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Delay aversion in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is mediated by amygdala and prefrontal cortex hyper-activation.

Experimental research supports delay aversion as a motivational feature of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). To investigate the neurobiology of delay aversion in ADHD, this study examined whether adolescents with ADHD display an unusually strong activation in affective brain regions in response to cues predicting forthcoming delay and whether these effects are (a) delay-dose dependent and (b) statistically mediate the association between ADHD and self-reported delay aversion.

Impact of leakage delay on bifurcation in high-order fractional BAM neural networks.

The effects of leakage delay on the dynamics of neural networks with integer-order have lately been received considerable attention. It has been confirmed that fractional neural networks more appropriately uncover the dynamical properties of neural networks, but the results of fractional neural networks with leakage delay are relatively few. This paper primarily concentrates on the issue of bifurcation for high-order fractional bidirectional associative memory(BAM) neural networks involving leakage delay. T...

Control Strategy in Movements with Transmission Delay.

The strategy used by participants was studied when making movements in a Fitts movement paradigm with transmission delay between control input and display output. Fitts' law in the modified form developed by E. R. Hoffmann (1992) gave an excellent description of the data. Movement time could also be expressed as a function of the total delay time (number of submovements × transmission delay) and Fitts' index of difficulty (ID). Two types of submovement were identified, being step and drag forms. The number...

Analysis of characteristics and influence factors of diagnostic delay of endometriosis.

To access the influence factors of diagnostic delay of endometriosis.We designed a questionnaire of diagnostic delay of endometriosis. From February 2014 to February 2016, 400 patients who had dysmenorrhea and diagnosed with endometriosis by surgery in Peking University Third Hospital were surveyed retrospectively. Time and risk factors of diagnostic delay were analyzed.The diagnostic delay of 400 patients was 13.0 years (0.2-43.0 years), 78.5%(314/400) patients thought pain was a normal phenomenon and didn...

Delay-Dependent Functional Observer Design for Linear Systems With Unknown Time-Varying State Delays.

Partial state estimation has numerous applications in practice. Nevertheless, designing delay-dependent functional observers (FOs) for systems with unknown time delays is rigorous and still an open dilemma. This paper addresses the problem for linear time-invariant systems with state time-varying delays. The delay is assumed to be bounded in an interval with a bounded derivative. A sliding mode FO structure that is robust against the delay uncertainties is established to this aim. The structure employs an a...

Delay of gratification and time comprehension is impaired in very preterm children at the age of 4years.

Very preterm infants more likely exhibit deficient executive functions than term born controls. Delay of gratification, as part of the executive functions, allows for rejecting an immediate in favor of a greater future reward. Time comprehension might help to delay gratification.

Comparison of Delay-Sensitive and Delay-Insensitive Computed Tomography Perfusion Methods in Acute Ischemic Stroke and Their Variability According to Location of Critical Vascular Stenosis.

The aim of this study was to evaluate visual and quantitative differences of delay-sensitive (singular value deconvolution [SVD]) and delay-insensitive (SVD+) computed tomography perfusion (CTP) postprocessing methods in acute ischemic stroke patients and their variability according to location of critical stenosis.

Impact of MAC Delay on AUV Localization: Underwater Localization Based on Hyperbolic Frequency Modulation Signal.

Medium Access Control (MAC) delay which occurs between the anchor node's transmissions is one of the error sources in underwater localization. In particular, in AUV localization, the MAC delay significantly degrades the ranging accuracy. The Cramer-Rao Low Bound (CRLB) definition theoretically proves that the MAC delay significantly degrades the localization performance. This paper proposes underwater localization combined with multiple access technology to decouple the localization performance from the MAC...

Desynchronization in a cardiac resynchronization device induced by a pacemaker-mediated tachycardia algorithm.

This report describes the occurrence of desynchronization in a patient with a cardiac resynchronization device programmed with an active pacemaker-mediated tachycardia algorithm based on AV delay modification. Desynchronization was precipitated by sinus tachycardia and the abrupt return of the prevailing AV delay that followed the periodic prolongation of the AV delay mandated by activity of the algorithm. Prevention of desynchronization in this setting requires programming a right ventricular upper rate in...

Single-shot transient absorption spectroscopy with a 45  ps pump-probe time delay range.

We report a single-shot transient absorption apparatus that successfully uses a tilted pump pulse to spatially encode a 45 ps pump-probe time delay. The time delay range is significantly improved over other reported instruments by using a spatial light modulator to flatten the intensity of the excitation field at the sample position. The full time delay range of the instrument is demonstrated by measuring a long-lived dye. A signal-to-noise ratio of >35 is attained in 8 s. This advance will enable the mea...

Room temperature slow light in an optical fiber with dual-frequency laser pumping.

We demonstrate room temperature optically controllable group delay using population oscillation in an Er3+-doped fiber under a dual-frequency pumping laser. Using the numerical calculations, we study the effect of the pump power ratio (M) on the time delay and the group velocity of slow light propagation. The maximum time delay of 0.70 ms under a dual-frequency pump laser with two directions is obtained. Compared with a single pump method, the time delay can be increased with dual-frequency laser pumping. ...

Factors related to diagnostic delay of oral squamous cell carcinoma in southern Thailand: revisited.

