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Tracing the interplay between syntactic and lexical features: fMRI evidence from agreement comprehension.

The current fMRI study was designed to investigate whether the processing of different gender-related cues embedded in nouns affects the computation of agreement dependencies and, if so, where this possible interaction is mapped in the brain. We used the Spanish gender agreement system, which makes it possible to manipulate two different factors: the agreement between different sentence constituents (i.e., by contrasting congruent versus incongruent determiner-noun pairs) and the formal (i.e., orthographica...

High-resolution transcription maps reveal the widespread impact of roadblock termination in yeast.

Transcription termination delimits transcription units but also plays important roles in limiting pervasive transcription. We have previously shown that transcription termination occurs when elongating RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) collides with the DNA-bound general transcription factor Reb1. We demonstrate here that many different DNA-binding proteins can induce termination by a similar roadblock (RB) mechanism. We generated high-resolution transcription maps by the direct detection of RNAPII upon nuclear de...

Rapid DNA replication origin licensing protects stem cell pluripotency.

Complete and robust human genome duplication requires loading MCM helicase complexes at many DNA replication origins, an essential process termed origin licensing. Licensing is restricted to G1 phase of the cell cycle, but G1 length varies widely among cell types. Using quantitative single cell analyses we found that pluripotent stem cells with naturally short G1 phases load MCM much faster than their isogenic differentiated counterparts with long G1 phases. During the earliest stages of differentiation tow...

Scope and Nature of Pain- and Analgesia-Related Content of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

"The ongoing opioid crisis lies at the intersection of two substantial public health challenges-reducing the burden of suffering from pain and containing the rising toll of the harms that can result from the use of opioid medications" [1]. Improved pain education for health care providers is an essential component of the multidimensional response to both still-unmet challenges [2,3]. Despite the importance of licensing examinations in assuring competency in health care providers, there has been no prior app...

Dynamics of ribosomes and release factors during translation termination in .

Release factors RF1 and RF2 promote hydrolysis of peptidyl-tRNA during translation termination. The GTPase RF3 promotes recycling of RF1 and RF2. Using single molecule FRET and biochemical assays, we show that ribosome termination complexes that carry two factors, RF1-RF3 or RF2-RF3, are dynamic and fluctuate between non-rotated and rotated states, whereas each factor alone has its distinct signature on ribosome dynamics and conformation. Dissociation of RF1 depends on peptide release and the presence of RF...

Performance of candidates disclosing dyslexia with other candidates in a UK medical licensing examination: cross-sectional study.

The aim of this study was to compare performance of candidates who declared an expert-confirmed diagnosis of dyslexia with all other candidates in the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) of the Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners licensing examination.

'A true partner around the table?' Perceptions of how to strengthen public health's contributions to the alcohol licensing process.

There are increased opportunities for public health practitioners (PHPs) in England to shape alcohol availability and reduce harms through a statutory role in licensing processes in local government. However, how public health can effectively influence alcohol licence decision-making is little understood.

Standardizing Second-Trimester Medical Termination: Effects on Clinical Outcomes.

 The objective of this study was to evaluate length of induction and postdelivery complications before and after implementation of a standardized approach to second-trimester medical termination of pregnancy.

Termination of Eukaryotic Replication Forks.

Termination of DNA replication forks takes place when two replication forks coming from neighbouring origins meet each other usually in the midpoint of the replicon. At this stage, the remaining fragments of DNA have to be unwound, all remaining DNA replicated and newly synthesised strands ligated to produce continuous sister chromatids. Finally, the replication machinery has to be taken off, chromatin re-assembled, and entwisted sister chromatids resolved topologically.Over the last few decades, we have le...

Codon usage biases co-evolve with transcription termination machinery to suppress premature cleavage and polyadenylation.

Codon usage biases are found in all genomes and influence protein expression levels. The codon usage effect on protein expression was thought to be mainly due to its impact on translation. Here we show that transcription termination is an important driving force for codon usage bias in eukaryotes. Usingas a model organism, we demonstrated that introduction of rare codons results in premature transcription termination (PTT) within open reading frames and the abolishment of full-length mRNA. PTT is a wide-spr...

Feedback is the breakfast of champions: the significance of self-controlled formal feedback for autonomous task engagement.

With the aim of examining the positive effect of the formal feedback mechanism itself beyond its informational aspect, we engaged participants in the stopwatch task and recorded their electroencephalogram throughout the experiment. This task requires a button press to stop the watch within a given time interval, the completion of which is simultaneously accompanied by adequate information on task performance. In the self-controlled feedback mode, participants could freely choose whether to request formal fe...

Perinatal Licensing of Thermogenesis by IL-33 and ST2.

Molecular Mechanism for Chromatin Regulation During MCM Loading in Mammalian Cells.

DNA replication is a fundamental process required for the accurate and timely duplication of chromosomes. During late mitosis to G1 phase, the MCM2-7 complex is loaded onto chromatin in a manner dependent on ORC, CDC6, and Cdt1, and chromatin becomes licensed for replication. Although every eukaryotic organism shares common features in replication control, there are also some differences among species. For example, in higher eukaryotic cells including human cells, no strict sequence specificity has been obs...

The Medical Examination - Between Desire and Reality - Analysis of Consensus Between the Second Part of the Medical Licensing Exam (IMPP) and the National Catalogue of Expertise-based Learning Goals in Surgery (NKLC).

Background The working party of the German Society for Surgery (DGCH) on undergraduate surgical education has developed a national expertise-based catalogue of learning goals in surgery (NKLC). This study analyses the extent to which the questions of the German second medical licensing examination compiled by the IMPP are congruent with the NKLC and which thematic focus is emphasised. Materials and Methods Firstly, a guideline and evaluation sheet were developed in order to achieve documentation of the indi...

Lessons from the sky: an aviation-based framework for maximizing the delivery of quality anesthetic care.

Though aviation is practiced in airplanes and anesthesiology in operating rooms, the two professions have substantial parallels. Both require readiness to manage a crisis situation, where lives are at stake, at a moment's notice and with incomplete information. The determinants of quality performance in both professions extend far beyond knowledge base and formal training. The science of human factors, a prominent cornerstone of the aviation industry, has not yet found the same place in medicine, but it cou...


Death notice.

Death notice.

Death notice.

Death Notice.

Retraction notice.

Negotiating acceptable termination of pregnancy for non-lethal fetal anomaly: a qualitative study of professional perspectives.

This study aims to explore the perspectives of professionals around the issue of termination of pregnancy for non-lethal fetal anomaly (TOPFA).

Termination of pregnancy following a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome: a qualitative study of the decision-making process of pregnant couples.

In Denmark, first trimester screening has a very high uptake (>90%). If Down syndrome is diagnosed, termination rates are high (>95%). The aim of this study was to investigate the timing of the decision of termination of pregnancy following a Down syndrome diagnosis and the factors influencing this decision MATERIAL AND METHODS: Semi-structured, qualitative interview study with 21 couples who had received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome and decided to terminate the pregnancy. Participants were recruit...

Psychotherapy Termination Practices with Older Adults: Impact of Patient and Therapist Characteristics.

The aims of this study were to survey clinicians' opinions regarding psychotherapy practices in mutual termination with a specified population (depressed older adult outpatients) and to examine the patient and therapist characteristics that may influence such practices.

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