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America's First Defense and the Origin of the Black Rage Syndrome.

The 1843 verdict led to reformulation of the British criminal insanity standard, which American jurisdictions noted. In 1846, New York State tried William Freeman for slaying several members of the Van Nest family at their home near Auburn, New York. Mr. Freeman had been obsessed with false imprisonment for horse theft. His defense attorney, former governor William Seward, sought an insanity verdict, citing reaction to racist maltreatment as the cause. Though Mr. Freeman was impaired, a jury found him comp...

A Man (or a Woman) is Known by the Company He/She Keeps.

Reductions in ATPase activity, actin sliding velocity and myofibril stability yield muscle dysfunction in Drosophila models of myosin-based Freeman Sheldon syndrome.

Using Drosophila melanogaster we created the first animal models for myosin-based Freeman Sheldon Syndrome, a dominant form of distal arthrogryposis defined by congenital facial and distal skeletal muscle contractures. Electron microscopy of homozygous mutant indirect flight muscles showed normal (Y583S) or altered (T178I, R672C) myofibril assembly, followed by progressive disruption of the myofilament lattice. In contrast, all alleles permitted normal myofibril assembly in the heterozygous state, but cause...

After 40+ Years, Company's Focus Remains High-Quality, Reliable Replacement Parts.

Partnering With an Online Program Management Company: Heresy, Innovative Entrepreneurship, or an Evolving Mind-Set?

Notes from the Field: Lead Exposures Among Employees at a Bullet Manufacturing Company - Missouri, 2017.

Engaging Stakeholders at Every Opportunity: The Experience of the Emergency Law Inventory.

Engaging directly with stakeholders in the emergency preparedness and response volunteer workforce is the best way to ensure that informational resources reflect their needs and preferences. Freeman et al. present a framework for stakeholder engagement that favors a collaborative approach. In this framework, the activities (i.e., examining stakeholder relations, communicating with stakeholders, and learning with stakeholders) result in integrative stakeholder engagement. Furthermore, stakeholder engagement ...

Response to D. E. Freeman's letter: Bias in statistics or bias in equine veterinary medicine?

Assessment of Pharmaceutical Company and Device Manufacturer Payments to Gastroenterologists and Their Participation in Clinical Practice Guideline Panels.

Payments from pharmaceutical and device manufacturers to physicians may influence the advice physicians give patients and peers.

Developing Two Culture of Health Measurement Tools: Examining Employers' Efforts to Influence Population Health Inside and Outside Company Walls.

To develop tools that quantify employers' investment in building cultures of health (COH) - inside and outside company walls.

Myosin heavy chain mutations that cause Freeman-Sheldon syndrome lead to muscle structural and functional defects in Drosophila.

Missense mutations in the MYH3 gene encoding myosin heavy chain-embryonic (MyHC-embryonic) have been reported to cause two skeletal muscle contracture syndromes, Freeman Sheldon Syndrome (FSS) and Sheldon Hall Syndrome (SHS). Two residues in MyHC-embryonic that are most frequently mutated, leading to FSS, R672 and T178, are evolutionarily conserved across myosin heavy chains in vertebrates and Drosophila. We generated transgenic Drosophila expressing myosin heavy chain (Mhc) transgenes with the FSS mutation...

Abacavir Hypersensitivity Reaction Reporting Rates During a Decade of HLA-B*5701 Screening as a Risk Mitigation Measure.

HLA-B*5701 screening identifies patients at increased risk for abacavir (ABC) hypersensitivity reaction (HSR). Screening was adopted in GlaxoSmithKline and ViiV Healthcare clinical trials in 2007 and HIV treatment guidelines in 2008. Company meta-analyses of trials pre-HLA-B*5701 screening reported HSR rates of 4% to 8%. We analyzed the effectiveness of HLA-B*5701 screening on reducing HSR rates using clinical trial, observational (OPERA) cohort, and spontaneous reporting data.

A tolerability assessment of new respiratory protective devices developed for health care personnel: A randomized simulated clinical study.

U.S. health care personnel (HCP) have reported that some respiratory protective devices (RPD) commonly used in health care have suboptimal tolerability. Between 2012 and 2016, the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the Veterans Health Administration collaborated with two respirator manufacturers, Company A and B, to bring new RPD with improved tolerability to the U.S. health care marketplace. The purpose of this study was to compare the tolerability of four new prototype RPD to ...

Bad Company: Microenvironmentally Mediated Resistance to Targeted Therapy in Melanoma.

This review will focus on the role of the tumor microenvironment (TME) in the development of drug resistance in melanoma. Resistance to mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitors (MAPKi) in melanoma is observed months after treatment, a phenomenon that is often attributed to the incredible plasticity of melanoma cells but may also depend on the TME. The TME is unique in its cellular composition - it contains fibroblasts, immune cells, endothelial cells, adipocytes and amongst others. In addition, the TME p...

Trust-what Connects Science to Daily Life.

Seven years have passed since the Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant disaster in March 2011. The actions taken by the Japanese government, such as issuing evacuation orders and setting decontamination and food safety standards, created huge confusion in society that led to a breakdown of trust. The residents of Suetsugi, a small village located about 30 km south of the plant, sought to understand and overcome the effects of radiation by measuring contamination and personal d...

