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Development of a novel isolation unit for entomophthoralean fungi.

Entomophthoralean fungi are important natural enemies of pests and highly co-evolved with their hosts. However, successful isolation of entomophthoralean fungi can be difficult due to their fastidious culture requirements; this is an important obstacle to research on Entomophthorales. In this study, we designed an isolation unit and evaluated it against the conventional 'descending conidia' isolation method. There was no difference in contamination rate between the methods (78% and 76% clean isolations) des...

The Psychiatric Neuromodulation Unit: Implementation and Management.

The proven effectiveness of neuromodulation and stimulation techniques for the management of psychiatric disorders has brought strongly needed innovation in psychiatry, given the high prevalence and high costs of treatment resistance. Although evidence-based guidelines in neuromodulation have been implemented to improve the clinical efficacy, safety, and research procedures, practical suggestions on how to design a psychiatric neuromodulation unit (PNU) are not available in the scientific literature. In thi...

Exploring the business of urology: Is it time for a "Business of Healthcare" curriculum in urology residency programs?

Addressing Student Burnout: What Medical Schools Can Learn From Business Schools.

Although they enter school with enthusiasm for a career in medicine, medical students in the United States subsequently report high levels of burnout and disillusionment. As medical school leaders consider how to address this problem, they can look to business schools as one source of inspiration. In this Commentary, the authors argue-based on their collective experience in both medical and business education-that medical schools can draw three lessons from business schools that can help reinvigorate studen...

Business Leadership in Global Climate Change Responses.

In the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement, 195 countries committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in recognition of the scientific consensus on the consequences of climate change, including substantial public health burdens. In June 2017, however, US president Donald Trump announced that the United States would not implement the Paris Agreement. We highlight the business community's backing for climate change action in the United States. Just as the US federal government is backing away from its Pari...

The Blood Brain Barrier: A Review of its Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Disease.

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is the principal regulator of transport of molecules and cells into and out of the central nervous system (CNS). It comprises endothelial cells, pericytes, immune cells, astrocytes, and basement membrane, collectively known as the neurovascular unit. The development of the barrier involves many complex pathways from all the progenitors of the neurovascular unit, but the timing of its formation is not entirely known. The coordinated activities of all the components of the neurov...

Lipoprotein Profile Modifications during Gestation: A Current Approach to Cardiovascular risk surrogate markers and Maternal-fetal Unit Complications.

Several changes occur in lipid metabolism during gestation due to hormonal and metabolic changes, which are essential to satisfy the nutritional demands of the maternal-fetal unit development. The gestation shows two distinct periods that begin with fat accumulation, mainly in maternal adipose tissue, and the late phase, characterized by accelerated catabolism, with the increase of fatty acids in the circulation that causes hyperlipidemia, especially the one characterized as hypertriglyceridemia. Maternal h...

Comment on Houde, D; Berkowitz, S. A; Engen, J. R, The utility of hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry in biopharmaceutical comparability studies. J. Pharm. Sci. 2011, 100, 2071-2086.

Opportunities in biotechnology.

Strategies for biotechnology must take account of opportunities for research, innovation and business growth. At a regional level, public-private collaborations provide potential for such growth and the creation of centres of excellence. By considering recent progress in areas such as genomics, healthcare diagnostics, synthetic biology, gene editing and bio-digital technologies, opportunities for smart, strategic and specialised investment are discussed. These opportunities often involve convergent or disru...

Impact of the dedicated education unit teaching model on the perceived competencies and professional attributes of nursing students.

The Dedicated Education Unit clinical teaching model is a strategy designed to create optimal teaching and learning environments. Evidence is lacking regarding the influence of the Dedicated Education Unit model on students' specific nursing competencies and professional attributes. This descriptive, comparative study took place in a private baccalaureate nursing program in the United States. The researchers compared evaluations of student competencies and attributes who participated in a Dedicated Educatio...

Business performance management in university hospitals: a diagnosis in Brazilian institutions.

To investigate whether business performance management practices are used by Brazilian federal university hospitals, and if so, to determine which practices are used and explore characteristics that may be related to their adoption.

The extent that certain dairy farmer attitudes and behaviors are associated with farm business profitability.

The way in which farm managers' attitudes, personality, behavior, values, and sociodemographic characteristics influence farm business performance is, at best, only partially understood. The study reported here expands on this understanding by analyzing the attitudes and personal attributes of 80 dairy farmers in Great Britain in relation to the profitability over 3 yr of their farm businesses. Business goals, temperament, purchasing behavior, and having a growth mindset toward the business were found to be...

