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Comparing the McGrath Mac Video Laryngoscope and Direct Laryngoscopy for Prehospital Emergency Intubation in Air Rescue Patients: A Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled Trial.

Tracheal intubation in prehospital emergency care is challenging. The McGrath Mac Video Laryngoscope (Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN) has been proven to be a reliable alternative for in-hospital airway management. This trial compared the McGrath Mac Video Laryngoscope and direct laryngoscopy for the prehospital setting.

The Effect of Placement of a Support Under the Shoulders on Laryngeal Visualization with a C-Mac Miller Video Laryngoscope in Children Younger than Two Years of Age.

We aimed to evaluate glottis visualization and time to intubation in children younger than two years of age during laryngoscopy performed with a C-MAC Miller Video Laryngoscope in a position determined by placing a folded towel under the shoulders to align the oral-pharyngeal and laryngeal axes in the horizontal plane.

A randomized trial of the glottic views with the classic Miller, Wis-Hipple and C-MAC (videolaryngoscope and direct views) straight size 1 blades in young children.

The Miller and Wis-Hipple size 1 blades are widely used for laryngoscopy in children and the C-MAC straight blade is used increasingly in young children, although the glottic views with these blades have not been compared. To determine whether the glottic views with these blades are equivalent.

Effects of active video games on children and adolescents: a systematic review with meta-analysis.

To investigate the effectiveness of active video games (AVGs) on obesity-related outcomes and physical activity levels in children and adolescents.

Effect of Dynamic Versus Stylet-Guided Intubation on First-Attempt Success in Difficult Airways Undergoing Glidescope Laryngoscopy: A Randomized Controlled Trial: Erratum.

Video game use among secondary school students and associated factors.

The rapid progress of technology and widespread use of internet has increased the frequency of video gaming among children. The objective was to determine the frequency and patterns of video game use and video game addiction (VGA) in secondary school students and the relationship with socio-demographic, familial and individual factors.

Comparing videolaryngoscopes with direct laryngoscopy in obstetric patients.

Comparing videolaryngoscopes with direct laryngoscopy in obstetric patients.

Assessing the Validity and Reliability of a New Video Goniometer App for Measuring Joint Angles in Adults and Children.

To assess the convergent validity and reliability of joint angle measurements from a new video goniometer iPhone/iPad application (app) separately in adults, older and young children.

Success of endodontic management of compromised first permanent molars in children: a systematic review.

Endodontic therapies may be required in the management of first permanent molar teeth, however, their success in children is unknown.

Paying Back People Who Harmed Us but Not People Who Helped Us: Direct Negative Reciprocity Precedes Direct Positive Reciprocity in Early Development.

The principle of direct reciprocity, or paying back specific individuals, is assumed to be a critical component of everyday social exchange and a key mechanism for the evolution of cooperation. Young children know the norm of reciprocity, but it is unclear whether they follow the norm for both positive and negative direct reciprocity or whether reciprocity is initially generalized. Across five experiments ( = 330), we showed that children between 4 and 8 years of age engaged in negative direct reciprocity b...

Videolaryngoscopic intubation may have a higher risk of severe oropharyngeal injury than intubation under direct laryngoscopy: A review of 30,633 intubations.

Advanced computing solutions for analysis of laryngeal disorders.

Clinical diagnosis of voice pathologies is performed by analyzing audio, color, shape, and vibration patterns of the laryngeal recordings which are taken with medical imaging devices such as video-laryngostroboscope, direct laryngoscopy, and high-speed videoendoscopes. This paper examines state-of-the-art methods and reveals open issues and problems of computing solutions for analysis and identification of laryngeal disorders. We propose a categorical representation of the most significant applications publ...

Video games use in childhood and adolescence: Social phobia and differential susceptibility to media effects.

Literature established a correlation between heavy exposure with video games (VGs) and withdrawal, loneliness, worse social skills, and social phobia. The present study hypothesizes that children with social phobia are more vulnerable to higher exposure in video gaming. Moreover, it hypothesizes that children with social phobia and higher exposure with VGs will be more at risk of developing negative outcomes such as externalizing problems. A survey measuring VG use habits, social phobia, and clinical outcom...

A digital movement in the world of inactive children: favourable outcomes of playing active video games in a pilot randomized trial.

