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The Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting 2018, Cutting Edge: Optimising the Journey for Older Surgical Patients, International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia, Wednesday, 27 June 2018 - Friday, 29 June 2018.

Anesthesiology at the Cutting Edge.

Optimizing polypectomy practice: more cutting-edge research needed.

Cutting Edge Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Approaches Are Bringing Precision Medicine and Nutrition to a New Era.

Experience and Ethics at the "Cutting Edge": Lessons From Maternal-Fetal Surgery for Uterine Transplantation.

32nd EACTS Annual Meeting clinical trials update: ART, IMPAG, MITRA-FR and COAPT.

Design and models of helical needle geometries for core biopsies.

Biopsy needles are standard medical devices for extracting biological tissue with the purpose of diagnosing a specific anomaly such as cancerous masses, or lumps. The outcome of these procedures greatly relies on the quality of the samples which, in turn, depends on the forces acting on the needle during its insertion. In this scenario, the design of the needle tip plays a fundamental role in determining the cutting forces. Yet, since the dawn of modern medicine, only a few studies have proposed novel needl...

Impact of psychophysiological stress-response systems on psychological development: Moving beyond the single biomarker approach.

This Special Section showcases cutting-edge, theory-driven research, which elucidates how multiple physiologic stress-response systems and neural networks that support social behavior operate together to affect psychological processes across from infancy to adolescence. The 8 papers included in the Special Section represent cutting-edge efforts to understand how multiple physiological systems jointly influence behavior. They raise new questions, highlight issues that remain unresolved, and suggest additiona...

Azadirachtin impairs egg production in Atta sexdens leaf-cutting ant queens.

Leaf-cutting ants are important pests of forests and agricultural crops in the Neotropical region. Atta sexdens colonies can be composed of thousands of individuals, which form a highly complex society with a single reproductive queen. Successful control of this species is achieved only if the queen is affected. Few data are available on the lethal or sublethal effects of toxic compounds on leaf-cutting ant queens. Azadirachtin has been claimed as an effective biopesticide for insect control, but its action...

Estimates of Edge Detection Filters in Human Vision.

Edge detection is widely believed to be an important early stage in human visual processing. However, there have been relatively few attempts to map human edge detection filters. In this study, observers had to locate a randomly placed step edge in brown noise (the integral of white noise) with a 1/f power spectrum. Their responses were modelled by assuming the probability the observer chose an edge location depended on the response of their own edge detection filter to that location. The observer's edge de...

Lower-limb muscle function during sidestep cutting.

To investigate lower-limb muscle function during sidestep cutting, prior studies have analysed electromyography (EMG) data together with three dimensional motion analysis. Such an approach does not directly quantify the biomechanical role of individual lower-limb muscles during a sidestep cut. This study recorded three dimensional motion analysis, ground reaction force (GRF) and EMG data for eight healthy males executing an unanticipated sidestep cut. Using a musculoskeletal modelling approach, muscle funct...

Clinically practical formula for preoperatively estimating the cutting rate of the spinal nerve root in a functional posterior rhizotomy.

A functional posterior rhizotomy (FPR) ideally involves minimal cutting of the posterior root while providing maximal reduction of disabling spasticity. However, the ideal cutting rate has yet to be determined. It was hypothesized that the cutting rate of the posterior root would negatively correlate with preoperative motor function in children with spasticity.

Subpixel Edge Localization Based on Adaptive Weighting of Gradients.

This paper presents a subpixel edge localization method based on the adaptive weighting of gradients (AWG). The method first finds the optimal power factors to be used by the AWG through an error propagation scheme. Then, with the goal of fast implementation of the method, a process that directly relates the edge width to the optimal powers is proposed. A method that uses the squared weighting of gradients (SWG) is also proposed, which applies a power of 2 to the gradients of an edge profile to calculate th...

Edge transport at the boundary between topologically equivalent lattices.

Edge currents of paramagnetic colloidal particles propagate at the edge between two topologically equivalent magnetic lattices of different lattice constant when the system is driven with periodic modulation loops of an external magnetic field. The number of topologically protected particle edge transport modes is not determined by a bulk-boundary correspondence. Instead, we find a rich variety of edge transport modes that depend on the symmetry of both the edge and the modulation loop. The edge transport c...

Evolution at the Cutting Edge: CRISPR-Mediated Directed Evolution.

In a recent issue of Nature, Halperin et al. (2018) develop a new technology to continuously diversify specific genomic loci by combining CRISPR-Cas9 with error-prone DNA polymerases.

