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On the importance of hidden bias and hidden entropy in representational efficiency of the Gaussian-Bipolar Restricted Boltzmann Machines.

In this paper, we analyze the role of hidden bias in representational efficiency of the Gaussian-Bipolar Restricted Boltzmann Machines (GBPRBMs), which are similar to the widely used Gaussian-Bernoulli RBMs. Our experiments show that hidden bias plays an important role in shaping of the probability density function of the visible units. We define hidden entropy and propose it as a measure of representational efficiency of the model. By using this measure, we investigate the effect of hidden bias on the hidd...

Impact of adverse media reporting on public perceptions of the doctor-patient relationship in China: an analysis with propensity score matching method.

Numerous studies indicate that the doctor-patient relationship in China is facing serious challenges. This study examined the impact of China Central Television's negative coverage of high medicines prices on both doctors' and patients' opinions of the doctor-patient relationship.

Cost-effectiveness analysis of doctor-pharmacist collaborative prescribing for venous thromboembolism in high risk surgical patients.

Current evidence to support cost effectiveness of doctor- pharmacist collaborative prescribing is limited. Our aim was to evaluate inpatient prescribing of venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis by a pharmacist in an elective surgery pre-admission clinic against usual care, to measure any benefits in cost to the healthcare system and quality adjusted life years (QALYs) of patients.

It's not going to be that fun: negative experiences can add meaning to life.

People seek to spend time in positive experiences, enjoying and savoring. Yet there is no escaping negative experiences, from the mundane (e.g. arguing) to the massive (e.g. death of a child). Might negative experiences confer a hidden benefit to well-being? We propose that they do, in the form of enhanced meaning in life. Research suggests that negative experiences can serve to boost meaning because they stimulate comprehension (understanding how the event fits into a broader narrative of the self, relatio...

The basic legal standards for practicing the doctor profession.

Nowadays, the proper practice of the doctor profession also requires knowledge of the law. The basic legal standards for practicing the doctror profession are set out in the Act on the Medical Profession of 1996. The statutory duties of a physician are primarily related to the rights of the patient. The aim of the article is to present and analyze the most important statutory standards for practicing every doctor in Poland. These include the information obligation and consent to health services as well as r...

Visual advisory warnings about hidden dangers: Effects of specific symbols and spatial referencing on necessary and unnecessary warnings.

Augmented reality has the potential to improve the effectiveness of collision warnings in vehicles because they inherently convey spatial information about the hazard and can guide the attention of the driver towards it. For future warning systems, which can detect sight obstructed dangers, related work already revealed some advantages. In a driving simulator study with 80 participants, we investigated the effects of three corresponding design parameters which are commonly integrated at augmented reality wa...

Assessing the extent of utilization of biopsychosocial model in doctor-patient interaction in public sector hospitals of a developing country.

Biopsychosocial (BPS) model has been a mainstay in the ideal practice of modern medicine. It is attributed to improve patient care, compliance, and satisfaction and to reduce doctor-patient conflict. The study aimed to understand the importance given to BPS model while conducting routine doctor-patient interactions in public sector hospitals of a developing country where health resources are limited. The study was conducted in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

"You Have to Keep Yourself Hidden": Perspectives From Malaysian Malay-Muslim Men Who Have Sex With Men on Policy, Network, Community, and Individual Influences on HIV Risk.

Malay-Muslim men who have sex with men (MSM) are marginalized and hidden in Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country in southeast Asia. We explored the policy, network, community, and individual factors related to HIV infection among Malay-Muslim MSM through 26 in-depth interviews and one focus group discussion (n = 5) conducted in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu between October 2013 and January 2014. As religion plays an important role in their lives, participants viewed homosexuality as a sin. Low risk perc...

Blebbistatin Effects Expose Hidden Secrets in the Force-Generating Cycle of Actin and Myosin.

Cyclic interactions between myosin II motors and actin filaments driven by ATP turnover underlie muscle contraction and have key roles in the motility of nonmuscle cells. A remaining enigma in the understanding of this interaction is the relationship between the force-generating structural change and the release of the ATP-hydrolysis product, inorganic phosphate (Pi), from the active site of myosin. Here, we use the small molecular compound blebbistatin to probe otherwise hidden states and transitions in th...

T-pattern detection and analysis for the discovery of hidden features of behaviour.

The behaviour of all living beings consists of hidden patterns in time; consequently, its nature and its underlying dynamics are intrinsically difficult to be perceived and detected by the unaided observer.

