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Marijuana use and mortality following orthopedic surgical procedures.

The association between marijuana use and surgical procedures is a matter of increasing societal relevance that has not been well studied in the literature. The primary aim of this study is to evaluate the relationship between marijuana use and in-hospital mortality, as well as to assess associated comorbidities in patients undergoing commonly billed orthopedic surgeries.

On the security of consumer wearable devices in the Internet of Things.

Miniaturization of computer hardware and the demand for network capable devices has resulted in the emergence of a new class of technology called wearable computing. Wearable devices have many purposes like lifestyle support, health monitoring, fitness monitoring, entertainment, industrial uses, and gaming. Wearable devices are hurriedly being marketed in an attempt to capture an emerging market. Owing to this, some devices do not adequately address the need for security. To enable virtualization and connec...

A Review of Quality of Life Measures used in Surgical Outcomes for Stage I Lung Cancers.

This review summarizes the literature on QoL in early stage lung cancer patients who underwent surgery. PubMed and PsycINFO were searched. Twelve articles from 10 distinct studies were identified for a total of 992 patients. Five QoL measures were used. One study reported only on pre-surgical QoL, six only on post-surgical QoL and three studies reported on both pre- and post-surgical QoL. Timing for the administration of post-surgical QoL surveys varied. The literature on QoL in Stage I non-small-cell lung ...

Augmented reality for the surgeon: Systematic review.

Since the introduction of wearable head-up displays, there has been much interest in the surgical community adapting this technology into routine surgical practice.

Diversity in Surgical Decision Strategies for Adult Spine Deformity Treatment: The Effects of Neurosurgery or Orthopedic Training Background and Surgical Experience.

This study is aimed to investigate whether surgical strategies for adult spinal deformity (ASD) treatment differed among Korean physicians.

Opioid-Prescribing Guidelines for Common Surgical Procedures: An Expert Panel Consensus.

One in 16 surgical patients prescribed opioids become long-term users. Overprescribing opioids after surgery is common and the lack of multidisciplinary procedure-specific guidelines contributes to the wide variation in opioid prescribing practices. We hypothesize a single-institution, multidisciplinary expert panel can establish consensus on ideal opioid prescribing for select common surgical procedures.

Pre-surgery beliefs about pain and surgery as predictors of acute and chronic post-surgical pain: A prospective cohort study.

chronic pain post-surgical pain (CPSP) is common and has far-reaching negative consequences for patients, yet relatively few studies have evaluated the impact of both deficit- and resource-based beliefs about pain and surgery on subjective intensities of acute and chronic post-surgical pain.

Evaluation of Bacteriophage Anti-Biofilm Activity for Potential Control of Orthopedic Implant-Related Infections Caused by Staphylococcus Aureus.

Despite significant advancements in surgical protocols and biomaterials for orthopedics, peri-prosthetic joint infection (PJI) remains a leading cause of implant failure. Staphylococcus aureus nasal colonization is an established risk factor for PJI, with methicillin-sensitive S. aureus a leading cause of orthopedic implant-related infections. The purpose of these in vitro studies was to investigate the antibacterial activity of a tailored bacteriophage cocktail against planktonic and biofilm-associated S. ...

Anemia - the Neglected Problem in Patients with Orthopedic Conditions.

Anemia and the necessity of blood product transfusion in perioperative procedures is an important and frequently discussed clinical issue. Presently, a constantly growing interest in this problem is observed among clinicians who search the ways to reduce the number of blood or blood product transfusions in patients after surgical procedures, both during the preoperative period and during and after the surgery. Generally, the decision whether to start transfusion or not should follow the analysis of pros and...

Impact of Music Therapy on Hospitalized Patients Post-Elective Orthopaedic Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Music therapy (MT) research has demonstrated positive effects on fatigue, depressed mood, anxiety, and pain in perioperative care areas. However, there has been limited research on the effects of MT for surgical patients on orthopaedic units.

Can Wearable Devices Accurately Measure Heart Rate Variability? A Systematic Review.

A growing number of wearable devices claim to provide accurate, cheap and easily applicable heart rate variability (HRV) indices. This is mainly accomplished by using wearable photoplethysmography (PPG) and/or electrocardiography (ECG), through simple and non-invasive techniques, as a substitute of the gold standard RR interval estimation through electrocardiogram. Although the agreement between pulse rate variability (PRV) and HRV has been evaluated in the literature, the reported results are still inconcl...

