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The expanding role of imaging in the diagnosis and management of sports injuries.

Medical imaging has an increasing role in the early diagnosis and management of sports injuries. Post-injury management decisions are becoming more heavily dependent on imaging findings. Timely use of appropriate imaging for sports injuries is required for optimal outcomes.

Evaluation and Management of Sports-Related Eye Injuries.

Ocular injuries occur at a high rate in the United States and are a common complaint in the emergency department (ED). The CDC estimates that the annual rate for all-cause ocular injuries presenting to the ED is approximately 37.6 per 10,000 (1). The personal impact of ocular injury is an obvious one which necessitates urgent evaluation and possibly emergent ophthalmologic evaluation for vision preserving intervention. Specific sports and recreational activities increase the risk of injury; these include sp...

Current Evidence for Acute Pain Management of Musculoskeletal Injuries and Postoperative Pain in Pediatric and Adolescent Athletes.

Sports-related injuries in young athletes are increasingly prevalent with an estimated 2.6 million children and adolescents sustaining a sports-related injury annually. Acute sports-related injuries and surgical correction of sports-related injuries cause physical pain and psychological burdens on pediatric athletes and their families. This article aims to evaluate current acute pain management options in pediatric athletes and acute pain management strategies for postoperative pain after sports-related inj...

Consensus Statement on Sports-Related Concussions in Youth Sports Using a Modified Delphi Approach.

Given the importance of sports-related concussions among youth athletes, the rapid progress of research on this topic over the last decade, and the need to provide further guidance to youth athletes, their families, medical professionals, and athletic personnel and organizations, a panel of experts undertook a modified Delphi consensus process to summarize the current literature and provide recommendations regarding the prevention, assessment, and management of sports-related concussions for young athletes.

Field Management of Facial Injuries in Sports.

This study reviews the epidemiology, diagnostic heuristics, and field management of sports-related facial injuries for sideline physicians.Facial injuries account for 3% to 29% of sports injuries, and sports injuries account for 11.3% to 42.1% of facial fractures. In a previous series, fractures of the nasal bone were the most common in all sports (40%-60.5%); mandibular fractures were common in martial arts (33.3%) and soccer (11.1%), orbital bone fractures were common in basketball (20.0%), ice sports (18...

An Examination of 4 Questions Assessing Self-reported Concussions Among High School Students Participating in Team Sports.

Current prevalence estimates of youth sports-related concussions are inconsistent because of variation in methodology and potentially unreported concussions.

Soil greenhouse gas emissions from Australian sports fields.

Managed turf is a potential net source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While most studies to date have focused on non-sports turf, sports turf may pose an even greater risk of high GHG emissions due to the generally more intensive fertiliser, irrigation and mowing regimes. This study used manual and automated chambers to measure nitrous oxide (NO) and methane (CH) emissions from three sports fields and an area of non-sports turf in southern Australia. Over 213 days (autumn to late spring), the average d...

Evaluation and Management of Sports-Related Lacerations of the Head and Neck.

Soft tissue injuries to the head and neck are a common occurrence in sports. These anatomical regions are somewhat predisposed because of the "athletic stance" that is utilized in many close-contact sports. Although appropriate use of protective equipment, including mouth guards, helmets, and face shields, has reduced the incidence and severity of these injuries, they still occur regularly. To provide appropriate medical care, one must possess adequate knowledge of the superficial and deep anatomical struct...

Winter sports : from an emergency service to a general practitioner's office.

In an alpine region, the winter season has a major impact on the daily practice of both an emergency department and a general practice. During the 2017-2018 season, we have listed the consultations caused by winter sports, whether traumatological or medical. The vast majority are ambulatory. Initial care and follow-up can usually be performed by a primary care physician. In this paper, we will outline the management of the knee and acromioclavicular sprain, two frequent lesions in the winter sports setting.

Sports Injuries of the Hand, Wrist, and Elbow.

Sports injuries of the upper extremity are a common problem seen by those who care for athletes and those who manage upper extremity injuries. The term "high-level athlete" may include adolescents and high school students, collegiate athletes, and of course, the professional athlete. However, the "weekend warrior" can sustain similar injuries and can have a similar desire to return to play as quickly as possible. The challenge in management of these injuries to the elbow, wrist, and hand is identifying thos...

Prospective Randomized Comparison of Capsular Management Techniques During Hip Arthroscopy.

