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Altered virulence of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5N8 reassortant viruses in mammalian models.

Recently identified highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N8 viruses (clade are relatively low to moderately pathogenic in mammalian hosts compared to HPAI H5N1 viruses. In this study, we generated reassortant viruses comprised of A/MD/Korea/W452/2014(H5N8) with substitution of individual genes from A/EM/Korea/W149/2006(H5N1) to understand the contribution of each viral gene to virulence in mammals. Substituting the PB2 gene segment or the NA gene segment of the H5N8 virus by that from the H5N...

Maaqwi cascadensis: A large, marine diving bird (Avialae: Ornithurae) from the Upper Cretaceous of British Columbia, Canada.

Mesozoic bird fossils from the Pacific Coast of North America are rare, but small numbers are known from the Late Cretaceous aged sediments of Hornby Island, British Columbia. Most are unassociated fragments that offer little information, but additional preparation of a large coracoid has revealed more details of its structure, as well as three associated wing bones. Phylogenetic analysis suggests that Maaqwi cascadensis, gen. et sp. nov. represents a derived crown or near-crown member of Ornithurae, and sp...

Gamasoidosis (bird mite dermatitis): A case series in a family.

White-Nose Syndrome Fungus in a 1918 Bat Specimen from France.

White-nose syndrome, first diagnosed in North America in 2006, causes mass deaths among bats in North America. We found the causative fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans, in a 1918 sample collected in Europe, where bats have now adapted to the fungus. These results are consistent with a Eurasian origin of the pathogen.

Q fever in Spain: Description of a new series, and systematic review.

Forms of presentation of Q fever vary widely across Spain, with differences between the north and south. In the absence of reported case series from Galicia (north-west Spain), this study sought to describe a Q-fever case series in this region for the first time, and conduct a systematic review to analyse all available data on the disease in Spain.

Highly pathogenic avian H5N8 influenza viruses: Should we be concerned?

Medical studies in France: How to cope with such a disaster?

Palytoxin poisoning with soft coral from a tank in France: 3 cases reports.

Reviewing the Emergence of Lactococcus garvieae: A Case of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Caused by Lactococcus garvieae and Escherichia coli Coinfection.

Lactococcus garvieae is considered a low virulence organism which is rarely associated with human infections. Most of the reported cases have been associated with bacteremia with or without endocarditis. We report a rare case of catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) caused by Lactococcus garvieae and Escherichia coli coinfection without any bacteremia in a patient with indwelling urinary catheter placed for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The patient also had a history of gastroesophageal ...

Does elite success trigger mass participation in table tennis? An analysis of trickle-down effects in Germany, France and Austria.

There is a widespread belief that success at the elite level leads to increasing mass participation in sports. However, this assumption is merely supported by empirical evidence and is analyzed here for the case of table tennis. Therefore long-term data (1964-2014) on participation in Germany, France and Austria is statistically tested for effects of success by the countries' athletes at international competitions. Results indicate that no general trickle-down effect can be confirmed for table tennis in the...

Genetic diversity, genetic structure and diet of ancient and contemporary red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) from north-eastern France.

In north-eastern France, red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) populations were rebuilt from a few hundred individuals, which have subsisted in remote valleys of the Vosges mountains, and to a lesser extent from individuals escaped from private enclosures; at present times, this species occupies large areas, mainly in the Vosges Mountains. In this study, we examined the population dynamics of red deer in the Vosges Mountains using ancient and contemporary mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from 140 samples (23 ancient + 117 ...

Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors, a risk factor for bullous pemphigoid. Retrospective multicenter case-control study in France and Switzerland.

Case reports have suggested an association between dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors (DPP4i) and development of bullous pemphigoid (BP).

Poppers regulation for public sale: No measure in France yet.

Poppers have become legal in France since June 2013. Is their liberalisation associated with an increase of severe side effects observed?

A Review of Sclerodermus Latreille, 1809 (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) Infestations and Report of the First Case in North America North of Mexico.

Sclerodermus Latreille, 1809 (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae), are parasitoids of wood-boring beetle larvae that can co-infest furniture and homes attacked by such larvae. This can result in the human inhabitants receiving stings from adult female wasps as they wander in search of new hosts. Herein, I report the first infestation of Sclerodermus macrogaster (Ashmead, 1887) of a home in North America and provide a review of Sclerodermus biology and clinical signs relevant to their pestiferous nature.

