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A conceptual framework for an oral cancer awareness campaign in Northern Germany - Challenges in campaign development and assessment.

Initial impetus for action: Oral cancer is still an underestimated disease in terms of incidence as well as mortality rates; it requires urgent prevention and early detection. At present, there is no best-practice systematic approach to raising awareness and informing the public about about this type of cancer in Germany. This article describes a framework that covers the significant stages of conceptual development and campaign design to promote oral cancer awareness in Germany. Solution: The challenges of...

Self-perception of dental appearance and aesthetics in a student population.

To assess the perception of personal dental appearance and dental aesthetics of a young adult population and to compare this with their normatively assessed orthodontic treatment need.

Developing new health technologies for neglected diseases: a pipeline portfolio review and cost model.

:  Funding for product development for neglected diseases fell from 2009-2015, other than a short-term injection of Ebola funding. One impediment to mobilizing resources is a lack of information on product candidates, the estimated costs to move them through the pipeline, and the likelihood of specific launches. This study aimed to help fill these information gaps. : We conducted a pipeline portfolio review to identify current candidates for 35 neglected diseases. Using an adapted version of the Portfolio ...

Surgical outcomes according to the type of monopolar electrocautery device used in laparoscopic surgery for right colon cancer: a comparison of endo-hook versus endo-shears.

Although monopolar electrocautery is preferred by many laparoscopic surgeons and is more cost-effective than bipolar or ultrasonic scissors, few studies have compared these outcomes between different monopolar electrocautery devices used in laparoscopic surgery. Therefore, this study compared the surgical outcomes between monopolar endo-hook versus endo-shears during laparoscopic right hemicolectomy for right colon cancer.

The Real Cost: Alaska's innovative media campaign to raise awareness about the direct and indirect costs of smoking to society.

Smoking incurs heavy financial costs for direct medical expenditures and lost productivity related to premature death. The Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control Program designed a media campaign called 'The Real Cost' to raise awareness of the economic cost of smoking to all Alaskans, regardless of their smoking status. The campaign presented this information through television and radio ads between December 2012 and March 2013. The first ad, 'Dream Scene', focused on overall cost of smoking to Alaska. The ...

Kitten checklist launches.

A Cascade Synthesis of Hetero-arylated Triarylmethanes Through a Double 5-endo-dig Cyclization Sequence.

A sequential two-step method for the synthesis of hetero-arylated triarylmethanes through a Ag-catalyzed sequential double cyclization-nucleophilic addition cascade is described. This methodology basically involves an initial 5-endo-dig cyclization of o-alkynyl anilines to provide 2-substituted indole derivatives, which then react with 2-(2-enynyl)-pyridines to afford indolizine-containing unsymmetrical triarylmethanes through another 5-endo-dig cyclization.

Politics of Crime Control: How Campaign-Style Law Enforcement Sustains Authoritarian Rule in China.

How does campaign-style law enforcement sustain authoritarian rule? Drawing on fieldwork data and published materials, this article enhances the understanding of law and politics in authoritarian regimes by investigating the role of the 'sweep away black' campaign-designed to combat organized and gang crime-in strengthening China's authoritarian regime. It argues that the campaign helps the party-state enhance its authoritarian rule by resolving the legitimacy crisis caused by economic slowdown, gangs' infi...

Native Americans' Memorable Conversations About Living Kidney Donation and Transplant.

Living kidney donation and transplant (LKDT) offers a path of hope for patients on indefinite dialysis treatment. However, identification of a living donor can be challenging; initiating these conversations is difficult. Our study analyzes memorable conversations about LKDT that occurred in response to an LKDT campaign targeted to Native Americans. Our analysis of = 28 memorable conversations revealed that the campaign prompted conversations and increased communication efficacy about LKDT. Based on these f...

Effect of incisor retraction on facial aesthetics.

Incisor retraction may result in lip retraction, interlabial gap closure and increase of the nasolabial angle but a clear consensus on the effect of incisor retraction on facial aesthetics has not yet been achieved. Despite current evidence being weak, it seems to indicate that in a well-managed orthodontic case, with or without extractions, the soft-tissue and facial aesthetic changes are generally favourable or clinically insignificant.

Identification, soluble expression, and characterization of a novel endo-inulinase from Lipomyces starkeyi NRRL Y-11557.

Studies on endo-inulinases from yeast are scarce, compared to those from other microbial sources. In this study, a novel endo-inulinase from Lipomyces starkeyi NRRL Y-11557 was identified, expressed in its soluble form, and characterized its physicochemically properties, together with its enzymatic activity and production of fructooligosaccharides (FOSs). A putative endo-inulinase gene inu3 was identified through rational genome mining. Through enzymatic activity and SDS-PAGE analysis, the endo-inulinase pu...

Generating Engagement on the Make Healthy Normal Campaign Facebook Page: Analysis of Facebook Analytics.

Facebook is increasingly being used as part of mass media campaigns in public health, including the Make Healthy Normal (MHN) campaign in New South Wales, Australia. Therefore, it is important to understand what role Facebook can play in mass media campaigns and how best to use it to augment or amplify campaign effects. However, few studies have explored this.

RUMA launches new task force for post-2020 targets.

Cellular endo-lysosomal dysfunction in the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), an increasingly devastating human disorder, is characterized by intrahepatic fat accumulation. Although important progress has been made in understanding NAFLD, the fundamental mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of NAFLD have not been fully explained. The endo-lysosomal trafficking network is central to lipid metabolism, protein degradation and signal transduction, which are involved in a variety of diseases. In recent years, many genes and pathways in the endo...

