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Intimate Partner Homicide of Adolescents.

Intimate partner violence during adolescence is widespread, and consequences can be severe. Intimate partner homicide (IPH) is the most extreme form of intimate partner violence, but literature on IPH has almost exclusively focused on adults.

Time for action: Intimate partner violence troubles one third of Ethiopian women.

Intimate partner violence is a major challenges faced by women especially in developing world. Its consequences range from personal health problems up to countrywide loss of productivity and poverty. There is limited empirical evidence documenting intimate partner violence and underlying reasons in Ethiopia. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the magnitude of intimate partner violence and associated factors in Ethiopia.

The Youden Index in the Generalized Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Context.

The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve and their associated summary indices, such as the Youden index, are statistical tools commonly used to analyze the discrimination ability of a (bio)marker to distinguish between two populations. This paper presents the concept of Youden index in the context of the generalized ROC (gROC) curve for non-monotone relationships. The interval estimation of the Youden index and the associated cutoff points in a parametric (binormal) and a non-parametric setting is ...

The association between intimate partner violence onset and gender-specific depression: A longitudinal study of a nationally representative sample.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a serious social problem that is often hidden, unnoticed or ignored. However, few studies have explored the effects of partner violence onset and/or persistence on the mental health of individuals. Thus, we aimed to investigate the association between IPV onset and depressive symptoms in both married men and women.

It's time to start asking all patients about intimate partner violence.

Many people endure a menacing or violent romantic partner--yet few physicians ask about this risk, or actual harm. Here is a roadmap for screening.

The contribution of mental health and gender attitudes to intimate partner violence in the context of war and displacement: Evidence from a multi-informant couple survey in Iraq.

Intimate partner violence is a prevalent issue in refugee and internally displaced populations in post-war and migration settings including camps in the Middle East. In this context, partner violence has been associated with war-related trauma, camp factors, individual characteristics, and gender attitudes.

Manipulations to practice organization of golf putting skills through interleaved matched or mismatched practice with a partner.

There is some evidence that alternating physical and observational practice with a partner for the same skill can benefit learning compared to practice alone. What has not been studied is whether a partner's interleaved practice impacts multi-skill learning, when the partner either matches or mismatches their partner's skill. Here we manipulated partners' practice schedules of two golf putting skills. Partners practiced the same ("matched") or different skills in alternation ("mismatched"). Based on previou...

Risk of HIV transmission through condomless sex in serodifferent gay couples with the HIV-positive partner taking suppressive antiretroviral therapy (PARTNER): final results of a multicentre, prospective, observational study.

The level of evidence for HIV transmission risk through condomless sex in serodifferent gay couples with the HIV-positive partner taking virally suppressive antiretroviral therapy (ART) is limited compared with the evidence available for transmission risk in heterosexual couples. The aim of the second phase of the PARTNER study (PARTNER2) was to provide precise estimates of transmission risk in gay serodifferent partnerships.

Telepractice communication partner training for health professionals: A randomised trial.

Communication partner training can be beneficial in reducing accessibility barriers for people with aphasia The aim of the present study was to determine whether face-to-face or telepractice (real time video-teleconference system) delivery of a communication partner training program was associated with greater improvements in confidence and knowledge of effective communication strategies among allied health professionals.

The Intergenerational Transmission of Externalizing Behavior: the Importance of a Positive Romantic Partner.

The current study evaluated the influence of a positive romantic partner on the intergenerational transmission of externalizing behavior across generations. The study included 213 generation one (G1) mothers and their adolescent (generation two; G2) who participated from middle adolescence through adulthood, G2's romantic partner in adulthood, and the third-generation (G3) child between ages 3-5 years. Two steps were used to identify the role of G2's romantic partner's positive behavior on the transmission...

Framing advance care planning in Parkinson disease: Patient and care partner perspectives.

Advance care planning (ACP) is a core quality measure in caring for individuals with Parkinson disease (PD) and there are no best practice standards for how to incorporate ACP into PD care. This study describes patient and care partner perspectives on ACP to inform a patient- and care partner-centered framework for clinical care.

Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure of One Eye Stimulates Sympathizing Expression of Neurokinin-1 Receptor but Not Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 in the Partner Eye.

To investigate the influence of unilateral ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure on the unexposed, partner eye in vivo. To characterize the immunological cross-talk between the eyes and verify a sympathizing reaction of the partner eye via a neurokinin-dependent signaling pathway of substance P and its neurokinin-1 receptor (NKR-1) and/or monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1).

STD Partner Services Costs, other Resources, and Strategies across Jurisdictions to Address Unique Epidemic Characteristics and Increased Incidence.