A retrospective study of the BiRd regimen in the treatment of relapsed/ refractory multiple myeloma.

Objective: To evaluate efficacy of the BiRd regimen, a combination of clarithromycin, lenalidomide, and dexamethasone, in the treatment of patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM) . Methods: Patients with RRMM treated with BiRd between September 11, 2013 and August 1, 2016 at six centers were included to evaluate overall survival rate (ORR) , clinical benefit rate (CBR) , progression-free survival (PFS) , overall survival (OS) , as well as adverse events. Results: Of 30 patients with RRMM, ...

Management of first depression or generalized anxiety disorder episode in adults in primary care: A systematic metareview.

General Practitioners (GPs) are the leading antidepressants prescribers in Europe and in France. Difficulties in implementing existing recommendations in daily practice have been described.

Detection of Anaplasma sp. phylogenetically related to A. phagocytophilum in a free-living bird in Brazil.

Wild animals play an important role in carrying vectors that may potentially transmit pathogens. Several reports highlighted the participation of wild animals on the Anaplasma phagocytophilum cycle, including as hosts of the agent. The aim of this study was to report the molecular detection of an agent phylogenetically related to A. phagocytophilum isolated from a wild bird in the Midwest of the state of Paraná, Brazil. Fifteen blood samples were collected from eleven different bird species in the Guarapua...

Stoma care in a time of financial pressures: can we cut the costs?

Andrew Bird, Lead Stoma Care Nurse Specialist, Colorectal and Stoma Care, Surgery Division, Queen's Medical Centre Campus, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust,

Isoenzymatic characterization of Phlebotomus ariasi and P. perniciosus of canine leishmaniasis foci from Eastern Pyrenean regions and comparison with other populations from Europe.

An entomological survey was carried out in 2007 in two Pyrenean counties of Lleida province (north-eastern Spain), where cases of autochthonous canine leishmaniasis have been recently reported. Phlebotomus ariasi and P. perniciosus, vectors of Leishmania infantum in the Mediterranean area, were captured. The aim of the present study was to compare these phlebotomine populations with others captured in known leishmaniasis foci in Europe. Populations of these species were studied by analysing the polymorphism...

Non-linearities in bird responses across urbanisation gradients: a meta-analysis.

Urbanisation is one of the most extreme forms of environmental alteration, posing a major threat to biodiversity. We studied the effects of urbanisation on avian communities via a systematic review using hierarchical and categorical meta-analyses. Altogether, we found 42 observations from 37 case studies for species richness and 23 observations from 20 case studies for abundance. Urbanisation had an overall strong negative effect on bird species richness, whereas abundance increased marginally with urbanisa...

Diagnosis and treatment of scabies by general practitioners: A survey of practices in France.

Although there is evidence suggesting an epidemiologic increase of scabies in France, few studies have assessed medical practice in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

Agriculture erases climate-driven β-diversity in Neotropical bird communities.

Earth is experiencing multiple global changes that will, together, determine the fate of many species. Yet, how biological communities respond to concurrent stressors at local-to-regional scales remains largely unknown. In particular, understanding how local habitat conversion interacts with regional climate change to shape patterns in β-diversity-differences among sites in their species compositions-is critical to forecast communities in the Anthropocene. Here, we study patterns in bird β-diversity acros...

Temperate grassland songbird species accumulate incrementally along a gradient of primary productivity.

Global analyses of bird communities along elevation gradients suggest that bird diversity on arid mountains is primarily limited by water availability, not temperature or altitude. However, the mechanism by which water availability, and subsequently primary productivity, increases bird diversity is still unclear. Here we evaluate two possible mechanisms from species-energy theory. The more individuals hypothesis proposes that a higher availability of resources increases the total number of individuals that ...

A descriptive study of advising practices during travel health consultations in France.

Recommendations for improving traveler adherence address both the content of the advice given and the structure of the consultation. The objective of this article is to describe how travel health consultations are structured in France.

Relevance of bariatric surgery care.

The relevance of care in bariatric surgery must be judged in terms of the resulting benefit/risk balance. Laparoscopic approach has been proved to reduce postoperative mortality. Postoperative mortality is less than 0.1% in France. Depending on procedures, long-term percentage of weight loss is estimated around 15-30%. Long-term mortality and cardiovascular events are reduced compared to control patients. The over-risk of suicide should be known. Long-term follow-up after bariatric surgery is poor in France...

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