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A novel approach to sesquiterpenoid benzoxazole synthesis from marine sponges: nakijinols A, B and E-G.

Nakijinols A, B and analogues E through G, which are structurally unique and biologically significant sesquiterpenoid benzoxazoles, can be efficiently obtained in a highly unified manner from the sesquiterpenoid quinone, smenospongine. The starting material is accessible from the (+)-5-methyl Wieland-Miescher ketone. The synthetic method features strategic construction of the requisite dihydroxylated benzoxazole substructure via the ring closure of the N-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-formamide or -acetamide moiety. The...

A comparison of different farrowing systems - Part 1: Effects on the activity of the sow.

The aim of this study was to determine whether a 3-axis accelerometer (MSR 145B V5.106, MSR Electronics GmbH, Seuzach, Switzerland) can continuously record and display the activity behaviour of sows over the farrowing period. A standing position was defined as activity and non-standing positions as rest.

A purpose-designed monofilament-fibre pad for debridement of hard-to-reach wounds: experience in clinical practice.

Effective and comfortable debridement is an important part of managing complex wounds. This user test evaluated a monofilament-fibre pad (with handle) (Debrisoft Lolly, Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. KG) in the debridement of various hard-to-reach wounds.

Field study on loose farrowing in cold barns.

The aim of this field study was to examine the loose farrowing system in view of practicability, particularly to monitor piglet losses and their causes, on a farm proceeding in accordance with the BIO AUSTRIA production guidelines from summer 2015 until summer 2017. The so-called "Ethobox" (HAKA, Josef Häufele GmbH & Co. KG, Erbach-Dellmensingen, Germany) had been installed into two cold barns with access to outdoor areas.

Evaluation of the real-world impact of rotational thromboelastometry-guided transfusion protocol in patients undergoing proximal aortic surgery.

Complex aortic procedures are potentially associated with important blood loss and coagulopathy. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM, Tem International GmBH, Munich, Germany) on transfusion requirements after proximal aortic operations in a real-world setting.

Nature-inspired development of unnatural meroterpenoids as the non-toxic anti-colon cancer agents.

Structural analogues of anti-cancer natural product, dysideanone, were synthesized starting from Wieland-Miescher ketone derivative. In vitro studies have been conducted to evaluate the anti-cancer potential of these unnatural meroterpenoids against colon cancer. Synthesized carbotetracycles were found to be more active as compared to their acyclic carbinol-derivatives. Unnatural carbotetracycles 4b-e, 4h, 4i and 12 were found to be highly effective against the human colon adenocarcinoma cells with IC conc...

Three Techniques of Contained Morcellation for the Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon.

Since 1993 (and prior, WISAP® [WISAP Medical Technology GmbH, Brunnthal, Germany] hand morcellators), laparoscopic power morcellation has been an indispensably employed technique for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, contributing both to laparoscopic myomectomies and hysterectomies. However, the technique was highlighted with concern by the FDA for the given potential to disseminate neoplastic and non-neoplastic cells by morcellating an unexpected uterine sarcoma (Fig. 1). Given this concern, many gy...

Corneal Ectasia in Steven Johnson Syndrome: A Sequelae of Chronic Disease.

To describe corneal ectasia in cases of chronic Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS) DESIGN: Prospective observational study METHOD SETTING: Institutional PATIENT: Fifteen consecutive cases of chronic SJS MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Best corrected distance visual acuity (BCDVA), Kmax, anterior elevation, posterior elevation, thinnest pachymetry and Sotozono severity score RESULTS: 30 eyes of fifteen patients were included. Corneal tomography using Scheimpflug technology (Pentacam-HR, Oculus GmbH) was performed. Nine ey...

Hemoadsorption does not Affect Hemolysis During Cardiopulmonary Bypass.

Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) induces hemolysis, which manifests as plasma free hemoglobin. We investigated in a post hoc analysis of a single-center, blinded, controlled study whether the use of a novel hemoadsorption device (CytoSorb, CytoSorbents Europe GmbH, Berlin, Germany) affects hemolysis during CPB. A total of 35 patients undergoing elective CPB surgery with an expected CPB duration of more than 120 min were included in the analysis. The hemoadsorption device was used in 17 patients (intervention gr...

Inhibition of Cross-Reactive Carbohydrate Determinants in Allergy Diagnostics.

Despite being clinically largely irrelevant, antibodies against cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants (CCD) are an important issue in the in vitro diagnostics, as they may produce false positive or falsely elevated results of the immunoglobulin E class (asIgE) in relation to the actually present level of asIgE. The present chapter demonstrates an effective resolution of this diagnostic issue by the use of a CCD inhibitor in in vitro tests. A synthetic CCD inhibitor, Polycheck® CCD inhibitor, was used in...

Rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing on blood cultures using MALDI-TOF MS.

Antibiotic resistance is a major public health problem requiring the early optimization of antibiotic prescriptions. Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) has been shown to accurately identify bacteria from positive blood culture. Here, we developed a rapid detection of Escherichia coli resistance to amoxicillin (AMX) and cefotaxime (CTX) from positive blood culture based on MALDI-TOF MS. Potential sparing of broad-spectrum antibiotics was also evaluated...

Rapid detection of colistin-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae using MALDI-TOF MS peak-based assay.

Carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae has become a worldwide recognized cause of nosocomial infections and requires urgent public health attention. The main reason of this concern is the increasing resistance to all the last-resort antibiotics, including colistin. The ideal methodology for colistin susceptibility testing still remains undefined. However, the emergence of colistin as one of the last-option treatments requires a reliable method to determine the susceptibility profile of resistant isol...

TECHNICAL NOTE: Development of a pressure sensor-based system for measuring rumination time in pre-weaned dairy calves.

The pressure-based noseband sensor system (RWS: RumiWatch System; ITIN + HOCH GmbH Feeding Technology, Liestal, Switzerland) has recently been validated for the measurement of rumination time in mature cows. We aimed in this study at developing a similar pressure-based system for monitoring rumination in young dairy calves. To this end, a vegetable oil-filled silicon tube with a built-in pressure sensor (outer diameter 5.7 mm, length 38 cm) was attached to the noseband of a calf halter. In contrast to the R...

Role of In Vivo Reflectance Confocal Microscopy in the Analysis of Melanocytic Lesions.

Worldwide melanoma incidence and mortality are increasing (1). Despite the ongoing research, advanced melanoma is still incurable; therefore, the most appropriate solution seems to be early detection combined with complete surgical excision (2). Since the diagnostic protocol of suspicious lesions includes a complete excision with safety margins (2), the problem of unnecessary scarring is significant. The real challenge in this case is to have a properly formulated diagnosis before acquiring a biopsy. Curren...

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