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A Queer Theorist's Critique of Online Domestic Violence Advocacy: Critically Responding to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Website.

Since the foundations of the contemporary anti-violence movement in the 60s and 70s, advocates have sought to establish a critical understanding of domestic violence that we can use to direct our efforts for social change. Yet many advocates and advocacy organizations continue to rely on a problematic narrative of sameness that marginalizes and erases diverse victims' experiences and needs. In this article, I conduct a critical discourse analysis of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website t...

Information on Orthopedic Trauma Fellowships: Online Accessibility and Content.

The internet is a popular resource for orthopedic fellowship applicants. We conducted a study to assess the accessibility of orthopedic trauma fellowship (OTF) program websites and to evaluate the content on the sites. We queried the online database of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) and the online Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database (FREIDA) to assess available OTF program links. We used Google to assess how accessible the sites are from outside the databases. We then analyzed...

Table of Contents for Online Material in the August 2017 Issue.

Abstracts or summaries of online content are printed in every issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology in this section. The complete documents can be found on our website, The specific URL for the content in this section is printed at the end of the abstract or summary.

The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium Announces New Vision and Goals.

Life-extending enhancements and the narrative approach to personal identity.

Various debates on the desirability and rationality of life-extending enhancements have been pursued under the presupposition that a generic psychological theory of personal identity is correct. I here discuss how the narrative approach to personal identity can contribute to these debates. In particular, I argue that two versions of the narrative approach offer good reasons to reject an argument against the rationality of (certain forms of) life-extending enhancements.

Development and evaluation of a website for surveillance of healthcare-associated urinary tract infections in Australia.

Phase II of the Surveillance to Reduce Urinary Tract Infections project piloted a website for point prevalence surveys of healthcare-associated (HAUTI) and catheter-associated urinary tract infection in Australian hospitals and aged care homes. This study describes development and evaluation of the website for online data collection. Evaluation findings from 38 data collectors indicated most respondents found website registration and web form use easy (n=22; 58% and n=16; 43%, respectively). The need for im...

Online Educational Tool to Promote Bone Health in Cancer Survivors.

Osteoporosis burden is significant in cancer survivors. Websites providing health information abound, but their development, quality, and source of information remain unclear. Our aim was to use a systematic and transparent approach to create an educational website on bone health, and to evaluate its potential to improve knowledge, self-management, and awareness in prostate cancer (PCa) and breast cancer (BCa) survivors. Guided by the Health Belief Model, we created a website using international standards a...

Randomised controlled non-inferiority trial of primary care-based facilitated access to an alcohol reduction website: cost-effectiveness analysis.

To evaluate the 12-month costs and quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) gained to the Italian National Health Service of facilitated access to a website for hazardous drinkers compared with a standard face-to-face brief intervention (BI).

Body appreciation, interest in cosmetic enhancements, and need for uniqueness among U.S. college students.

The aim of the current study was to examine associations between body appreciation and putative correlates that focus on self-enhancement and self-expression. Students (N=261; mean age=20.16years, SD=3.68; 60.9% female) from a non-residential college in the northeastern United States completed a questionnaire measuring body appreciation, interest in cosmetic enhancements, and need for uniqueness. Individuals with higher body appreciation and African Americans/Blacks reported significantly higher self-attrib...

Jump2Health Website™ for Head Start parents to promote a healthy home environment: Results from formative research.

Background: In US, approximately 23% of children between the ages of 2-5 years are overweight or obese. Parents need access to information to create healthy home environments for obesity prevention, yet participation for in-person education programs is challenging. Web-based interventions are promising educational tools due to 24/7 availability. However, information is limited on their development and evaluation. Design and Methods: This study reports on a rigorous development process that included six focu...

UHMS announces position statement on low-pressure, soft-sided hyperbaric chambers.

The BioCyc collection of microbial genomes and metabolic pathways. is a microbial genome Web portal that combines thousands of genomes with additional information inferred by computer programs, imported from other databases and curated from the biomedical literature by biologist curators. BioCyc also provides an extensive range of query tools, visualization services and analysis software. Recent advances in BioCyc include an expansion in the content of BioCyc in terms of both the number of genomes and the types of information available for each genome; an expans...

Large Proton Affinity Enhancements Triggered by Non-Covalent Interactions.

The proton affinity of the hydroxyl group of a series of compounds YHxOH (x=0-3, Y = Li, Na, Be, Mg, B, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, H) always increases upon interaction with Lewis bases LB = NH3, H2CNH, HCN, according to electronic structure calculations carried out at the G4 level of theory. The LB:YHxOH complexes experiment proton affinity enhancements from 24.8 to 304.8 kJ·mol-1 on its OH group with respect to the free compounds. This enhancement is related to the ability of these YHxOH compounds, acting as Lewis...

Performance of blend sign in predicting hematoma expansion in intracerebral hemorrhage: A meta-analysis.

