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A network for early childhood development.

Political action and investment are critical to meet the development needs of vulnerable young children today. Early childhood development (ECD) has become a global priority: an ECD target and other ECD-related targets are included in the sustainable development goals, over 75 countries have officially adopted multisectoral ECD policy instruments, and ECD is a programmatic focus in major global institutions (including UNICEF, UNESCO, the WHO, and the World Bank). However, lack of clear and strong ownership ...

Considering milk price volatility for investment decisions on the farm level after European milk quota abolition.

After the abolition of the milk quota in the European Union, milk price volatility is expected to increase because of the liberalized market conditions. At the same time, investment appraisal methods have not been updated to capture the increased uncertainty. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to assess the effect of changing price volatility due to quota abolition on investment decisions at the dairy farm level. To contribute to the objective and to approximate milk price volatility after the Europe...

The World Bank, state reform, and the adjustment of social policies in Latin America.

This article briefly analyses the central points of the World Bank's agenda for the reform of national states in Latin America, between 1980 and 2017. The text is based on World Bank documents and specialized literature. Initially some relevant aspects of the history of the World Bank and its configuration as a multilateral organization are presented. Next, it discusses the role of the institution in the encouragement of structural adjustment programs for the economies of the region during the 1980s, based ...

Mainstreaming as rhetoric or reality? Gender and global health at the World Bank.

Over the past decade gender mainstreaming has gained visibility at global health organisations. The World Bank, one of the largest funders of global health activities, released two showcasing its gender policies, and recently announced a $1 billion initiative for women's entrepreneurship. However, the development of the Bank's gender policies and its financing for gender programmes have never been systematically analysed by external researchers in the context of global health. We use the Bank as a case stu...

Return on Investment Analysis of Breast Cancer Screening and Downstaging in Egypt: Implications for Developing Countries.

The aim of this study was to perform a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis of a breast cancer screening program in Egypt by comparing net profit in treatment costs saved to program cost investment.

Return on Investment: Building the Case for a Nurse Manager Certificate Program.

Nursing professional development practitioners are frequently asked about program return on investment. A pre-postprogram self-assessment was developed for a Nurse Manager Certificate Program using the American Nurses Credentialing Center Nurse Executive Certification blueprint. The results identified knowledge and skill gaps, defined program outcomes, and helped determine return on investment. The results revealed improvement of knowledge, skill, and evidence for return on investment. J Contin Educ Nurs. 2...

Maternal condition and maternal investment during lactation in mantled howler monkeys.

Lactation is a costly reproductive state for females, as it may entail decreased body condition, increased morbidity, and increased mortality risk. To offset these costs, mothers should allocate investment in infant care as a function of their physical condition. Here, we assessed the relationship between maternal condition and maternal investment in wild mantled howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata) to determine: (1) whether maternal physical condition varied as a function of food availability, activity level...

Development and Calibration of Chemistry Items to Create an Item Bank, using the Rasch Measurement Model.

This article describes the development and calibration of items from the 1997 to 2006 Tertiary Entrance Exams (TEE) in Chemistry conducted by the Curriculum Council of Western Australia for the purposes of establishing a Chemistry item bank. Only items that met the strict Rasch measurement criterion of ordered thresholds were included. Item Residuals and Chi-square conformity of the items were likewise scrutinized. Further, specialist experts in chemistry were employed to ascertain the qualitative propertie...

The Key to Safety: Inspire, Innovate, and Influence.

National Nurses Week 2018: Inspire, innovate, influence.

Perspective: What Will It Cost to Scale-up Breastfeeding Programs? A Comparison of Current Global Costing Methodologies.

Breastfeeding is one of the most feasible and cost-effective maternal-child health interventions. Currently, global investments needed to achieve the WHO global nutrition target for exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) do not meet the recommended standards for economic investment and implementation of policies supporting mothers to breastfeed. Estimating implementation costs of high-quality, high-impact programs based on each country's enabling environment and specific context is essential for developing and prior...

A 67-Item Stress Resilience item bank showing high content validity was developed in a psychosomatic sample.

To develop the first item bank to measure Stress Resilience (SR) in clinical populations.

Investing in non-communicable diseases: an estimation of the return on investment for prevention and treatment services.

The global burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is growing, and there is an urgent need to estimate the costs and benefits of an investment strategy to prevent and control NCDs. Results from an investment-case analysis can provide important new evidence to inform decision making by governments and donors. We propose a methodology for calculating the economic benefits of investing in NCDs during the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) era, and we applied this methodology to cardiovascular disease prev...

Ecological drivers and reproductive consequences of non-kin cooperation by ant queens.

