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Abstracts and Highlight Papers of the 37th Annual European Society of Regional Anesthesia & Pain Therapy (ESRA) Congress 2018: Invited Speakers.

Lean Methodology in Healthcare.

To improve the delivery of patient care, governments and healthcare institutions adopted quality improvement methods that had been developed decades earlier in manufacturing industries. Many healthcare practitioners are either unaware or are inexperienced about what these practices entail and whether they are successful in healthcare. This article reviews Lean, an improvement philosophy made famous by the Toyota Motor Company. Lean uses a set of instruments and incorporates a long-term vision aiming for con...

One-stop shop: Simultaneous direct mitral annuloplasty and percutaneous mitral edge-to-edge repair in a patient with severe mitral regurgitation.

Percutaneous edge-to-edge repair of severe mitral regurgitation has been established as an alternative treatment option for patients at high risk for cardiac surgery. More recently, the introduction of the Cardioband system enabled percutaneous direct annuloplasty. Here, we present a case of simultaneous percutaneous direct annuloplasty with edge-to-edge repair. Moreover, annuloplasty did facilitate clip implantation bei approximating the anterior and posterior mitral leaflet. In conclusion, the combination...

Characteristics of Occupational Injuries in a Pharmaceutical Company in Iran.

To prioritize occupational hazards in a Pharmaceutical Company in Iran using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP).

One-year survival rate and healthcare costs after cardiac arrest in Taiwan, 2006-2012.

The annual increase in costs and the quality of life of survivors of cardiac arrest are major concerns. This study used National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD) of Taiwan to evaluate the 1-year survival rate and the annual healthcare costs of survivors after cardiac arrest.

Toward Live Virtual Constructive Simulations in Healthcare Learning.

This article explores the combination of live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) simulations in healthcare. Live, virtual, and constructive simulations have long existed in the military, but their consideration (and deployment) in medical and healthcare domains is relatively new. We conducted a review on LVC- its current application in the military domain -and highlight an approach, challenges, and present suggestions for its implementation in healthcare learning. Furthermore, based on the state of the art in...

Estimates of Edge Detection Filters in Human Vision.

Edge detection is widely believed to be an important early stage in human visual processing. However, there have been relatively few attempts to map human edge detection filters. In this study, observers had to locate a randomly placed step edge in brown noise (the integral of white noise) with a 1/f power spectrum. Their responses were modelled by assuming the probability the observer chose an edge location depended on the response of their own edge detection filter to that location. The observer's edge de...

Topotactic Growth of Edge-Terminated MoS from MoO Nanocrystals.

Layered transition metal dichalcogenides have distinct physicochemical properties at their edge-terminations. The production of an abundant density of edge structures is, however, impeded by the excess surface energy of edges compared to basal planes and would benefit from insight into the atomic growth mechanisms. Here, we show that edge-terminated MoS nanostructures can form during sulfidation of MoO nanocrystals by using in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Time-resolved TEM image series revea...

Building reliable evidence from real-world data: Needs, methods, cautiousness and recommendations.

National healthcare systems of advanced countries, including Italy, widely agree on the approach whereby public healthcare decisions should be driven by available evidence on effectiveness and safety of therapeutics. It is equally accepted that randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs), although universally recognised as the most robust "evidence generators", are insufficient for guiding the decision-making process since they are intrinsically unsuited to capture the impact of treatments in routine clini...

The Second Society for Simulation in Healthcare Research Summit: Beyond our Boundaries.

In this article, we report on the Second Society for Simulation in Healthcare Research Summit held in 2017. This meeting succeeded the First Research Summit from 2011 with the goal of advancing the scope of healthcare simulation research. During the one and a half day summit, some of the world's leading experts in simulation, healthcare, and simulation in healthcare convened to discuss ideas about what research goals would be most beneficial to the healthcare simulation community, and what could be done to ...

Mechanism and modeling of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) facilitated synthesis of silver nanoplates.

Silver triangular nanoplates (AgTNP) present unique surface plasmonic and catalytic properties depending upon the thickness and edge length. AgTNP are synthesized in a kinetically controlled growth process, by and large, using the polymer poly-vinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as a reductant. In this work, we present a systematic study to uncover the effect of the molecular weight (MW) of PVP and the PVP to silver salt (AgNO3) molar ratio ([P : S]) on the physical dimensions of AgTNP. The edge length of AgTNP show...

