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Parameter-Free Multiscale Simulation Realising Quantitative Prediction of Hole and Electron Mobilities in Organic Amorphous System with Multiple Frontier Orbitals.

In amorphous organic semiconducting systems, hole and electron transfer has been considered to occur based on the overlap of highest occupied molecular orbitals (HOMOs) and that of lowest unoccupied molecular orbitals (LUMOs) between two adjacent molecules, respectively. Other molecular orbitals (MOs), HOMO-1, HOMO-2, … and LUMO+1, LUMO+2, …, have been neglected in charge transport calculations. However, these MOs could potentially contribute to charge transport. In this study, our multiscale simulation...

Stochastic frontier analysis as knowledge-based model to improve sparing of organs-at-risk for VMAT-treated prostate cancer.

Stochastic frontier analysis is used as a novel knowledge-based technique in order to develop a predictive model of dosimetric features from signicant geometric parameters describing a patient morphology. 406 patients treated with VMAT for prostate cancer were analyzed retrospectively. Cases were divided into three prescription-based groups. Seven geometric parameters are extracted to characterize the relationship between the organs-at-risk (bladder and rectum) with the planning volume (PTV). In total, 37 d...

Automated ASPECT rating: comparison between the Frontier ASPECT Score software and the Brainomix software.

Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) appears promising in early ischemic change detection computed tomography (CT). This study aimed to compare the performance of two new CAD systems (Frontier ASPECTS Prototype and Brainomix) with two experienced readers in selected patients with suspected acute ischemic stroke.

Frontier and remote paramedicine practitioner models.

For the past 50 years paramedic services and paramedic roles in high-income nations have evolved in response to changes in community needs and expectations. The aim of this article is to review paramedic models of service delivery, with an emphasis on models that have the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of frontier and remote populations.

Household economy, forest dependency & opportunity costs of conservation in eastern rainforests of Madagascar.

The Government of Madagascar is trying to reduce deforestation and conserve biodiversity through creating new protected areas in the eastern rainforests. While this has many benefits, forest use restriction may bring costs to farmers at the forest frontier. We explored this through a series of surveys in five sites around the Corridor Ankeniheny Zahamena new protected area and adjacent national parks. In phase one a stratified random sample of 603 households completed a household survey covering demographic...

Genomics, Big Data, and Broad Consent: a New Ethics Frontier for Prevention Science.

Emerging technologies for analyzing biospecimens have led to advances in understanding the interacting role of genetics and environment on development and individual responsivity to prevention and intervention programs. The scientific study of gene-environment influences has also benefited from the growth of Big Data tools that allow linking genomic data to health, educational, and other information stored in large integrated datasets. These advances have created a new frontier of ethical challenges for sci...

Annotated primary scientific literature: A pedagogical tool for undergraduate courses.

Annotated primary scientific literature is a teaching and learning resource that provides scaffolding for undergraduate students acculturating to the authentic scientific practice of obtaining and evaluating information through the medium of primary scientific literature. Utilizing annotated primary scientific literature as an integrated pedagogical tool could enable more widespread use of primary scientific literature in undergraduate science classrooms with minimal disruption to existing syllabi. Research...

Hypofractionated radiotherapy after mastectomy: a new frontier.

Scientific dissemination in the field of public health. The experience of The National Health Institute.

Traditionally, research institutions have focused their efforts on generating scientific knowledge and disseminating it through traditional mechanisms such as scientific publications. Recently, several Latin American countries, through entities dedicated to the promotion of Science, Technology, and Innovation, are promoting the development of scientific culture in the general population, through various strategies of dissemination, popularization, or scientific appropriation. The National Institute of Healt...

Deep Brain Stimulation for Memory Modulation: A New Frontier.

Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and scientific mobility: The Spanish case.

Scientific mobility can stimulate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, acting as a catalyst for reducing imbalances between local and global science and the resulting socio-economic damage. This study evaluates both whether scientific mobility effectively promotes these concepts and the fundamental reasons to articulate effective policies for scientific mobility. Toward this end, a survey has been prepared following the methodology of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and current scientific literature...