The fitness consequences of joining a group are highly dependent on ecological context, especially for non-kin. To assess the relationships between cooperation and environment, we examined variation in colony reproductive success for a harvester ant species that nests either solitarily or with multiple, unrelated queens, a social strategy known as primary polygyny. We measured the reproductive investment of colonies of solitary versus social nesting types at two sites, one with primarily single-queen coloni...

Distance to threat and risk of acute and posttraumatic stress disorder following bank robbery: A longitudinal study.

Identifying pathways through which environmental risk factors influence PTSD is important for understanding PTSD etiology. Here, we hypothesized that the physical proximity to threat influences PTSD risk by increasing ASD following trauma. One hundred six bank employees who had experienced a bank robbery participated in the study. A longitudinal design assessing ASD at day 2 and PTSD at day 30 was used to test the hypothesis. Participants also indicated their location in the bank at the time of the robbery....

Single women and stock investment in individual retirement accounts.

This study uses data from the 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances to investigate factors related to stock investment in individual retirement accounts and focuses on the role of gender and marital status in particular. This study finds that single women are less likely to own stocks and invest in fewer stocks in their IRAs. Personal characteristics, such as stock ownership in other financial assets, education level, and risk tolerance may play a key role in shaping individuals' decisions regarding stock invest...

Did carbon dioxide emission regulations inhibit investments? A provincial panel analysis of China.

Investments, especially fixed asset investments, greatly affect carbon dioxide (CO) emissions. When investments are concentrated in regions with high CO emissions and high fossil energy consumption, the CO emission reduction targets in these areas are difficult to reach in the short term, and the cost of CO emission abatement is high. The current CO emission regulations focus on existing production activities and consumption behaviors. However, whether an investment, which may affect CO emissions in the lon...

Is there a return on investment for training?

Funding for behavioral health service provider agencies is always limited, making it difficult to decide how and when to spend scarce resources on staff training. If evidence existed for a clear return on investment for certain training topics or techniques, agency administrators may find it easier to make the decisions about how much and what type of training to provide to staff.

Thickness and immunohistochemistry of LASIK flaps created by different femtosecond lasers in eye-bank corneas.

The aim of this study was to compare the corneal cell viability and thickness of LASIK flaps created by 3 femtosecond lasers in eye-bank human corneas.

An analysis of donor semen quality in Chongqing Human Sperm Bank.

To evaluate the quality of the donor semen in Chongqing Human Sperm Bank and the influence of age on semen parameters.

What is the optimal surgical strategy for Stanford Type A acute aortic dissection in patients with a patent false lumen at the descending aorta?

Aggressive total arch replacement (TAR) to obtain thrombosis of the distal false lumen (FL) in patients with Stanford Type A acute aortic dissection, particularly with a patent FL at the descending aorta, is discussed. The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of our strategy.

Effect of Using Ergobrass Ergonomic Supports on Postural Muscles in Trumpet, Trombone, and French Horn Players.

Though ergonomic supports are widely used for many groups of instruments, they are rare for brass instruments, despite the instruments' considerable weight. Musculoskeletal injury and postural problems are common among this group, and so, both adult and young players are likely to benefit from supports that reduce the load placed on the body. This study assessed the effects on postural muscle activity of a recently developed range of supports (Ergobrass) that use a rod to transfer the weight of the instrume...

Sand dune stabilization changes the vegetation characteristics and soil seed bank and their correlations with environmental factors.

Currently the amount of data available on the effect of sand dune stabilization on species conservation in inter-dune lowland is very limited, especially for the sand dune systems in semi-arid regions. In this study, we determined whether the characteristics of above-ground vegetation, soil seed bank and their relationships with environmental factors changed with sand dune stabilization in the inter-dune lowlands in Horqin Sandy Land, China. Species composition, abundance and coverage of aboveground vegetat...

Precut DMEK Using Dextran-Containing Storage Medium Is Equivalent to Conventional DMEK: A Prospective Pilot Study.

To compare the clinical outcome after Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK) either as precut or conventional Descemet membrane graft preparation under standard European eye bank organ culture conditions.

Host-parasite coevolution can promote the evolution of seed banking as a bet-hedging strategy.

Seed (egg) banking is a common bet-hedging strategy maximizing the fitness of organisms facing environmental unpredictability by the delayed emergence of offspring. Yet, this condition often requires fast and drastic stochastic shifts between good and bad years. We hypothesize that the host seed banking strategy can evolve in response to coevolution with parasites because the coevolutionary cycles promote a gradually changing environment over longer times than seed persistence. We study the evolution of hos...

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