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On the quantitativeness of grain boundary chemistry using STEM EDS: A ZrO Σ9 model grain boundary case study.

Atomic-resolution energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) in scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) has recently been shown to be a powerful approach to investigate local chemistry of nanoscale structures quantitatively. While most of the studies have been focused on the quantification of the chemical composition in bulk crystals, few were discussed on interfaces. In this study, we theoretically explored the applicability of STEM EDS for the quantification of local chemistry in grain boundaries...

Measurement of basic characteristics of scintillation-type radiation survey meters with multi-pixel photon counter.

The basic characteristics of three low-cost radiation survey meters using multi-pixel photon counters (MPPC), the C12137, T-GMK2-S, and iMetry, were measured. The linearity of the dose rate was confirmed over the full range of each instrument. All the survey meters could obtain gamma-ray energy spectra, with an accuracy within ± 30% of the theoretical value. These survey meters are therefore applicable for radiation management.

Follow-up survey of Japanese medical students' interactions with the pharmaceutical industry.

Interaction of medical students with the pharmaceutical industry is common. However, students are thought to be vulnerable to the influence of this interaction, and regulations to limit such interactions are required. The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association revised its promotion code in 2013 and specified upper limits for promotional aids. We aimed to investigate whether Japanese medical students' interactions with the pharmaceutical industry changed from 2012 to 2016. This study solicited the pa...

The relationship between post-battle experiences and thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness in three United States military samples.

Suicide rates within the military are elevated relative to the general population; however, research suggests that many of the suicide risk factors for military personnel are similar to the suicide risk factors for civilians. Given that many military specific experiences (e.g. number of deployments) are not considered robust predictors of either suicidal ideation or behavior, it has been posited that deployment specific experiences (e.g. post-battle experiences) may be better able to explain the increased r...

A call to alarms: Current state and future directions in the battle against alarm fatigue.

Research demonstrates that the majority of alarms derived from continuous bedside monitoring devices are non-actionable. This avalanche of unreliable alerts causes clinicians to experience sensory overload when attempting to sort real from false alarms, causing desensitization and alarm fatigue, which in turn leads to adverse events when true instability is neither recognized nor attended to despite the alarm. The scope of the problem of alarm fatigue is broad, and its contributing mechanisms are numerous. ...

The failing of the obesity paradox in the failing heart.

A survey of infectious diseases and vaccination uptake in long-term Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant survivors in Australia.

This cross-sectional survey aimed to establish the prevalence of infectious diseases and vaccination uptake in long-term allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplants (HSCT) survivors in New South Wales, in order to reduce long-term post-HSCT morbidity and mortality and enhance long-term care.

Physical Fitness and Body Anthropometrics Profiles of the Female Recruits Entering to Voluntary Military Service.

The physical fitness of male conscripts has decreased, and body mass increased during the last few decades, especially in Nordic countries. However, limited research-based reports are available concerning the physical fitness profiles of female recruits. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate changes in physical fitness and body composition of female recruits entering voluntary Finnish military service between the years 2005 and 2015.

Over 600 general practices will be lost by 2020 without more funding, BMA warns.

Correction to Nanofertilizers: New Products for the Industry?

The ethanol extract of honeysuckle stem modulates the innate immunity of Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis against Aeromonas hydrophila.

Honeysuckle stem had been used as feed additives to modulate immunity in breeding industry, which was limited in the aquaculture field. In this study, the immunomodulation of honeysuckle stem ethanol extract (designed as HSE) on Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis was detected. The crabs fed with HSE diets for 30 days had higher level of the total haemocyte count (HTC), lysozyme activity and PO activity (P 

Brexit: no deal would be "disaster" for patients in Northern Ireland, GP leader warns.

Hypoxic cardiac fibroblasts from failing human hearts decrease cardiomyocyte beating frequency in an ALOX15 dependent manner.

A common denominator for patients with heart failure is the correlation between elevated serum levels of proinflammatory cytokines and adverse clinical outcomes. Furthermore, lipoxygenase-induced inflammation is reportedly involved in the pathology of heart failure. Cardiac fibroblasts, which are abundant in cardiac tissue, are known to be activated by inflammation. We previously showed high expression of the lipoxygenase arachidonate 15 lipoxygenase (ALOX15), which catalyzes the conversion of arachidonic a...

Applying Corporate Political Activity (CPA) analysis to Australian gambling industry submissions against regulation of television sports betting advertising.

This research aimed to assess the application to the gambling industry, of Corporate Political Activity (CPA) analysis previously developed from public health research on tobacco industry interactions with political institutions and previously applied to the alcohol industry, but not the gambling industry.

