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Robust minimal matching rules for quasicrystals.

A unified framework is proposed for dealing with matching rules of quasiperiodic patterns, relevant for both tiling models and real-world quasicrystals. The approach is intended for extraction and validation of a minimal set of matching rules, directly from the phased diffraction data. The construction yields precise values for the spatial density of distinct atomic positions and tolerates the presence of defects in a robust way.

The limited predictive power of the Pauling rules.

The Pauling rules have been used for decades to rationalize the crystal structures of ionic compounds. Despite their importance, there has been so far no statistical assessment of the performances of these five empirical rules. Here, we test rigorously and automatically all five Pauling rules for a large data set of around 5000 known oxides. We discuss each Pauling rule separately stressing their limits and range of application in terms of chemistries and structures. We conclude that only 13% of the oxides ...

Groups as institutions: The use of constitutive rules to attribute group membership.

Across four experiments we tested children's (N = 229, aged 4-9) beliefs about what makes an individual a member of a group. One model (groups as institutions) predicts children believe groups are based on constitutive rules, i.e. collectively agreed-upon rules that ground membership. Another model (groups as social network) predicts children believe groups are based on patterns of social relationships. We tested whether and to what extent children rely on constitutive rules to attribute group membershi...

Evolution of the Genetic Code: the Ambiguity-reduction Theory.

The experimental evidence has shown that the genetic code is based on arbitrary, or conventional, rules, in the sense that any codon can be associated to any amino acid, and this means that there is no deterministic link between them. This is in sharp contrast with the traditional paradigm of the stereochemical theory, which claims that the rules of the genetic code were determined by chemistry, and more precisely by stereochemical affinities between codons and amino acids. The discovery that the genetic co...

ANFIS Construction With Sparse Data via Group Rule Interpolation.

A major assumption for constructing an effective adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) is that sufficient training data are available. However, in many real-world applications, this assumption may not hold, thereby requiring alternative approaches. In light of this observation, this article focuses on automated construction of ANFISs in an effort to enhance the potential of the Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy regression models for situations where only limited training data are available. In particular,...

Memory for Rules and Output Monitoring in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This study examined factors related to repetitive errors in people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from the perspective of output monitoring and memory for rules. Previous studies have suggested that output monitoring errors are associated with repetition errors. Moreover, people with ASD have a reduced memory for rules, which could result in repetitive errors. Typically developing (TD) and ASD participants memorized rules and conducted an object arrangement task consisting of sorting objects according ...

Stakeholder perceptions of a new model of care for medication supply at hospital discharge.

Problems relating to patients' medication are common during hospital discharge, often resulting in unnecessary harm to patients and even hospital readmission. To overcome these issues and improve patient discharge, an evidence-based approach was used to develop an innovative model of care for the supply of medication at hospital discharge. The model increases pharmacy involvement, uses community pharmacies in the supply process and encourages patient follow-up after discharge. This study aimed to determine ...

Do Patients Suffering an Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Present to the Ambulance Service With Symptoms in the Preceding 48hrs ?

In-hospital cardiac arrests are often preceded by a period of physiological deterioration that has often gone unnoticed. We proposed that the same might be true for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) where ambulance crews leave patients at home who then subsequently go on to suffer a cardiac arrest.

Putting Codman's lesson to work: Measuring and improving the quality of Italian mental health care.

In the early 1900s Ernest Amory Codman, a surgeon from Boston, proposed that physicians should not only measure what they did in the hospital but also track the results of their work over time. He was strongly criticized from his colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital when he proposed that data on physician and hospital performance should be released to the public: "I am called eccentric for saying in public that hospitals, if they wish to be sure of improvement, must find out what their results are. ...

Acute postcesarean pain is associated with in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding, length of stay and post-partum depression.

The primary aim of the proposed study was to determine the association between postoperative pain and breastfeeding after cesarean delivery during hospital stay.

Exact Passive-Aggressive Algorithms for Ordinal Regression Using Interval Labels.

In this article, we propose exact passive-aggressive (PA) online algorithms for ordinal regression. The proposed algorithms can be used even when we have interval labels instead of actual labels for example. The proposed algorithms solve a convex optimization problem at every trial. We find an exact solution to those optimization problems to determine the updated parameters. We propose a support class algorithm (SCA) that finds the active constraints using the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker (KKT) conditions of the opti...

A leader-follower model for discrete competitive facility location problem under the partially proportional rule with a threshold.

When consumers are faced with the choice of competitive chain facilities that offer exclusive services, current rules do not properly describe the behavior pattern of these consumers. To eliminate the gap between the current rules and this kind of customers behavior pattern, the partially proportional rule with a threshold is proposed in this paper. A leader-follower model for discrete competitive facility location problem is established under the partially proportional rule with a threshold. Combining with...