STD partner services (PS) are a core component of STD programs. Data on costs are needed to support PS programming.

Source term calculation and validation for 18F-production with a cyclotron for medical applications at HZDR.

In this document we present the calculation and experimental validation of a source term for F-18 production with a cyclotron for medical applications operating at 18 MeV proton energy and 30 microA proton current. The Monte Carlo codes MCNP6 and FLUKA were used for the calculation of the source term. In addition, the radiation field around the O-18 enriched water target was simulated with the two codes. To validate the radiation field obtained in the simulation, an experimental program has been started usi...

CARLo-7-A plausible biomarker for bladder cancer.

Cancer is defined as undifferentiated and unchecked growth of cells damaging the surrounding tissue. Cancers manifest altered gene expression. Gene expression is regulated by a diverse array of non-protein-coding RNA. Aberrant expression of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) has been recently found to have functional consequences in cancers. In the current study, we report CARLo-7 as the only bladder cancer-specific lncRNA from the CARLos cluster. The expression of this lncRNA correlates with bladder cancer gra...

Organ Doses from CT Localizer Radiographs: Development, Validation, and Application of a Monte Carlo Estimation Technique.

The purpose of this study was to simulate and validate organ doses from different CT localizer radiograph geometries using Monte Carlo methods for a population of patients.

Parallelized Monte-Carlo using graphics processing units to model cylindrical diffusers used in photodynamic therapy: From implementation to validation.

The Monte-Carlo method is the standard method for computing the dosimetry of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Because this technique is highly time-consuming in conventional implementations, several improvements have recently been developed to speed-up simulations. Among the improvements, the use of graphics processing units (GPU) to parallelize algorithms provides a cost-efficient solution to accelerate the Monte-Carlo method. Parallel implementation of Monte-Carlo using GPU technology is describe...


Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a public health crisis, affecting at least 1:4 women and 1:9 men. A recent multi-center trial on universal screening in trauma patients showed similar rates of positive screens between men and women. Few studies have explored the bidirectional violence in opposite sex or same sex relationships. Our goal was to estimate prevalence and risk factors for the most severe manifestation of IPV: intimate partner homicide (IPH).

Greater income inequality is associated with higher rates of intimate partner violence in Latin America.

The aim of the study was to examine the association between income inequality and experiences of past-year intimate partner violence.

The influence of intention and outcome on young children's reciprocal sharing.

This study investigated the influence of underlying intentions and outcomes of a partner's sharing behavior on young children's reciprocity. We provided 3- and 5-year-old children with the opportunity to share with a partner following different treatments of a partner's intention (to share or not to share) that led to different outcomes (children got or did not get stickers from their partner). For the 3-year-olds, we found that the outcome of the previous interaction influenced how much they shared, wherea...

Achieving the first of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 90-90-90 targets: understanding the influence of HIV risk perceptions, knowing one's partner's status and discussion of HIV/sexually transmitted infections with a sexual partner on uptake of HIV testing.

This study assessed how HIV risk perceptions, knowledge of one's partner's status and discussion of HIV/sexually transmitted infections (STIs) with one's sexual partner influence the uptake of HIV testing. Data were obtained from 833 young adults, selected using stratified random sampling in a South African university in 2018. Adjusted and unadjusted logistic regression models were employed to examine determinants of HIV testing uptake. The majority of students (69.9%) had previously tested for HIV, but onl...

Integrating Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing Into Syphilis Partner Services in Mississippi to Improve Human Immunodeficiency Virus Case Finding.

Mississippi has the 10th highest rate of new human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in the United States. The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) integrated partner HIV testing into syphilis partner services (PS) in 2014, but the effectiveness of this as an HIV case finding strategy has not been evaluated.

Mental health of children exposed to intimate partner violence against their mother: A longitudinal study from Brazil.

Exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV) is an important adverse childhood experience, but there are few longitudinal studies in low and middle-income countries.

Women Coping With a Partner's Dementia-Related Violence: A Qualitative Study.

The aim of the present study was to differentiate between the lived experience of two groups of women caregiving for a partner with dementia. One group was coping with lifelong intimate partner violence (IPV) and dementia-related violence (Group 1); the other group was coping with dementia-related violence only (Group 2).

Why cooperation is not running away.

A growing number of experimental and theoretical studies show the importance of partner choice as a mechanism to promote the evolution of cooperation, especially in humans. In this paper, we focus on the question of the precise quantitative level of cooperation that should evolve under this mechanism. When individuals compete to be chosen by others, their level of investment in cooperation evolves towards higher values, a process called competitive altruism, or runaway cooperation. Using a classic adaptive ...

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