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The Walrus and the Carpenter: Complex Regulation of Tumor Immunity in Colorectal Cancer.

Immune infiltration has been correlated with survival of patients with colorectal cancer. In this issue, Ziegler et al. reveal complex and unexpected connections between loss of STAT3, mitophagy, and the induction of an adaptive immune response that limits the growth of colorectal carcinoma.

Low coordinated titanium(III) alkyl - molecular and surface - complexes: detailed structure from advanced EPR spectroscopy.

The structure of paramagnetic surface species is notoriously difficult to determine. For Ti(III) centers related to Ziegler-Natta catalysis, we demonstrate here that detailed structural information can be obtained by advanced EPR spectroscopy and DFT computations, benchmarked on molecular analogues. The hyperfine sublevel correlation (HYSCORE) spectra obtained after reaction with 13C-labelled ethylene provides information about the coupling for a proton in the first coordination sphere of Ti(III) as well as...

The Effect of Gene Flow on Coalescent-based Species-tree Inference.

Most current methods for inferring species-level phylogenies under the coa-lescent model assume that no gene flow occurs following speciation. Several studies have examined the impact of gene flow (e.g., Eckert and Carstens (2008); Chung and Ané (2011); Leaché et al. (2014); Solís-Lemus et al. (2016)) and of ancestral population structure (DeGeorgio and Rosenberg, 2016) on the performance of species-level phylogenetic inference, and analytic results have been proven for network models of gene flow (e.g.,...

No better moment to score a goal than just before half time? A soccer myth statistically tested.

We test the soccer myth suggesting that a particularly good moment to score a goal is just before half time. To this end, rich data on 1,179 games played in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League are analysed. In contrast to the myth, we find that, conditional on the goal difference and other game characteristics at half time, the final goal difference at the advantage of the home team is 0.520 goals lower in case of a goal just before half time by this team. We show that this finding relates to t...

Evaluating the environmental parameters that determine aerobic biodegradation half-lives of pesticides in soil with a multivariable approach.

Aerobic biodegradation half-lives (half-lives) are key parameters used to evaluate pesticide persistence in soil. However, half-life estimates for individual pesticides often span several orders of magnitude, reflecting the impact that various environmental or experimental parameters have on half-lives in soil. In this work, we collected literature-reported half-lives for eleven pesticides along with associated metadata describing the environmental or experimental conditions under which they were derived. W...

Rare occurrence of eight-and-a-half syndrome as a clinically isolated syndrome.

Eight-and-a-half syndrome is a rare condition that is described as a combination of one-and-a-half syndrome and an ipsilateral facial nucleus lesion. We present a clinical case of occurrence of eight-and-a-half syndrome that was caused by a demyelinating lesion in the dorsal pontine tegmentum. A 44-year-old man presented to the hospital with a subacute onset of horizontal diplopia and left-sided facial weakness. MRI revealed a T2 hyperintense lesion in his dorsal pons, which was consistent with a demyelinat...

The Match Heart-Rate and Running Profile of Elite Under 21 Hurlers During Competitive Match-Play.

The aims of the current study were to examine the physical and physiological demands of elite under-21 male hurling match-play across halves of play and between positions. Global positioning systems (10-Hz) and heart rate (HR) monitors were used to collect data from 95 players during 10 games. Total distance (TD), relative speed, high-speed running (HSR), sprint distance, total sprints and mean length of sprint was 6688 ± 942 m, 112 ± 16 m·min, 661 ± 203 m, 274 ± 111 m, 18 ± 8 and 16 ± 5 m respective...

Half-Dose Versus Full-Dose Alteplase for Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism.

Recent evidence suggests that half-dose thrombolysis for pulmonary embolism may provide similar efficacy with reduced bleeding risk compared with full-dose therapy, but comparative studies are lacking. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of half-dose versus full-dose alteplase for treatment of pulmonary embolism.

Similarities and differences among half-marathon runners according to their performance level.