Epidemiologic challenges in norovirus vaccine development.

Norovirus is the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) worldwide. In the United States norovirus is estimated to cause 19-21 million illnesses, 1.7-1.9 million outpatient visits, 56,000-71,000 hospitalizations, and 570-800 deaths annually. Through direct costs and loss of productivity, norovirus disease cost the US economy more than $5.5 billion annually. Due to the lack of available therapies to treat norovirus infections and their highly infectious nature, preventing norovirus illness through va...

Toward Understanding Cerebral Blood Flow during Cardiopulmonary Bypass: Implications for the Central Nervous System.

Factors and Their Influence on Regional Cerebral Blood Flow during Nonpulsatile Cardiopulmonary Bypass. By Govier AV, Reves JG, McKay RD, Karp RB, Zorn GL, Morawetz RB, Smith LR, Adams M, and Freeman AM. Ann Thorac Surg. 1984; 38:609-13. Reprinted with permission.In this study, we examined the relationship of regional cerebral blood flow (CBF) to mean arterial pressure, systemic blood flow, partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide (PaCO2), nasopharyngeal temperature, and hemoglobin during hypothermic non...

Reply to "Incidence, risk factors, and prevention of stoma site incisional hernias: a systematic review and meta-analysis".

I read with great interest the systematic review and meta-analysis by Lambrichts et al, and congratulate them for a comprehensive study on stoma site incisional hernias. However, I wish to highlight a few points regarding their methodology. The authors have performed a prevalence meta-analysis of incisional hernias after stoma reversal. It is unclear, however, how the authors derived these figures from a statistical standpoint. Did the authors consider calculating pooled prevalence and their 95% confidence...

Using UV light for adhesive remnant removal after debonding of orthodontic accessories.

The objective of this study was to assess the effect of a UV light-based auxiliary illumination on adhesive remnant (AR) removal after orthodontic debonding. Sixty human molars were divided according to the adhesive used for bonding: O-opaque; LF-low fluorescence; and HF-high fluorescence. After debonding, the teeth were subdivided according to the AR removal method: No UV light or With UV light. After AR removal, the teeth were polished. Direct visual analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and time q...

Evaluation of a Novel Chromogenic Selective Medium for the Improved Detection of Campylobacter from Stool Samples.

BD mCCDA Clear-HT (CCHT; Nippon Becton Dickinson Company, Ltd.) , a novel chromogenic selective medium was evaluated for its superior capacity to isolate Campylobacter jejuni/ coli. When CCHT was assessed using 142 microbes including 42 Campylobacter jejuni/ coli strains, all Campylobacter strains were found to form purple-colored colonies on CCHT whereas all the other microbes failed to grow. CCTH was then compared with commercially available selective media using 100 stool samples including 40 Campylobact...

From ash pond to Riverside Wetlands: Making the business case for engineered natural technologies.

The 2015 announcement of The Dow Chemical Company's (Dow) Valuing Nature Goal, which aims to identify $1 billion in business value from projects that are better for nature, gives nature a spot at the project design table. To support this goal, Dow and The Nature Conservancy have extended their long-standing collaboration and are now working to develop a defensible methodology to support the implementation of the goal. This paper reviews the nature valuation methodology framework developed by the Collaborati...

Wars and wonders: the inter-island information networks of Georg Everhard Rumphius.

How did one man living on an island come to acquire information about the rest of the vast archipelago? This article traces the inter-island information networks of Georg Everhard Rumphius (1627-1702), an employee of the Dutch East India Company, who was able to explore the natural world of the wider archipelago without ever leaving the Moluccan island of Ambon. This article demonstrates the complexities of Rumphius's inter-island networks, as he collected information about plants and objects from islands n...

The Four Horsemen and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).

After the gradual introduction of specialties in medicine in the United States during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) was founded in 1934 to provide specialty regulation (training oversight, examination, and certification). The name reflects the combined practice of psychiatry and neurology that was still present at the time. Directors were nominated by the founding organizations: American Psychiatry Association (APA), American Neurolo...

Conserved pathway activation following xenogeneic, heterotypic fusion.

Fusion between cells of different organisms ( i.e., xenogeneic hybrids) can occur, and for humans this may occur in the course of tissue transplantation, animal handling, and food production. Previous work shows that conferred advantages are rare in xenogeneic hybrids, whereas risks of cellular dysregulation are high. Here, we explore the transcriptome of individual xenogeneic hybrids of human mesenchymal stem cells and murine cardiomyocytes soon after fusion and ask whether the process is stochastic or inv...

Enantiomeric separation of prothioconazole and prothioconazole-desthio on chiral stationary phases.

Prothioconazole is a type of broad-spectrum triazole thione fungicide developed by the Bayer Company. Prothioconazole-desthio is the main metabolite of prothioconazole in the environment. In our study, enantiomeric separation of prothioconazole and prothioconazole-desthio was performed on various chiral stationary phases (CSPs) by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). It was found that polysaccharide CSPs showed better ability than brushing CSPs in enantiomeric separation. The successful chiral sep...

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