Enhanced translation expands the endo-lysosome size and promotes antigen presentation during phagocyte activation.

The mechanisms that govern organelle adaptation and remodelling remain poorly defined. The endo-lysosomal system degrades cargo from various routes, including endocytosis, phagocytosis, and autophagy. For phagocytes, endosomes and lysosomes (endo-lysosomes) are kingpin organelles because they are essential to kill pathogens and process and present antigens. During phagocyte activation, endo-lysosomes undergo a morphological transformation, going from a collection of dozens of globular structures to a tubula...

Purification and characterization of an endo-xylanase from Trichoderma sp., with xylobiose as the main product from xylan hydrolysis.

Fungal endo-β-1,4-xylanases (endo-xylanases) can hydrolyze xylan into xylooligosaccharides (XOS), and have potential biotechnological applications for the exploitation of natural renewable polysaccharides. In the current study, we aimed to screen and characterize an efficient fungal endo-xylanase from 100 natural humus-rich soil samples collected in Guizhou Province, China, using extracted sugarcane bagasse xylan (SBX) as the sole carbon source. Initially, 182 fungal isolates producing xylanases were selec...

May Measurement Month 2018: a pragmatic global screening campaign to raise awareness of blood pressure by the International Society of Hypertension.

Raised blood pressure (BP) is the biggest contributor to mortality and disease burden worldwide and fewer than half of those with hypertension are aware of it. May Measurement Month (MMM) is a global campaign set up in 2017, to raise awareness of high BP and as a pragmatic solution to a lack of formal screening worldwide. The 2018 campaign was expanded, aiming to include more participants and countries.

Ticks-borne diseases in 2019 : between false beliefs and good practices.

In recent years, the media and internet have been the stage of a campaign of scientific disinformation led by patient advocacy groups, supported by some « experts » in the field, demanding recognition of health problems attributed to Lyme disease. The controversy has led several professional societies and leading scientific journals in Europe and the United States to reaffirm their position and update their recommendations. Tick bites are common in our area, and medical practitioners must know their p...

Where Do We Look? Assessing Gaze Patterns in Cosmetic Face-Lift Surgery with Eye Tracking Technology.

Aesthetics plays a central role in determining success in plastic surgery. Understanding perceptions of favorable aesthetics is critical to ensure patient satisfaction. Eye-tracking technology offers an objective way of evaluating attention and understanding how viewers direct their focus on patients who undergo cosmetic face-lift procedures.

Evidence of the Impact of the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign: Results From the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

The Tips From Former Smokers campaign (Tips) has demonstrated significant impact as a population-based intervention for smoking cessation in the United States. Since 2012, evaluations of Tips have relied on web-panel data to attribute the campaign to smoking cessation outcomes. We re-examined the relationship between market-level doses of the campaign and quit attempts by using Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data to triangulate prior findings. We found that Tips was associated with incre...

Construct validity of the Trunk Aesthetic Clinical Evaluation (TRACE) in young people with idiopathic scoliosis.

Aesthetics is recognized as a main outcome in idiopathic scoliosis (IS) treatment, but to date, there is no criterion standard for physicians' evaluation. Trunk Aesthetic Clinical Evaluation (TRACE) is a simple 12-point ordinal scale to quantify symmetry as a proxy of aesthetics. TRACE is already diffused worldwide and has been used in clinical research.

The Philippines' antidrug campaign: Spatial and temporal patterns of killings linked to drugs.

As soon as President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office in 2016, the Philippine government launched a nationwide antidrug campaign based on enforcement-led anti-illegal drugs policies primarily implemented by the national police. This was followed by a spate of killings resulting from both acknowledged police operations and by unidentified assailants. This study assembles a victim-level dataset of drug-related killings covered by the media during the Philippine government's antidrug campaign, and presents a spa...

Social Marketing of Mental Health Treatment: California's Mental Illness Stigma Reduction Campaign.

To understand the processes involved in effective social marketing of mental health treatment. California adults experiencing symptoms of probable mental illness were surveyed in 2014 and 2016 during a major stigma reduction campaign (n = 1954). Cross-sectional associations of campaign exposure with stigma, treatment overall, and 2 stages of treatment seeking (perceiving a need for treatment and use conditional on perceiving a need) were examined in covariate-adjusted multivariable regression models. ...

Impact of the Choosing Wisely Campaign Recommendations for Hospitalized Children on Clinical Practice: Trends from 2008 to 2017.

The Choosing Wisely Campaign (CWC) was launched in 2012. Five recommendations to reduce the use of "low-value" services in hospitalized children were published in 2013.

Use of Nutrition Information and Understanding of "Percent Daily Value" on Nutrition Facts Tables: Evaluating the Impact of a National Public Education Campaign among Youth and Young Adults in Canada.

In 2010, Health Canada implemented a national campaign to improve understanding of "percent daily value" (%DV) in Nutrition Facts Tables (NFTs). This study examined sources of nutrition information and knowledge of %DV information communicated in the campaign. Respondents aged 16-30 years completed the Canada Food Study in 2016 (n = 2665). Measures included sources of nutrition information, NFT use, and %DV knowledge based on the campaign message ("5% DV or less is a little; 15% DV or more is a lot"). ...

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