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Gender-Based Effects of Frames on Bullying Outcomes.

The study extends research on the effect of frames. It is the first study to examine how framing affects the impact of being bullied. College students were randomly assigned to one of two groups: one framing bullying in terms of resilience and the other framing bullying with negative psychosocial consequences. Participants were asked to engage in a brief writing task aimed to actively create a frame and then completed both implicit and explicit measures. There was a significant main effect by gender and sev...

Service Coordination by Public Sector Managers in a Human Service Contracting Environment.

Despite emerging evidence of contracting for evidence-based practices (EBP), little research has studied how managers lead contract-based human service delivery. A 2015 survey of 193 managers from five San Francisco Bay Area county human service departments examined the relationship between contract-based service coordination (i.e., structuring cross-sector services, coordinating client referrals and eligibility, overseeing EBP implementation) and the predictors of managerial role, involvement, and boundary...

Factors associated with residents' contract behavior with family doctors in community health service centers: A longitudinal survey from China.

China adopted family doctor (FD) to help achieve "Healthy China 2030" through providing continuous, comprehensive, and life-cycle contract services. However, there is a disparity between actual and targeted FD use, as residents continue to visit specialists in large hospitals. The government implemented initiatives to improve residents' willingness to sign up with and visit their FDs. Factors that influence contract behavior are therefore significant for frontier policy research.

Swimming activity in zebrafish larvae exposed to veterinary antiparasitic pharmaceuticals.

Veterinary antiparasitic pharmaceuticals have been detected in surface waters and several of these pharmaceuticals act on the nervous system on the target organisms implying that neurological effects also might be of concern in non-target animals such as fish. We tested if exposure to antiparasitic pharmaceuticals affect swimming activity in 6 days old zebrafish larvae. The results revealed that most pharmaceuticals did not cause any effects in swimming activity. However, larvae exposed to 0.58 mg/L doram...

Impacts of Message Framing and Social Distance in Health Campaign for Promoting Regular Physical Exercise.

We investigated effects of message framing and social distance on individuals' attitude toward health campaign and behavioral intention. Individuals who read a gain-framed message had better attitude toward the campaign and higher level of behavioral intention than those who read a loss-framed message. Perceived benefits mediated the relationship between message framing and behavioral intention. Perceived severity mediated the relationship between social distance and behavioral intention only in the loss fr...

Signing Off...

Insight into the distribution of pharmaceuticals in soil-water-plant systems.

Pharmaceuticals in agricultural soils originating from irrigation with treated wastewater and land-applied biosolids can enter field crops. However, little is known about the role of pore water in plant uptake of pharmaceuticals from soils. In this study, the fate, uptake and distribution of fifteen commonly used pharmaceuticals in soil-water-radish systems were investigated to examine the relationship between the accumulation and their physicochemical processes in soils. The results indicate that the distr...

Gastrointestinal illness among contract construction workers at a chicken processing facility-Minnesota, 2016.

After Campylobacter infection was reported in a contract construction worker (contractor) at a chicken processing facility, we described the illness and determined illness associations with workforce exposure.

U.S. Emergency Department Visits Resulting From Nonmedical Use of Pharmaceuticals, 2016.

National data on morbidity from nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals are limited. This study used nationally representative, public health surveillance data to characterize U.S. emergency department visits for acute harms from nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals and to guide prevention efforts.

Chiral pharmaceuticals: Environment sources, potential human health impacts, remediation technologies and future perspective.

Chiral pharmaceuticals (CPs), including non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), β-blockers and some herbicide and pesticides, are widely used in aquaculture, clinical treatment and many other fields. However, people are increasingly concerned about such ubiquitous pollutants, which can frequently be detected in contaminated soil and water. In large part, the significant sources of chiral pharmaceuticals stem from industrial processes, such as the direct discharge of untreated or incompletely treated ...

Assessment of 83 pharmaceuticals in WWTP influent and effluent samples by UHPLC-MS/MS: Hourly variation.

The removal efficiency of pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) is variable and some of these compounds pass these plants almost intact and others presenting a removal efficiency close to 100%. Their incomplete removal results in a continuous discharge of pharmaceuticals into the environment. To assess the profile of contamination of influents and effluents over a day, a set of 83 pharmaceuticals were evaluated hourly in a WWTP in Leiria, Portugal. The composite samples of the influent and ...

Hold-relax and contract-relax stretching for hamstrings flexibility: A systematic review with meta-analysis.

To synthesize evidence on the effects of hold-relax and contract-relax stretching (HR and CR) on hamstrings flexibility compared with no intervention and other stretching techniques.

Exposure and ecotoxicological risk assessment of mixtures of top prescribed pharmaceuticals in Swedish freshwaters.

Surface water concentrations of 54 pharmaceuticals were predicted for seven major Swedish rivers and the Stockholm City area basins using the STREAM-EU model. These surface water concentrations were used to predict the ecotoxicological impact resulting from the exposure of aquatic organisms to this mixture of 54 pharmaceuticals. STREAM-EU model results indicated that

Simultaneous aqueous chlorination of amine-containing pharmaceuticals.

