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Using the 90-105 keV gamma-rays for isotopic composition determination of plutonium in dilute solutions.

Using the 90-105 keV gamma-rays for determining Pu isotopic composition is studied for dilute Pu solutions (0.0001-0.05 μg/mm) as well as Pu-U mixed solutions. It is shown that for concentrations higher than 0.001 μg/mm Pu, results match well with those of mass spectrometric results. However, in mixed solutions, beyond 0.005 mg/mm U concentration, the errors on isotopic compositions of Pu increased as U content increased.

Staining effect of bovine incisors in vitro by tea solutions.

To determine the optimum staining condition of tea solutions on bovine incisors in vitro, by comparing the color stability of tooth surface of different concentrations of tea solutions and methods on bovine incisors in vitro.

Effects of long-term treatment with low-GDP, pH-neutral solutions on peritoneal membranes in peritoneal dialysis patients.

The morphological changes induced by bio-incompatible peritoneal dialysis (PD) solutions are well known. However, the morphological damage induced by long-term low-glucose degradation product (GDP), pH-neutral solutions has not been reported in detail. The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term effects of pH-neutral PD solutions on morphological and functional changes in the peritoneal membrane.

Interrogating the Osmotic Pressure of Self-Crowded Bovine Serum Albumin Solutions: Implications of Specific Monovalent Anion Effects Relative to the Hofmeister Series.

The free solvent-based (FSB) model and osmotic pressure was used to probe the ion binding and protein hydration for self-crowded bovine serum albumin in 0.15 M NaF, NaCl, NaI and NaSCN solutions. All experiments were conducted with solutions at pH 7.4. The regressed results of the FSB model behavior to the measured osmotic pressure was excellent, albeit, the osmotic pressure data for NaSCN was noisy. The resulting ion binding and hydration were realistic values and the covariance of the two parameters was e...

Use of wet-to-moist cleansing with different irrigation solutions to reduce bacterial bioburden in chronic wounds.

The influence of different irrigation solutions, in conjunction with wet-to-moist cleansing, on the reduction of sessile, non-planktonic bacteria which colonise wounds, has not been investigated. In this study, the antibacterial effect of different irrigation solutions, during a 20-minute wet-to-moist cleansing, has been evaluated in chronic wounds.

Carbonate-radical-anions, and not hydroxyl radicals, are the products of the Fenton reaction in neutral solutions containing bicarbonate.

The Fenton reaction, Fe(HO) + HO → Oxidizing product, is of major importance in biology as the major cause of oxidative stress, and in advanced oxidation processes. It is commonly assumed that ·OH is the product of the Fenton reaction. The results presented herein point out that ·OH is indeed the oxidizing product in acidic solutions for [Fe(HO)] > [HO]; Fe is the active oxidizing product in neutral solutions; in slightly acidic solutions for [HO] > [Fe(HO)] a mixture of ·OH and Fe is formed. However C...

Emergency department crowding: A systematic review of causes, consequences and solutions.

Emergency department crowding is a major global healthcare issue. There is much debate as to the causes of the phenomenon, leading to difficulties in developing successful, targeted solutions.

User-Innovated eHealth Solutions for Service Delivery to Older Persons With Hearing Impairment.

The successful design and innovation of eHealth solutions directly involve end users in the process to seek a better understanding of their needs. This article presents user-innovated eHealth solutions targeting older persons with hearing impairment. Our research question was: What are the key users' needs, expectations, and visions within future hearing rehabilitation service delivery?

Gibbs/MCMC Sampling for Multiple RNA Interaction with Sub-optimal Solutions.

Multiple RNA interaction can be modeled as a problem in combinatorial optimization, where the "optimal" structure is driven by an energy-minimization-like algorithm. However, the actual structure may not be optimal in this computational sense. Moreover, it is not necessarily unique. Therefore, alternative sub-optimal solutions are needed to cover the biological ground. We present a combinatorial formulation for the Multiple RNA Interaction problem with approximation algorithms to handle various interaction ...

Stability of Tranexamic Acid Mouth Rinse.

