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Pharmaceutical cocrystals as an opportunity to modify drug properties: From the idea to application. A review.

The properties of many drugs which have been available on the pharmaceutical market for a long time still need to be improved. Cocrystals are the solid state drug modification which can improve such properties as low solubility, stability and mechanical properties (e.g. compressibility). In this paper examples how to use cocrystals to modify properties of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) will be reported. Additionally, in this review the way from an idea of the new cocrystal to drug dosage form regist...

Absolute configuration of pharmaceutical research compounds by X-ray powder diffraction.

The absolute configuration of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) was determined by X-ray powder diffraction using salts of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with counterions of known chirality. The approach avoids the growth of single crystals, and is successful with very limited quantities of material (less than 1 mg). The feasibility of the method is demonstrated on five examples. The limitations are discussed as well.

DRIFTS-based multivariate calibration and prediction of low-concentration polymorphic impurities in multiple lots of an active pharmaceutical ingredient, and outlier criteria.

Mixtures of two polymorphic impurities with one lot of the desired form of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), mostly binary mixtures, with up to 2% wt/wt of an impurity, were used for multivariate modeling via Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform (DRIFT) spectra. The two obtained cross-validated models, significantly differing in accuracy, were used to predict the concentrations of these impurities in independent API lots. The predictions were found to be biased and with outliers, as revea...

Patent Highlights April-May 2017.

A snapshot of noteworthy recent developments in the patent literature of relevance to pharmaceutical and medical research and development.

Trace level determination of chloroacetyl chloride and degradation products by derivatization gas chromatography.

A gas chromatographic procedure has been developed for the trace determination of chloroacetyl chloride (CAC) and two of its impurities: methyl chloroacetate (MCA) and chloroacetic acid (CAA). All three compounds are derivatized using piperidine in dichloroethane prior to their analysis via gas chromatography coupled with a flame ionization detection (GC-FID). Recoveries of each compound were assessed in two different pharmaceutical matrices (intermediate and final active pharmaceutical ingredient) and rang...

The effect of iloprost and sildenafil, alone and in combination, on myocardial ischaemia and nitric oxide and irisin levels.

Insufficient oxygen supply to organs and tissues due to reduced arterial or venous blood flow results in ischaemia, during which, although ATP production stops, AMP and adenosine continue to be produced from ATP. The fate of irisin, which causes the production of heat instead of ATP during ischaemia, is unknown. Iloprost and sildenafil are two pharmaceutical agents that mediate the resumption of reperfusion (blood supply) via vasodilatation during ischaemic conditions. Our study aimed to explore the effects...

PreScription: 2017--Some Good Things Happened and Some Others.

National Medicines Policy in retrospective: a review of (almost) 20 years of implementation.

Pharmaceutical services and the formulation of a medicines policy are SUS areas ensured by the organic health care law 8,080/90. Thus, after a widely participative process, involving stakeholders, the National Medicines Policy (NMP) was approved in 1998 by Ordinance 3,916.The NMP presents directives and priorities, aligned with organic health care law, which should guide the federal, states and municipals entities actions to achieve the policy goals. Considering almost 20 years of the NMP, this paper took s...

Pediatric Pharmaceutical Ingestions.

Pharmaceutical ingestions comprise an important part of pediatric toxicology. Based on the 2015 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers' National Poison Data System, coupled with recent epidemiology articles on the topic of pediatric toxicology, it is apparent that poison prevention education has not been completely successful in decreasing exposures to toxic drugs. From the unintentional ingestion in a toddler due to unsafe storage to the intentional adolescent ingestion for mis...

PreScription: Issues with the NAMS 2017 Hormone Therapy Position Statement.

Mode of action characterization for adverse effect of propranolol in Daphnia magna based on behavior and physiology monitoring and metabolite profiling.

Studies are underway to gather information about the mode of action (MOA) of emerging pollutants that could guide practical environmental decision making. Previously, we showed that propranolol, an active pharmaceutical ingredient, had adverse effects on Daphnia magna that were similar to its pharmaceutical action. In order to characterize the mode of action of propranolol in D. magna, which is suspected to be organ-specific pharmaceutical action or baseline toxicity, we performed time-series monitoring of...

Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2017 in Bern, Switzerland.

Sharing capital ideas: The 2017 Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry (FiMC) conference, organized jointly by the German Chemical Society, the German Pharmaceutical Society, and the Swiss Chemical Society, was held at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the University of Bern in February 2017. Herein we summarize the many conference highlights, and look forward to the next FiMC meeting, to be held in Jena (Germany) in March 2018.

Effects of Compounded Stanford Modified Oral Rinse (MucoLox) on the Survival and Migration of Oral Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts: Implications for Wound Healing.