This parallel randomized controlled trial was aimed to evaluate whether parameters as physical fitness, reaction times, self-perception and enjoyment levels, as well as parental and children perspectives, were affected by active video games in inactive and technologically preoccupied children. Data were collected in a laboratory setting from four randomly selected urban public schools. All 1300 children in grades 3-6 were surveyed for the study. Among the 918 responders, 106 children were determined to be i...

Ultrasound for diagnosing new difficult laryngoscopy indicator: a prospective, self-controlled, assessor blinded, observational study.

Unpredictable difficult laryngoscopy (DL) remains a challenge for anesthesiologists, especially when difficult ventilation occurs during standard laryngoscopy. Accurate airway assessment should always be performed, but the common airway assessment methods only perform superficial screening. Thus, the deep laryngopharyngeal anatomy may not be evaluated. Ultrasound-based airway assessment has been recently proposed as a useful, simple, and non-invasive bedside tool as an adjunct to clinical methods, which may...

Differences in the diagnostic value between fiberoptic and high definition laryngoscopy for the characterization of pharyngeal and laryngeal lesions: A multi-observer paired analysis of videos.

High definition laryngoscopy (HDL) could lead to better interpretation of the pharyngeal and laryngeal mucosa than regularly used fiberoptic laryngoscopy (FOL). The primary aim of this study is to quantify the diagnostic advantage of HDL over FOL in detecting mucosal anomalies in general, in differentiating malignant from benign lesions and in predicting specific histological entities. The secondary aim is to analyse image quality of both laryngoscopes.

Reducing the number of impulses in video head impulse testing - It's the quality not the numbers.

The video-Head-Impulse-Test (vHIT) is widely used to evaluate vestibular function. Nevertheless, there is no consensus on the necessary or ideal number of impulses performed for robust VOR gains. Therefore, the aim of our study is to analyze how many impulses are needed to receive reliable VOR gains in difficult testing situations like testing children younger than 48 months and in children with vestibular loss.

Video feedback for parental sensitivity and attachment security in children under five years.

Children who are securely attached to at least one parent are able to be comforted by that parent when they are distressed and explore the world confidently by using that parent as a 'secure base'. Research suggests that a secure attachment enables children to function better across all aspects of their development. Promoting secure attachment, therefore, is a goal of many early interventions. Attachment is mediated through parental sensitivity to signals of distress from the child. One means of improving p...

Measuring therapeutic alliance in children with autism during cognitive behavior therapy.

Therapeutic alliance (TA), or the collaborative relationship between a therapist and client, has been shown to be an important component of intervention success. The objective of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of the Therapy Process Observational Coding System-Alliance Scale (TPOCS-A). The sample consisted of 20 children (19 males) ages 8 to 12 years with autism and their parents (15 mothers, 5 fathers), who completed a cognitive behavioural intervention designed to improve children's...

Win or Lose: Do Video Games Breed Success in the Modern World?

Video head impulse test in children with otitis media with effusion and dizziness.

The objectives of the study were to evaluate the vestibular impairment in children with otitis media with effusion (OME) and dizziness by using vHIT test, and to compare their results with healthy children.

The Frequency of HIV-1 Infection in Iranian Children and Determination of the Transmitted Drug Resistance in Treatment-naïve Children.

The advent of resistance-associated mutations in HIV-1 is a barrier to the success of the ARTs.

Identification of Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement with Diagnostic Ultrasound: Confirmation with Video Laryngoscopy.

A well-recognized cause of dyspnea in athletes is vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). VCD is characterized by paradoxical vocal fold movement (PVFM) in which the vocal folds adduct (close) during inspiration. Symptoms of VCD include wheezing, stridor, dyspnea, and exercise intolerance. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

MFQE 2.0: A New Approach for Multi-frame Quality Enhancement on Compressed Video.

The past few years have witnessed great success in applying deep learning to enhance the quality of compressed image/video. The existing approaches mainly focus on enhancing the quality of a single frame, not considering the similarity between consecutive frames. Since heavy fluctuation exists across compressed video frames as investigated in this paper, frame similarity can be utilized for quality enhancement of low-quality frames given their neighbouring high-quality frames. This task is Multi-Frame Quali...

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