This study aimed to identify the similarities and differences among half-marathon runners in relation to their performance level. Forty-eight male runners were classified into 4 groups according to their performance level in a half-marathon (min): Group 1 (n = 11, < 70 min), Group 2 (n = 13, < 80 min), Group 3 (n = 13, < 90 min), Group 4 (n = 11, < 105 min). In two separate sessions, training-related, anthropometric, physiological, foot strike pattern and spatio-temporal variables were recorded. Significant...

Hypoxia-Induced Reporter Genes with Different Half-Lives.

The utility of reporter genes has gained significant momentum over the last three decades. Reporter genes are used to understand the transcriptional activity of a gene both in vitro and in vivo, and in pathway analysis and drug screening for diseases involving protozoan parasites, and in anti-cancer drug developments. Here, using a human prostate cancer xenograft model (PC3), we describe a method to construct and validate hypoxia reporter genes with different half-lives. Using molecular biology and optical ...

Thiol-ene click chemistry towards easy microarraying of half-antibodies.

A UV light-induced thiol-ene coupling reaction (TEC) between half-antibodies (hIgG) and vinyl functionalized glass surfaces was run for biosensing in the microarray format. The accomplished performance improved that obtained with whole antibodies.

In silico approaches for predicting the half-life of natural and modified peptides in blood.

This paper describes a web server developed for designing therapeutic peptides with desired half-life in blood. In this study, we used 163 natural and 98 modified peptides whose half-life has been determined experimentally in mammalian blood, for developing in silico models. Firstly, models have been developed on 261 peptides containing natural and modified residues, using different chemical descriptors. The best model using 43 PaDEL descriptors got a maximum correlation of 0.692 between the predicted and t...

Half-lives ofRhandAg.

Using long-term gamma-ray spectroscopy with high resolution germanium detectors and a ratio method, the half-lives ofRhandAghave been determined to be 4.07 ± 0.05 years and 448 ± 27 years, respectively. These results are compared with previously reported values.

Using Isomeric and Metabolic Ratios of DDT to Identify the Sources and Fate of DDT in Chinese Agricultural Topsoil.

The metabolic ratio of (p,p'-DDE + p,p'-DDD)/p,p'-DDT or p,p'-DDE/p,p'-DDT has been used previously to estimate the approximate half-life of p,p'-DDT, with a relatively unclear concept of "old" and "new" sources of p,p'-DDT and without paying attention to the influence by dicofol-type DDT contributed from the more recent usage of dicofol. Based on the isomeric ratio of o,p'-DDT/p,p'-DDT to distinguish the sources of DDT, this study used the corrected metabolic ratio of (p,p'-DDE + p,p'-DDD)/p,p'-DDT to esti...

Facile Synthesis of Porous Pd3 Pt Half-Shells with Rich "Active Sites" as Efficient Catalysts for Formic Acid Oxidation.

Exploring highly efficient electrocatalysts is greatly important for the widespread uptake of the fuel cells. However, many newly generated nanocrystals with attractive nanostructures often have extremely limited surface area or large particle-size, which leads them to display limited electrocatalytic performance. Herein, a novel anode catalyst of hollow and porous Pd3 Pt half-shells with rich "active sites" is synthesized by using urea as a guiding surfactant. It is identified that the formation of Pd3 Pt ...

Psychiatry in Shetland.

The Shetland Isles are a place of breathtaking landscapes and pristine wildlife. As harsh as the weather can be, so warm and welcoming are the people and their proud half-Scottish, half-Scandinavian culture. Practising psychiatry in this northernmost outpost of the UK involves significant challenges. The authors were the only two psychiatrists based on this remote island group, which is home to 23 000 people.

Effect of adjuvant on pendimethalin and dimethenamid-P behaviour in soil.

