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Multiple imputation of missing data in nested case-control and case-cohort studies.

The nested case-control and case-cohort designs are two main approaches for carrying out a substudy within a prospective cohort. This article adapts multiple imputation (MI) methods for handling missing covariates in full-cohort studies for nested case-control and case-cohort studies. We consider data missing by design and data missing by chance. MI analyses that make use of full-cohort data and MI analyses based on substudy data only are described, alongside an intermediate approach in which the imputation...

VA Announces Plan to Improve Worst-Performing Medical Centers.

Advantage of laparoscopic resection for pelvic Schwannoma: Case report and review of the literature.

Single pelvic schwannomas are rare tumor arising from the retrorectal, lateral or obturatory space. Laparoscopic approach to schwannoma located in lateral pelvic space has been previously described only in one case report. We present a case of a successful laparoscopic resection of pelvic schwannoma emphasizing the advantages of such a minimal invasive approach.

Case Studies in Exercise and Sport Sciences: A Powerful Tool to Bridge the Science-Practice Gap.

Despite the progress made by the scientific exercise community in collaborating and communicating with non-scientist coaches, there is room for improvement. Coaches find research difficult to understand, feel that their interests are not being addressed by exercise research, and rely on peer-discussion to further their coaching knowledge base while consuming little peer-reviewed articles. One useful strategy to bridge the science-practice gap is with case-studies. In addition to furthering our understanding...

A Child with a Rare Extraosseous Extension and Pathologic Fracture from a Vertebral Hemangioma: A Case Report.

We present a case of a pathologic vertebral fracture and encroachment into the spinal canal from a vertebral hemangioma in a 13-year-old boy. The original approach of embolization followed by an anterior-posterior resection and stabilization through a costotransversectomy had to be converted intraoperatively to a combined anterior and posterior approach secondary to excessive bleeding.

Regression analysis for secondary response variable in a case-cohort study.

Case-cohort study design has been widely used for its cost-effectiveness. In any real study, there are always other important outcomes of interest beside the failure time that the original case-cohort study is based on. How to utilize the available case-cohort data to study the relationship of a secondary outcome with the primary exposure obtained through the case-cohort study is not well studied. In this article, we propose a non-parametric estimated likelihood approach for analyzing a secondary outcome in...

Update on the effect of exogenous hormone use on glioma risk in women: a meta-analysis of case-control and cohort studies.

Various studies have confirmed the important roles of endogenous hormones in the development of gliomas, while the roles of exogenous hormones remain controversial. Based on case-control studies and cohort studies, a meta-analysis was exerted to explore the effect of two exogenous hormones use (HRT: hormone replacement therapy; OC: oral contraceptives) on glioma risk. 16 eligible studies, including 11 case-control studies and 5 cohort studies, containing 8055027 women, were included in our study. All includ...

Correcting for batch effects in case-control microbiome studies.

High-throughput data generation platforms, like mass-spectrometry, microarrays, and second-generation sequencing are susceptible to batch effects due to run-to-run variation in reagents, equipment, protocols, or personnel. Currently, batch correction methods are not commonly applied to microbiome sequencing datasets. In this paper, we compare different batch-correction methods applied to microbiome case-control studies. We introduce a model-free normalization procedure where features (i.e. bacterial taxa) i...

A left thoracic approach in a prone position for thoracoscopic thoracic duct ligation in a patient with post-esophagectomy chylothorax: A case report.

We debate whether or not to approach from right thorax for the left chylothorax after esophagectomy.

Endoscopic transpterygoid approach to a mass in a child.

The endoscopic transterygoid approach to the petrous apex is a feasible/alternative approach in carefully selected patients with specific favorable anatomy, even children. This approach, unlike traditional approaches, spares cochlear and vestibular function. We report a case of a six-year-old boy with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of the petrous apex that was diagnosed via the endoscopic transpterygoid approach.

Case Study - Case Studies in Cystinuria.

The diagnosis and treatment of patients with rare inherited metabolic disorders associated with recurrent and often obstructive kidney stones are important to the prevention of chronic kidney disease or end stage renal disease. Two case studies in this article describe the diagnosis and management of cystinuria, the most common rare kidney stone disorder.

The Default Position: Optimizing Pediatric Participation in Medical Decision Making.

Inclusion of children in medical decision making, to the extent of their ability and interest in doing so, should be the default position, ensuring that children are routinely given a voice. However, optimizing the involvement of children in their health care decisions remains challenging for clinicians. Missing from the literature is a stepwise approach to assessing when and how a child should be included in medical decision making. We propose a systematic approach for doing so, and we apply this approach ...

Integrated rare variant-based risk gene prioritization in disease case-control sequencing studies.

