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Delay aversion in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is mediated by amygdala and prefrontal cortex hyper-activation.

Experimental research supports delay aversion as a motivational feature of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). To investigate the neurobiology of delay aversion in ADHD, this study examined whether adolescents with ADHD display an unusually strong activation in affective brain regions in response to cues predicting forthcoming delay and whether these effects are (a) delay-dose dependent and (b) statistically mediate the association between ADHD and self-reported delay aversion.

Delay models for the early embryonic cell cycle oscillator.

Time delays are known to play a crucial role in generating biological oscillations. The early embryonic cell cycle in the frog Xenopus laevis is one such example. Although various mathematical models of this oscillating system exist, it is not clear how to best model the required time delay. Here, we study a simple cell cycle model that produces oscillations due to the presence of an ultrasensitive, time-delayed negative feedback loop. We implement the time delay in three qualitatively different ways, using...

An Examination of Group Size and Valence in Delay Discounting of Shared Outcomes.

Previous research has examined delay discounting in a group context, where the outcomes are shared with others. These studies indicate shallow delay discounting in a group context compared to an individual context. The present set of studies aimed to explore the impact of two factors, group size (the number of others in the group) and group valence (liked or disliked others in the group), that may affect delay discounting in a group context. Results of the two studies replicated previous results, where shal...

Tuberculosis related stigma and its effect on the delay for sputum examination under the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program in India.

One major barrier to achieve goal of tuberculosis (TB) control program globally, is the stigma attached to the disease. Perceived stigma can delay sputum test in time. Delay will lead to spread of infection in the community. There is no scientific information available in India exactly looking into the association between delay in sputum examination and stigma.

Analysis of characteristics and influence factors of diagnostic delay of endometriosis.

To access the influence factors of diagnostic delay of endometriosis.We designed a questionnaire of diagnostic delay of endometriosis. From February 2014 to February 2016, 400 patients who had dysmenorrhea and diagnosed with endometriosis by surgery in Peking University Third Hospital were surveyed retrospectively. Time and risk factors of diagnostic delay were analyzed.The diagnostic delay of 400 patients was 13.0 years (0.2-43.0 years), 78.5%(314/400) patients thought pain was a normal phenomenon and didn...

Seven factors predict a delayed diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis.

Diagnostic delay of cardiac amyloidosis (CAm) continues to challenge clinicians. We investigated features associated with delay and ascertained if a diagnostic delay had negative implications for the patient.

Meta-analysis of in-hospital delay before surgery as a risk factor for complications in patients with acute appendicitis.

The traditional fear that every case of acute appendicitis will eventually perforate has led to the generally accepted emergency appendicectomy with minimized delay. However, emergency and thereby sometimes night-time surgery is associated with several drawbacks, whereas the consequences of surgery after limited delay are unclear. This systematic review aimed to assess in-hospital delay before surgery as risk factor for complicated appendicitis and postoperative morbidity in patients with acute appendicitis...

Effect of the conductivity of a thin film located near the acoustic delay line on the characteristics of propagating SH wave.

The results of the study of the influence of the conductivity of a thin film located with a certain gap above the acoustic delay line on the characteristics of propagating acoustic wave with a quasi-shear-horizontal polarization (SH) are presented. The delay line was made of Y-X lithium niobate plate with a thickness of 200 μm containing two interdigital transducers for exciting and receiving SH wave. The operating frequency range of the delay line was equal to 2.6-3.8 MHz. The 1 mm thick glass plate...

A De Novo Missense Variant in POU3F2 Identified in a Child with Global Developmental Delay.

Many genetic and nongenetic causes for developmental delay in childhood could be identified. Often, however, the molecular basis cannot be elucidated. As next-generation sequencing is becoming more frequently available in a diagnostic context, an increasing number of genetic variations are found as causative in children with developmental delay.We performed trio exome sequencing in a girl with developmental delay and minor dysmorphological features. Using a filter for de novo variants, the heterozygous miss...

Factors influencing developmental delay among young children in poor rural China: a latent variable approach.

The aims of the study were to determine the prevalence of suspected developmental delay in children living in poor areas of rural China and to investigate factors influencing child developmental delay.

Waiting and working for rewards: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is associated with steeper delay discounting linked to amygdala activation, but not with steeper effort discounting.

Children and adolescents with ADHD have a relatively strong preference for smaller immediate rewards over larger delayed rewards (steep delay discounting). It is unknown whether such steep discounting of rewards is specific for delayed rewards, i.e., supporting the delay aversion account of ADHD, or whether it is also present for effortful rewards, i.e., representing general reward insensitivity. Therefore, this study examined behavioral and BOLD responses during delay discounting (DD) and effort discountin...

Complete Stability Analysis With Respect to Delay for Neural Networks.

The stability property of delayed neural networks (NNs) along the whole delay axis is studied in this paper. Such a complete stability problem with respect to the delay parameter has not been addressed in the community of NNs. Most of the existing studies focus on the stability interval of delay starting from zero and are not applicable for the complete stability problem. In this paper, we will present some examples to show that there are various types of stability intervals for NNs, demonstrating the neces...

Method of the out-of-band rejection improvement of the AlN based surface acoustic wave filters.

AlN based surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters with an acoustic wavelength (λ) of 8 µm have been fabricated based on sputtered AlN films on sapphire. The acoustic velocity of 1-µm-AlN/Sapphire bilayer structure is 5536 m/s, 60% higher than that of LiNbO. The central frequency, insertion loss, out-of-band rejection, and bandwidth of fabricated AlN based two-port type SAW filters with a delay gap of λ are 692 MHz, 25.58 dB, 35.40 dB, and 2.7 MHz, respectively. The impact of delay gap on the per...