Capsular management during hip arthroscopy remains controversial. Studies evaluating this topic consist mostly of retrospective comparative reviews of prospectively gathered data on a large series of patients.

Influence of Demographic and Psychological Factors on Attitudes Toward Sport Betting Among Young Adults in Southwest Nigeria.

Prediction and wager on the outcome of games/matches are known as sports betting. Positive attitudes toward sports betting may, in the long run, predict sports betting behavior and gambling-related problems. This study, therefore, examined the influence of gender, age, sports betting knowledge and peer-based gambling on attitudes toward sports betting among young adults in Nigeria. The ex-post facto design was adopted in this cross-sectional survey. The participants were 749 students (42.9% females) of a la...

Common Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries.

Participation in skiing, and especially snowboarding, continues to rise. As participation and level of competition in these winter sports increases, the number of injuries increases as well. Upper-extremity injuries are more common in snowboarding, whereas lower-extremity injuries are more common in skiing. Head injuries, particularly concussions, are common in both sports. Special consideration in these sports should be given to environmental conditions, such as high altitude and ultraviolet radiation. The...

Management of related contact sport mTBI.

Sports and hobbies are important cause of accident and the incidence of reported traumatic brain injury is about 10 000 case/years in Switzerland. Hockey and handball are very high-risk contact sports. The term « mild traumatic brain injury » (mTBI) involves a patient with an initial Glasgow coma scale between 13 and 15. Signs and symptoms are variable and non-specific. They extend to loss of consciousness to neurocognitive disorders. TBI are potentially life threatening. Therefore, their management...

Why Youth Sports Culture Persists and How We Can Change It.

Body Clocks, Jet Lag, and Sports Performance: The Times of Our Lives.

Return to Play and Long-term Participation in Pivoting Sports After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a common and feared injury among athletes because of its potential effect on further sports participation. Reported rates of return to pivoting sports after ACL reconstruction (ACLR) vary in the literature, and the long-term consequences of returning have rarely been studied.

Sports participation improves metabolic profile in adolescents: ABCD growth study.

To analyze the impact of participation in sports with different cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) demands on changes in metabolic and cardiovascular markers in adolescents. Longitudinal study with 12 months of follow-up (Analysis of Behaviors of Children During Growth [ABCD Growth Study]). Overall, 184 adolescents (age 15.6 ± 2.1) were classified according to sports participation: non-sport (control), low CRF sports, and high CRF sports. Metabolic outcomes were total cholesterol (TC) and its fractions,...

Functional knee stability in non-elite handball: balance and jump performance differ based on players' position.

Despite the great evolvement of sports medicine, there is still a lack of consensus among sports physicians regarding the decision of return to sports after knee injury, especially in non-elite sports. Currently, no sport-specific reference data for an objective reliable evaluation of functional knee stability exist. The purpose of this study was to assess objective measures on knee joint stability from an established test battery in non-elite handball. It was assumed that players' knee stability differs de...

Epidemiology and Outcomes of Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury in Children.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of pediatric disability that results in many emergency department visits. The risk of TBI is high while playing sports. The aim of this study was to examine the demographics and clinical characteristics of sports-related TBI.

Teen with Psychiatric Diagnoses Improves After Eliminating Medications and Initiating Endurance Sports Training.

Sports Science Advance.

An experimental study on perceptions of energy drink ads among youth and young adults in Canada.

Current regulations in Canada prohibit the marketing of caffeinated energy drinks (CEDs) for use during sports, with alcohol, and by children. The study examined perceptions of CED ads in association with sports and alcohol use, as well as target age groups. An online survey was conducted in 2015 with youth and young adults aged 12-24 years (n = 2,010). Participants completed three experiments in which they were randomized to view CED advertisements: 1) sports/party-themed ads, 2) sports-themed ad, and ...

Open Surgical Management of Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome of the Leg.

The purpose of this study is to present one institution's experience managing chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) and to identify patient and surgical characteristics associated with better outcomes following open surgical management of CECS with specific emphasis on return to sports.

Are primary school children attending full-day school still engaged in sports clubs?

Schools and organized sports both offer great chances to promote physical activity among children. Full-day schools particularly allow for extensive participation in extra-curricular physical activities. However, due to time reasons, full-day schools may also prevent children from engagement in organized sports outside school. There is only little national and international research addressing the possible competition of full-day schools and providers of organized sports outside school and the potential eff...

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