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Urology residents on call: Investigating the workload and relevance of calls.

On-call medical services assumed by residents represent many hours of hard work and no studies have documented what it really is. As part of an effort to ameliorate our on-call system, we examined phone calls received by residents on call. Our objectives were to evaluate the characteristics of phone calls received by residents on call (who, when, why, need to go to the hospital) and to determine residents' perception of these calls. We also looked into implementing strategies to reduce unnecessary calls.

Resident responses to after-hours otolaryngology patient phone calls: An overlooked aspect of residency training?

Otolaryngology residents are often responsible for triaging after-hours patient calls. However, residents receive little training on this topic. Data are limited on the clinical content, reporting, and management of otolaryngology patient calls. This study aimed to characterize the patient concerns residents handle by phone and their subsequent management and reporting.

Association between mobile phone traffic volume and road crash fatalities: A population-based case-crossover study.

Use of mobile phones while driving is known to cause crashes with possible fatalities. Different habits of mobile phone use might be distracting forces and display differential impacts on accident risk; the assessment of the relative importance is relevant to implement prevention, mitigation, and control measures. This study aimed to assess the relationship between the use of mobile phones at population level and road crash fatalities in large urban areas. Data on road crashes with fatalities were collected...

Risk factors of mobile phone use while driving in Queensland: Prevalence, attitudes, crash risk perception, and task-management strategies.

Distracted driving is one of the most significant human factor issues in transport safety. Mobile phone interactions while driving may involve a multitude of cognitive and physical resources that result in inferior driving performance and reduced safety margins. The current study investigates characteristics of usage, risk factors, compensatory strategies in use and characteristics of high-frequency offenders of mobile phone use while driving. A series of questions were administered to drivers in Queensland...

A pragmatic trial to improve adherence with scheduled appointments in an inner-city pain clinic by human phone calls in the patient's preferred language.

We investigated if human reminder phone calls in the patient's preferred language increase adherence with scheduled appointments in an inner-city chronic pain clinic. We hypothesized that language and cultural incongruence is the underlying mechanism to explain poor attendance at clinic appointments in underserved Hispanic populations.

Break Scrub to Take That Phone Call?

The American College of Surgeons reports that 60% of the hundreds of thousands of surgical site infections occurring annually are preventable. The practice of surgeons taking phone calls while remaining sterile in the operating field is often accomplished by interposing a sterile disposable towel between the phone and their glove. After completing the call, surgeons resume operating. The purpose of our study is to test the conceptual idea of whether bacteria transmit from an inanimate object, such as a tele...

Structural Equation Model analysis for the evaluation of overall driving performance: A driving simulator study focusing on driver distraction.

Objective The present research relies on two main objectives. The first is to investigate whether latent model analysis through a structural equation model can be implemented on driving simulator data in order to define an unobserved driving performance variable. Subsequently, the second objective is to investigate and quantify the effect of several risk factors including distraction sources, driver characteristics, road and traffic environment on the overall driving performance and not in independent drivi...

Mobile Phone Dependence, Social Support and Impulsivity in Chinese University Students.

This study examined the frequency of mobile phone dependence in Chinese university students and explored its association with social support and impulsivity. Altogether, 909 university students were consecutively recruited from a large university in China. Mobile phone use, mobile phone dependence, impulsivity, and social support were measured with standardized instruments. The frequency of possible mobile phone use and mobile phone dependence was 78.3% and 7.4%, respectively. Multinomial logistic regressio...

Total recall in the SCAMP cohort: Validation of self-reported mobile phone use in the smartphone era.

Mobile phone use, predominantly smartphones, is almost ubiquitous amongst both adults and children. However adults and children have different usage patterns. A major challenge with research on mobile phone use is the reliability of self-reported phone activity for accurate exposure assessment. We investigated the agreement between self-reported mobile phone use data and objective mobile operator traffic data in a subset of adolescents aged 11-12 years participating in the Study of Cognition, Adolescents an...

Too little, too much, or just right? Does the amount of distraction make a difference during contamination-related exposure?

The extant literature has shown mixed results regarding the impact of distraction use on exposure outcome; however, a wide variety of distraction tasks have been utilized across studies. In order to better understand these discrepant findings, we aimed to evaluate the impact of differing levels of distraction on exposure outcome. Additionally, treatment acceptability and changes in self-efficacy were assessed to evaluate how these may differ as a function of distraction use.

Complications associated with bone lengthening of the lower limb by callotasis.

The present study aims to assess the incidence of complications related to bone lengthening procedures and to identify factors that may predict these complications. We retrospectively studied 51 lengthening procedures in 39 patients (mean age 13 years) from 2001 to 2015. A circular external fixator was used in 37 procedures and a monolateral fixator in 14 procedures. Duration of distraction, fixator's time, days of treatment, lengthening percentage, bone healing index, distraction regenerate length, distrac...

Nurse-Initiated Telephone Follow Up after Ureteroscopic Stone Surgery.

This article presents findings of a quality improvement (QI) project using the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) model designed to decrease the rate of emergency department (ED) visits and nurse advice line calls after ureteroscopic stone surgery. Results indicated that nurse-initiated follow- up phone calls can decrease ED visits.

Nestlings reduce their predation risk by attending to predator-information encoded within conspecific alarm calls.

Predation is one of the main threats to altricial nestlings, with predators often locating nests via eavesdropping on begging signals. Nestlings may be able to adjust their begging based on the current level of risk by monitoring both intra- and interspecific alarm calls near the nest. We show that noisy miner (Manorina melanocephala) nestlings can differentiate between terrestrial and aerial alarm calls of their own species, as they suppressed begging behaviour for longer in response to terrestrial rather ...