Call for Data Standardization: Lessons Learned and Recommendations in an Imaging Study.

Data sharing creates potential cost savings, supports data aggregation, and facilitates reproducibility to ensure quality research; however, data from heterogeneous systems require retrospective harmonization. This is a major hurdle for researchers who seek to leverage existing data. Efforts focused on strategies for data interoperability largely center around the use of standards but ignore the problems of competing standards and the value of existing data. Interoperability remains reliant on retrospective...

Paradoxical Cardiorenal Responses Following Acute Vasodilator/Natriuretic Treatment in Presystolic Heart Failure: Should We Be Surprised?

A generative growth model for thalamocortical axonal branching in primary visual cortex.

Axonal morphology displays large variability and complexity, yet the canonical regularities of the cortex suggest that such wiring is based on the repeated initiation of a small set of genetically encoded rules. Extracting underlying developmental principles can hence shed light on what genetically encoded instructions must be available during cortical development. Within a generative model, we investigate growth rules for axonal branching patterns in cat area 17, originating from the lateral geniculate nuc...

The Need for Interoperability in the Perioperative Environment.

Learning in Humans versus Hierarchies.

Organizations worldwide as well as scholars in business, psychology, medicine, and the social sciences are racing to identify the rules that drive organizational innovation vs status quo, the rules that drive employee engagement vs oppression, and the rules that drive effective leadership vs micromanagement. This phenomenon is burgeoning because relying on instinctive leadership alone leaves organizations susceptible to the possibility of ineffectual leadership in their hierarchies. To identify these rules,...

Staff sizing in the material and sterilization center of a university hospital.

To apply the standard time parameters of nursing activities proposed by COFEN Resolution No. 543/2017 to determine the number of nursing technicians in the material and sterilization center of a university hospital and compare the projected framework with the existing one in the sector.

Diagnostic Performance of the Basic and Advanced Life Support Termination of Resuscitation rules: A Systematic Review and Diagnostic Meta-Analysis.

To minimize termination of resuscitation (TOR) in potential survivors, the desired positive predictive value (PPV) for mortality and specificity of universal TOR-rules are ≥99%. In lack of a quantitative summary of the collective evidence, we performed a diagnostic meta-analysis to provide an overall estimate of the performance of the basic and advanced life support (BLS and ALS) termination rules.

Pre-hospital pain management; a systematic review of proposed guidelines.

A standard guideline concerning pre-hospital pain management is still a matter of discussion. Therefore, the current umbrella review is determined to perform a comprehensive search in databases and Grey literature and collect and summarize the guidelines and protocols dealing with prehospital pain management.

Aggregating the syntactic and semantic similarity of healthcare data towards their transformation to HL7 FHIR through ontology matching.

Healthcare systems deal with multiple challenges in releasing information from data silos, finding it almost impossible to be implemented, maintained and upgraded, with difficulties ranging in the technical, security and human interaction fields. Currently, the increasing availability of health data is demanding data-driven approaches, bringing the opportunities to automate healthcare related tasks, providing better disease detection, more accurate prognosis, faster clinical research advance and better fit ...

Knowledge-based best of breed approach for automated detection of clinical events based on German free text digital hospital discharge letters.

The secondary use of medical data contained in electronic medical records, such as hospital discharge letters, is a valuable resource for the improvement of clinical care (e.g. in terms of medication safety) or for research purposes. However, the automated processing and analysis of medical free text still poses a huge challenge to available natural language processing (NLP) systems. The aim of this study was to implement a knowledge-based best of breed approach, combining a terminology server with integrat...

Advanced P Wave Detection in Ecg Signals During Pathology: Evaluation in Different Arrhythmia Contexts.

Reliable P wave detection is necessary for accurate and automatic electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis. Currently, methods for P wave detection in physiological conditions are well-described and efficient. However, methods for P wave detection during pathology are not generally found in the literature, or their performance is insufficient. This work introduces a novel method, based on a phasor transform, as well as innovative rules that improve P wave detection during pathology. These rules are based on the ext...

Bio Shock Index: Proposal and Rationale for a New Predictive Tool for In-hospital Mortality in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients.

We proposed a novel prognostic tool for the prediction of in-hospital mortality based on combination of hemodynamic parameters and biomarker in patients with TBI. We hypothesize that combination of shock index (SI) with high sensitive troponin T (HsTnT), the Bio-SI, has better prognostic power than its individual components.

Strategic room type allocation for nursing wards through Markov chain modeling.

Providing patients with the best possible care is the most essential function of any hospital. In an increasing number of countries, hospitals are governed by the number of patients they are able to attract and the corresponding services they provide for patients. One such service, which is often of significant importance for patients, is the option to choose their room type. Hospital decision makers would benefit from a strategic method for optimizing the configuration of room types among nursing wards by ...

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