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Connect the Dots-November 2017.

Connect the Dots-December 2017.

Connect the Dots-April 2018.

Connect the Dots-September 2017.

How to connect classroom and workplace learning.

Connect the Dots-December 2017: Correction.

Basolateral amygdala circuitry in positive and negative valence.

All organisms must solve the same fundamental problem: they must acquire rewards and avoid danger in order to survive. A key challenge for the nervous system is therefore to connect motivationally salient sensory stimuli to neural circuits that engage appropriate valence-specific behavioral responses. Anatomical, behavioral, and electrophysiological data have long suggested that the amygdala plays a central role in this process. Here we review experimental efforts leveraging recent technological advances to...

How technology, social media are changing the way clinical trials connect with patients.

Improving Emergency Department Discharge Care with Telephone Follow-Up. Does It Connect?

Embrace Action: Learn, Connect, and Participate at the Annual AORN Conference.

Correction to: Brain Connect 2017;7(6):382-389, DOI:10.1089/brain.2016.0480.

Providers' Perspectives on Barriers and Facilitators to Connecting Women Veterans to Alcohol-Related Care From Primary Care.

Unhealthy drinking is relatively common among women U.S. military Veterans. Primary care is often the setting where patients first come into contact with the health care system, and providers in this setting play a critical role in connecting unhealthy drinkers to appropriate care. Little is known about primary care providers' perspectives on factors that affect whether women Veterans presenting to primary care with unhealthy drinking connect to alcohol-related care. Understanding factors that affect whethe...

Cognitive Bridging: Using Strategic Communication To Connect Abstract Goals With The Means To Achieve Them.

Three studies test several mechanisms of cognitive bridging, or how a strategic communication message functions to connect the abstract goal of an individual with the specific means to achieve the goal. Across all of the experiments (n = 276, n = 209, n = 145), it was demonstrated that participants who received an induced bridging mechanism were more likely to produce cognitive bridging outputs and report more abstract responses than participants who did not receive a bridging technique. We do not fin...

CTD2 Dashboard: a searchable web interface to connect validated results from the Cancer Target Discovery and Development Network.

Layers of Neuroscience.

In a patch of cortex, laminae connect to different parts of the brain. Huber et al. (2017) demonstrate the ability of human neuroimaging to derive laminar information flow between brain regions, paving the way for human neuroscience applications.

How to Map Theory: Reliable Methods Are Fruitless Without Rigorous Theory.

Good science requires both reliable methods and rigorous theory. Theory allows us to build a unified structure of knowledge, to connect the dots of individual studies and reveal the bigger picture. Some have criticized the proliferation of pet "Theories," but generic "theory" is essential to healthy science, because questions of theory are ultimately those of validity. Although reliable methods and rigorous theory are synergistic, Action Identification suggests psychological tension between them: The more w...

Patient-aligned Care Team Engagement to Connect Veterans Experiencing Homelessness With Appropriate Health Care.

Veterans experiencing homelessness frequently use emergency and urgent care (ED).

RevAMPing Mitochondrial Shape to Live Longer.

Whether and how mitochondria connect reduced energy intake to healthy aging are unclear. In this issue of Cell Metabolism, Weir et al. (2017) find that constitutive AMPK activation and dietary restriction promote longevity in C. elegans via remodeling of the mitochondrial network and fatty acid oxidation in peripheral tissues.

The relation between cognitive and metacognitive processing: Building bridges between the SRL, MDL, and SAL domains.

The main aim of this commentary was to connect the insights from the contributions of the special issue on the intersection between depth and the regulation of strategy use. The seven contributions in this special issue stem from three perspectives: self-regulated learning (SRL), model of domain learning (MDL), or the student approaches to learning (SAL).

Structural and Community Change Outcomes of the Connect-to-Protect Coalitions: Trials and Triumphs Securing Adolescent Access to HIV Prevention, Testing, and Medical Care.

Connect to Protect (C2P), a 10-year community mobilization effort, pursued the dual aims of creating communities competent to address youth's HIV-related risks and removing structural barriers to youth health. We used Community Coalition Action Theory (CCAT) to examine the perceived contributions and accomplishments of 14 C2P coalitions. We interviewed 318 key informants, including youth and community leaders, to identify the features of coalitions' context and operation that facilitated and undermined thei...

Factors affecting the satisfaction of cancer information of the social network services in Korea.

This study aims to identify the characteristics of social networking service (SNS) users and connect these factors to user satisfaction with the SNSs of the National Cancer Information Center (NCIC) in South Korea.

Immolation of p-aminobenzyl ether linker and payload potency and stability determine the cell killing activity of antibody-drug conjugates with phenol-containing payloads.

The valine-citrulline (Val-Cit) dipeptide and p-aminobenzyl (PAB) spacer have been commonly used as a cleavable self-immolating linker in ADC design including in the clinically approved ADC, brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris®). When the same linker was used to connect to the phenol of the cyclopropabenzindolone (CBI) (P1), the resulting ADC1 showed loss of potency in CD22 target-expressing cancer cell lines (e.g. BJAB, WSU-DLCL2). In comparison, the conjugate (ADC2) of a cyclopropapyrroloindolone (CPI) (P2) wa...

Consumer attitudes towards the establishment of a national Australian familial cancer research database by the Inherited Cancer Connect (ICCon) Partnership.

Clinical genetics units hold large amounts of information which could be utilised to benefit patients and their families. In Australia, a national research database, the Inherited Cancer Connect (ICCon) database, is being established that comprises clinical genetic data held for all carriers of mutations in cancer predisposition genes. Consumer input was sought to establish the acceptability of the inclusion of clinical genetic data into a research database. A qualitative approach using a modified nominal g...

Brother's Keeper: Wild-Type Mutant K-Ras Dimers Limit Oncogenesis.

K-Ras is the undisputed champion of oncogenes, yet our ability to interfere with its oncogenic function is hampered by insufficient mechanistic understanding. In this issue of Cell, Ambrogio and colleagues connect the ability of K-Ras to dimerize to the ability of wild-type K-Ras to limit the oncogenic properties of the mutant.

Synthesis of the heterocyclic core of the D-series GE2270.

A straightforward enantiomerically pure synthesis of the heterocyclic core of the D-series GE2270 is reported. The synthetic strategy combines the Hantzsch thiazole's building condensation with a cross-coupling reaction including direct C-H hetarylation to build and connect step-by-step thiazolyl moieties to the 5-bromopicolinate as readily available starting material.

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