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32nd Annual Meeting of the Engineering and Urology Society by abstract number.

Abstracts from the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Engineering and Urology Society May 12, 2017 Boston, MA.

Abstract Author Index 32nd Annual Meeting of the Engineering and Urology Society by abstract number.

The Cutting Edge of HLA Diagnostics.

Report on the 18th Annual Land O'Lakes Bioanalytical Conference.

The 18th Annual Land O'Lakes Bioanalytical Conference, titled 'Cutting-Edge Bioanalytical Technologies and Concepts - Issues, Solutions and Practical Considerations for Applications in Novel and Emerging Modalities', was held 10-13 July 2017 in Madison, WI, USA. This Land O'Lakes Conference is presented each year by the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development within the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). The purpose of this conference is to provide an educational forum to...

Cutting edge technology in dermatology: virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Book Review: Dupuytren Disease and Related Diseases: The Cutting Edge.

Cutting edge research on transcatheter aortic valve implantation: moving indications, complications, and current outcomes.

2017 VISTA AWARDS. ASHE honorees leverage cutting-edge project-delivery models and technology while putting patients first.

Edge-Based Defocus Blur Estimation With Adaptive Scale Selection.

Objects that do not lie at the focal distance of a digital camera generate defocused regions in the captured image. This paper presents a new edge-based method for spatially varying defocus blur estimation using a single image based on reblurred gradient magnitudes. The proposed approach initially computes a scale-consistent edge map of the input image and selects a local reblurring scale aiming to cope with noise, edge mis-localization, and interfering edges. An initial blur estimate is computed at the det...

Monitoring lean meat percentage predictions from optical grading probes by a commercial cutting pattern.

The lean meat percentage (LMP) classification in Norwegian slaughterhouses is obtained by Hennessy Grading Probe 7 (HGP7), an optical tool. Even though the HGP7 method is validated frequently, there is industrial and legislative demand to reconsider the applied LMP equation, typically due to the introduction of new breeds. A deboning pilot plant generates precise yield data using cutting and deboning stratified pork carcasses by a specific commercial cutting pattern (CCP) at an annual rate of approximately ...

Melanin-Based Functional Materials.

Melanin biopolymers are currently the focus of growing interest for a broad range of applications at the cutting edge of biomedical research and technology. This Special Issue presents a collection of papers dealing with melanin-type materials, e.g., polydopamine, for classic and innovative applications, offering a stimulating perspective of current trends in the field. Besides basic scientists, the Special Issue is directed to researchers from industries and companies that are willing to invest in melanin ...

Detecting trends in academic research from a citation network using network representation learning.

Several network features and information retrieval methods have been proposed to elucidate the structure of citation networks and to detect important nodes. However, it is difficult to retrieve information related to trends in an academic field and to detect cutting-edge areas from the citation network. In this paper, we propose a novel framework that detects the trend as the growth direction of a citation network using network representation learning(NRL). We presume that the linear growth of citation netw...

On the Cutting Performance of Segmented Diamond Blades when Dry-Cutting Concrete.

The objective of the present study is to analyze and compare the cutting performance of segmented diamond blades when dry-cutting concrete. A cutting criteria is proposed to characterize the wear of the blades by measuring the variation of the external diameter and the weight loss of the blade. The results exhibit the cutting blade SB-A, which has twice the density of diamonds and large contact area, exhibits less wear even though the material removal rate is higher compared with the other two cutting blade...

Tackling poor specificity of cocaine color tests by electrochemical strategies.

This paper presents electrochemical strategies for the fast screening of cocaine and most common cutting agents found in seized drug samples. First, a study on the performance of Scott color tests on cocaine and a wide range of cutting agents is described. The cutting agents causing false positive or false negative results when in mixture with cocaine are identified. To overcome the lack of specificity of color tests, we further propose a fast screening strategy by means of square wave voltammetry on dispos...

The response of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) to interannual climate variation changes across its range.

Understanding how annual climate variation affects population growth rates across a species' range may help us anticipate the effects of climate change on species distribution and abundance. We predict that populations in warmer or wetter parts of a species' range should respond negatively to periods of above average temperature or precipitation, respectively, whereas populations in colder or drier areas should respond positively to periods of above average temperature or precipitation. To test this, we est...