Tranexamic acid is an antifibrinolytic agent that inhibits the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin and is used to treat fibrinolytic hemorrhages. Tranexamic acid mouth rinse was compounded using active pharmaceutical ingredient powder or commercial tablets. The bitter taste was masked by using either cherry-vanilla or peppermint and mint flavoring and aspartame. Tranexamic acid mouth rinse solutions were stored at either 23°C or 5°C in polyethylene terephthalate bottles for 31 days. Stability was accesse...

Organic Salts Suppress Aggregation and Enhance the Hyperpolarizability of a π-Twisted Chromophore.

Twisted intramolecular charge transfer (TICT) chromophores exhibit extraordinary hyperpolarizabilities, β, and are therefore promising for electro-optic technologies. Nevertheless, centrosymmetric aggregate formation severely diminishes β in concentrated solutions or in polymer matrices. Here we report the remarkable effects of organic salts on the linear and nonlinear optical response of a high-β benzimidazolium-based TICT chromophore, B2TMC-2. Addition of Bu4P+Br- to B2TMC-2 solutions in CHCl3 induces ...

Long-term Physicochemical Stability of Concentrated Solutions of Noradrenaline Bitartrate in Polypropylene Syringes for Administration in the Intensive Care Unit.

Intensive care units use drug solutions within higher concentrations to avoid fluid overload. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the physicochemical stability of concentrated solutions of noradrenaline bitartrate in polypropylene syringes during 30 days of storage at 5°C ± 3°C. Five 50-mL syringes containing 0.240 mg/mL of noradrenaline bitartrate in 0.9% sodium chloride were prepared and stored at 5°C ± 3°C during 30 days. Immediately after preparation and periodically during the storage, nora...

Toxicity assay of lanthanum and cerium in solutions and soil.

Lanthanum (La) and cerium (Ce) are one of the most abundant rare earth elements (REEs). In spite of quite extensive studying of the effects of these lanthanides on biota, some contradictions remain in the results. Also little is known about the effect of lanthanum and cerium on plant cells and their mitotic cycle, especially in soils. In this study, the effects of La and Ce in solutions and soil samples on root growth, mitotic index (MI) and frequency of aberrant cells (FAC) were assayed using one of the mo...

Anti-Erosive Effect of Solutions Containing Sodium Fluoride, Stannous Chloride, and Selected Film-Forming Polymers.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the anti-erosive effect of solutions containing sodium fluoride (F: 225 ppm F-), stannous chloride (Sn: 800 ppm Sn2+), and some film-forming polymers (Gantrez: Poly [methylvinylether-alt-maleic anhydride]; PGA: propylene glycol alginate; Plasdone: poly[vinylpyrrolidone]; and CMC: carboxymethylcellulose). Solutions were tested in an erosion-remineralization cycling model, using enamel and dentin specimens (n = 10, for each substrate). Distilled water was the negative con...

Pilot-scale formation of whey protein aggregates determine the stability of heat-treated whey protein solutions-Effect of pH and protein concentration.

Denaturation and consequent aggregation in whey protein solutions is critical to product functionality during processing. Solutions of whey protein isolate (WPI) prepared at 1, 4, 8, and 12% (wt/wt) and pH 6.2, 6.7, or 7.2 were subjected to heat treatment (85°C × 30 s) using a pilot-scale heat exchanger. The effects of heat treatment on whey protein denaturation and aggregation were determined by chromatography, particle size, turbidity, and rheological analyses. The influence of pH and WPI concentration ...

Synthesis and adsorption of FeMnLa-impregnated biochar composite as an adsorbent for As(III) removal from aqueous solutions.

Groundwater with elevated As concentrations is a global concern, and low-cost, high-efficiency removal technologies are necessary. Therefore, we have prepared three adsorbent FeMnLa-impregnated biochar composites (FMLBCs) for the efficient removal of As(III) from aqueous solutions and characterized them using a variety of techniques. We found that the efficiency of As(III) removal increased with increasing La content and that the removal mainly occurred via adsorption and oxidation. Moreover, the removal of...

From classical water-ecosystem theories to nature-based solutions - Contextualizing nature-based solutions for sustainable city.

Growing interest in the concept of nature-based solutions (NBS) raises the question of its applicability as a broadly-understood approach to resource management and spatial planning. Although both the European Commission and United Nations consider the use of NBS as a vehicle to achieve numerous sustainability goals, the concept itself remains under-defined. We analyse the NBS concept against the background of classical water-ecosystem theories. We also review a range of potential contributions by NBS to va...