Hematoma expansion is independently associated with poor outcome in intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). Blend sign is a simple predictor for hematoma expansion on non-contrast computed tomography. However, its accuracy for predicting hematoma expansion is inconsistent in previous studies. This meta-analysis is aimed to systematically assess the performance of blend sign in predicting hematoma expansion in ICH.

Theta- and alpha-power enhancements in the electroencephalogram as an auditory delayed match-to-sample task becomes impossibly difficult.

Recent studies have related enhancements of theta- (∼4-8 Hz) and alpha-power (∼8-13 Hz) to listening effort based on parallels between enhancement and task difficulty. In contrast, nonauditory works demonstrate that, although increases in difficulty are initially accompanied by increases in effort, effort decreases when a task becomes so difficult as to exceed one's ability. Given the latter, we examined whether theta- and alpha-power enhancements thought to reflect effortful listening show a quadratic ...

MoonProt 2.0: an expansion and update of the moonlighting proteins database.

MoonProt 2.0 ( is an updated, comprehensive and open-access database storing expert-curated annotations for moonlighting proteins. Moonlighting proteins contain two or more physiologically relevant distinct functions performed by a single polypeptide chain. Here, we describe developments in the MoonProt website and database since our previous report in the Database Issue of Nucleic Acids Research. For this V 2.0 release, we expanded the number of proteins annotated to 370 and...

KNOTTIN: the database of inhibitor cystine knot scaffold after 10 years, toward a systematic structure modeling.

Knottins, or inhibitor cystine knots (ICKs), are ultra-stable miniproteins with multiple applications in drug design and medical imaging. These widespread and functionally diverse proteins are characterized by the presence of three interwoven disulfide bridges in their structure, which form a unique pseudoknot. Since 2004, the KNOTTIN database ( has been gathering standardized information about knottin sequences, structures, functions and evolution. The website also provides acc...

Online postconcussion return-to-play instructions.

OBJECTIVE The authors of recent concussion guidelines have sought to form a consensus on injury management, but it is unclear if they have been effective in conveying this information to the public. Many parents and athletes obtain medical recommendations via the Internet. This review is aimed at evaluating consistency between online resources and published guideline statements in postconcussion return-to-play (RTP) decisions. METHODS Five websites were selected through a Google search for RTP after concuss...

Novel features and enhancements in BioBin, a tool for the biologically inspired binning and association analysis of rare variants.

BioBin is an automated bioinformatics tool for the multi-level biological binning of sequence variants. Herein we present a significant update to BioBin which expands the software to facilitate a comprehensive rare variant analysis and incorporates novel features, and analysis enhancements.

Correction: Enhancements in catalytic reactivity and selectivity of homobimetallic complexes containing heteroditopic ligands.

Correction for 'Enhancements in catalytic reactivity and selectivity of homobimetallic complexes containing heteroditopic ligands' by Mark R. D. Gatus et al., Dalton Trans., 2017, 46, 7457-7466.

Percutaneous Mesh Expansion (PME): A Regenerative Wound Closure Alternative.

Puncture wounds in the 1-mm range usually heal without scars. Stacking rows of these punctures offers a scarless method to generate tissue by mesh expansion. We developed a percutaneous mesh expansion (PME) procedure and present our experience for its wound closure application.

ZrO2-toughened Al2O3 composites with better fracture and wear resistance properties.

In view of the importance of the fracture resistance and wear properties on the performance and durability in a number of engineering applications, we have analysed such properties of sintered zirconia toughened alumina with varying zirconia content of 5 and 15 wt.%. Using micro-computed tomography, homogenous particulate distribution of zirconia is established through 3D volume rendering of the sintered pellet and by 2D orthoslice view. Depending on zirconia content and MgO addition (sintering additive), a...

Coordination-driven micellelization of block copolymers with gold(i) complexes induces remarkable phosphorescence enhancements with reversible mechanochromism.

The coordination-driven self-assembly of block copolymers with gold(i) complexes leads to the formation of spherical micelles with remarkable phosphorescence enhancements. The rising luminescence level increases unexpectedly with increasing the degree of polymerization of the noncoordinated block. Furthermore, one of the gold(i)-containing metallopolymers shows reversible mechanochromic luminescence.

Maxillary expansion in an animal model with light, continuous force.

Maxillary constriction is routinely addressed with rapid maxillary expansion (RME). However, the heavy forces delivered by most RME appliances to expand the palate may lead to deleterious effects on the teeth and supporting tissues. The objective of this study was to explore a more physiologic maxillary expansion with light continuous force.

Changes in inpatient payer-mix and hospitalizations following Medicaid expansion: Evidence from all-capture hospital discharge data.

The Affordable Care Act resulted in unprecedented reductions in the uninsured population through subsidized private insurance and an expansion of Medicaid. Early estimates from the beginning of 2014 showed that the Medicaid expansion decreased uninsured discharges and increased Medicaid discharges with no change in total discharges.

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