Estimating annual prevalence of depression and anxiety disorder in multiple sclerosis using administrative data.

Researchers have developed case definitions to estimate incidence and lifetime prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders in multiple sclerosis (MS) using administrative data. For policymakers however, the prevalence of a disease requiring ongoing treatment during a given period such as annual period prevalence may be more relevant for decision-making. We tested a case definition for annual period prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders in MS using administrative data.

Statistical Analysis of SSMIS Sea Ice Concentration Threshold at the Arctic Sea Ice Edge during Summer Based on MODIS and Ship-Based Observational Data.

The threshold of sea ice concentration (SIC) is the basis for accurately calculating sea ice extent based on passive microwave (PM) remote sensing data. However, the PM SIC threshold at the sea ice edge used in previous studies and released sea ice products has not always been consistent. To explore the representable value of the PM SIC threshold corresponding on average to the position of the Arctic sea ice edge during summer in recent years, we extracted sea ice edge boundaries from the Moderate-resolutio...

Fresnel diffraction from the edge of a transparent plate in the general case.

Fresnel diffraction from the edge of a transparent plate with arbitrary orientation of its surfaces is formulated in transmission mode. It is shown theoretically and evaluated experimentally that the thickness of a plate and the angles between its surfaces, near the edge, can be determined accurately. This allows us to construct a quantitative 3D image of the plate edge. It is also illustrated that the recorded diffraction pattern of a plate edge can be regarded as a hologram produced by the interference of...

Edge-Of-Field Evaluation of the Ohio Phosphorus Risk Index.

The Phosphorus Index (PI) has been the cornerstone for phosphorus (P)-based management and planning over the past twenty years, yet field-scale evaluation of many state PIs has been limited. In this study, P loads measured in surface runoff and tile discharge from 40 agricultural fields in Ohio with prevailing management practices were used to evaluate the Ohio PI. Annual P loads were highly variable among fields (dissolved reactive P: 0.03-4.51 kg ha, total P: 0.03-6.88 kg ha). Both measured annual dissolv...

The performance of tranchet blows at the Late Middle Paleolithic site of Grotte de la Verpillière I (Saône-et-Loire, France).

This paper focuses on the technological characteristics of Keilmesser with a lateral tranchet blow modification on the cutting edge. It examines the underlying technological production of these bifacial objects: this implies the evaluation of their working stage succession, as well as produced forms necessary for the execution of tranchet blow performance. Furthermore, it offers a techno-morphological description of these enigmatic tools. The Keilmesser with tranchet blow and corresponding blanks of tranche...

Statistical test for detecting community structure in real-valued edge-weighted graphs.

We propose a novel method to test the existence of community structure in undirected, real-valued, edge-weighted graphs. The method is based on the asymptotic behavior of extreme eigenvalues of a real symmetric edge-weight matrix. We provide a theoretical foundation for this method and report on its performance using synthetic and real data, suggesting that this new method outperforms other state-of-the-art methods.

Edge-Based Efficient Search over Encrypted Data Mobile Cloud Storage.

Smart sensor-equipped mobile devices sense, collect, and process data generated by the edge network to achieve intelligent control, but such mobile devices usually have limited storage and computing resources. Mobile cloud storage provides a promising solution owing to its rich storage resources, great accessibility, and low cost. But it also brings a risk of information leakage. The encryption of sensitive data is the basic step to resist the risk. However, deploying a high complexity encryption and decryp...

Influences of Cutting Speed and Material Mechanical Properties on Chip Deformation and Fracture during High-Speed Cutting of Inconel 718.

The paper aims to investigate the influences of material constitutive and fracture parameters in addition to cutting speed on chip formation during high-speed cutting of Inconel 718. Finite element analyses for chip formation are conducted with Johnson-Cook constitutive and fracture models. Meanwhile, experiments of high-speed orthogonal cutting are performed to verify the simulation results with cutting speeds ranging from 50 m/min to 7000 m/min. The research indicates that the chip morphology transforms f...

Evidences in Neurological Surgery and a Cutting Edge Classification of the Trigeminocardiac Reflex: A Systematic Review.

The trigeminocardiac reflex (TCR) is characterized by bradycardia, decrease of main arterial blood pressure (MABP), and sometimes, asystole during surgery. We critically reviewed TCR studies and devised a novel classification scheme for assessing the reflex.

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