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Economic sanctions and academia: Overlooked impact and long-term consequences.

Financial sanctions are often thought of as the "soft alternative" to armed conflict and are widely used in the 21st century. Nonetheless, sanctions are often criticized for being non-specific in their action, and having impact beyond their intended remit. One often-overlooked area affected by sanctions are academic systems of research and education. Sanctions place "invisible barriers" for research in these countries by limiting access to necessary resources and curtailing their effective use. In this pape...

Using political sanctions to discourage intergroup attacks: Social identity and authority legitimacy.

De Dreu and Gross offer novel solutions to discouraging attackers via political sanctions. We offer insights from social psychological and criminological research on when such sanctions would work and when they could backfire. We argue that the influence of such sanctioning ultimately rests upon the extent to which such authorities can claim to represent the society that they serve.

Doctor recommendations are related to patient interest and use of behavioral treatment for chronic pain and addiction.

The opioid crisis has highlighted the importance of improving patients' access to behavioral treatments for chronic pain and addiction. What is not known is if patients are interested in receiving these treatments. In this cross-sectional study, over 1000 participants with chronic pain were surveyed using an anonymous online questionnaire on Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk) to investigate participants' use of and interest in pharmacological and behavioral treatments for chronic pain and addiction. Participant...

Parens Patriae and Parental Rights: When Should the State Override Parental Medical Decisions?

Alfie Evans was a terminally ill British child whose parents, clinging to hope, were desperately trying to save his life. Hospital authorities disagreed and petitioned the court to enjoin the parents from removing him and taking him elsewhere for treatment. The court stepped in and compelled the hospital to discontinue life support and claimed that further treatment was not in the child's best interest. This note discusses the heartbreaking stories of Alfie and two other children whose parents' medical deci...

A Survey for in Delaware and the Virus-Positive Pool Rates of and for West Nile and Zika Viruses.

The introduction of Zika virus to the USA in 2015 engendered heightened interest in its known vectors. is the primary vector, with considered a potential secondary vector, together with several other possible marginal vectors. In Delaware, has been collected rarely, but no breeding populations were detected during past intensive statewide surveillance efforts. However, there is an abundance of statewide. Both species are container breeders and are peri-domestic-increasing the risk for virus transmission...

Vigilance when writing a medical certificate.

When solicitated by his patient, the doctor must be vigilant regarding his establishment of a medical certificate. This document, often to be used in court, should not be considered as trivial. It is, indeed, not uncommon for the author of the medical certificate, to be disciplined for not having taken enough distance with the patient's grievances.

Permanency and well-being outcomes for maltreated infants: Pilot results from an infant-toddler court team.

Evaluations of infant-toddler court teams suggest improvements related to permanency, service provision, and parenting. However, findings regarding permanency are limited in that they do not capture children who remain in care for long periods. Less is known about how court teams impact child development.

Monitoring My Journey From Doctor, to Patient, to Doctor With Lived Experience.

Short- & long-term effects of monetary and non-monetary incentives to cooperate in public good games: An experiment.

Using a common experimental framework, this paper addresses both the question of the short-term and the long-lasting effects of temporary monetary and non-monetary incentive mechanisms on increasing individual contributions to the public good. The results show that both punishments and rewards significantly increase contributions compared to the baseline, but that monetary sanctions lead to the highest contributions, whereas non-monetary sanctions lead to the lowest contributions. The four types of incentiv...

Urology in forensic medicine registries in Ottoman court registry books.

Efforts to determine crimes and culprits were carried out in the Ottoman Empire as in every society. Until the second half of the 19 century, when forensic medicine was institutionalized, the records belonging to these applications were held by the institution of "Qadi" in court registry books. In this study, based on these Shariah court records, we aimed to reveal Ottoman period forensic science procedures and urology's place in them.

A clinical study of an online educational programme for chronic pain patients.

Background - The research of alexithymia - the inability to express or understand emotions - has recently become of great importance in clinical practice, mainly in the field of doctor-patient and psychologist patient communication. Many studies have proven the correlation between alexithymia and the development of functional somatic symptoms, i.e. somatization. Purpose - The aim of this clinical study was to examine the emotion-recognition and emotion communication patterns of patients suffering from chron...

Influence of doctor-patient conversations on behaviours of patients presenting to primary care with new or persistent symptoms: a video observation study.

Most cancers are diagnosed following contact with primary care. Patients diagnosed with cancer often see their doctor multiple times with potentially relevant symptoms before being referred to see a specialist, suggesting missed opportunities during doctor-patient conversations.

The inherent jurisdiction of the High Court.

, Senior Lecturer in Health Law at Swansea University, considers the recent use of the High Court's inherent jurisdiction to protect capable but vulnerable adults at risk of exploitation, coercion or harm.

Diagnosis and Monitoring of Acute Infections with Emphasis on the Novel Biomarker Human Neutrophil Lipocalin.