To evaluate the impact of more open access to health services by Thailand's universal health coverage (UHC) on diagnostic delay of oral squamous cell carcinomas (OSCC) by comparing results with our previous study prior to the UHC. Reasons for delay in attending health care professionals (HCPs) consultation were also investigated.

Why wait? The social determinants underlying tuberculosis diagnostic delay.

Early detection and diagnosis of tuberculosis remain major global priorities for tuberculosis control. Few studies have used a qualitative approach to investigate the social determinants contributing to diagnostic delay and none have compared data collected from individual, community, and health-system levels. We aimed to characterize the social determinants that contribute to diagnostic delay among persons diagnosed with tuberculosis living in resource-constrained settings.

Recognition of Infantile Spasms Is Often Delayed: The ASSIST Study.

To characterize and quantify diagnostic and treatment delay among children with infantile spasms, and to estimate the developmental impact of this delay.

A Novel Adaptive H∞ Filtering Method with Delay Compensation for the Transfer Alignment of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems.

Transfer alignment is always a key technology in a strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) because of its rapidity and accuracy. In this paper a transfer alignment model is established, which contains the SINS error model and the measurement model. The time delay in the process of transfer alignment is analyzed, and an H∞ filtering method with delay compensation is presented. Then the H∞ filtering theory and the robust mechanism of H∞ filter are deduced and analyzed in detail. In order to improve ...

Exploring the diagnosis delay and ALS functional impairment at diagnosis as relevant criteria for clinical trial enrolment.

Objectives were: i) to describe the phenotypic heterogeneity of incident amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients diagnosed in 2012 in French ALS centres; ii) to look at the associations between ALSFRS-R score and ALSFRS-R slope (ΔFS) at time of diagnosis with diagnosis delay, ALS phenotypes and Airlie House diagnosis criteria (AHDC); iii) to describe the rate of progression on ΔFS, according to diagnosis delay.

The impact of depressed mood, working memory capacity, and priming on delay discounting.

The impaired ability to delay rewards, delay discounting (DD), is associated with several problematic conditions in which impulsive decision-making derails long-term goals. Working memory (WM), the ability to actively store and manipulate information, is associated with DD. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of cognitive priming on DD and to identify moderation of this effect dependent on degree of WM capacity (WMC) and depressed mood.

"Lanthanic Presentation" in First-Episode Psychosis Predicts Long Service Delay: The Challenge of Detecting Masked Psychosis.

Studies of pathways to care in first-episode psychosis have documented a substantial treatment delay occurring after patients enter mental health services. An initial presentation with neurotic rather than psychotic symptoms is common in first-episode psychosis. The term "lanthanic patient" has been used to refer to patients presenting with a reason for help-seeking that is unrelated to the underlying pathology. The aim of this study is to explore whether a lanthanic presentation is related to prolonged ser...

Early and late components of EEG delay activity correlate differently with scene working memory performance.

Sustained and elevated activity during the working memory delay period has long been considered the primary neural correlate for maintaining information over short time intervals. This idea has recently been reinterpreted in light of findings generated from multiple neural recording modalities and levels of analysis. To further investigate the sustained or transient nature of activity, the temporal-spectral evolution (TSE) of delay period activity was examined in humans with high density EEG during performa...

Association of Time to Treatment With Short-term Outcomes for Pediatric Patients With Refractory Convulsive Status Epilepticus.

Treatment delay for seizures can lead to longer seizure duration. Whether treatment delay is associated with major adverse outcomes, such as death, remains unknown.

A favorable outcome despite a 39-hour treatment delay for arterial gas embolism: case report.

Cerebral arterial gas embolism (CAGE) occurs when gas enters the cerebral arterial vasculature. CAGE can occur during sitting craniotomies, cranial trauma or secondary to gas embolism from the heart. A far less common cause of CAGE is vascular entrainment of gas during endoscopic procedures. We present the case of a 49-year-old male who developed a CAGE following an esophagoduodenoscopy (EGD) biopsy. Due to a delay in diagnosis, the patient was not treated with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO₂) therapy until 39 ho...

Concepts, antecedents and consequences of ambulance ramping in the emergency department: A scoping review.

Patients arriving at the Emergency Department (ED) via ambulance can experience a delay in receiving definitive care. In Australia, this phenomenon is referred to as 'Ambulance Ramping', 'Patient Off Stretcher Time Delay' or 'Offload Delay'. As a direct consequence of crowding, and in the context of a worldwide increase in ED and ambulance usage, hospital and ambulance service function is hampered. The aim of this review was to synthesize the literature with respect to the conceptualisation, meaning, antece...

Factors associated with delay in seeking care by tuberculosis patients.

To identify social, clinical and behavioral factors of tuberculosis patients that are associated with delay in the search for primary health care.

Family Experiences with the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: System Barriers and Facilitators of Efficient Diagnosis.

This paper examines family experiences with the efficiency of ASD diagnosis. Children were age 8 or younger with ASD (n = 450). Outcomes were delay from first parent concern to diagnosis, shifting diagnoses, and being told child did not have ASD. Predictors were screening, travel distance, and problems finding providers. Logit models were used to examine associations. Screening was associated with reduced delay in diagnosis; problems finding providers were associated with greater delay. Screening, trave...

Correction for Delay and Dispersion Results in More Accurate Cerebral Blood Flow Ischemic Core Measurement in Acute Stroke.

This study aimed to assess how the ischemic core measured by perfusion computed tomography (CTP) was affected by the delay and dispersion effect.

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