Rare variants of major effect play an important role in human complex diseases and can be discovered by sequencing-based genome-wide association studies. Here, we introduce an integrated approach that combines the rare variant association test with gene network and phenotype information to identify risk genes implicated by rare variants for human complex diseases. Our data integration method follows a 'discovery-driven' strategy without relying on prior knowledge about the disease and thus maintains the unb...

Bias due to differential participation in case-control studies and review of available approaches for adjustment.

Low response rates in epidemiologic research potentially lead to the recruitment of a non-representative sample of controls in case-control studies. Problems in the unbiased estimation of odds ratios arise when characteristics causing the probability of participation are associated with exposure and outcome. This is a specific setting of selection bias and a realistic hazard in many case-control studies. This paper formally describes the problem and shows its potential extent, reviews existing approaches fo...

UHMS announces position statement on low-pressure, soft-sided hyperbaric chambers.

Misclassification of Case Control Studies in Neurosurgery and Proposed Solutions.

Case control and cohort studies are common research designs in neurosurgery. But the term "case-control study" (CCS) is frequently misused in the neurosurgical literature with many articles reported as CCS, even though their methodology does not respect the basic components of a CCS. We sought to estimate the extent of these discrepancies in neurosurgical literature, explore factors contributing to mislabeling and shed some light on study design reporting.

John Charnley Award: Randomized Clinical Trial of Direct Anterior and Miniposterior Approach THA: Which Provides Better Functional Recovery?

The choice of surgical approach for THA remains controversial. Some studies suggest that the direct anterior approach (DAA) leads to less muscle damage than the miniposterior approach (MPA), but there is little high-quality evidence indicating whether this accelerates recovery, or whether this approach-which may be technically more demanding-is associated with component malposition or more complications.

Dysphagia in the Elderly Following Anterior Cervical Surgery: A Multidisciplinary Approach.

Dysphagia is a risk factor for adverse health outcomes like aspiration, recurrent chest infections and malnutrition. Here, we describe a case of an 82-year-old lady who presented with a two-month history of dysphagia after an anterior odontoid screw fixation for a type II odontoid process fracture. This case highlights the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

Comment to: Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis associated with mitochondrial disease by Lim et al. in Clin Nephrol Case Stud. 2017; 5: 20-25.

Not available.

Assessing Gaussian Process Regression and Permutationally Invariant Polynomial Approaches to Represent High-Dimensional Potential Energy Surfaces.

The mathematical representation of large data sets of electronic energies has seen substantial progress in the past ten or so years. The so-called Permutationally Invariant Polynomial (PIP) representation is one established approach. This approach dates from 2003, when a global potential energy surface (PES) for CH + 5 was reported using a basis of polynomials that are invariant with respect to the 120 permutations of the ve equivalent H atoms. More recently, several approaches from \machine learning" have ...

Research Techniques Made Simple: Pharmacoepidemiology Research Methods in Dermatology.

Clinical trials have several important limitations for evaluating the safety of new medications, leading to many adverse events not being identified until the postmarketing period. Descriptive studies, including case reports, case series, cross-sectional, and ecologic studies, help identify potential safety signals and generate hypotheses. Further research using analytic study methods, including case-control studies and cohort studies, are necessary to determine if an association truly exists and to better ...

Karakousis's abdominoinguinal approach for the treatment of a primary retroperitoneal parasitic leiomyoma with inguinal extension. A case report.

Primary retroperitoneal parasitic leiomyoma (PRPL) with inguinal extension is a diagnostic-therapeutic challenge due to its uncertain etiopathogenesis and because it has been considered unresectable according to customary surgical techniques in some instances. The abdominoinguinal incision described by Karakousis in the 1980s allows a safe and radical approach for lower quadrants abdominopelvic tumors.

Airway Management of Near-Complete Tracheal Transection by Through-the-Wound Intubation: A Case Report.

We present an approach to airway management in a patient with machete injuries culminating in near-complete cricotracheal transection, in addition to a gunshot wound to the neck. Initial airway was established by direct intubation through the cricotracheal wound. Once the airway was secured, a bronchoscopy-guided orotracheal intubation was performed with simultaneous retraction of the cricotracheal airway to optimize the surgical field. This case offers insight into a rarely performed approach to airway man...

A giant mediastinal liposarcoma weighing 3500g resected with clam shell approach, a case report with review of literature.

Liposarcoma is rare in the mediastinum and is less than 1% of all mediastinal tumors. In the present report, we demonstrated our case and summarized the principal treatment of the mediastinal liposarcoma with literature review.

Dyspnoea, thoracic pain and fever in a young caucasian female: A case report.

The diagnostic approach to patients with mediastinal pathology is not always simple and an improper diagnostic work-up can lead to significant diagnosis delay.

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