flows supplied from a disposable air-compressed pump.

Haematological diseases significantly increase RBC aggregation. Specifically, RBC aggregation is considerably varied by haematological factors including cellular properties, and suspending medium properties. Thus, in order to ensure consistent measurement of RBC aggregation, it is necessary to measure RBC aggregation and blood pressure simultaneously. Here, a method for simultaneously measuring RBC aggregation and blood pressure is demonstrated by analyzing blood flows supplied from a disposable air-compres...

Channel cloning by multi-mode phase-sensitive parametric mixer.

We investigate high fidelity channel replication approaching the idealized notion of channel cloning with negligible excess noise and distortion. Previously proposed cloning architectures require that the channel carriers to be externally seeded, limiting their ultimate usefulness, whereas the self-seeded approach limits the channel number and signal-to-noise ratio. Specifically, when a single channel is replicated, the noise figure (NF) remains above the well-known 3-dB limit, and multi-channel replication...

Sudden death due to diabetic ketoacidosis following power failure of an insulin pump: Autopsy and pump data.

To report a case in which autopsy findings and data from an insulin pump illustrate the course up to the death of a 31-year-old man with a history of type 1 diabetes mellitus who was found dead in his apartment with his insulin pump disassembled and placed in another room.

A hydrogel-driven microfluidic suction pump with a high flow rate.

We propose a portable, non-powered, long-term working suction pump with a high flow rate for microfluidic devices. The pump is driven by a superabsorbent polymer enclosed in a housing with porous fins to accelerate water absorption. We experimentally demonstrate that the pump creates an outstanding flow rate of more than 80 μl min-1 and an absorption volume of ∼20 ml. We address the key design principles underlying the outstanding performance of the pump. As an exemplary application, we constructed a por...

Pump down the prep to pump up the uptake: dream or nightmare?

Off-Pump Versus On-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: Should This Debate Even Continue?

A novel Kir7.1 splice variant expressed in various mouse tissues shares organisational and functional properties with human leber amaurosis-causing mutations of this K channel.

Kir7.1 is an inwardly rectifying K channel present in epithelia where it shares membrane localization with the Na/K-pump. In the present communication we report the presence of a novel splice variant of Kir7.1 in mouse tissues including kidney, lung, choroid plexus and retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). The variant named mKir7.1-SV2 lacks most of the C-terminus domain but is predicted to have the two transmembrane domains and permeation pathway unaffected. Similarly truncated predicted proteins, Kir7.1-R166X...

Early-Term Outcomes of Off-Pump versus On-Pump Beating-Heart Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.

 The current study analyzed and compared early-term outcomes of off-pump versus on-pump beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery.

Neutropenia and Thrombocytopenia Induced by Proton Pump Inhibitors: A Case Report.

An 85-year-old man was admitted to our hospital because of dysphagia, and was diagnosed with benign stricture of the esophagus. He was hospitalized repeatedly for balloon dilations. Pantoprazole sodium (80 mg, twice daily, intravenously) was administered each time when he was in hospital, while esomeprazole (20 mg/day, orally) was administered intermittently when he was at home. Reductions in both white blood cells and platelets were noticed about 4 months after proton pump inhibitors were introduced. Bo...

Off-Pump Versus On-Pump: Should graft flow confirmation at time of surgery become standard of care?

Off-Pump Versus On-Pump: Should graft flow confirmation at time of surgery become standard of care? (Reply).

The design modification of advanced ventricular assist device to enhance pulse augmentation and regurgitant flow shut-off.

The new Advanced ventricular assist device (VAD) has many features such as improving pulsatility and preventing regurgitant flow during pump stoppage. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of design modifications of the Advanced VAD on these features in vitro. Bench testing of four versions of the Advanced VAD was performed on a static or pulsatile mock loop with a pneumatic device. After pump performance was evaluated, each pump was run at 3000 rpm to evaluate pulse augmentation, then was s...

Variable response to low-dose naltrexone in patients with Darier disease: a case series.

Darier disease is a rare autosomal-dominant genodermatosis with a loss of function of a Ca -ATPase pump (SERCA2-pump). Clinically, the disease is characterized by red-brown keratotic papules mainly in seborrheic areas and has only limited and unsatisfactory treatment options. Previously, low-dose naltrexone was described as a successful treatment option in Hailey-Hailey-disease, a genodermatosis with a genetic mutation coding for a similar loss of function of a Ca -ATPase pump (hSPCA1-pump).

Patient Perception and Satisfaction With Insulin Pump System: Pilot User Experience Survey.

Adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus using the Medtronic™ 670G pump were surveyed about their experience with the device. Responses were quantified to identify themes. Twenty-one participants completed the survey. Seventeen participants used the pump as part of a hybrid closed loop system, while the remainder used the pump in combination with a nonintegrated continuous glucose monitoring system. Overall, participants indicated a high level of satisfaction with the pump (14/21) mostly because of improvemen...

New Versatile Dual-Support Pediatric Heart Pump.

Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) devices for pediatric patients continue to lag in development behind those for adults. There is no heart pump with the design innovation to support dysfunctional states of heart failure and the anatomic heterogeneity of cardiac defects in pediatric patients. To address this unmet need, we are developing a versatile MCS technology with two separate blood pumps under one housing, whereby a centrifugal pump rotates around an axial pump. In this study, we advanced the design...

Integrated optofluidic micro-pumps in micro-channels with uniform excitation of a polarization rotating beam.

We report an integrated optofluidic micro-pump with a pair of mirrored stirrers of circulating micro-beads in a micro-channel, driven by plasmon-assisted optical manipulation with the excitation of a polarization rotating beam. H-shaped apertures (HSAs) on a gold surface produce strong near-field hot spots when they are illuminated with a light beam polarized parallel to the long axis of "H." With the rotating of excitation polarization, loops of HSAs with gradually varied orientations can produce the circu...

Molecular understanding of calcium permeation through the open Orai channel.

The Orai channel is characterized by voltage independence, low conductance, and high Ca2+ selectivity and plays an important role in Ca2+ influx through the plasma membrane (PM). How the channel is activated and promotes Ca2+ permeation is not well understood. Here, we report the crystal structure and cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) reconstruction of a Drosophila melanogaster Orai (dOrai) mutant (P288L) channel that is constitutively active according to electrophysiology. The open state of the Orai chann...

Cascaded downconversion interface to convert single-photon-level signals at 650  nm to the telecom band.

We present a device designed for two-step downconversion of single-photon-level signals at 650 nm to the 1.5-μm band with low excess noise and low required pump power as a quantum interface between matter-qubit-based nodes and low-loss photonic channels for quantum communication networks. The required pump power for this interface is around 60% of that for a comparable conventional single-pass device, which reduces the demand on the pump laser and yields a corresponding reduction in dark counts due to ine...

Strategies that improve renal medullary oxygenation during experimental cardiopulmonary bypass may mitigate postoperative acute kidney injury.

Renal medullary hypoxia may contribute to cardiac surgery-associated acute kidney injury (AKI). However, the effects of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) on medullary oxygenation are poorly understood. Here we tested whether CPB causes medullary hypoxia and whether medullary oxygenation during CPB can be improved by increasing pump flow or mean arterial pressure (MAP). Twelve sheep were instrumented to measure whole kidney, medullary, and cortical blood flow and oxygenation. Five days later, under isoflurane ane...

Concomitant use of capecitabine and proton pump inhibitors - Is it safe?

Capecitabine is a commonly used oral chemotherapy agent. Recent data suggest that concurrent use of proton pump inhibitors may reduce the efficacy of capecitabine by decreasing its absorption through increased gastric pH. Since proton pump inhibitors are widely used, we evaluated the supportive evidence for the probability of occurrence and potential seriousness of this drug interaction.

Automated, Web-Based Solution for Bidirectional EHR-Infusion Pump Communication.

Smart Agent is a web-based solution for establishing bidirectional communication between an infusion pump and an electronic health record (EHR). It eliminates the need for clinician double check of medication administration using an infusion pump. Because the clinician already is using the EHR to review patient health information and update status, the addition of the web service would help eliminate the potential for human error when using a manual system. The Smart Agent process encompasses the reading of...

Impact of Pump Speed on Hemodynamics With Exercise in Continuous Flow Ventricular Assist Device Patients.

At fixed speed, the spontaneous increase in pump flow accompanying exercise in patients with continuous flow left ventricular assist devices (cfLVADs) is slight in comparison to normal physiologic response, limiting exercise capacity. We systematically exercised 14 patients implanted with an isolated HeartWare HVAD undergoing routine right heart catheterization at baseline and at maximal safe pump speed. In addition to hemodynamics, mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2), echocardiography and noninvasive mea...

Proton pump inhibitors: new mechanisms of action.

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are drugs widely used to potently suppress gastric acid secretion in the therapy of gastroesophageal diseases. These drugs are activated in the acidic environment of the stomach and bind covalently to sulfhydryl groups of cysteines found in the proton pump (an H ,K -ATPase) inactivating it. This effect is irreversible and new H ,K -ATPase needs to be expressed in order to resume acid secretion. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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