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Measuring the frequency of consumer hair combing and magnitude of combing forces on individual hairs in a tress and the implications for product evaluation and claims substantiation.

It is commonly assumed that, due to the long growth cycle of hair, multi-cycle combing, and strength and fatigue testing using thousands of cycles is relevant for product evaluation and claim substantiation. The objective was to assess the frequency and magnitude of combing forces on individual hairs against a hypothesis that fibres on a consumer's head rarely experience significant loads during routine combing.

Consumer and product-specific characteristics influencing the effect of nutrition, health and risk reduction claims on preferences and purchase behavior - A systematic review.

The research on nutrition, health, and risk reduction claims (NHR claims) shows a lack of consensus as to whether these claims have a positive or negative effect on consumer's preferences and purchase behavior. This issue has been highlighted by many authors. Therefore, a comprehensive literature review was performed to find reasons for contradictory results. First, a theoretical framework was developed which divided the determinants of the effects of NHR claims on consumers' preferences and purchase behavi...

Consumer use and response to online third-party raw DNA interpretation services.

With the availability of raw DNA generated from direct-to-consumer (DTC) testing companies, there has been a proliferation of third-party online services that are available to interpret the raw data for both genealogy and/or health purposes. This study examines the current landscape and downstream clinical implications of consumer use of third-party services.

Juvenile Animal Testing: Assessing Need and Use in the Drug Product Label.

Juvenile animal testing has become an established part of drug development to support safe clinical use in the human pediatric population and for eventual drug product label use.

Characteristics of Occupational Injuries in a Pharmaceutical Company in Iran.

To prioritize occupational hazards in a Pharmaceutical Company in Iran using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP).

Factors Affecting Consumer Acceptance of an Online Health Information Portal Among Young Internet Users.

Despite the proliferation of health and nursing informatics applications in the past decade, factors influencing consumer acceptance of the applications are not well understood. This study was conducted to investigate factors affecting acceptance of a consumer-used nursing informatics application (ie, online health information portal) within the framework of the Technology Acceptance Model. A cross-sectional study was conducted in which 201 Chinese young adults were invited to participate in usability testi...

Visual field testing in the era of portable consumer technology.

Consumer profile and acceptability of cooked beef steaks with edible and active coating containing oregano and rosemary essential oils.

Fresh animal products are highly perishable and characterized by a short shelf-life. Edible coatings with natural antioxidants (essential oils: EOs) could improve stability, ensure quality, and increase the shelf-life of fresh products. Due to the strong flavor of EOs, their use should consider consumer preferences and sensory acceptability. This study evaluated the effects of edible coating (with oregano and rosemary essential oil) on beef in relation to consumer preferences, besides the determination of h...

Comparative User Testing of Australian and UK Over-the-Counter Labels and Leaflets for Diclofenac.

Limited research has evaluated the consumer usability of written information available with similar over-the-counter (OTC) products in different countries. This study evaluated the usability of labels and leaflets for Australian and UK OTC diclofenac products and explored consumer perspectives on their design, content, usability, and potential improvements.

Caffeine content of pre-workout supplements commonly used by Australian consumers.

The stimulant properties of caffeine are often promoted in 'pre-workout' supplements (PWS) to assist with training, reduce the perception of fatigue, and for some brands, assist body fat loss. While manufacturers of PWS often indicate the inclusion of significant amounts of caffeine, no independent verification of the caffeine content of these products exists. The aim of this investigation was to independently assess the caffeine content of popular PWS in Australia and compare these values to nutrition info...

Bayesian additive adaptive basis tensor product models for modeling high dimensional surfaces: an application to high-throughput toxicity testing.

Many modern datasets are sampled with error from complex high-dimensional surfaces. Methods such as tensor product splines or Gaussian processes are effective and well suited for characterizing a surface in two or three dimensions, but they may suffer from difficulties when representing higher dimensional surfaces. Motivated by high throughput toxicity testing where observed dose-response curves are cross sections of a surface defined by a chemical's structural properties, a model is developed to characteri...

Past, present and future of bioequivalence: Improving assessment and extrapolation of therapeutic equivalence for oral drug products.

The growth in the utilization of systems thinking principles has created a paradigm shift in the regulatory sciences and drug product development. Instead of relying extensively on end product testing and one-size-fits-all regulatory criteria, this new paradigm has focused on building quality into the product by design as well as fostering the development of product-specific, clinically relevant specifications. In this context, this commentary describes the evolution of bioequivalence regulations up to the ...

An Updated Review of Clinical Methods in the Assessment of Aging Skin - New Perspectives and Evaluation for Claims Support.

With the advancement of skin research today's consumer has increased access to an informed understanding of aging skin and its appendages, together with a plethora of targeted products to meet such needs. In recent years increased legislative demands for quality evidential claims support has led not only to the development and validation of clinical methods to measure and quantify aging skin, but also a clearer understanding of the skin aging process - especially the impact of both its internal and external...

