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Epigenetics of pain mediators.

The field of epigenetics continues its influential rise as a means to better understand an organism's unique developmental identity over a lifespan. Whereas a genome is constant and unchanging, an epigenome is dynamic and alterable. Epigenetic changes are in response to innumerable internal and external influences including environmental changes such as diet, exercise, disease, toxins, and stress. Epigenetics is of particular interest in the medical research community both for the potential to cause disease...

Epigenetics: ethics, politics, biosociality.

Epigenetics is a burgeoning field of contemporary biosciences, which has attracted a lot of interest both in biomedical and in social sciences.

Quantitative epigenetics and evolution.

Epigenetics refers to chemical modifications of chromatin or transcribed DNA that can influence gene activity and expression without changes in DNA sequence. The last 20 years have yielded breakthroughs in our understanding of epigenetic processes that impact many fields of biology. In this review, we discuss how epigenetics relates to quantitative genetics and evolution. We argue that epigenetics is important for quantitative genetics because: (1) quantitative genetics is increasingly being combined with g...

Sex differences in cardiovascular epigenetics-a systematic review.

Differences in cardiovascular diseases are evident in men and women throughout life and are mainly attributed to the presence of sex hormones and chromosomes. Epigenetic mechanisms drive the regulation of the biological processes that may lead to CVD and are possibly influenced by sex. In order to gain an overview of the status quo on sex differences in cardiovascular epigenetics, we performed a systematic review.

Epigenetics and meditation.

In the last decade, epigenetics has taken center stage to explain the relationships between stress exposure, health and behavior. Acquired or inherited epigenetic changes modulate gene expression states without modifying the DNA sequence itself, they can be long-lasting, yet, they are potentially reversible. Several studies have explored whether meditation-based interventions can influence gene expression profiles towards healthier directions, identifying candidate genes and biological pathways that seem to...

Marine Environmental Epigenetics.

Marine organisms' persistence hinges on the capacity for acclimatization and adaptation to the myriad of interacting environmental stressors associated with global climate change. In this context, epigenetics-mechanisms that facilitate phenotypic variation through genotype-environment interactions-are of great interest ecologically and evolutionarily. Our comprehensive review of marine environmental epigenetics guides our recommendations of four key areas for future research: the dynamics of wash-in and was...

Integrative analysis of single-cell expression data reveals distinct regulatory states in bidirectional promoters.

Bidirectional promoters (BPs) are prevalent in eukaryotic genomes. However, it is poorly understood how the cell integrates different epigenomic information, such as transcription factor (TF) binding and chromatin marks, to drive gene expression at BPs. Single-cell sequencing technologies are revolutionizing the field of genome biology. Therefore, this study focuses on the integration of single-cell RNA-seq data with bulk ChIP-seq and other epigenetics data, for which single-cell technologies are not yet es...

Recent progress, methods and perspectives in forensic epigenetics.

Forensic epigenetics, i.e., investigating epigenetics variation to resolve forensically relevant questions unanswerable with standard forensic DNA profiling has been gaining substantial ground over the last few years. Differential DNA methylation among tissues and individuals has been proposed as useful resource for three forensic applications i) determining the tissue type of a human biological trace, ii) estimating the age of an unknown trace donor, and iii) differentiating between monozygotic twins. Thus...

Recent patents in epigenetics.

A brief tour of epidemiologic epigenetics and mental health.

The epidemiologic study of DNA methylation (DNAm) and mental health is a burgeoning area, but confounding and reverse causation remain important to know about. Whether use of non-brain tissues is appropriate when investigating brain phenotypes depends on the hypothesis and whether the goal is causality or to identify biomarkers. Look-ups of the correspondence between DNAm in blood and brain and use of Mendelian randomization (MR) can be done to follow-up, to some degree, on the causal nature of some finding...

Epigenetics for curve progression of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

The Key Role of Epigenetics in Human Disease.

The Key Role of Epigenetics in Human Disease.

