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Spatial and temporal patterns of metallic pollution in Québec City, Canada: Sources and hazard assessment from reservoir sediment records.

Québec City (QC, Canada) is an important urban center developed along the Saint-Charles River, at the confluence with the Saint-Lawrence River. Here, environmental issues related to pollution have been recently raised for sediments trapped upstream a dam built in the early 1970s. The major concern is about downstream transport of sediments and contaminants toward the Saint-Lawrence Estuary, a protected marine area of high socioeconomic value. This article deals with metallic contaminants in reservoir sedim...

Hearing differences in Hartley guinea pig stocks from two breeders.

Across the world, dozens of outbred Hartley guinea pig stocks are used for auditory experiments. The genetic makeup of these different stocks will differ due to differences in breeding protocols, history and genetic drift. In fact, outbred breeding protocols are not intended to produce genetically identical animals, neither across breeders, nor across time. For this reason, it is unclear how reproducible experimental results are likely to be using animals from different stocks. We evaluated the consistency ...

The Last Witness to Creation: A Case of Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

In Memoriam: Charles A. Coltman, 1930 to 2018.

In Memoriam: Charles A. Coltman, 1930 to 2018.

Hydrocephalus of King Charles II of Spain, the Bewitched King.

King of the Spanish Habsburg dynasty and sovereign of the overseas Spanish Empire, Charles II of Spain, was physically disabled, disfigured, mentally retarded, and he proved impotent. He is known in history as El Hechizado (the Bewitched) because both him and the people believed that his mental and physical incapacity were due to a "witchcraft act." Although several authors speculated about different diseases, most of them genetic such as pituitary hormone deficiency, distal renal tubular acidosis, Klinefel...

Satellite tracking of gulls and genomic characterization of fecal bacteria reveals environmentally mediated acquisition and dispersal of antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Gulls (Larus spp.) have frequently been reported to carry Escherichia coli exhibiting antimicrobial resistance (AMR E. coli); however, the pathways governing the acquisition and dispersal of such bacteria are not well-described. We equipped 17 landfill-foraging gulls with satellite transmitters and collected gull fecal samples longitudinally from four locations on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska to assess: 1) gull attendance and transitions between sites, 2) spatiotemporal prevalence of fecally-shed AMR E. coli...

Unmasking "The Eldest Son of The Father of Protozoology": Charles King.

In 1703 two articles appeared in the Transactions of the Royal Society, authored by an unnamed gentleman. The articles, with deference to Leeuwenhoeck, described recent observations made with a microscope. Clifford Dobell, in his biography of Leeuwenhoeck, remarked at length on the extraordinary quality of the illustrations and descriptions of "animalcules". He declared the anonymous author to be the scion and master draughtsman of Leeuwenhoeck's followers. Still today, one of the illustrations is credited ...

Growth and antibiotic resistance acquisition of Escherichia coli in a river that receives treated sewage effluent.

Wastewater treatment plants could discharge Escherichia coli and antibiotic resistant bacteria to the environment adjacent to, or downstream of their discharge point. However, their discharge also contains nutrients which could promote growth of E. coli in water environments. This study was done to clarify the potential of growth and antibiotic resistance acquisition of E. coli in a river environment. Levels of E. coli were monitored in a river that receives treated sewage effluent for over four years. Rive...

Morphometric analysis of spinal cord termination in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

There is an association between Chiari malformations, syringomyelia (CMSM) and tethered cord syndrome (TCS) in people, suggesting Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (CKCS) with CMSM could also have TCS. Currently there are no data on the position of the caudal spinal cord structures in CKCS.

A signal acquisition setup for ultrashort echo time imaging operating in parallel on unmodified clinical MRI scanners achieving an acquisition delay of 3 μs.

Ultrashort echo time imaging on clinical systems is still limited by the rather long radio frequency switching times achievable with standard front end concepts. In this contribution, an independent parallel receive-only system is interfaced to an unmodified clinical MRI system, enabling imaging of species with ultrashort relaxation times such as bone, tendon, teeth or lung tissue. Synchronization of the system is achieved by an electronically decoupled one-way trigger line, a clock reference signal and RF ...

Major ion chemistry of a representative river in South-central China: Runoff effects and controlling mechanisms.

The Gan River is a large tributary of the Yangtze River in Jiangxi Province, South-central China. Hydrochemical data for this river were analyzed for the period 1958-2016. Ca, Na + K, HCO, and SO were dominant in river water, and pH and total dissolved solids (TDS) varied from 6.0 to 8.8 and 15.7 to 141 mg/L, respectively. The chemical composition of river water was different between the two periods 1958-1979 and 1980-2016. Monthly yields of all ions were positively correlated with river runoff. Monthly y...

U and radiocesium in river bank soil and river sediment in Fukushima Prefecture, after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident.

Almost 8 years after the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident, data for U and U/U have mainly remained limited to only a few heavily contaminated samples. In the present study, activities of U, Cs, and Cs, along with U, U, U, in 15 river bank soil and 10 river sediment samples, were measured by ICP-MS/MS and γ spectrometry. The Cs activities and Cs/Cs activity ratios (decay-corrected to March 11, 2011) in these 15 river bank soil samples were from 74.8 to 3.88 × 10 Bq kg and...