Amine-containing pharmaceuticals such as acetaminophen, diclofenac, and sulfamethoxazole are the most often detected pharmaceuticals in wastewater and other aquatic environments. Amine-containing pharmaceuticals can be effectively removed by chlorination. These drugs, however, may coexist in wastewater. Thus, they may compete with each other, and their chlorinated products may react with each other to form new products. In this study, competitive effects of the above three amine-containing pharmaceuticals b...

The junior doctor contract 2 years on: one trust's experience of exception reporting.

The new junior doctor contract allows trainees to exception report when they breach safe working hours. After a full year of foundation year 1 rotations, analysis from a large NHS trust in London showed that exception reporting works to highlight rota and working issues. It is unsurprising that trainees are busy but simple things such as competent infrastructure and senior support could go a long way to improving working conditions. In addition, results from a local survey suggest that trainees think the ne...

Attentional Selection Mediates Framing and Risk-Bias Effects.

Humans display a number of puzzling choice patterns that contradict basic principles of rationality. For example, they show preferences that change as a result of task framing or of adding irrelevant alternatives into the choice set. A recent theory has proposed that such choice and risk biases arise from an attentional mechanism that increases the relative weighting of goal-consistent information and protects the decision from noise after the sensory stage. Here, using a divided-attention method based on t...

Effects of pharmaceuticals on microbial communities and activity of soil enzymes in mesocosm-scale constructed wetlands.

Cyperus alternifolius based mesocosm-scale constructed wetland was employed to remove pharmaceuticals. We investigated the microbial community composition using phosphor lipid fatty acids (PFLAs) analysis and substrate enzyme activity during long-term exposure to pharmaceuticals in mesocosm-scale constructed wetlands. The results showed that there was no visible inhibition effect of pharmaceuticals on CW substrate enzymes activities in the experimental range (0-500 μg/L). Microbial communities, as reveal...

Characterizing the removal routes of seven pharmaceuticals in the activated sludge process.

The removal routes of pharmaceuticals especially biodegradation routes in the activated sludge process are still unclear. Some studies indicated pharmaceuticals were mainly removed via nitrification process (autotrophic biodegradation), while others suggested pharmaceuticals were mainly removed via COD degradation process (heterotrophic biodegradation). These unclear problems limited the improvements of pharmaceuticals removal. In this study, in order to elucidate three biodegradation routes (nitrification,...

Explaining all without causing unnecessary harm: Is there scope for positively framing medical risk information?

Clinicians in the United Kingdom are now legally obliged to tell patients about every risk involved in prescribed medical treatments. Although important for informed consent, warning patients of risks such as side-effects can increase the incidence of these very side-effects, through the nocebo effect. Positively framing risk information could be a potential solution to this dilemma, and preliminary data has shown it is effective in healthy volunteers receiving a sham drug. Future research is needed to test...

Chitosan hydrogel scaffold reinforced with twisted poly(l lactic acid) aligned microfibrous bundle to mimic tendon extracellular matrix.

Regeneration of tendon requires construct that provides necessary structural support closely mimicking the native architecture. To recreate this complex architecture a construct made of heat-treated, twisted poly(L lactic acid) (PLLA) microfibers coated with chitosan gel and surrounded by PLLA micro-fibrous layer was developed. The developed construct characterized using SEM showed the macroporous nature of gel coating around four distinct PLLA twisted fibrous bundle and a thin fiber layer surrounding the c...

Framing the challenges of artificial intelligence in medicine.

Seasonal occurrence and fate of chiral pharmaceuticals in different sewage treatment systems in Hong Kong: Mass balance, enantiomeric profiling, and risk assessment.

Concern about the presence of chiral pharmaceuticals in the environment from wastewater discharge is mounting. In this work, the occurrence and fate of atenolol, metoprolol, venlafaxine, and chloramphenicol, including 10 different stereoisomers, were investigated in sewage and sludge from diverse treatment processes in 4 sewage treatment plants (STPs) in Hong Kong via 4 sampling campaigns over a period of 2 years. The average amounts of individual pharmaceuticals entering the STPs ranged from 4.91 g/d to ...

Horsepox: Framing a dual use research of concern debate.

Organizational justice and the psychological contract.

Combination of ozonation and electrolysis process to enhance elimination of thirty structurally diverse pharmaceuticals in aqueous solution.

The increasing amounts of pharmaceuticals in aqueous environment are found to be structurally diverse. O has been demonstrated as a high effective agent in removing pharmaceuticals, however, O is a very selective oxidant which is ineffective for some ozone refractory structures. Recently, a novel electrochemistry-based oxidation process (E-peroxone) has been developed by a simple combination of electrolysis and conventional ozonation process, which can produce a large amount of aqueous OH in situ. E-peroxon...

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