The Key Role of Epigenetics in Human Disease.

When Environment Meets Genetics: A Clinical Review On The Epigenetics Of Pain, Psychological Factors, And Physical Activity.

Epigenetic mechanisms represent a link between the environment and gene function. Recent evidence shows how early-life stress, inflammation, and physical activity can influence gene expression through epigenetic mechanisms. Epigenetic changes - such as DNA methylation and microRNA interference - can be measured in humans and might soon become important biological markers. Epigenetic marks can accompany clinical assessment to measure the effectiveness of various interventions, such as exercise therapy. In ad...

Epigenetics and Regulation of Oxidative Stress in Diabetic Retinopathy.

Oxidative stress plays a central role in the development of diabetic retinopathy, and in the pathogenesis of this blinding disease, activation of NADPH oxidase 2 (Nox2)-mediated cytosolic reactive oxygen species (ROS) production precedes mitochondrial damage. The multicomponent cytosolic Nox2 has an obligatory component, Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (Rac1); in diabetes, Rac1 is functionally and transcriptionally active. Diabetes also facilitates many epigenetic modifications, and activates bot...

Epigenome modifiers and metabolic rewiring: New frontiers in therapeutics.

In the last decade numerous publications highlighted the connection between metabolism and epigenetics in different physiological and pathological conditions. The availability of metabolites for cells represents indeed a crucial factor, which is able to condition cell fate and development, differentiation and proliferation partially trough epigenetic control. This tight link provides novel therapeutic possibilities to treat many pathological conditions induced by epigenetic alterations, by manipulating meta...

Integrated approach of eco-epigenetics and eco-metabolomics on the stress response of bisphenol-A exposure in the aquatic midge Chironomus riparius.

The stress response mechanisms of Bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine disrupting compound, remain to be elucidated. In this study, we explored the effects of BPA on the non-biting midge Chironomus riparius through basic ecotoxicity assays, DNA damage (comet assay), eco-epigenetics (global DNA and histone methylations) and non-targeted global metabolomics (NMR based) approaches. The reproduction failure, increase in DNA damage, global DNA hyper-methylation, and increased global histone modification (H3K36) statu...

Letter to the Editor: New insights into the etiology of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: the role of genetics and epigenetics.

Epigenetics of male infertility: An update.

Epigenetic factors play an important role in male infertility though about 60%-65% of the disease is idiopathic and its underlying causes are not yet clear. Many studies have indicated that epigenetic modifications, including DNA methylation, histone tail modifications, chromatin remodeling, and non-coding RNAs, may be involved in idiopathic male infertility. Abnormal methylation is associated with decreased sperm quality and fertility. It is known that 1 881 miRNAs are related to male fertility and such ...

Environment, Epigenetics, and Differential Responses to Beryllium Exposure: Are We There Yet?

The Developing Genome: An Introduction to Behavioral Epigenetics by David S. Moore, Oxford University Press, 2015.

Tobacco smoking and asthma: multigenerational effects, epigenetics and multilevel causal mediation analysis.

Human Adrenal Cortex: Epigenetics and Postnatal Functional Zonation.

The human adrenal cortex, involved in adaptive responses to stress, fluid homeostasis, and secondary sexual characteristics, arises from a tightly regulated development of a zone and cell type-specific secretory pattern. However, the molecular mechanisms governing adrenal zonation, particularly postnatal zona reticularis development, which produce adrenal androgens in a lifetime-specific manner, remain poorly understood. Epigenetic events, including DNA and histone modifications as well as regulation by non...

Evaluation of massively parallel sequencing for forensic DNA methylation profiling.

Epigenetics is an emerging area of interest in forensic science. DNA methylation, a type of epigenetic modification, can be applied to chronological age estimation, identical twin differentiation and body fluid identification. However, there is not yet an agreed, established methodology for targeted detection and analysis of DNA methylation markers in forensic research. Recently a massively parallel sequencing-based approach has been suggested. The use of massively parallel sequencing is well established in...

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