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A cut-off value of third molar maturity index for indicating a minimum age of criminal responsibility: Older or younger than 16 years?

Providing appropriate legal mechanisms, that evaluate the progression of development from the age of childhood innocence to maturity and full responsibility, considered one of the difficult areas of criminal justice policy. The minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR) in children varies among countries and differs widely owing to history and culture. Due to rising and brutality of criminal offenses, particularly by juveniles, few countries have lowered the minimum age of criminal responsibility, and ma...

Asking Survey Questions About Criminal Justice Involvement.

Criminal justice involvement is a multifaceted construct encompassing various forms of contact with the criminal justice system. It is a sensitive topic to ask about in surveys and also a sensitive topic for respondents to answer. This article provides guidance for writing survey questions on criminal justice involvement, starting with a review of potential causes for reporting error and nonresponse error associated with survey questions on criminal justice involvement. Questions about criminal justice invo...

Trust and Confidence in Media and Criminal Justice Institutions.

In every society, the main purpose of the criminal justice system is to maintain social order and ensure that citizens comply with the law. To do this effectively, the police and court systems need citizen cooperation and obedience, and willingness to assist with criminal investigations and report crimes to the police. The purpose of this study is to examine the association between confidence in the media and confidence in the criminal justice institutions in South Africa. The study tests two objectives: to...

Epileptic seizures and criminal acts: Is there a relationship?

The relation between epilepsy and criminal acts has been debated for over a century. The general perception persists that epileptic seizures can be associated with violent behavior. Some studies have provided evidence for such an association; however, it remains uncertain whether it really exists. This review critically evaluates the scientific literature on the possible relation between epileptic seizures and criminal acts.

America's First Defense and the Origin of the Black Rage Syndrome.

The 1843 verdict led to reformulation of the British criminal insanity standard, which American jurisdictions noted. In 1846, New York State tried William Freeman for slaying several members of the Van Nest family at their home near Auburn, New York. Mr. Freeman had been obsessed with false imprisonment for horse theft. His defense attorney, former governor William Seward, sought an insanity verdict, citing reaction to racist maltreatment as the cause. Though Mr. Freeman was impaired, a jury found him comp...

Patent Application Trends of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Technologies in the United States, Japanese, and European Applications.

Patent application trends were investigated for induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technologies, particularly disease-specific cell technologies related to iPSCs, in the U.S., Japanese, and European applications during 2017. The number of patent applications for iPSC technologies was 1516 in the United States, 895 in Japan, and 420 in Europe, with 5% of applications for disease-specific cell technologies. In contrast, the percentages of patent applications for iPSC preparation and differentiation technolo...

Charges for Alcoholic Cirrhosis Exceed All Other Etiologies of Cirrhosis Combined: A National and State Inpatient Survey Analysis.

Inpatient charges for patients with cirrhosis are substantial. We aimed to examine trends in inpatient charges among patients with cirrhosis to determine the drivers of healthcare expenditures. We hypothesized that alcoholic cirrhosis (AC) was a significant contributor to overall expense.

Medical error and liability for it in some post-soviet countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine).

Introduction: Infliction of harm to life and health due to medical errors is common for the whole world and post-Soviet countries, in particular. The problem of these errors is one of the most important in medical law, although there is no unified concept of it. A small number of sentences in cases of criminal negligence of medical professionals indicates a high latency and often unprovability of this crime in a number of post-Soviet countries. The aim: To disclose the objective and subjective prerequisites...

Association of Methadone Treatment With Substance-Related Hospital Admissions Among a Population in Canada With a History of Criminal Convictions.

People with criminal histories experience high rates of opioid dependence and are frequent users of acute health care services. It is unclear whether methadone adherence prevents hospitalizations.

Atomic Charges in Describing Properties of Aromatic Molecules.

The performance of four frequently employed population analysis methods is assessed by comparisons with experimentally derived properties of monosubstituted benzene derivatives. The analysis is based on the expected dependence between site reactivities and electron densities at the respective ring carbon atoms. The correspondence between charges obtained from Mulliken, NPA, Hirshfeld, and QTAIM approaches and the σ and σ aromatic substituent constants is examined. The series of molecules investigated incl...

Microbial engineering biotechnologies.

Incidence of future arrests in adults involved in the criminal justice system with opioid use disorder receiving extended release naltrexone compared to treatment as usual.

Criminal justice involved (CJS) populations with opioid use disorder (OUD) have high rates of relapse, future arrests, and death upon release. While medication for OUD (MOUD) reduces opioid relapse, concerns regarding diversion and stigma limit treatment in CJS populations. Extended release naltrexone (XR-NTX), as an opioid antagonist, may be more acceptable to CJS administrators. However, the impact of XR-NTX on criminal recidivism remains unknown.