Corrigendum to "An insight of in vitro transport of PEGylated non-ionic surfactant vesicles (NSVs) across the intestinal polarized enterocyte monolayers" Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 127 (2018) 432-442.

Complications of Botox and their Management.

Adherence to anticholinergic medications is known to be a problem in patients with overactive bladder, with only 13.2% of patients continuing anticholinergic therapy beyond 1 year D'Souza et al. (J Manag Care Pharm. 14:291-301, 2008).

Safety Talk and Safety Culture: Discursive Repertoires as Indicators of Workplace Safety and Health Practice and Readiness to Change.

Small construction businesses (SCBs) account for a disproportionate share of occupational injuries, days lost, and fatalities in the US and other modern economies. Owner/managers of SCBs confront risks associated with their own and workers' safety and business survival, and their occupational safety and health (OSH) related values and practices are key drivers of safety and business outcomes. Given owner/mangers are the key to understanding and affecting change in smaller firms, as well as the pressing need...

Clinical rounds with parental involvement in a neonatal unit.

Activity based group therapy reduces maternal anxiety in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - a prospective cohort study.

A large proportion of mothers in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) experience psychological distress, which is associated with adverse infant and parenting outcomes. Interventions addressing maternal anxiety in the NICU are scarce.

Impaired muscle growth precedes development of increased stiffness of the triceps surae musculotendinous unit in children with cerebral palsy.

If increased muscle stiffness and contractures in children with cerebral palsy (CP) are related to impaired muscle growth, reduced muscle growth should precede or coincide with increased muscle stiffness during development. Here, we compared the volume of the medial gastrocnemius muscle and the passive (non-neural) stiffness of the triceps surae musculotendinous unit in typically developing children and children with CP from birth until 4 years of age.

Sustainable vaccine development: a vaccine manufacturer's perspective.

Vaccination remains the most cost-effective public health intervention after clean water, and the benefits impressively outweigh the costs. The efforts needed to fulfill the steadily growing demands for next-generation and novel vaccines designed for emerging pathogens and new indications are only realizable in a sustainable business model. Vaccine development can be fast-tracked through strengthening international collaborations, and the continuous innovation of technologies to accelerate their design, dev...

Essential learning tools for continuing medical education for physicians, geneticists, nurses, allied health professionals, mental health professionals, business administration professionals, and reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) fellows: the Midwest Reproductive Symposium International.

Essential learning tools for continuing medical education are a challenge in today's rapidly evolving field of reproductive medicine. The Midwest Reproductive Symposium International (MRSi) is a yearly conference held in Chicago, IL. The conference is targeted toward physicians, geneticists, nurses, allied health professionals, mental health professionals, business administration professionals, and reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) fellows engaged in the practice of reproductive medicine. In ...

Increasing egg availability through smallholder business models in East Africa and India.

Availability and consumption of eggs, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, is low despite their apparent benefits. We investigated constraints in egg production in four countries; Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, and India and identified five business models that are viable and sustainable. They are (a) micro-franchising, (b) microfinancing, (c) co-operative farming, (d) enterprise development, and (e) out-grower model. All of them involve smallholder farmers to increase egg production. These farmers have acc...

Impact of a health care quality improvement intervention to prevent pressure ulcers in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Among children hospitalized in the intensive care unit who have pressure ulcers (PUs), more than 50% are related to the sustained pressure from a device or equipment. PUs are an indirect indicator of the quality of health care. Objective. To assess the impact of a health care quality improvement intervention on the development of PUs at the pediatric intensive care unit. Materials and methods. Uncontrolled, before and after study. Pre-intervention: measurement of PUs; post-intervention: implementation of a ...

Factors associated with unplanned early discharges from a dual diagnosis inpatient detoxification unit in Israel.

Currently, Israel has a single governmental inpatient dual diagnosis detoxification unit. We provide a cross-section of patient profiles in this unit, as well as explore possible associations between clinical/demographic factors, and the unplanned early discharge of patients from the unit, aiming at improving rehabilitation success rates.

e-Screening revolution: A novel approach to developing a delirium screening tool in the intensive care unit.

Delirium is common in the intensive care unit (ICU), often affecting older patients. A bedside electronic tool has the potential to revolutionise delirium screening. Our group describe a novel approach to the design and development of delirium screening questions for the express purpose of use within an electronic device. Preliminary results are presented.

Muscle-Tendon-Enthesis Unit.

Injuries to the muscle-tendon-enthesis unit are common and a significant source of pain and loss of function. This article focuses on the important anatomical and biomechanical considerations for each component of the muscle-tendon-enthesis unit. We review normal and pathologic conditions affecting this unit, illustrating the imaging appearance of common disorders on magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound. Knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of these structures is crucial for the radiologist to mak...

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