Diagnostic delay in extrapulmonary tuberculosis and impact on patient morbidity: A study from Zanzibar.

Early and proper treatment of tuberculosis could have an important impact on the morbidity, mortality and the economic situation of patients. There is insufficient knowledge on the extent of diagnostic delay and the associated factors in extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB). The aims of this study were to assess the health care seeking behaviour, EPTB knowledge and diagnostic delay in presumptive EPTB patients at the main referral hospital in Zanzibar, factors associated with longer delay, and the impact of u...

Electronically delay-tuned upconversion cross-correlator for characterization of mid-infrared pulses.

In this Letter, a novel method for the characterization of mid-infrared pulses is presented. A cross-correlator system, with no moving parts, combining ultra-broadband pulsed upconversion detection with fast active electronic delay tuning was built to perform time-resolved spectral characterization of 1.6 ns mid-infrared supercontinuum pulses. Full wavelength/time spectrograms were acquired in steps of 20 ps over a range that can, in theory, extend to microseconds in a matter of seconds, with 48 ps tempo...

Delayed state-feedback control for stabilization of neural networks with leakage delay.

This paper mainly deals with the problem of designing delayed state-feedback controller for neural networks with leakage delay. By constructing an appropriate Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional including double integral terms having two different exponential decay rates and utilizing linear matrix inequality (LMI) technique with the help of slack variables, some sufficient conditions for globally exponential stabilization results are obtained by designing of delayed state-feedback controller. The novelty of thi...

The impact of depressed mood, working memory capacity, and priming on delay discounting.

The impaired ability to delay rewards, delay discounting (DD), is associated with several problematic conditions in which impulsive decision-making derails long-term goals. Working memory (WM), the ability to actively store and manipulate information, is associated with DD. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of cognitive priming on DD and to identify moderation of this effect dependent on degree of WM capacity (WMC) and depressed mood.

Response acquisition by zebrafish (Danio rerio) with delayed reinforcement.

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a common vertebrate animal model in biomedical research and is a promising species for studying how genes interact with environmental factors in determining behavior. The present study investigated how reinforcement parameters affect zebrafish behavior by assessing response acquisition with delayed reinforcement, which has been studied with other species (e.g., rats, pigeons, humans, etc.) but not with zebrafish. Twenty-four experimentally naïve subjects were exposed to a tandem ...

Moderate neonatal hypoglycemia and adverse neurological development at 2-6 years of age.

To determine whether moderate neonatal hypoglycemia in otherwise healthy infants is associated with adverse neurodevelopmental outcome in pre-school children. Population-based cohort study with prospectively collected register data from Sweden. All singletons born July 1st 2008 through December 31st 2012 (n = 101,060) in the region were included. Infants with congenital malformations, infants treated in neonatal intensive care unit, infants with inborn errors of metabolism and infants to mothers with di...

Delay discounting and e-cigarette use: An investigation in current, former, and never cigarette smokers.

Cigarette smokers show greater delay discounting (devaluation of delayed consequences) than non-smokers, suggesting that rapid devaluation of the future contributes to tobacco use through a mechanism in which tobacco-related health consequences are too delayed to discourage smoking. However, little work has quantified delay discounting in relation to electronic cigarette (EC) use, a tobacco product that many users believe to pose fewer negative health consequences than cigarettes.

Factors associated with delay in seeking care by tuberculosis patients.

To identify social, clinical and behavioral factors of tuberculosis patients that are associated with delay in the search for primary health care.

Family Experiences with the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: System Barriers and Facilitators of Efficient Diagnosis.

This paper examines family experiences with the efficiency of ASD diagnosis. Children were age 8 or younger with ASD (n = 450). Outcomes were delay from first parent concern to diagnosis, shifting diagnoses, and being told child did not have ASD. Predictors were screening, travel distance, and problems finding providers. Logit models were used to examine associations. Screening was associated with reduced delay in diagnosis; problems finding providers were associated with greater delay. Screening, trave...

Correction for Delay and Dispersion Results in More Accurate Cerebral Blood Flow Ischemic Core Measurement in Acute Stroke.

This study aimed to assess how the ischemic core measured by perfusion computed tomography (CTP) was affected by the delay and dispersion effect.

Problem and Pathological Gambling in Schizophrenia: Exploring Links with Substance Use and Impulsivity.

High rates of both problem and pathological gambling (PPG) and substance-use disorders (SUDs) have been reported in schizophrenia, and yet PPG frequently goes undetected in clinical practice and unexamined in research. Here, we aimed to examine the relationship between PPG and SUDs in a large sample of patients across several factors related to both gambling and substance use, including poly-substance use. Additionally, delay discounting is a form of impulsivity known to positively associate with both PPG a...

Does Pain Impact Preference? the Effect of Tonic Laboratory Pain on Discounting of Delayed Rewards.

Chronic pain patients display elevated risk behavior on decision-making tasks, as well as increased health risk behaviors (e.g., smoking, prescription opioid abuse). Determining pain's effect on underlying cognitive processes that are associated with risk behavior is confounded by comorbidities linked with chronic pain, including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Therefore, to understand pain's effect on delay discounting, a behavioral process assessing the extent to which outcomes are devalued as a...

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