Several oral rinses are commercially available to alleviate the symptoms of oral mucositis. Prolonged retention of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the oral cavity is a major problem. In this study, we modified the Stanford oral rinse by including a proprietary mucoadhesive polymer called MucoLox, which we hypothesized would improve active pharmaceutical ingredient mucoadhesion. Characterization of this newly compounded oral rinse showed absence of cytotoxicity in human oral keratinocyte and fibroblast ...

Mucoadhesive Self-Emulsifying Delivery Systems for Ocular Administration of Econazole.

Development of mucoadhesive self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS) providing a prolonged ocular residence time for poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Cover Image, Volume 173A, Number 10, October 2017.

The cover image, by Rani A. Bashir et al., is based on the Original Article Lin-Gettig syndrome: Craniosynostosis expands the spectrum of the KAT6B related disorders, DOI: 10.1002/ajmg.a.38355.

Early-Stage Formulation Considerations.

When a drug candidate-i.e., a new chemical entity (NCE) or new molecular entity (NME)-is discovered, there is a requirement to identify a vehicle for in vitro and/or in vivo evaluation to assess the activity and/or toxicity of the compound (here we refer to the biologically active compound as the active pharmaceutical ingredient: API). Ideally, this vehicle will not impart any biological activity or any toxicity that would mask or confound the effects of the API. At this early stage in development, and give...

PreScription: 2017 Pharmacy Compounding Issues: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Harzardous Drugs, and Wasted Drugs.

The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists: Government Affairs Lookback on 2017 Accomplishments and Look Ahead at 2018 Initiatives.

Multiple fatalities in the North of England associated with synthetic fentanyl analogue exposure: Detection and quantitation a case series from early 2017.

Synthetic fentanyl analogues are highly potent opioid drugs which have no pharmaceutical use in humans. We detected the synthetic fentanyl analogues; carfentanil, butyryl fentanyl, fluorobutyrylfentanyl, furanylfentanyl, and alfentanil as well as fentanyl itself in 25 cases in early 2017. There have been no previous reports of synthetic fentanyl deaths in the United Kingdom (UK).

Pharmaceutical care for patients of the third age in pharmacy organizations as a significant aspect of social gerontology.

There are questions in the article that study mutual relations of patients of elderly and senile age with pharmaceutical experts. It was revealed that pharmacy organizations are an important element in the life of patients of the third age and noted the high role of the pharmaceutical specialist in their social environment. The article shows the need to focus on the psychosomatic features of elderly patients with proper pharmaceutical counseling and professional communication. It was noted that interaction ...

Biowaiver Monographs for Immediate Release Solid Oral Dosage Forms: Folic acid.

This work presents a review of literature and experimental data relevant to the possibility of waiving pharmacokinetic bioequivalence studies in human volunteers for approval of immediate release solid oral pharmaceutical forms containing folic acid as the single active pharmaceutical ingredient. For dosage forms containing 5 mg folic acid, the highest dose strength on the WHO Essential Medicines List, the dose/solubility ratio calculated from solubility studies was higher than 250 mL, corresponding to a cl...

The effect of waiting times on demand and supply for elective surgery: Evidence from Italy.

Waiting times are a major policy concern in publicly funded health systems across OECD countries. Economists have argued that, in the presence of excess demand, waiting times act as nonmonetary prices to bring demand for and supply of health care in equilibrium. Using administrative data disaggregated by region and surgical procedure over 2010-2014 in Italy, we estimate demand and supply elasticities with respect to waiting times. We employ linear regression models with first differences and instrumental va...

The value of supply chain coordination under moral hazard: A case study of the consumer product supply chain.

In this paper, we examine a real-world case related to the consumer product supply chain to analyze the value of supply chain coordination under the condition of moral hazard. Because of the characteristics of a buyback contract scheme employed in the supply chain, the supplier company's sales department encourages retailers to order more inventory to meet their sales target, whereas retailers pay less attention to their inventory level and leftovers at the end of the season. This condition induces moral ha...

International Nursing Congress Brings Together Nurses from Across the Globe.

AJN's editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy and editorial board member and contributing editor Amanda Anderson attended the 2017 International Council of Nurses Congress May 27 to June 1 in Barcelona, and present the highlights here. This report expands on the summary posted on AJN's blog, Off the Charts:

Network evolution model for supply chain with manufactures as the core.

Building evolution model of supply chain networks could be helpful to understand its development law. However, specific characteristics and attributes of real supply chains are often neglected in existing evolution models. This work proposes a new evolution model of supply chain with manufactures as the core, based on external market demand and internal competition-cooperation. The evolution model assumes the external market environment is relatively stable, considers several factors, including specific top...

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