Acute infections affect all of us at least once or twice a year. Sometimes the infection prompts a visit to our doctor, and the question asked by the patient and the doctor is whether the infection should be treated with antibiotics or not. This is an important question because unnecessary prescription of antibiotics adds to the increasing problem of antibiotics resistance. Objective means to determine whether the infection is caused by bacteria or virus, therefore, are necessary tools for the doctor.

Patient-Initiated Pain Expressions: Interactional Asymmetries and Consequences for Cancer Care.

Only minimal attention has been given to analyzing interactional moments when patients and providers talk about "pain" in general consultations and primary care, and no attention has focused on how pain gets managed during oncology interviews. Conversation analysis (CA) is used to examine a sampling of instances drawn from a collection of 146 pain instances across 65 video recorded and transcribed clinical encounters in a comprehensive cancer clinic. Specific attention is drawn to how pain descriptions are ...

The mediating effect of trust on the relationship between doctor-patient communication and patients' risk perception during treatment.

Doctor-patient communication interacts with patients' satisfaction to influence patients' risk perception. Current theories to explain this relationship have assumed particular psychological processes to explain observations of risk-sensitive behavior in an economic setting, but as of yet, they have not addressed whether it is adaptive for a decision-maker in a health-care situation. In addition, little is known about the role of interpersonal trust between doctor and patient. We surveyed 602 patients to ex...

The Electronic Pain Management Life History Calendar: Development and Usability.

Changes over time to self-managed chronic pain treatments are not a routine part of pain management discussions and might provide insight into adjustments that improve pain outcomes.

Pain catastrophizing and pain acceptance are associated with pain severity and interference among methadone-maintained patients.

The present study examined whether pain catastrophizing and pain acceptance, two important targets of psychosocial interventions for chronic pain, are uniquely associated with pain severity and pain interference among patients on methadone maintenance treatment (MMT).

An evaluation of sex differences in patients with chronic pain undergoing an interdisciplinary pain treatment program.

To determine if there are sex differences in a sample of patients participating in a 4-week interdisciplinary pain treatment in (1) pretreatment pain intensity, physical function, psychological function, pain beliefs, kinesiophobia, pain catastrophizing and activity management patterns; and (2) treatment response.

Changes in medical research trends of North Korea after economic sanctions: A PRISMA-compliant systematic literature review of North Korean medical journals.

In the 1980s, North Korea established a socialist health care system. However, following the food crisis and the economic sanctions, it is estimated that North Korea's health care system has experienced continuous deterioration. Thus, in the present study, we estimated the current medical research trends of North Korea through an analysis of the medical journal Korean Medicine, published in North Korea.

Is there an impact of gender on acute postthoracotomy pain? - a retrospective analysis.

Current knowledge about gender-related differences states that pain is generally more frequent and intense in women. Since severe postthoracotomy pain is associated with complications, sufficient pain control is essential. Data about gender aspects in the context of pain following thoracotomy are scarce. We tried to find out if gender significantly affects pain and pain treatment following thoracotomy.

The Prospective Impact of Family Functioning and Parenting Practices on Court-Involved Youth's Substance Use and Delinquent Behavior.

Court-involved youth exhibit high rates of psychiatric symptoms, substance use, and delinquency, yet little is known about the contributing roles of caregiver and family factors. The current study examined whether family functioning and parental monitoring mediate the relationship between caregiver and youth psychiatric symptoms (at first court contact) and youth substance use and delinquency (two years later). Participants were 400 first-time offending court-involved youth (M = 14.5 years; 57.3% male; ...

Learning to fear pain after observing another's pain: An experimental study in schoolchildren.

Children of individuals with chronic pain have an increased vulnerability to experience pain problems, possibly through observation of pain in their parents. As pain-related fear (PRF) is a critical factor in the development and maintenance of chronic pain, the current experimental study examined the acquisition of PRF through observational learning and subsequent extinction after first-hand experience of the feared stimulus.

Interpersonal Dyadic Influences of Pain Catastrophizing Between Caregivers and Children with Chronic Pain.

Pain catastrophizing is an important predictor of pain-related outcomes. Caregiver and child levels of catastrophizing about child chronic pain are associated cross-sectionally, yet predictive associations testing interpersonal influences within caregiver-child dyads are lacking. The present study tested caregiver and child influences on partner catastrophizing about child pain over 1 month following initiation of interdisciplinary pain treatment and examined whether change in pain catastrophizing was assoc...

Novel insights into stroke pain beliefs and perceptions.

: Chronic pain is common following stroke, yet its characteristics are poorly understood.: To characterize the beliefs and perceptions of people with stroke who experience chronic pain and compare these to a non-stroke population with chronic pain.: An online survey of the Pain Beliefs and Perceptions Inventory for stroke and non-stroke individuals with chronic pain. Pain beliefs and perceptions, including perceived causes of pain, were compared across the two groups.: A total of 223 participants completed ...

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