Assessment and modeling of E-waste generation based on growth rate from different telecom companies in the State of Kuwait.

The present work assesses the production rate of cell phone e-waste in Kuwait by comparing the number of clients in three telecommunication service providers like Zain, Ooredoo, and Viva in the state of Kuwait over a period of 7 years from 2008 to 2015. An online survey was conducted to evaluate the growth in the number of clients in three cell phone companies, and the data analysis was carried out using statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) software. The prediction of the growth percentage of...

Neonatal Mandibular Distraction Without a Consolidation Period: Is It Safe? Is it Effective?

Consolidation is a standard part of most post-distraction protocols. This study aims to determine whether the deliberate omission of a consolidation period following mandibular distraction (MD) in neonates with Pierre Robin sequence (PRS) affected the airway outcomes and complication rates.

Endogenous temporal attention in the absence of stimulus-driven cues emerges in the second year of life.

Anticipating both where and when an object will appear is a critical ability for adaptation. Research in the temporal domain in adults indicate that dissociable mechanisms relate to endogenous attention driven by the properties of the stimulus themselves (e.g. rhythmic, sequential, or trajectory cues) and driven by symbolic cues. In infancy, we know that the capacity to endogenously orient attention progressively develops through infancy. However, the above-mentioned distinction has not yet been explored si...

The Role of Sex Work Pay in Moderating the Effect of Mobile Phone Solicitation on Condom Practices: An Analysis of Female Sex Workers in India.

Mobile phones remain a largely untapped resource in the ongoing challenge to address Female Sex Worker (FSW) health, including HIV prevention services, in India. An important step towards designing effective mobile phone-based initiatives for FSWs is clarifying the contextual influences of mobile phone solicitation on sexual risk behavior. In this paper, we extend previously identified associations between mobile phone solicitation and condom practices by examining whether this association is moderated by s...

Predicting medical emergency team calls, cardiac arrest calls and re-admission after intensive care discharge: creation of a tool to identify at-risk patients.

We aimed to develop a predictive model for intensive care unit (ICU)-discharged patients at risk of post-ICU deterioration. We performed a retrospective, single-centre cohort observational study by linking the hospital admission, patient pathology, ICU, and medical emergency team (MET) databases. All patients discharged from the Alfred Hospital ICU to wards between July 2012 and June 2014 were included. The primary outcome was a composite endpoint of any MET call, cardiac arrest call or ICU re-admission. Mu...

Behavioral Health Consult: Schizophrenia: Ensuring an accurate Dx, optimizing treatment.

Steven R, a 21-year-old man, visited the clinic accompanied by his mother. He did not speak much, and his mother provided his history. Over the previous 2 months, she had overheard him whispering in an agitated voice, even though no one else was nearby. And, lately, he refused to answer or make calls on his cell phone, claiming that if he did it would activate a deadly chip that had been implanted in his brain by evil aliens. He also stopped attending classes at the community college. He occasionally had a ...

Estimates of Environmental Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields and Risk of Lymphoma Subtypes.

We investigated the association between environmental exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) and risk of lymphoma subtypes in a case-control study comprised of 322 patients and 444 individuals serving as controls in Sardinia, Italy in 1998-2004. Questionnaire information included the self-reported distance of the three longest held residential addresses from fixed radio-television transmitters and mobile phone base stations. We georeferenced the residential addresses of all study subject...

Comparison of Complication Rate Between LeFort III and Monobloc Advancement With or Without Distraction Osteogenesis.

LeFort III osteotomies or monobloc advancements, with or without distraction, can be used to treat mid-facial hypoplasia causing exorbitism and obstructive sleep apnea in syndromic patients. This report is a meta-analysis of the complication rates following LeFort III osteotomies or monobloc advancement with or without distraction.

Effects of Local Low-Dose Alendronate Injections Into the Distraction Gap on New Bone Formation and Distraction Rate on Distraction Osteogenesis.

Bisphosphonates that constrain bone resorption have a direct effect on osteoclast function. In this experimental study, the effects of low-dose local alendronate injections on the distraction gap (DG) in rabbit mandible at 2 different rates were evaluated.The experimental study was conducted on 20 male, New Zealand white rabbits. The animals were divided into 3 experimental groups and 1 control group. Group 1 consisted of animals with distraction at the rate of 1 mm/day, receiving postoperative local low-...

Predictors of completing a primary health care diabetes prevention intervention programme in people at high risk of type 2 diabetes: Experiences of the DE-PLAN project.

It has been shown that real-life implementation studies for the prevention of type 2 diabetes (DM2) performed in different settings and populations can be effective. However, not enough information is available on factors influencing the reach of DM2 prevention programmes. This study examines the predictors of completing an intervention programme targeted at people at high risk of DM2 in Krakow, Poland as part of the DE-PLAN project.A total of 262 middle-aged people, everyday patients of 9 general practitio...

Technical feasibility of personalized articulating knee joint distraction for treatment of tibiofemoral osteoarthritis.

Knee osteoarthritis is a highly prevalent degenerative joint disorder characterized by joint tissue damage and pain. Knee joint distraction has been introduced as a joint preserving surgical procedure to postpone knee arthroplasty. An often used standard externally fixation device for distraction poses a burden to patients due to the absence of joint flexion during the 6weeks treatment. Therefore, a personalized articulating distraction device was developed. The aim of this study was to test technical feasi...

An investigation of radiographers' mobile phone use and the success of an awareness campaign at reducing the nosocomial infection risks.

Mobile phone use by healthcare workers (HCWs) is widespread. Studies have shown that HCW's mobile phones can harbour pathogens associated with nosocomial infections. This study investigated whether an awareness campaign will result in an improvement in radiographers' phone and hand hygiene practices.

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