Targeted versus non-targeted HIV testing offered via electronic questionnaire in a Swiss emergency department: A randomized controlled study.

In Switzerland, the national HIV testing recommendations propose targeted testing. Although the emergency department (ED) is mentioned specifically as a site where HIV testing should take place, the testing rate in our ED is 1% of patients seen. The aim of this study was to use electronic tablets to offer testing to ED patients and to examine whether non-targeted screening increased testing rates compared to targeted testing.

Consumer acceptance of natural sweeteners in protein beverages.

Protein beverage consumption by Americans has increased in recent years. Coupled with this increased consumption is an interest in natural sweeteners. The objective of this study was to evaluate the sensory properties of naturally sweetened ready-to-mix (RTM) whey protein beverages using 3 temporal methods and to formulate a natural noncaloric sweetener blend that could be added to RTM protein beverages to provide sweetness while still appealing in flavor to consumers. Iso-sweet concentrations of sweeteners...

Is downstream cardiac testing required in patients with reduced functional capacity and otherwise negative exercise stress test? A single centre observational study.

Exercise stress testing (EST) in patients with poor functional capacity measured by time on treadmill is typically deemed inconclusive and usually leads to further downstream testing. The aim of this study was firstly to evaluate the maximum rate pressure product (MRPP) during initial EST to assessthe need for follow-up testing; and secondly to investigate if MRPP is better than age predicted maximum heart rate (APMHR) for diagnostic outcome based on follow up cardiovascular (CV) events in patients with inc...

The relationship between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes: Evidence from household panel data.

We use the Nielsen Consumer Panel to investigate the impact of tobacco control policies on purchases of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), cigarettes, and smoking cessation products. We measure product quantity, product type, nicotine content, and liquid volume of e-cigarettes, and product quantity and nicotine content of cigarettes. Higher cigarette excise taxes decrease both cigarette and e-cigarette purchases, suggesting that cigarettes and e-cigarettes are complements, and higher cigarette excise tax...

Consumer acceptance of cultured meat: A systematic review.

Cultured meat grown in-vitro from animal cells is being developed as a way of addressing many of the ethical and environmental concerns associated with conventional meat production. As commercialisation of this technology appears increasingly feasible, there is growing interest in the research on consumer acceptance of cultured meat. We present a systematic review of the peer-reviewed literature, and synthesize and analyse the findings of 14 empirical studies. We highlight demographic variations in consumer...

A Man (or a Woman) is Known by the Company He/She Keeps.

Dissolution or Disintegration - Substitution of Dissolution by Disintegration Testing for a Fixed Dose Combination Product.

According to ICH guideline Q6A, dissolution testing can be replaced by disintegration testing if it can be shown that the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is highly soluble and the formulation is rapidly releasing. In addition, a relationship between dissolution and disintegration has to be established. For a fixed-dose combination tablet of empagliflozin and linagliptin this relationship was established by applying two different approaches. In the first approach, the extent to which the disintegratio...

A three-point identity criteria tool for establishing product identity using icIEF method.

Product identity is one of the release testing requirements that needs to be established to ensure that there is no misidentification of drugs. Here, we demonstrated the challenges that can come across while establishing a product identity method for monoclonal antibody (mAb) and mAb-related products using icIEF method. A unique three-point identity criteria tool (visual comparison, pI of individual peaks and ΔpIs) was applied to distinguish mAb1 from the other in-house mAbs. A reduction approach followed ...

Association between parental consumer attitudes with their children's sensory taste preferences as well as their food choice.

We investigated the association between the consumer attitudes of European parents and their children's taste preferences and food choice. Furthermore, we studied whether the parental consumer attitudes were related to education level.

The value of supply chain coordination under moral hazard: A case study of the consumer product supply chain.

In this paper, we examine a real-world case related to the consumer product supply chain to analyze the value of supply chain coordination under the condition of moral hazard. Because of the characteristics of a buyback contract scheme employed in the supply chain, the supplier company's sales department encourages retailers to order more inventory to meet their sales target, whereas retailers pay less attention to their inventory level and leftovers at the end of the season. This condition induces moral ha...

Increasing consumers' attention capture and food choice through bottom-up effects.

To guide consumers in their decision process, especially food products often carry labels indicating production method or nutritional content. However, past research shows that many labels are rarely attended to in the consumer's decision process. In order to enhance the effectiveness of such labels and to increase choice likelihood of labeled products, the label must capture attention. We address the question of how a single label on the product packaging can capture attention through bottom-up effects and...

Prenatal HIV testing and the impact of state HIV testing laws, 2004-2011.

To analyze prenatal human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing rates over time and describe the impact of state HIV testing laws on prenatal testing.

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