Scientific Integrity Issues in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: improving research reproducibility, credibility, and transparency.

High profile reports of detrimental scientific practices leading to retractions in the scientific literature contribute to lack of trust in scientific experts. While the bulk of these have been in the literature of other disciplines, environmental toxicology and chemistry are not free from problems. While we believe that egregious misconduct such as fraud, fabrication of data, or plagiarism is rare, scientific integrity is much broader than the absence of misconduct. We are more concerned with more commonly...

Scientific production of the Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) researchers in the field of Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology granted with a scientific productivity fellowship.

The Dat Project, an open and decentralized research data tool.

Today's scientific data are primarily stored and accessed via centralized Web-based infrastructure. Centralization has advantages but also carries risks such as link rot and content drift, which can hinder scientific progress. It is time to ask whether traditional, centralized Web architecture aligns with scholarly priorities and values, and to collaboratively move towards new approaches that do.

Are Pediatric Catheter Ablation Outcomes Approaching a Pareto Frontier?

WNT5a in Extracellular Vesicles - A New Frontier for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Plant-based larvicidal agents: An overview from 2000 to 2018.

Current review aims to systematically segregate, analyze and arrange the key findings of the scientific reports published on larvicidal plants including larvicidal formulations. The investigation was carried out by analyzing the published literature in various scientific databases, subsequently, the key findings of the selective scientific reports having larvicidal potency (LC) of extract or isolated oil

The nurse training in research in the undergraduate education: teaching perceptions.

To analyze how the approach of the theme "scientific investigation" can contribute to the development of the scientific competence of the Nursing student.

High HIV-1 prevalence and viral diversity among entry-exit populations at frontier ports of China, 2012-2016: A cross-sectional molecular epidemiology study.

The cross border movement of populations would potentially increase the transmission and spread of various diseases including HIV/AIDS, which needed strict surveillance. In the current study, a total of 2,961,530 specimens were collected between 2012 and 2016 from the entry-exit populations at frontier ports of China for epidemiology and molecular epidemiology study. Results showed that HIV-1 prevalence rate among these populations was significantly higher than that of other general populations in China (p...

Deforestation Dynamics on an Amazonian Peri-Urban Frontier: Simulating the Influence of the Rio Negro Bridge in Manaus, Brazil.

Peri-urban expansion is an increasingly important source of tropical deforestation, and a bridge over the Rio Negro in Brazil's state of Amazonas provides an unusual opportunity to quantify these impacts with clear "before" and "after" periods. Inaugurated in 2011, the bridge connects Manaus to forest areas on the right bank of the river, thus opening a new frontier for peri-urban expansion. We used the AGROECO model in the Dinamica-EGO software to simulate "Bridge" and "No-bridge" scenarios to evaluate the...

On the porosity of subject and object in 'mindfulness' scientific study: challenges to 'scientific' construction, operationalization and measurement of mindfulness.

Mindfulness, derived from Buddhist psychology and philosophy, has gained broad popularity in the last decades, due importantly to scientific interest and findings. Yet Buddhist mindfulness developed in Asian pre-scientific culture and religion, and is predicated upon long-term cultivation of introspective awareness of lived experience, not highly accessible to empirical study. Further complicating the 'science' of mindfulness, mindfulness's very definition is multifaceted, resistant to dismantling and requi...

From Child Protection to Paradigm Protection-The Genesis, Development, and Defense of a Scientific Paradigm.

A scientific paradigm typically embraces research norms and values, such as truth-seeking, critical thinking, disinterestedness, and good scientific practice. These values should prevent a paradigm from introducing defective assumptions. But sometimes, scientists who are also physicians develop clinical norms that are in conflict with the scientific enterprise. As an example of such a conflict, we have analyzed the genesis and development of the shaken baby syndrome (SBS) paradigm. The point of departure of...

Valvular heart disease: tricuspid regurgitation is the new frontier.

A New Frontier for Evidence-Informed Integrative Oncology Care.

Letter to the Editor. Minimally invasive techniques: the new frontier in neurosurgery.

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