Criminal justice outcomes over 5 years after randomization to buprenorphine-naloxone or methadone treatment for opioid use disorder.

To compare long-term criminal justice outcomes among opioid dependent individuals randomized to receive buprenorphine or methadone.

Elements which precipitate conjugal violence: the discourse of men in criminal prosecution.

Unveiling the precipitating elements of conjugal violence based on the discourse of men undergoing criminal prosecution.

An Electrostatic Energy Barrier for SNARE-Dependent Spontaneous and Evoked Synaptic Transmission.

Information transfer across CNS synapses depends on the very low basal vesicle fusion rate and the ability to rapidly upregulate that rate upon Ca influx. We show that local electrostatic repulsion participates in creating an energy barrier, which limits spontaneous synaptic transmission. The barrier amplitude is increased by negative charges and decreased by positive charges on the SNARE-complex surface. Strikingly, the effect of charges on the barrier is additive and this extends to evoked transmission, b...

Salivary Biomarkers of Parenting Stress in Mothers Under Community Criminal Justice Supervision.

Community criminal justice supervised mothers are an underserved population who experience high rates of psychological distress and unique parenting challenges, but little is known about physiological stress system function in this population.

Mental illness as a consequence of criminal offence against the person.

Introduction: Among crimes against human health we distinguish serious bodily harms, one of the signs of which is recognized as a mental illness. The aim:The paper was aimed at the development of the procedure for determining the mental disorder of a victim as a sign of a serious bodily harm, as well as the establishing the possibilities of clarifying the legislative formulation of the above norm of the Criminal Code.

Health, Polysubstance Use, and Criminal Justice Involvement Among Adults With Varying Levels of Opioid Use.

Health profiles and patterns of involvement in the criminal justice system among people with various levels of opioid use are poorly defined. Data are needed to inform a public health approach to the opioid epidemic.

Association of Neuropathologically Confirmed Frontotemporal Dementia and Alzheimer Disease With Criminal and Socially Inappropriate Behavior in a Swedish Cohort.

Criminal and socially inappropriate behavior is encountered among patients with dementia, and it is sometimes the first sign of a dementing disorder. This behavior constitutes a significant burden to society, patients' relatives, and patients themselves.

Race and the Criminal Justice System Response to Sexual Assault: A Systematic Review.

Prior research has consistently documented that the vast majority of sexual assault cases do not progress through the criminal justice system. However, there is less agreement in prior work on how race influences case progression, resulting in a literature frequently described as "inconsistent." This systematic review examines all prior research that has included race as an independent variable in predicting the criminal justice system response to sexual assault (N = 34) in an effort to provide insight in...

Coroners court and directions to juries in Article 2 inquests.

Article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) protects the Right to Life that is invoked in an inquest where the diseased has expired in circumstances of custody or control by an agency of state. The High Court in 2012 ordered the second inquest in the Hillsborough case where the correct directions to the jury were read as to when there is a breach of such a duty. The inquest findings resulted in criminal charges being brought against two former senior police officers, who were indicted linked...

Emergency department charges may be associated with mortality in patients with severe sepsis and septic shock: a cohort study.

Sepsis severity of illness is challenging to measure using claims, which makes sepsis difficult to study using administrative data. We hypothesized that emergency department (ED) charges may be associated with hospital mortality, and could be a surrogate marker of severity of illness for research purposes. The objective of this study was to measure concordance between ED charges and mortality in admitted patients with severe sepsis or septic shock.

Electron Transfer in Nanoscale Contact Electrification: Photon Excitation Effect.

Contact electrification (CE) (or triboelectrification) is a well-known phenomenon, and the identity of the charge carriers and their transfer mechanism have been discussed for decades. Recently, the species of transferred charges in the CE between a metal and a ceramic was revealed as electron transfer and its subsequent release is dominated by the thermionic emission process. Here, the release of CE-induced electrostatic charges on a dielectric surface under photon excitation is studied by varying the ligh...

Evaluating charge equilibration methods to generate electrostatic fields in nanoporous materials.

Charge equilibration (Qeq) methods estimate the electrostatic potential of molecules and periodic frameworks by assigning point charges to each atom, using only a small fraction of the resources needed to compute density functional (DFT)-derived charges. This makes possible the computational screening of thousands of microporous structures to assess their performance for the adsorption of polar molecules. Recently, different variants of the original Qeq scheme were proposed to improve the quality of the com...

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