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Palliative care: needs of advanced breast cancer patients.

Advanced breast cancer is characterized by many physical manifestations with the potential to undermine the quality of life (most related to the cancer and some to treatments), as well as substantial impact on psychosocial well-being. Patients with advanced breast cancer and their families have complex needs that have to be addressed in order to minimize severe distress and deterioration in the quality of life of patients and their family members. This task requires the full engagement of an interdisciplina...

Estimating glutamate and Glx from GABA-optimized MEGA-PRESS: Off-resonance but not difference spectra values correspond to PRESS values.

Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy measurements of glutamate and GABA are important in neuropsychiatric research. Some study designs require simultaneous measurement of both metabolites. GABA measurement requires specialized pulse sequences, the most common approach being J-difference spectral editing with MEGA-PRESS. This method enables two different strategies for concurrently measuring glutamate - from either off-resonance or difference spectra. However, it is uncertain how either strategy compares t...

Cementless revision femoral stems application of press-fit principles and clinical outcomes.

Cementless femoral stems are currently used in revision total hip arthroplasty (THA) with the surgeon choosing between various fixation modes. The outcomes are good in the medium term; however, some failures have been attributed to technical errors during implantation. When the decision has been made to use a press-fit implant, the impact of the surgeon's technique on the functional outcomes have not been explored in-depth. This led us to carry out a retrospective study on a large population of total hip ar...

Beyond replicator dynamics: From frequency to density dependent models of evolutionary games.

Game theoretic models of evolution such as the Hawk-Dove game assume that individuals gain fitness (which is a proxy of the per capita growth rate) in pair-wise contests only. These models assume that the equilibrium distribution of phenotypes involved (e.g., Hawks and Doves) in the population is given by the Hardy-Weinberg law, which is based on instantaneous, random pair formation. On the other hand, models of population dynamics do not consider pairs, newborns are produced by singles, and interactions be...

A comparative study of proximal femoral locking compress plate, proximal femoral nail antirotation and dynamic hip screw in intertrochanteric fractures.

We aimed to compare the clinical efficacy of three different internal fixation methods, i.e. proximal femoral locking compress plate (PF-LCP), proximal femoral nail antirotation (PFNA) and dynamic hip screw (DHS) system in intertrochanteric femur fracture.

Beyond the State: The Colonial Medical Service in British Africa by Anna Greenwood (ed.) Beyond the State: The Colonial Medical Service in British Africa Anna Greenwood (ed.) Manchester : Manchester University Press , 2016 , viii + 197 p., $105.00.

The Cambridge Social History of Modern Ireland : Edited by E.F. Biagini and M.E. Daly, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Predictors of patient satisfaction and survey participation after spine surgery: a retrospective review of 17,853 consecutive spinal patients from a single academic institution. Part 1: Press Ganey.

OBJECTIVEPress Ganey surveys are common modalities used to assess patient satisfaction scores in an outpatient setting. Despite the existence of data, neurosurgical and orthopedic literature on patient satisfaction following spinal surgery is scarce.METHODSA total of 17,853 patients who underwent spinal procedures at the authors' institution were analyzed retrospectively for Press Ganey survey participation. Appropriate demographic, surgical, comorbidity, and complication data were collected; 1936 patients ...

Prevalence and correlates of non-medical only compared to self-defined medical and non-medical cannabis use, Canada, 2015.

The Canadian federal government has committed to legalizing non-medical cannabis use by adults in 2018. Medical use was legalized in 2001; however, not all people reporting medical use have medical authorization. To prepare for monitoring the effects of the policy change, a greater understanding of the prevalence of cannabis use and the characteristics of all cannabis users is needed.

Trait-based patterns of microbial dynamics in dormancy potential and heterotrophic strategy: case studies of resource-based and post-press succession.

Understanding the relationship between microbial community structure and function is a major challenge in microbial ecology. Recent work has shown that community weighted mean 16S rRNA gene copies, as a proxy for heterotrophic growth strategy, is a microbial community trait that decreases predictably over successional trajectories that are underpinned by changes in resource availability. However, it has been challenging to identify other microbial traits that are predictive of community functions and have c...

Caffeine's Effects on an Upper-Body Resistance Exercise Workout.

Salatto, RW, Arevalo, JA, Brown, LE, Wiersma, LD, and Coburn, JW. Caffeine's effects on an upper-body resistance exercise workout. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2018-The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of caffeine on an upper-body resistance exercise workout. Fifteen men (mean ± SD: age, 23.1 ± 1.9 years; body mass, 89.1 ± 13.9 kg; height, 175 ± 6.1 cm) volunteered to come to the laboratory 3 times. During visit 1, 1-repetition maximum (RM) values were determined for the barbell b...