From river blindness to river epilepsy: Implications for onchocerciasis elimination programmes.

DIfferential Subsampling With Cartesian Ordering With Respiratory Triggering Versus Conventional Liver Acquisition With Volume Acquisition: A Multiple Reader Preference Study.

The aim of this study was to compare respiratory-triggered DIfferential Subsampling with Cartesian Ordering (rtDISCO) and breath-held Liver Acquisition with Volume Acquisition (LAVA) image quality.

Carriage and Acquisition of Extended-spectrum β-Lactamase-producing Enterobacterales Among Neonates Admitted to Hospital in Kilifi, Kenya.

Infections caused by extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacterales (ESBL-E) among hospitalized neonates in sub-Saharan Africa pose significant clinical challenges. Data on prevalence and acquisition of ESBL-E carriage among hospitalized neonates in the region are few, and risk factors for transmission are not clearly defined.

The Impact of Aquifer Flushing on Groundwater Arsenic Across a 35-km Transect Perpendicular to the Upper Brahmaputra River in Assam, India.

Well testing in the floodplain of the Brahmaputra River in Golaghat and Jorhat districts of Assam, India, shows that groundwater arsenic (As) concentrations increase with distance from the river. To establish the origin of this pattern, an additional 900 wells

River network connectivity and fish diversity.

Frequent and severe disruptions of natural river flows associated with human activities significantly alter hydrological connectivity in large river networks, with deleterious effects on fish diversity. Understanding the relationship between fish diversity and river network connectivity is fundamental to ensuring species persistence, ecosystem integrity, and human well-being. Here, we provide a review of the mechanisms by which river network connectivity (RNC) affects fish diversity. We review the relations...

Fate and effects of triclosan in subtropical river biofilms.

Triclosan (TCS, 5-chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy) phenol) is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial compound. Owing to its wide use, TCS has been frequently detected in river systems, especially in the (sub-)tropics. However, little information on its interaction with river biofilm in the (sub)tropics is currently available. In the present study, subtropical river biofilms were chronically exposed to TCS for 14 d at concentrations of 0.1-100 μg/L in artificial river water, which was followed by a 7 d recovery per...

In situ removal of four organic micropollutants in a small river determined by monitoring and modelling.

Organic micropollutants (OMPs) are widely detected in surface waters. So far, the removal processes of these compounds in situ in river systems are not yet totally revealed. In this study, a combined monitoring and modelling approach was applied to determine the behaviour of 1-H benzotriazole, carbamazepine, diclofenac and galaxolide in a small river system. Sewage treatment plant effluents and the receiving waters of the river Swist were monitored in 9 dry weather sampling campaigns (precipitation 

Simultaneous evaluations of occurrence and probabilistic human health risk associated with trace elements in typical drinking water sources from major river basins in China.

Water quality is among the most important environmental issues related to sustainable development in China, especially to ensure national drinking water safety. Here, we investigated the concentrations of 19 trace elements in major drinking water sources from five major river basins in China: Yangtze River Basin, Yellow River Basin, Huai River Basin, Hai River Basin, and Liao River Basin. Water quality, human health risk, and probabilistic health risk were evaluated using statistical analysis, as well as th...

3D T1-weighted contrast-enhanced brain MRI in children using a fat-suppressed golden angle radial acquisition: an alternative to Cartesian inversion-recovery imaging.

T1-weighted post-contrast MRI is essential in brain protocols. We demonstrate the feasibility and utility of a 3D non-Cartesian radial acquisition in children.

Discovering Protein Biomarkers from Clinical Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Using Data-Independent Acquisition Mass Spectrometry.

Global proteomics analyses are traditionally performed in data-dependent acquisition (DDA) mode, which results in inadequate reproducibility across large sample cohorts due to the under-sampling inherent to shotgun proteomics. Recently, data-independent acquisition (DIA) strategies were introduced to allow reproducible detection and quantification of thousands of proteins with consistent sensitivity across samples. Here, we present an approach to analyze changes to the protein network in human peripheral bl...

Enhancements in the Techa River Dosimetry System: TRDS-2016D Code for reconstruction Of Deterministic Estimates of Dose From Environmental Exposures.

Waterborne releases to the Techa River from the Mayak plutonium facility in Russia during 1949-1956 resulted in significant doses to persons living downstream. The dosimetry system Techa River Dosimetry System-2016D has been developed, which provides individual doses of external and internal exposure for the members of the Techa River cohort and other persons who were exposed to releases of radioactive material to the Southern Urals. The results of computation of individual doses absorbed in red bone marrow...

Measurement of PCNs in sediments collected from reservoir and river in northern Taiwan.

Sediment samples were collected from a large reservoir and a river in northern Taiwan to investigate the occurrence and characteristics of Σ73PCNs analyzed. Results indicate that total concentrations of PCNs (Di- to Octa-CNs) measured in sediments collected in reservoir (29.2 ± 7.11 pg/g-dw) are significantly lower than that of samples collected in river (987 ± 440 pg/g-dw). The increasing trend of PCN concentration from upstream to downstream is found for the sediments collected in reservoir...

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