A medicinal chemistry perspective on salinomycin as a potent anticancer and anti-CSCs agent.

Tumors are phenotypically heterogeneous and include a small sub-population of cancer cells (2-5% of the tumor mass) with stem-cell like properties. The cancer stem cell hypothesis postulates that the cancer stem cells (CSCs) show the ability to seed the tumor to distant tissues/organs, and their presence results in cancer progression and relapses. Extensive efforts have therefore been directed at new therapy strategies to eliminate not only non-CSCs, but also cancer cells with stem-cell like properties. Imp...

Employment and Careers of European Chemists (ESEC2).

Employment conditions and career opportunities are in the focus of the new Employment Survey for European Chemists (ESEC2). Conditions and opportunities are individually analysed for all countries with a statistically significant number of responses. The results provide important clues for careers in these countries and in Europe as a whole. The importance of employer sectors varies very much between European countries. A chapter of this report is devoted to career planning of students and new graduates. Th...

Industry Funding Is Correlated With Publication Productivity of US Academic Radiation Oncologists.

Industry payments to physicians are financial conflicts of interest and may influence research findings and medical decisions. We aim to (1) characterize industry payments within radiation oncology; and (2) explore the potential correlation between receiving disclosed industry payments and academic productivity.

Examining the osteological paradox: Skeletal stress in mass graves versus civilians at the Greek colony of Himera (Sicily).

Bioarchaeologists interpret skeletal stress as evidence of resilience or frailty, where absence of lesions might result from lack of exposure to pathogens (i.e., good health) or extreme vulnerability (i.e., selection). We examine physiological stress in two skeletal series from Greek Himera: (1) nine mass graves from the battles of Himera (480 and 409 BCE) and (2) Himeran civilians (648-409 BCE). Civilians are assumed to have died from multiple causes, including ill health leading to their deaths. Individua...

Supported Catalysts for Continuous Flow Synthesis.

Flow chemistry and heterogenous catalysis hold incredible potential from a sustainability point of view and from a green perspective. In fact, if heterogenous catalysts are required by the chemical industry for their efficiency, on the other hand, heterogenous flow catalysis would allow performing greener and more efficient chemistry at an industrial level. In the context of sustainable flow chemistry, in this chapter we report and discuss selected examples recently published in the specialized literature o...

Revisiting Trends in Augmented Reality Research: A Review of the 2nd Decade of ISMAR (2008-2017).

In 2008, Zhou et al. presented a survey paper summarizing the previous ten years of ISMAR publications, which provided invaluable insights into the research challenges and trends associated with that time period. Ten years later, we review the research that has been presented at ISMAR conferences since the survey of Zhou et al., at a time when both academia and the AR industry are enjoying dramatic technological changes. Here we consider the research results and trends of the last decade of ISMAR by careful...

Switch or swap strategy in rheumatoid arthritis patients failing TNF inhibitors? Results of a modified Italian Expert Consensus.

To establish evidence-based and experts' opinion filtered statements on the optimal treatment choice between cycling (switch) and changing mode of action strategies (swap) in RA patients failing TNF inhibitors (TNFis).

Process Design and Optimisation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: a Suzuki-Miyaura Procedure for the Synthesis of Savolitinib.

A multidisciplinary approach covering synthetic, physical and analytical chemistry, high-throughput experimentation and experimental design, process engineering and solid-state chemistry is used to develop a large-scale (kilomole) Suzuki-Miyaura process. Working against clear criteria and targets, a full process investigation and optimisation package is described highlighting how and why key decisions are made in the development of large-scale pharmaceutical processes.

Improvement of the safety and quality of a workplace in the area of the construction industry with the use of the 6S system.

The paper presents the development of a standard approach to the improvement of workplace quality (5S system) with an additional S-Safety step, creating an approach called the 6S system. The article describes a conducted literature survey on the use of the standard 5S system in the construction sector and the 6S system in the manufacturing industry. On the basis of the carried out analysis, the method of implementing the 6S system in the construction sector was proposed, while indicating how an additional "...

Guest Editorial: Special Topic on Data-Enabled Theoretical Chemistry.

A survey of the contributions to the Special Topic on Data-enabled Theoretical Chemistry is given, including a glossary of relevant machine learning terms.

An exploration of industry expert perception of Canadian equine welfare using a modified Delphi technique.

The diversity of sectors that comprise the equine industry makes reaching a consensus regarding welfare issues a challenge. To allow for productive discussion, equine professionals (n = 34) chosen to represent the diverse specializations from across Canada were surveyed using the Delphi technique-a survey technique employing multiple, iterative "rounds" to consolidate viewpoints-to gather and consolidate information regarding areas of welfare concern in the Canadian equine industry. Only participants who co...

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