Enzyme kinetics in crowded solutions from isothermal titration calorimetry.

Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) is a universal technique that directly measures the heat absorbed or released in a process. ITC is typically used to determine thermodynamic parameters of association of molecules without the need to label them. However, ITC is still rarely applied to study chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes. In addition, these few studies of enzyme kinetic measurements that have been performed were in diluted solutions. Yet, to estimate realistic kinetic parameters, we have to ac...

A theory of reactant-stationary kinetics for a mechanism of zymogen activation.

A theoretical analysis is performed on the nonlinear ordinary differential equations that govern the dynamics of a reaction mechanism of zymogen activation. The reaction consists of a primary non-observable zymogen activation reaction that it is coupled to an indicator (observable) reaction. The product of the first reaction is the enzyme of the indicator reaction, and both reactions are governed by the Michaelis-Menten reaction mechanism. Using singular perturbation methods, we derive asymptotic solutions ...

3D 3C-SiC/Graphene Hybrid Nanolaminate Films for High-Performance Supercapacitors.

High-performance supercapacitors feature big and stable capacitances and high power and energy densities. To fabricate high-performance supercapacitors, 3D 3C-SiC/graphene hybrid nanolaminate films are grown via a microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition technique. Such films consist of 3D alternating structures of vertically aligned 3C-SiC and graphene layers, leading to high surface areas and excellent conductivity. They are further applied as the capacitor electrodes to construct electrical do...

Layer-by-layer electrochemical biosensors configuring xanthine oxidase and carbon nanotubes/graphene complexes for hypoxanthine and uric acid in human serum solutions.

A selective biosensing platform for the determination of hypoxanthine (Hx) and uric acid (UA) concentrations in both buffer and human serum sample solutions was developed. The biosensor features the layer-by-layer (LbL) self-assembly of negatively charged xanthine oxidase (XOD) and positively charged poly(diallyldimethyl ammonium chloride) (PDDA) wrapped oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene (CNTs-G) complexes (PDDA-CNTs-G) on screen printed carbon electrode (SPCE) surfaces. Catalytic response...

Infrared spectroscopic and computational studies on formamide solutions of Ca. Vibrational frequencies of formamide and modes of coordination to Ca.

Infrared spectroscopy for formamide (FA) solutions of Ca(ClO) shows that both CN stretch (ν) and CO stretch (ν) bands of FA undergo upshifts in the presence of Ca. Modeling of Ca in FA solutions is accomplished by quantum chemical calculations for Ca(FA) (n = 1-8) complexes with Polarizable Continuum Model (PCM). The calculations indicate that bidentate Ca(FA) complexes are not consistent with the observed upshift of the ν band, although a bidentate coordination of four FA molecules via both O and N ...

Dynamics of the Selkov oscillator.

A classical example of a mathematical model for oscillations in a biological system is the Selkov oscillator, which is a simple description of glycolysis. It is a system of two ordinary differential equations which, when expressed in dimensionless variables, depends on two parameters. Surprisingly it appears that no complete rigorous analysis of the dynamics of this model has ever been given. In this paper several properties of the dynamics of solutions of the model are established. With a view to studying ...

Aggregation behavior of pluronic F127 solutions in presence of chitosan/clay nanocomposites examined by dynamic light scattering.

Although several researches have explored the dynamics of pluronic aqueous solutions under different conditions, little is known about the dynamical properties of pluronic copolymers in presence of nanoparticles. Knowing and understanding the fundamental dynamical behavior of such systems is crucial to optimize the formulation of high performance multifunctional structures.

Thromboelastographic analysis of novel polyethylene glycol based low volume resuscitation solutions.

Low volume resuscitation (LVR) in shock prevents deleterious effects of crystalloid loading in pre-hospital settings. Polyethylene glycol 20,000 (PEG-20k) based LVR solutions are 20-fold more effective at maintaining perfusion and survival in shock compared to conventional crystalloids. The aim of this study was to determine coagulation and platelet function of whole blood treated with 10% PEG-20k.

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