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The XEN45 Gel Stent as a minimally invasive procedure in glaucoma surgery: success rates, risk profile, and rates of re-surgery after 261 surgeries.

The XEN45 Gel Stent is a flexible hydrophilic tube placed under the conjunctiva via the anterior chamber. This study investigates the IOP (intraocular pressure)-lowering potential, the risk profile, and the success rate of the XEN45 Gel Stent.

Management of Colorectal Cancer Patients Undergoing a Colonic Stenting: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach.

Colonic stent procedure is one of the best therapeutic medical interventions for managing a colorectal cancer patient with large bowel obstruction. This is a retrospective study that evaluated data from the past 10 years; it examined the epidemiological and clinical data of patients with colorectal cancer undergoing a colonic stent procedure. In addition, this study prospectively evaluated the nurse's roles during a colonic stent procedure, and at the same time, it explored the patient's satisfaction with t...

Structural and design evolution of Bio-resorbable scaffolds: The Journey so far.

Coronary stenting has now become a gold standard to prevent or counteract narrowing and blocking of vessels due to disease or injury. While the use of stents has been successful, they are not without drawbacks and concerns. Restenosis and stent thrombosis after an interventional procedure are the dreaded side effects resulting from the body's natural response to a foreign object in the vasculature. New developments in drug-eluting stents, such as biodegradable materials could mitigate some of the problems l...

Patients' views on price shopping and price transparency.

Driven by the growth of high deductibles and price transparency initiatives, patients are being encouraged to search for prices before seeking care, yet few do so. To understand why this is the case, we interviewed individuals who were offered access to a widely used price transparency website through their employer.

Emergence of Salmonella enterica serovar Indiana and California isolates with concurrent resistance to cefotaxime, amikacin and ciprofloxacin from chickens in China.

The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence and characterization of Salmonella concerning the poultry industry in China. A total of 170 non-duplicate Salmonella isolates were recovered from the 1540 chicken samples. Among the Salmonella isolates from chickens, the predominant serovars were S. enterica serovar Enteritidis (S. Enteritidis) (49/170, 28.8%), S. enterica serovar Indiana (S. Indiana) (37/170, 21.8%) and S. enterica serovar California (S. California) (34/170, 20.0%). High antimicrobial...

Polytetrafluoroethylene-Covered Stent Graft Versus Bare Stent in Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) is used to control refractory variceal bleeding secondary to portal hypertension. This meta-analysis was conducted to systematically review polytetrafluoroethylene-covered stent grafts (CS) versus bare stents (BS) in TIPS procedure.

60 years ago, Francis Crick changed the logic of biology.

In September 1957, Francis Crick gave a lecture in which he outlined key ideas about gene function, in particular what he called the central dogma. These ideas still frame how we understand life. This essay explores the concepts he developed in this influential lecture, including his prediction that we would study evolution by comparing sequences.

Stent-assisted coil embolization on down-the-barrel view with spring-shaped microcatheter in patient with M1 ultrawide necked circumferential aneurysm.

Herein, we describe a technique for stent-assisted coil embolization with a spring-shaped microcatheter in a patient with an M1 ultrawide-necked circumferential aneurysm in the middle cerebral artery (MCA). A 49-year-old man was referred for treatment of an incidentally detected M1 large-circumference aneurysm on magnetic resonance angiography. Subsequent digital subtraction angiography revealed an 18.2×16.5 mm ultrawide-necked circumferential aneurysm on the distal M1 portion of the left MCA, and we pla...

Immediate and 1-year follow-up with the novel nanosurface modified COBRA PzF stent.

The COBRA PzF coronary stent, which has a unique nano-coating of Polyzene-F, was developed to reduce the risk of stent thrombosis.

The Role of Dr. Francis Willis in the Madness of George III.

In the well-known story of the illness of King George III, what is often overlooked is the part played by Dr. Francis Willis, an inconspicuous doctor who with great success ran an asylum in Lincolnshire. In November 1788, he was called to attend the King whose mania was becoming uncontrollable. Because of his interventions there was a slow but marked improvement. The King's recovery in 1789 increased Willis' reputation and expanded his practice.

First Experience of Inserting a Metallic Mesh Stent (Uventa Stent) in Malignant Ureteral Obstruction in Iran.

Malignant ureteral obstruction is usually caused by an extrinsic compression including intra-abdominal cancers. One of the treatment modalities decompressing the obstruction is applying stent to open the ureter. Metallic Stent is an effective instrument which we used for the first time in Iran in our patient who had a metastatic colon cancerwith a single kidney and we used a Novel, Double-Layered, Coated, Self-expandable Metallic Mesh Stent (Uventa Stent) to keep the ureter open. After six months of follow ...

A Novel, Simple, and Safe Technique for Retrieving a Crushed Stent From the Coronary Artery: Balloon-Assisted Stent Retraction.

Various percutaneous methods have been described for the retrieval of damaged stents; however, these methods can be complex and carry a risk of stent embolization or vascular damage. We present a simple and safe technique using a compliant balloon for stent retrieval.

Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation for reconstruction of a patch-repaired right ventricular outflow tract.

Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation (PPVI) is nowadays an accepted treatment option to repair post-surgical conduit dysfunction of the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT). In addition, many patients need a pulmonary valve to reconstruct a hemodynamically incompetent native or conduit free outflow tract. Based on our experience with percutaneous stent-valve placement in a cohort of 125 patients, we report here transvenous reconstruction of a conduit-free, patch repaired outflow tract by utilizing ba...

Office stent placement under local anesthesia is a safe and efficient procedure for the management of multiple ureteral disorders.

To assess the outcomes of ureteral stent placement under local anesthesia for the management of multiple ureteral disorders.

Comparison of clinical efficacies and safeties of lumen-apposing metal stent and conventional-type metal stent-assisted EUS-guided pancreatic wall-off necrosis drainage: a real-life experience in a tertiary hospital.

Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)-guided drainage of pancreatic wall-off necrosis (WON) with transmural stent is regarded as firstline therapy. We aimed at comparing its efficacy and safety with using fully covered self-expandable metal stent (FCSEMS) and lumen-apposing metal stent (LAMS).

"Knitting-through-the-mesh": novel single-channel troubleshooter technique for dilation-assisted transstricture retrieval of a migrated gastroduodenal stent.

Gastroduodenal stenting using self-expandable metallic stents (SEMSs) represents a viable endoscopic option for palliative treatment of gastric outlet obstruction (GOO), less invasive relative to surgical and/or endoscopic ultrasound-guided gastroenterostomy (EUS-GE). Nevertheless, high rates of stent dysfunction remain a significant Achilles' heel of the procedure. Endoscopic removal of a distally migrated gastroduodenal stent remains challenging with single-channel techniques, calling for individually tai...

Revision of a Leaking Bleb with XEN Gel Stent Replacement.

Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery includes different devices which provide a less invasive and safer means of reducing intraocular pressure. The XEN Gel Stent (Allergan Inc, CA, USA) is an ab-interno procedure which creates a subconjunctival drainage pathway. It is a new surgical device and there is a paucity of data on complications and their management. We report a clinical case of a leaking bleb after XEN surgery managed by bleb revision, conjunctival suturing and XEN replacement.

Emergent carotid stent removal after carotid stent thrombosis. Surgical Technique.

To present the technique for emergent removal of the thrombosed stent in acute carotid stent thrombosis in patients undergoing carotid artery angioplasty-stenting (CAS) BACKGROUND: Acute carotid stent thrombosis in patients undergoing CAS is a relatively rare and potentially devastating complication influencing significantly the quality of life. With the increasing use of stenting in clinical practice, it is expected to represent a more often encountered complication for physicians performing CAS. Emergent ...

Tiered co-payments, pricing, and demand in reference price markets for pharmaceuticals.

Health insurance companies curb price-insensitive behavior and the moral hazard of insureds by means of cost-sharing, such as tiered co-payments or reference pricing in drug markets. This paper evaluates the effect of price limits - below which drugs are exempt from co-payments - on prices and on demand. First, using a difference-in-differences estimation strategy, we find that the new policy decreases prices by 5 percent for generics and increases prices by 4 percent for brand-name drugs in the German refe...

Therapeutic Options for In-Stent Restenosis.

In-stent restenosis (ISR) is a complex disease process that became apparent shortly after the introduction of stents into clinical practice. This review seeks to define in-stent restenosis (ISR) as well as to summarize the major treatment options that have been developed and studied over the past two decades.

Pulmonary Valve Perforation and Stent Implantation in the Right Ventricle Outflow Tract Using a Hybrid Procedure as an Alternative to a Central Shunt.

Clinical and angiographic outcomes of axial stent deformations in unrestricted real world patient population.

Prior reports have suggested that the design of the Promus Element stent is prone to longitudinal stent deformation (LSD). However, little is known about the clinical and angiographic outcomes of Promus Element stent axial deformations when implanted in unrestricted coronary lesions.

Usefulness of a newly designed plastic stent for endoscopic re-intervention in patients with malignant hilar biliary obstruction.

Background and study aims We designed a new 7-Fr plastic stent for treating self-expandable metal stent (SEMS) obstruction in patients with malignant hilar biliary obstruction (MHBO) via endoscopic re-intervention with the stent-in-stent (SIS) method and evaluated its efficacy. Patients and methods A total of 33 consecutive patients who underwent endoscopic re-intervention for metal stent obstruction after multi-branched SEMS placement were enrolled. The initial SEMSs were placed in two or three biliary...

Book Reviews Rethinking Patient Safety Suzette Woodward CRC Press 2017 Price £55.00 . Pp 186 ISBN 978 1 49877 854 1 Handbook of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Edited by Aaron Miller Springer 2017 Price £49.99 . Pp 134 ISBN 978 3 319 40626 8 Winning the Publications Game ( 4th edn ) Tim Albert CRC Press 2016 Price £26.99 . Pp 140 ISBN 978 1 78523 011 0.

Numerical evaluation of RF-induced heating for various esophageal stent designs under MRI 1.5 Tesla system.

This paper presents a numerical investigation of radio frequency (RF)-induced heating for various esophageal stent designs under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The length, patterns and insulation layer as well as the radius of the wire are comprehensively evaluated. It is shown that different stent designs can alter the induced current distributions on the stent and consequently its corresponding heating. Detailed discussions on these factors on RF heating are presented.

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