Adjuvants are used to improve pesticides' performance. It is expected that adjuvants should increase sorption and persistence, as well as decrease mobility of pesticides in soils. Impact of the "Grounded" brand adjuvant on the behaviour of two herbicides, pendimethalin and dimethenamid-P, was investigated in a Haplic Chernozem. Both herbicides were tested in a laboratory batch sorption experiment with and without adjuvant. The sorption experiment showed that adjuvant negligibly increased dimethenamid-P sorp...

Relationship among aqueous copper half-lives and responses of Pimephales promelas to a series of copper sulfate pentahydrate concentrations.

Copper algaecide exposures in situ are often of shorter duration than exposures for static toxicity experiments because aqueous concentrations in situ dissipate as a function of site-specific fate processes. Consequently, responses of organisms to static copper exposures may overestimate effects following in situ exposures. To understand the role of exposure duration for altering responses, Pimephales promelas survival was compared following static (96 h) and pulse (1.5, 4, 8, and 15 h half-lives) expos...

Electrically induced 2D half-metallic antiferromagnets and spin field effect transistors.

Engineering the electronic band structure of material systems enables the unprecedented exploration of new physical properties that are absent in natural or as-synthetic materials. Half metallicity, an intriguing physical property arising from the metallic nature of electrons with singular spin polarization and insulating for oppositely polarized electrons, holds a great potential for a 100% spin-polarized current for high-efficiency spintronics. Conventionally synthesized thin films hardly sustain half met...

The Influence of Obesity on the Pharmacokinetics of Dioxin in Mice: An Assessment Using Classical and PBPK Modeling.

The effects of body fat mass on the elimination of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) was examined in mice. When male C57BL/6J mice are fed a high-fat, simple carbohydrate diet (HFD) for 13 weeks, they develop an obese phenotype. In contrast, A/J mice fed a HFD do not become obese. After 13 weeks on a normal diet (ND) or HFD, male C57BL/6J and A/J mice received a single dose by gavage of 0.1 or 5.0 µg of 2,3,7,8-tetrachloro[1,6-3H] dibenzo-p-dioxin ([3H]TCDD) per kg bw. Using classical pharmacokine...

A practical omni-directional SH wave transducer for structural health monitoring based on two thickness-poled piezoelectric half-rings.

Structural health monitoring (SHM) has become more and more important in modern industries as it can monitor the safety of structures during the full service life and prevent possible losses of life and economics. Shear horizontal wave in plate-like structures is very useful for long distance inspection since its fundamental mode (SH) is totally non-dispersive. However, all the currently available SH wave transducers are not suitable for practical SHM because of their complicated structures. In this work, w...

Effect of ABO blood group on haemostatic parameters in severe haemophilia A patients performing acute moderate-intensity exercise.

: The primary objective was to assess the effect of ABO blood group on von Willebrand factor (VWF) rise induced by four bouts of moderate-intensity physical activity, on pharmacokinetics of a B-domain-deleted recombinant FVIII (BDD-rFVIII), and haemostatic parameters in severe haemophilia A patients with a null mutation. The secondary objective was to compare the response to exercise according to infused product type in a subgroup of patients who previously participated to the same exercise protocol, while ...

Half-dose Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring: Impact of Iterative Reconstruction.

The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASiR) on half-dose coronary artery calcium scoring (CACS) acquisition protocol.

Prediction of Triple Point Fermions in Simple Half-Heusler Topological Insulators.

We predict the existence of triple point fermions in the band structure of several half-Heusler topological insulators by ab initio calculations and the Kane model. We find that many half-Heusler compounds exhibit multiple triple points along four independent C_{3} axes, through which the doubly degenerate conduction bands and the nondegenerate valence band cross each other linearly nearby the Fermi energy. When projected from the bulk to the (111) surface, most of these triple points are located far away ...

Half-time photodynamic therapy in treatment of chronic central serous chorioretinopathy.

Different modes of photodynamic therapy (PDT) were described for treatment of central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC). The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the outcome of half-time PDT in chronic CSC.

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