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Board of Directors Names Clare L. Ardern Next JOSPT Editor-in-Chief.

The JOSPT/Movement Science Media (MSM) Board of Directors is pleased to announce its appointment of the first woman Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Journal, Clare L. Ardern, PT, PhD. Dr Ardern succeeds J. Haxby Abbott, DPT, PhD, FNZCP, who held this position for 2 years from January 2016 through December 2017. Beginning July 1, 2018 and for the next year, Dr Ardern will work collaboratively as EIC Elect with Guy G. Simoneau, PT, PhD, ATC, FAPTA, who is currently serving as Interim EIC and previously served as ...

Announcing the IEAM Best Paper Award 2017.

Forensic analysis of Turkish elections in 2017-2018.

With a majority of 'Yes' votes in the Constitutional Referendum of 2017, Turkey continued its drift towards an autocracy. By the will of the Turkish people, this referendum transferred practically all executive power to president Erdoğan. However, the referendum was confronted with a substantial number of allegations of electoral misconducts and irregularities, ranging from state coercion of 'No' supporters to the controversial validity of unstamped ballots. Here we report the results of an election forens...

Event-related clinical distress in college students: Responses to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

College students have cited the 2016 U.S. presidential election as a significant source of stress. The current study examined the prevalence and demographic correlates of clinically significant election-related avoidance and intrusion symptoms among college students 2-3 months after the election.

Supramolecular self-assembly for designing non-centrosymmetric crystals based on Keggin polyoxometallates and crown ether.

We report the synthesis of five novel crystals [(4-BrAni+)(DB[18]crown-6)]2[SMo12O402-]·2CH3CN (1), [(4-BrAni+)(B[18]crown-6)]2[SMo12O402-]·CH3CN (2), [(4-BrAni+)(B[18]crown-6)]3[PMo12O402-]·2CH3CN (3), [(3-AP+)3(B[18]crown-6)2][PMo12O403-] (4) and [NBu4+][(3-AP2+)(DB[30]crown-10)][PMo12O403-]·CH3CN (5) (4-BrAni+ = 4-bromoanilinium; B[18]crown-6 = benzo[18]-crown-6; DB[18]crown-6 = dibenzo[18]-crown-6; DB[30]crown-10 = dibenzo[30]-crown-10; 3-AP+ = 3-aminopyridinium; 3-AP2+ = 3-ammoniumpyridinium; NBu4+...

Factors associated with post-election psychological distress: The case of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

This study, through the lens of Social Cognitive Theory, examined potential risk factors that may intensify election-related psychological distress. Six weeks after the 2016 U.S. election, 772 U.S. adult citizens filled out an online survey that assessed psychological distress along with sociodemographic characteristics, and a set of variables tapping various dimensions of political self-efficacy (i.e., importance of politics in one's life, preferences for different media outlets, political directness, and ...

Orthodontic-surgical management of an unusual dilacerated maxillary incisor.

Orthodontic traction of an impacted dilacerated maxillary central incisor is clinically challenging and often results in a long treatment duration. A case of an unusual dilacerated central incisor with a 90° crown-root angulation and palatally displaced crown is presented herein. Using a single stage open window exposure of the crown on the palatal aspect with light orthodontic traction force, the impacted dilacerated central incisor crown was successfully positioned in alignment with the contralateral inc...

The Four Horsemen and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).

After the gradual introduction of specialties in medicine in the United States during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) was founded in 1934 to provide specialty regulation (training oversight, examination, and certification). The name reflects the combined practice of psychiatry and neurology that was still present at the time. Directors were nominated by the founding organizations: American Psychiatry Association (APA), American Neurolo...

Erratum to "Editorial: Announcing the winner of the John J. Sciarra IJGO Prize Paper Award for 2017" Int J Gynecol Obstet 141(2018) 277-279.


Three [2]rotaxanes (4, 7 and 12) and one [3]rotaxane (8) were synthesized based on the dibenzo-30-crown-10/viologen binding motif. To the best of our knowledge, these are the first rotaxanes formed from dibenzo-30-crown-10 and viologens. The rotaxanes were all characterized by H NMR, C NMR, and HRMS. An X-ray crystal structure of one of the [2]rotaxanes (7) was obtained. This work demonstrates for the first time that dibenzo-30-crown-10 does form pseudorotaxane complexes with viologens in solution.

A note on internet use and the 2016 U.S. presidential election outcome.

We use data from the American National Election Studies from 1996 to 2016 to study the role of the internet in the 2016 U.S. presidential election outcome. We compare trends in the Republican share of the vote between likely and unlikely internet users, and between actual internet users and non-users. Relative to prior years, the Republican share of the vote in 2016 was as high or higher among the groups least active online.

Technical Report: Crown Fabrication Without an Impression.

Prosthetic treatment for elderly patients is a challenge that addresses both patient- and technology-mediated dental concerns. This report describes the fabrication of a cobalt-chromium crown without an impression using a digitized and scanned temporary crown to provide excellent integration.

A Stable Crown Ether Complex with a Noble-Gas Compound.

Crown ethers have been known for over 50 years, but no example of a complex between a noble-gas compound and a crown ether or another polydentate ligand had been reported. Xenon trioxide is shown to react with 15-crown-5 to form the kinetically stable (CH₂CH₂O)₅XeO₃ adduct which, in marked contrast with solid XeO₃, does not detonate when mechanically shocked. The crystal structure shows that the five oxygen atoms of the crown ether are coordinated to the xenon atom of XeO₃. The gas-phase Wiberg ...