Revisiting the Dependence of Cu K-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectra on Oxidation State and Coordination Environment.

X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) at the Cu K-edge is an important tool for probing the properties of copper centers in transition-metal chemistry and catalysis. However, the interpretation of experimental XAS spectra requires a detailed understanding of the dependence of spectroscopic features on the local geometric and electronic structure, which can be established by theoretical X-ray spectroscopy. Here, we present a systematic computational study of the Cu K-edge XAS spectra of selected Cu complexes b...

Report on the 18th Annual Land O'Lakes Bioanalytical Conference.

The 18th Annual Land O'Lakes Bioanalytical Conference, titled 'Cutting-Edge Bioanalytical Technologies and Concepts - Issues, Solutions and Practical Considerations for Applications in Novel and Emerging Modalities', was held 10-13 July 2017 in Madison, WI, USA. This Land O'Lakes Conference is presented each year by the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development within the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). The purpose of this conference is to provide an educational forum to...

Subpixel Edge Localization Based on Adaptive Weighting of Gradients.

This paper presents a subpixel edge localization method based on the adaptive weighting of gradients (AWG). The method first finds the optimal power factors to be used by the AWG through an error propagation scheme. Then, with the goal of fast implementation of the method, a process that directly relates the edge width to the optimal powers is proposed. A method that uses the squared weighting of gradients (SWG) is also proposed, which applies a power of 2 to the gradients of an edge profile to calculate th...

Prostate Volume Segmentation in TRUS using Hybrid Edge-Bhattacharyya Active Surfaces.

We present a new hybrid edge and region-based parametric deformable model, or active surface, for prostate volume segmentation in transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) images.

Mental health treatment dose and annual healthcare costs in patients with cancer and major depressive disorder.

Depression in patients with cancer has been associated with increased annual health care use and costs relative to nondepressed patients. Little is known of the potential cost savings associated with receipt of mental health treatment. This study evaluated the association between number of mental health visits and annual health care costs in patients with cancer and comorbid major depression.

Air pollution and healthcare expenditure: Implication for the benefit of air pollution control in China.

Quantitating the health effects of air pollution is important for understanding the benefits of environmental regulations. Using the China Urban Household Survey (UHS) Database, this paper estimated the effect of air pollution exposure on household healthcare expenditure. To address potential endogeneity concerns, we performed household healthcare expenditure regressions using an instrumental variables (IV) strategy based on spatial air pollution spillovers. Our research revealed that a 1% increase in yearl...

Near field focusing by edge diffraction.

Spherical microparticles have the ability for nonresonant focusing of light in the near field zone, forming nanojet (NJ) beams. Arbitrary-shaped microstructures, with wavelength-scale dimensions, may offer similar functionality with lower fabrication complexity. The focusing properties are ruled by the edge diffraction phenomenon. The diffraction of light on the edge of a dielectric microstructure forms a tilted focused beam whose deviation angle depends on the index ratio between the structure material and...

A computational parametric study on edge loading in ceramic-on-ceramic total hip joint replacements.

Edge loading in ceramic-on-ceramic total hip joint replacement is an adverse condition that occurs as the result of a direct contact between the head and the cup rim. It has been associated with translational mismatch in the centres of rotation of the cup and head, and found to cause severe wear and early failure of the implants. Edge loading has been considered in particular in relation to dynamic separation of the cup and head centres during a gait cycle. Research has been carried out both experimentally ...

Plant and vegetation functional responses to cumulative high nitrogen deposition in rear-edge heathlands.

Elevated atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition is a major driver of change, altering the structure/functioning of nutrient-poor Calluna vulgaris-heathlands over Europe. These effects amply proven for north-western/central heathlands may, however, vary across the ecosystem's distribution, especially at the range limits, as heathlands are highly vulnerable to land-use changes combined with present climate change. This is an often overlooked and greatly understudied aspect of the ecology of heathlands facing glo...

Alfieri Edge to Edge Mitral Valve Repair for all Seasons?

Percutaneous mitral and tricuspid valve repair using edge-to-edge technique.

Percutaneous Edge-to-Edge Mitral Valve Repair Using the New MitraClip XTR System.

Recent approaches to provision of mental healthcare in refugee populations.

The present review provides an overview of key issues and concepts on the provision of mental healthcare to refugees with mental health conditions.

Stress Among Healthcare Professionals Calls Out for Attention.

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