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Encouraging Patients to Speak up About Problems in Cancer Care.

Many patients with cancer believe that something has gone wrong in their care but are reluctant to speak up. This pilot study sought to evaluate the impact of an intervention of active outreach to patients undergoing cancer treatment, wherein patients were encouraged to speak up if they had concerns about their care and to describe the types of concerns patients reported.

Comparison of NASA-TLX scale, Modified Cooper-Harper scale and mean inter-beat interval as measures of pilot mental workload during simulated flight tasks.

The sensitivity of NASA-TLX scale, modified Cooper-Harper (MCH) scale and the mean inter-beat interval (IBI) of successive heart beats, as measures of pilot mental workload (MWL), were evaluated in a flight training device (FTD). Operational F/A-18C pilots flew instrument approaches with varying task loads. Pilots' performance, subjective MWL ratings and IBI were measured. Based on the pilots' performance, three performance categories were formed; high-, medium- and low-performance. Values of the subjective...

OpenSpace: Bringing NASA Missions to the Public.

This viewpoint presents OpenSpace, an open-source astrovisualization software project designed to bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and their public dissemination. A wealth of data exists for space missions from NASA and other sources. OpenSpace brings together this data and combines it in a range of immersive settings. Through non-linear storytelling and guided exploration, interactive immersive experiences help the public to engage with advanced space mission data and models, and thus be bette...

Prosodic Improvement in Persons with Parkinson Disease Receiving SPEAK OUT!® Voice Therapy.

Hypokinetic dysarthria in Parkinson disease (PD) hinders the ability to verbally communicate and interferes with activities of daily living. SPEAK OUT!® is a therapy program designed to improve functional communicative ability. In contrast to the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program, SPEAK OUT!® promotes speaking with intent to effect loud speech. This study evaluated the efficacy of SPEAK OUT!® in persons with idiopathic PD in 3 domains: self-reported voice handicap, clinical ratings of dysarthria and ...

Corporate Volunteering: Relationship to Job Resources and Work Engagement.

Employers are increasingly including volunteer activities in their social responsibility programs. At companies at which this is done in a planned manner, we can speak of the development of a corporate volunteering, which correlates with numerous positive psychological outcomes at both the individual and the organizational level. The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between the corporate volunteering programs and job characteristics, connected with work engagement. In our study we were i...

Projecting Soil Organic Carbon Distribution in Central Chile under Future Climate Scenarios.

Soil organic C (SOC) is the largest terrestrial C pool, and it influences diverse soil properties and processes in a landscape. At global scales, SOC is related to climate; as climate changes, we expect that SOC will change at broad scales as well, but how SOC will respond to climate change in diverse environments is complex and highly uncertain. To evaluate the potential impact of predicted changes in temperature and precipitation across central Chile, we first estimated current SOC content using pedon des...

Climate change and skin disease.

Despite commanding essentially universal scientific consensus, climate change remains a divisive and poorly understood topic in the United States. Familiarity with this subject is not just for climate scientists. The impact of climate change on human morbidity and mortality may be considerable; thus, physicians also should be knowledgeable in this realm. Climate change science can seem opaque and inferential, creating fertile ground for political polemics and undoubtedly contributing to confusion among the ...

Addressing the vexed issue of authorship and author order: A discussion paper.

To review and discuss authorship and author order in the context of nursing and midwifery publications and to present a set of principles to guide and justify author order.

Increasing belief but issue fatigue: Changes in Australian Household Climate Change Segments between 2011 and 2016.

Using national Australian samples collected in 2011 (n = 1927) and 2016 (n = 2503), we identified six Australian household segments which we labelled Alarmed, Concerned, Cautious, Disengaged, Doubtful and Dismissive. Between the two periods, we found the proportion of households in the Alarmed and Concerned segments was stable; however there was a decrease (28% to 20%) in the proportion of households in the Doubtful and Dismissive segments and an increase (27% to 33%) in the Cautious and Disengaged segments...

Changes in perceived scientific consensus shift beliefs about climate change and GM food safety.

Despite an overwhelming scientific consensus, a sizable minority of people doubt that human activity is causing climate change. Communicating the existence of a scientific consensus has been suggested as a way to correct individuals' misperceptions about human-caused climate change and other scientific issues, though empirical support is mixed. We report an experiment in which psychology students were presented with consensus information about two issues, and subsequently reported their perception of the le...

Climate shapes the protein abundance of dominant soil bacteria.

Sensitive models of climate change impacts would require a better integration of multi-omics approaches that connect the abundance and activity of microbial populations. Here, we show that climate is a fundamental driver of the protein abundance of Actinobacteria, Planctomycetes and Proteobacteria, supporting the hypothesis that metabolic activity of some dominant phyla may be closely linked to climate. These results may improve our capacity to construct microbial models that better predict the impact of cl...