MitraClip patient selection: inclusion and exclusion criteria for optimal outcomes.

Edge-to-edge repair with the percutaneous MitraClip technology has changed the landscape for patients with symptomatic, severe degenerative mitral valve regurgitation who are at prohibitive surgical risk. While the results of randomized controlled trials of MitraClip therapy in patients with functional mitral valve regurgitation are still pending, single center experiences as well as registry data generally support the real-world application of the MitraClip therapy. In the majority of individuals treated w...

One-stop shop: Simultaneous direct mitral annuloplasty and percutaneous mitral edge-to-edge repair in a patient with severe mitral regurgitation.

Percutaneous edge-to-edge repair of severe mitral regurgitation has been established as an alternative treatment option for patients at high risk for cardiac surgery. More recently, the introduction of the Cardioband system enabled percutaneous direct annuloplasty. Here, we present a case of simultaneous percutaneous direct annuloplasty with edge-to-edge repair. Moreover, annuloplasty did facilitate clip implantation bei approximating the anterior and posterior mitral leaflet. In conclusion, the combination...

Highlights of Skin Disease Education Foundations 42nd Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar.

Updates on managing some of the most common dermatologic conditions for which patients seek care illuminated presentations at the Skin Disease Education Foundation's 42nd Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar®. This educational supplement summarizes the highlights of clinical sessions presented during this CME/CE conference. Treatment of psoriasis has continued to advance, with three interleukin (IL)-17 antagonists approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a fourth in phase 3 trials. An authori...

Comparing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Risk Variables Between Unanticipated Cutting and Decelerating Tasks.

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between ACL injury risk factors in unanticipated cutting and decelerating. Three-dimensional kinematics and ground reaction forces were collected on eleven females (22±2yrs, 1.67±0.08m, 68.5±9.8kg) during two unanticipated tasks. Paired samples t-tests were performed to compare dependent variables between tasks. Spearman rank correlation coefficients were calculated to analyze the relationship between peak internal knee adduction moment and peak a...

Recent Advances in Behavioral (Epi)Genetics in Eusocial Insects.

Eusocial insects live in societies in which distinct family members serve specific roles in maintaining the colony and advancing the reproductive ability of a few select individuals. Given the genetic similarity of all colony members, the diversity of morphologies and behaviors is surprising. Social communication relies on pheromones and olfaction, as shown by mutants of orco, the universal odorant receptor coreceptor, and through electrophysiological analysis of neuronal responses to pheromones. Additional...


The objectives of this paper were to evaluate the occupational radiation exposure data from 2011 to 2017 and to compare the results with status in 1996-2010 periods. The evaluation was performed in terms of annual collective effective dose, the average annual effective dose, the individual dose distribution ratio and the annual collective effective dose distribution ratio. Irrespective of work category, the results indicate that the average effective dose ranged from 0.64 to 1.55 mSv and broadly comparable ...

Learning Data Manifolds with a Cutting Plane Method.

We consider the problem of classifying data manifolds where each manifold represents invariances that are parameterized by continuous degrees of freedom. Conventional data augmentation methods rely on sampling large numbers of training examples from these manifolds. Instead, we propose an iterative algorithm, [Formula: see text], based on a cutting plane approach that efficiently solves a quadratic semi-infinite programming problem to find the maximum margin solution. We provide a proof of convergence as we...

A beginner's guide to rigor and reproducibility in fluorescence imaging experiments.

Fluorescence light microscopy is an indispensable approach for the investigation of cell biological mechanisms. With the development of cutting-edge tools such as genetically encoded fluorescent proteins and superresolution methods, light microscopy is more powerful than ever at providing insight into a broad range of phenomena, from bacterial fission to cancer metastasis. However, as with all experimental approaches, care must be taken to ensure reliable and reproducible data collection, analysis, and repo...

Machinability investigation in turning of high density fiberboard.

A series of experiments were conducted to assess the machinability of high density fiberboard using cemented carbide cutting tools. The objective of this work was to investigate the influence of two cutting parameters, spindle speed and feed per turn, on cutting forces, chip formation and cutting quality. The results are as follows: cutting forces and chip-breaking length decrease with increasing spindle speed and decreasing feed per turn. In contrast, surface roughness increases with decrease of spindle sp...

Six-Year Prospective Outcomes of Primary Breast Augmentation With Nano Surface Implants.

Motiva Implants (Establishment Labs Holdings Inc.) are a novel family of silicone breast implants using cutting-edge technologies engineered to optimize aesthetic and safety outcomes.

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