Molecular design of macrocyclic compounds for complete removal of thallium(I) from wastewater.

Design of new adsorbents for complete removal of thallium(I) from wastewater is of significant importance. Based on the theory of binding ability between crown ether and metal ion, a kind of Tl(I)-selected crown ether, thio-18-crown-6 ether, was designed. Subsequently, modeling calculations were performed to investigate the microscopic interaction between 18-crown-6 ether and its sulfur-substituted derivatives with Tl. The results showed that thio-18-crown-6 ether generally showed higher affinity to Tl than...

The coordination behaviour and reactivity of partially silicon based crown ethers towards beryllium chloride.

Through reactions of 1,2-disila[12]crown-4 or 1,2-disila-benzo[12]crown-4 ethers with BeCl2 eight-membered Be-O-heterocycles, which are annulated by two six-membered Be-O-cycles were obtained and characterised. The reactions leading to these unusual ring systems have been investigated by NMR and IR spectroscopy as well as reactions with further ligand derivatives.

Uranyl-tri- bis(silyl)amide Alkali Metal Contact and Separated Ion Pair Complexes.

We report the preparation of a range of alkali metal uranyl(VI) tri- bis(silyl)amide complexes [{M(THF) }{(μ-O)U(O)(N″)}] (1M) (N″ = {N(SiMe)}, M = Li, Na, x = 2; M = K, x = 3; M = K, Rb, Cs, x = 0) containing electrostatic alkali metal uranyl-oxo interactions. Reaction of 1M with 2,2,2-cryptand or 2 equiv of the appropriate crown ether resulted in the isolation of the separated ion pair species [U(O)(N″)][M(2,2,2-cryptand)] (3M, M = Li-Cs) and [U(O)(N″)][M(crown)] (4M, M = Li, crown = 12-crown-4 e...

Sex difference in open-water swimming-The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming 1875-2017.

The aim of the present study was to compare swimming performances of successful finishers of the 'Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming' from 1875 to 2017, assessing the effects of sex, the place of event and the nationality of swimmers. Data from 535 finishers in 'Catalina Channel Swim', 1,606 finishers in 'English Channel Swim' and 774 finishers in 'Manhattan Island Marathon Swim' were analysed. We performed different analyses and regression model fittings for all swimmers and annual top-5 finishers. Effect...

Influence of long and short arms of X chromosome on maxillary molar crown morphology.

Although genes on the human X chromosome reportedly influence tooth crown morphology, little is known about X chromosome activation or inactivation systems relevant to morphological variations. We assessed the relationships between tooth crown size and crown morphological traits in females with Turner syndrome, the variants of which include complete absence of one X chromosome, lack of the short arm (Xp), or duplication of the long arms (Xq), and then estimated the functions of Xp and Xq in the process of u...

2017 Outstanding Manuscript Awards.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Outstanding Manuscript Awards, as determined by the Editorial Board and the Editors of the Journal of Athletic Training.

Crown-substituted naphthalocyanines: synthesis and supramolecular control over aggregation and photophysical properties.

Tetra-15-crown-5-naphthalocyanines as first representatives of crown-substituted π-extended phthalocyanines were synthesized and characterized. The possibility to control their aggregation and photophysical properties by reversible formation of supramolecular assemblies in the presence of KOAc was demonstrated.

Assessing the Impact of a Professional Development Program for PA Program Directors.

The growth of physician assistant (PA) programs nationally has stretched the available capacity of experienced PA program directors. To address this need, a professional developmental program was designed to provide new program directors with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to succeed in the role. This study sought to characterize the impact of program attendance over time. Data were collected from individuals representing 5 cohorts that participated in the annual Physician Assistant Educatio...

Heritability and genetic integration of anterior tooth crown variants in the South Carolina Gullah.

This article presents estimates of narrow-sense heritability and bivariate genetic correlation for a series of morphological crown variants of the anterior dentition. These results provide insight into the value of dental phenotypes as evolutionary proxies, as well as the development of tooth crowns as integrated or modular structures.

Endodontics Program Directors', Residents', and Endodontists' Considerations About CBCT-Related Graduate Education.

Over the past decade, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has been increasingly used by endodontists. The aims of this study were to assess endodontic program directors', residents', and endodontists' considerations concerning CBCT-related graduate education, attitudes, and professional behavior. Survey data were collected from 31 of the 56 directors of U.S. endodontic graduate programs, 73 of 270 contacted residents, and 689 of 2,221 contacted endodontists (response rates 55%, 27%, and 31%, respectively)....

Aqueous Ion Trapping and Transport in Graphene-Embedded 18-Crown-6 Ether Pores.

Using extensive room-temperature molecular dynamics simulations, we investigate selective aqueous cation trapping and permeation in graphene-embedded 18-crown-6 ether pores. We show that in the presence of suspended water-immersed crown-porous graphene, K+ ions rapidly organize and trap stably within the pores, in contrast with Na+ ions. As a result, significant qualitative differences in permeation between ionic species arise. The trapped ion occupancy and permeation behaviors are shown to be highly voltag...

Across the Board: J. Henrique Teles.

In this series of articles, the board members of ChemSusChem discuss recent research articles that they consider of exceptional quality and importance for sustainability. This entry features Dr. J. Henrique Teles, who highlights the importance of a holistic view of sustainability. This is particularly important when it comes to bringing results from the lab to industrial use.

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