Author Correction to: Dusukasi-The Heart That Cries: An Idiom of Mental Distress Among Perinatal Women in Rural Mali.

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in the author name.

Correction to: Characterization of biomarkers in stroke based on ego-networks and pathways.

In the original publication of the article, the second author name was published incorrectly. The corrected author name is given in this correction.

Comments on the June 7, 2018, NASA News Release and Papers.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the sediments of the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno, Southern Italy: Status, sources and ecological risk.

This study investigated the spatial distribution, potential sources, and toxic effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the sediments of the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno (NaSa Gulfs), Southern Italy. The investigation focused on the coastal sea sediments of the Bagnoli brownfield site within the Gulf of Naples. The ∑PAHs in the sediments of the NaSa Gulfs outside of the Bagnoli brownfield site have concentrations that ranged from 9.58 to 15,818 μg/kg, with a geometric mean (Gmean) of 234 ...

Correction to: Increasing the synthesis of bioactive abietane diterpenes in Salvia sclarea hairy roots by elicited transcriptional reprogramming.

Unfortunately, the second author name was wrongly published in the original publication. The correct author name should read as follows.

How Well Do COP22 Attendees Understand Graphs on Climate Change Health Impacts from the Fifth IPCC Assessment Report?

Graphs are prevalent in the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), often depicting key points and major results. However, the popularity of graphs in the IPCC reports contrasts with a neglect of empirical tests of their understandability. Here we put the understandability of three graphs taken from the Health chapter of the Fifth Assessment Report to an empirical test. We present a pilot study where we evaluate objective understanding (mean accuracy in multiple-choice questions) an...

Correction to: Laparoscopic-assisted transversus abdominis plane block as an effective analgesic in total extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair: a double-blind, randomized controlled trial.

In the original publication, one of the co-author 'M. Riaz' details were missed to include in the author group. The complete author group should read as A. Mughal, A. Khan, J. Rehman, H. Naseem, M. Riaz, R. Waldron, M. Duggan, W. Khan, K. Barry, I. Z. Khan.

Correction to: Sam68 Promotes Invasion, Migration, and Proliferation of Fibroblast-like Synoviocytes by Enhancing the NF-κB/P65 Pathway in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Unfortunately the author name, Rongqing Qin, was wrongly spelt as Rongqin Qin in the original version. It has been updated and the complete corrected author group is given below.

Skilful forecasting of global fire activity using seasonal climate predictions.

Societal exposure to large fires has been increasing in recent years. Estimating the expected fire activity a few months in advance would allow reducing environmental and socio-economic impacts through short-term adaptation and response to climate variability and change. However, seasonal prediction of climate-driven fires is still in its infancy. Here, we discuss a strategy for seasonally forecasting burned area anomalies linking seasonal climate predictions with parsimonious empirical climate-fire models ...

Resource heterogeneity leads to unjust effort distribution in climate change mitigation.

Climate change mitigation is a shared global challenge that involves collective action of a set of individuals with different tendencies to cooperation. However, we lack an understanding of the effect of resource inequality when diverse actors interact together towards a common goal. Here, we report the results of a collective-risk dilemma experiment in which groups of individuals were initially given either equal or unequal endowments. We found that the effort distribution was highly inequitable, with part...

Perspectives of regional paleoclimate modeling.

Regional climate modeling bridges the gap between the coarse resolution of current global climate models and the regional-to-local scales, where the impacts of climate change are of primary interest. Here, we present a review of the added value of the regional climate modeling approach within the scope of paleoclimate research and discuss the current major challenges and perspectives. Two time periods serve as an example: the Holocene, including the Last Millennium, and the Last Glacial Maximum. Reviewing t...

Schizophrenia and creativity.

Creativity is defined as an idea or product that is both novel or original and useful or adaptive. Despite the value of creativity at the personal and societal level, the tendency for creative individuals to suffer from what we would now call mental illness has been noted for thousands of years. In the mid-twentieth century, empirical evidence for the connection between creativity and psychopathology began to emerge. In this paper author brings literature review of the studies done about connection between ...

Perceptions of climate change across the Canadian forest sector: The key factors of institutional and geographical environment.

Assessing the perception of key stakeholders within the forest sector is critical to evaluating their readiness to engage in adapting to climate change. Here, we report the results of the most comprehensive survey carried out in the Canadian forestry sector to date regarding perceptions of climate change. A total of 1158 individuals, representing a wide range of stakeholders across the five most important forestry provinces in Canada, were asked about climate change, its impact on forest ecosystems, and the...

Author Correction: The ASIC3/P2X3 cognate receptor is a pain-relevant and ligand-gated cationic channel.

The originally published version of this article contained an error in the name of the author Flóra Gölöncsér, which was incorrectly given as Flóra Göröncsér. This has now been corrected in both the PDF and HTML versions of the article.

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