British Neuropathological Society and International Society of Forensic Radiology and Imaging Expert Consensus Statement for Post-mortem Neurological Imaging.

To develop an expert consensus statement regarding appropriate clinical and forensic post-mortem neurological imaging.

Trends in Medicare Reimbursement for Orthopedic Procedures: 2000 to 2016.

Understanding trends in reimbursement is critical to the financial sustainability of orthopedic practices. Little research has examined physician fee trends over time for orthopedic procedures. This study evaluated trends in Medicare reimbursements for orthopedic surgical procedures. The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule was examined for Current Procedural Terminology code values for the most common orthopedic and nonorthopedic procedures between 2000 and 2016. Prices were adjusted for inflation to 2016-dolla...

Identifying balance impairments in people with Parkinson's disease using video and wearable sensors.

Falls and near falls are common among people with Parkinson's (PwP). To date, most wearable sensor research focussed on fall detection, few studies explored if wearable sensors can detect instability.

Effects of market type and time of purchase on oxidative status and descriptive off-odors and off-flavors of beef in Vietnam.

The objective of the current study was to determine the effects of market type (super market - SM, indoor market - IM, open market - OM) and sampling time (at the opening - T0 and 4 h after the opening - T4) on antioxidant capacity, lipid oxidation, and descriptive sensory attributes of beef in Vietnam. Values of FC and TEAC were greater in OM beef than IM and SM (P 

Impact of Music Therapy on Hospitalized Patients Post-Elective Orthopaedic Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Launches Associate Features Editors.

Alnylam launches era of RNAi drugs.

Intra-cavity stem cell therapy inhibits tumor progression in a novel murine model of medulloblastoma surgical resection.

Cytotoxic neural stem cells (NSCs) have emerged as a promising treatment for Medulloblastoma (MB), the most common malignant primary pediatric brain tumor. The lack of accurate pre-clinical models incorporating surgical resection and tumor recurrence limits advancement in post-surgical MB treatments. Using cell lines from two of the 5 distinct MB molecular sub-groups, in this study, we developed an image-guided mouse model of MB surgical resection and investigate intra-cavity NSC therapy for post-operative ...

Consensus of Leaders in Plastic Surgery: Identifying Procedural Competencies for Canadian Plastic Surgery Residency Training Using a Modified Delphi Technique.

Transitioning to competency-based surgical training will require consensus regarding the scope of plastic surgery and expectations of operative ability for graduating residents. Identifying surgical procedures experts deemed most important in preparing graduates for independent practice (i.e., "core" procedures), and those that are less important or deemed more appropriate for fellowship training (i.e., "noncore" procedures), will focus instructional and assessment efforts.

Self-Expanding Metal Stents for the Treatment of Post-Surgical Esophageal Leaks: A Tertiary Referral Center Experience.

The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of self-expanding metal stents (SEMS) in the management of post-surgical esophageal leaks.

Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment for Chronic Post-Surgical Orchialgia: A Double-Blind, Sham-Controlled, Randomized Trial: Three-Month Results.

Chronic post-surgical pain in the groin region represents a challenge for the managing physician and is a burden on the quality of life of the patient. None of the existing interventions or medical treatment is satisfactory.

Functional outcomes and return to sports after surgical treatment of insertional Achilles tendinopathy: Surgical approach tailored to the degree of tendon involvement.

Insertional Achilles tendinopathy is a generic term that encompasses several types of ailments. While conservative treatment is less effective than for conditions isolated to the tendon body, there is no consensus as to the best type of surgical care.

Transseptal Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement for Post-Surgical Mitral Failures.

Post-surgical deterioration of mitral valve repairs or replacements may present a clinical dilemma due to the high-risk nature of repeat surgery. Recent advances in transcatheter techniques and surgery have enabled the implantation of balloon-expandable valves in the mitral position when surgical rings and valves are present. Valves may be implanted either via transseptal or transapical access, with a reported success rate between 88-100 %.

The validity of the surgical indication for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas advocated by the 2017 revised International Association of Pancreatology consensus guidelines.

This study was performed to evaluate the surgical indication for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) advocated by the 2017 revised International Association of Pancreatology consensus guidelines (IAPCG2017).

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