A Bufadienolide-Enriched Fraction of Bryophyllum pinnatum Inhibits Human Myometrial Contractility In Vitro.

has been used since the 1970s to prevent premature labour, first in anthroposophic hospitals and, more recently, also in the main Swiss perinatal centres. However, it is not known which compounds in leaves contribute to the tocolytic effect. Here we studied the effects of a flavonoid-enriched fraction, the corresponding flavonoid aglycon mixture, a bufadienolide-enriched fraction, and leaf press juice on human myometrial contractility . The strength (area under the curve and amplitude) and frequency of co...

Medical and non-medical marijuana use in depression: Longitudinal associations with suicidal ideation, everyday functioning, and psychiatry service utilization.

Marijuana use is clinically problematic in depression, and non-medical and medical use may both contribute to barriers to care in this population. Among outpatients with depression, we examined the differential impact of medical or non-medical marijuana use, relative to no-use, on psychopathology and service use over time.

Long TE PRESS and STEAM for measuring the triglyceride glycerol CH protons at 3 T.

The glycerol methylene proton resonances (4-4.5 parts per million, ppm), which arise from the triglyceride backbone, are relevant to fat composition assessment and can be measured with proton MRS. The purpose of the presented work is to determine long TE (echo time) point resolved spectroscopy (PRESS) and stimulated echo acquisition mode (STEAM) values at 3 T to resolve the glycerol resonances from that of overlapping water. The response of the glycerol methylene protons of nine edible oils as a function o...

Insights into medical humanities education in China and the West.

Medical humanity is the soul of health education. Beginning medical students are taught various aspects of basic medicine, such as biochemistry, anatomy, and immunology. However, cultivation of the humanistic aspects of medicine has received increasing attention in recent decades. We performed a comparison study based on a literature search and our experience with medical humanistic courses in Western and Chinese medical colleges. We found both similarities and disparities in humanities courses offered in W...

Cardiorespiratory and metabolic determinants during moderate and high resistance exercise intensities until exhaustion using dynamic leg press: comparison with critical load.

The objective of this study was to assess cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic responses during a commonly used dynamic leg press resistance exercise until exhaustion (TEx) at different intensities and compare with critical load (CL). This was a prospective, cross-sectional, controlled, and crossover study. Twelve healthy young men (23±2.5 years old) participated. The subjects carried out three bouts of resistance exercise in different percentages of 1 repetition maximum (60, 75, and 90% 1RM) until T...

Characterization of canola oil extracted by different methods using fluorescence spectroscopy.

The potential of fluorescence spectroscopy has been utilized for the characterization of three types of canola oil samples: the first type was obtained by dissolving its seeds in hexane solvent, the second by cold press method, and the third from eight commercial brands. Fluorescence spectra from all samples have been acquired by using excitation wavelengths from 280 to 420 nm with step of 10 nm to investigate their valuable ingredients. The emission bands at 375, 525 and 673 nm that represent vitamin E/bet...

Should parents see their teen's medical record? Asking about the effect on adolescent-doctor communication changes attitudes.

Parents routinely access young children's medical records, but medical societies strongly recommend confidential care during adolescence, and most medical centers restrict parental records access during the teen years. We sought to assess public opinion about adolescent medical privacy.

Structure analysis of the spinneret from Bombyx mori and its influence on silk qualities.

Silk is an excellent natural fiber, which has been widely used in versatile fields. Silk spinning is a complex process involving the larval spinneret. The spinneret is essential for silk spinning, but the sectional morphology of the spinneret that determines the silk monofilament, the muscular activities around the silk press as well as the relationships between the spinneret and the properties of the resulting silk remain poorly understood. We studied these factors by dissecting the spinneret and analyzing...

Use of marijuana exclusively for medical purposes.

To characterize the socio-demographic characteristics, medical conditions, and psychiatric comorbidities of users of marijuana for medical and non-medical purposes.

The Italian Code of Medical Deontology. Historical, ethical and legal issues.

Medical deontology is increasingly important, owing to the interests and rights which the medical profession involves. This paper focuses on the relationships of the Italian Code of Medical Deontology (CMD) with both the ethical and legal dimensions, in order to clarify the role of medical ethics within the medical profession, society and the overall system of the sources of law.

In defense of the press... and more.

The Medical Activity and Satisfaction of Population Need in Medical Care.

The article considers phenomenon of medical activity as a determinant of population demand for medical services and needs in medical care. The medical activity is determined as both a criterion of formation of health of patients by force of active using medical care and a criterion of efficiency of functioning of physicians in satisfaction of needs of patients in medical care. The results are presented related to phenomenon of medical activity using methodology of analysis of opinions of patients and level ...

Comparison of quality of sleep between medical and non-medical undergraduate Pakistani students.

To compare the quality of sleep between medical and non-medical undergraduate students.

Creating a new index to evaluate imbalance in medical demand and supply when disasters occur.

This study examines the use of the medical risk/resource ratio (RRR) and need for medical resources (NMR) as new indicators of the imbalance in medical demand and supply in disasters. These indicators are used to quantify the medical demand-supply imbalance per disaster base hospital, examine the demand-supply imbalance in the region, and verify the need for medical support.

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