Impact of the dedicated education unit teaching model on the perceived competencies and professional attributes of nursing students.

The Dedicated Education Unit clinical teaching model is a strategy designed to create optimal teaching and learning environments. Evidence is lacking regarding the influence of the Dedicated Education Unit model on students' specific nursing competencies and professional attributes. This descriptive, comparative study took place in a private baccalaureate nursing program in the United States. The researchers compared evaluations of student competencies and attributes who participated in a Dedicated Educatio...

Endocrine and psychological stress response in simulated doctor-patient interactions in medical education.

Training of doctor-patient interactions by means of patient actors is considered a useful didactic tool in medical education. However, though students report it as being highly stressful little systematic research has verified this notion.

The Ultimate Disaster? Dementia between Personal Experience and Social Representation.

Dementia is widely regarded as one of the greatest threats to a good and dignified life in old age, a condition so terrifying that even death appears preferable. This contribution is dedicated to a critical discussion of the corresponding conceptions of dementia. It first provides an overview on the existing knowledge on the wellbeing and quality of life of people with dementia. Against this backdrop, it explores the reasons for the negative assessment of dementia in the public sphere. In doing so, it exami...

Ethical, pedagogical, socio-political and anthropological implications of quaternary prevention.

The concept of quaternary prevention, resulting from a reflection on the doctor-patient relationship, is presented as a renewal of the ageold ethical requirement: first, a doctor must not harm; second, the doctor must control himself/herself. The origin of the concept, its endorsement by the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) and the European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO), its dissemination, and the debates to which it has given rise, are presented by a panel of authors from 12 countries a...

Perceptions regarding intercultural education in the doctor-immigrant patient relationship in chilean doctors.

To delve into the doctors' perceptions about training for intercultural practice in the doctor-immigrant patient (DPR) relationship in Chile.

Stereotypic Immune System Development in Newborn Children.

Epidemiological data suggest that early life exposures are key determinants of immune-mediated disease later in life. Young children are also particularly susceptible to infections, warranting more analyses of immune system development early in life. Such analyses mostly have been performed in mouse models or human cord blood samples, but these cannot account for the complex environmental exposures influencing human newborns after birth. Here, we performed longitudinal analyses in 100 newborn children, samp...

The medicalization of life: hybrids against the dichotomy Nature/Culture.

This paper aims to analyze the process of medicalization in current societies, starting from the description of the way in which medicine gradually appropriated various aspects of everyday life that were once part of the life cycle of people. At the theoretical level, we are based on authors such as Descola and Latour, who problematize the dichotomy between Nature and Culture, and propose the need to think from a superior episteme. Methodologically, this theoretical proposal enables an analysis of the medic...

Appreciative Advising Pilot Study: An Innovative Approach to Advising Doctor of Nursing Practice Students.

Traditional advising may not meet the needs of doctor of nursing practice (DNP) students. Founded on the principles of appreciative inquiry, appreciative advising serves as a promising alternative model.

How physiotherapists supervise to enhance practical skills in dedicated aides of toddlers with cerebral palsy: A qualitative observational study.

Physiotherapy from an early age is considered important for children with cerebral palsy (CP). In preschool, dedicated aides are responsible for the daily follow-up and training under the supervision of a physiotherapist (PT). Knowledge is sparse regarding what is created and achieved in clinical practice involving triads (i.e. the PT, aide, and child) with respect to the enhancement of practical skills in dedicated aides. The study purpose was to explore form and content in supervision.

Transition and transfer of young people with cystic fibrosis to adult care.

Treatment for cystic fibrosis (CF) remains arduous and time-consuming, with young people in particular struggling to balance these demands with living a 'normal' life. Transferring to adult services is an important milestone that should be preceded by a gradual process of empowerment. This service evaluation aimed to explore the views of young people with CF before their transfer to adult care and to co-produce revisions to the transition and transfer programme. A total of 37 participants, aged 11-17 years,...

Frozen food dangers.

The Dangers of Black Salve: An Unregulated, Commercially Available Caustic Agent.

Discovering Hidden Knowledge Through Auditing Clinical Diagnostic Knowledge Bases.

Evaluate potential for data mining auditing techniques to identify hidden concepts in diagnostic knowledge bases (KB). Improving completeness enhances KB applications such as differential diagnosis and patient case simulation.

Which type of breast cancers is undetectable on ring-type dedicated breast PET?

To assess the factors causing tumor undetectability on ring-type dedicated breast positron emission tomography (DbPET).

The Unrecognized Dangers of Sudden Hearing Loss.

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