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The International Impact of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance Physical Activity Report Cards for Children and Youth.

In response to growing concerns over high levels of physical inactivity among young people, the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance developed a series of national Report Cards on physical activity for children and youth to advocate for the promotion of physical activity. This article provides updated evidence of the impact of the Report Cards on powering the movement to get children and youth moving globally.

Investigating Wilms' Tumours Worldwide: A Report of the OxPLORE Collaboration-A Cross-Sectional Observational Study.

Childhood cancer is neglected within global health. Oxford Pediatrics Linking Oncology Research with Electives describes early outcomes following collaboration between low- and high-income paediatric surgery and oncology centres. The aim of this paper is twofold: to describe the development of a medical student-led research collaboration; and to report on the experience of Wilms' tumour (WT).

Do report cards predict future quality? The case of skilled nursing facilities.

Report cards on provider performance are intended to improve consumer decision-making and address information gaps in the market for quality. However, inadequate risk adjustment of report-card measures often biases comparisons across providers. We test whether going to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) with a higher star rating leads to better quality outcomes for a patient. We exploit variation over time in the distance from a patient's residential ZIP code to SNFs with different ratings to estimate the cau...

Update on Intraocular Lens Calculation Formulas.

In a study published last year we showed the Barrett was the single most accurate IOL formula overall. Herein we report on the outcomes of new or updated formulas when run against the same datasets. Achievement of a target refractive outcome has become an integral part of cataract surgery. Fortunately, the advent of optical biometry and introduction of newer generation intraocular lens (IOL) calculation formulas has improved our ability to accurately predict cataract surgery refractive outcomes, as we showe...

Point-of-care biomarkers in asthma management: time to move forward.

The Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) report was primarily intended as a strategy document and not a clinical guideline. However, the 2014 update moved the report towards a "practical, clinical practice-centred document", and has in many countries formed a basis for national guidelines. A possible limitation of the GINA report is its primary focus on evidence coming from randomised controlled trials, potentially leading to the omission of clinically important data coming from real-life and observational s...

Low-dose radiation: interagency collaboration on planning research could improve information on health effects.

In September 2017, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report on the scientific basis for federal protections against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation-particularly low-dose radiation, or below about 100 millisieverts (10 rem). The report provided examples of how federal agencies developed and applied radiation protection requirements and guidance for workers and the public and examined the extent to which federal agencies funded epidemiological and radiobiological research on t...

Sleep disturbance in PTSD and other anxiety-related disorders: an updated review.

The current report provides an updated review of sleep disturbance in posttraumatic stress disorder and anxiety-related disorders. First, this review provides a summary description of the unique and overlapping clinical characteristics and physiological features of sleep disturbance in specific DSM anxiety-related disorders. Second, this review presents evidence of a bidirectional relationship between sleep disturbance and anxiety-related disorders, and provides a model to explain this relationship by integ...

The ship recycling market in Brazil - The Amazon potential.

Despite the considerable Brazilian coastline and vast water transportation cargo and passenger capacity, Brazil currently does not have a satisfactory amount of research aimed at ship recycling markets, especially in the Amazon region. This study aims to characterize this market in Brazil through research and data filtering related to national vessel fleets. Fleet data were obtained from the National Agency of Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ). Quantitative spatialization of the fleet was based on geostatisti...

Nutraceuticals' Novel Formulations: The Good, the Bad, the Unknown and Patents Involved.

Traditional nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals hold pragmatic nature with respect to their definitions, claims, purposes and marketing strategies. Their definitions are not well established worldwide. They also have different regulatory definitions and registration regulatory processes in different parts of the world. Global prevalence of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals is noticeably high with large market share with minimal regulation compared to traditional drugs. The global market is flooded with nutrac...

WHO global progress report on tuberculosis elimination.

Unstable Estimation of Investigator-Assessed Median Progression-Free Survival in the Updated Report of ALEX Trial.

Progress Toward Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome Control and Elimination - Worldwide, 2000-2018.

Rubella is a leading cause of vaccine-preventable birth defects. Although rubella virus infection usually causes a mild febrile rash illness in children and adults, infection during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, can result in miscarriage, fetal death, stillbirth, or a constellation of birth defects known as congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). A single dose of rubella-containing vaccine (RCV) can provide lifelong protection (1). In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) updated guidance...

Thinking Together.

Over email a few days after the death of Daniel Callahan, cofounder of The Hastings Center and for many years its director and then president, Joseph Fins, a longtime Hastings colleague, offered this comfort: "[H]enceforth every issue of the Report is a living memorial to Dan the writer, editor, and institution builder." In the Hastings Center Report's first issue, published in June 1971, Dan stated, "To say that [the work of the Report] must be multi-disciplinary is only to say the issues [it will address]...

Kudoa sp. (Myxozoa, Multivalvulida): first report in five commercial fish species from the Canary Islands-FAO 34 (Macaronesia-Spain).

Kudoid myxozoans have been reported causing serious chronic problems in marine fisheries, by reducing the market value of infected fish through pathological damage to the host musculature. We report here the overall prevalence of a Kudoa species in 84/277 (30.3%) fishes from 20 different species of high commercial value captured between October 2011 and December 2013 from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 34 commercial fishing area, near the coast of the Canary Islands (Spain). Macr...

Disagreement and factors between symptom on self-report and clinician rating of major depressive disorder: A report of a national survey in China.

Measurement-based care (MBC) is a popular strategy of clinical management for patients with major depressive disorder (MDD). The consistency of self-report and clinical measurements is of importance, but whether individual symptom severity is in agreement for both self-report and clinician rating in MDD has not been comprehensively tested. This study aimed to test whether individual symptom severity of MDD was in agreement between self-report and clinician rating, and to explore factors affecting the agreem...

Diabetic ketoacidosis in a buck: a case report.

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism that causes frequent urination, emaciation, extreme tiredness and dehydration. There is little or no information available on DKA in male goat (buck). The present study was carried out to report a rare case of DKA in a buck.

Impact of updated pediatric hypertension guidelines on progression from elevated blood pressure to hypertension in a community-based primary care population.

In 2017, definitions for pediatric hypertension were updated. A threshold of 130/80 mm Hg was introduced for stage 1 hypertension in adolescents, and children with obesity were removed from the reference population, lowering the 95th percentile, compared to the 2004 Fourth Report. The impact of these changes on care for youth with elevated blood pressure has not been well described. The objective of this study was to compare the 2017 and 2004 criteria for hypertension, evaluating how they impact estimates ...

Kidney graft survival of >25 years: A single center report including associated graft biopsy results.

We appreciate the valuable comments to our report. Epitope matching or total eplet mismatch could indeed be an attractive explanation for the favorable outcome of the subjects in our report, at least for those without rejection. This relatively novel view of immunological assessment could be very important although its true value remains to be determined.

First report of a cefepime-resistant Escherichia coli clinical isolate carrying bla from Brazil.

2019 meeting of the global virus network.

The Global Virus Network (GVN) was established in 2011 to strengthen research and responses to emerging viral causes of human disease and to prepare against new viral pandemics. There are now 52 GVN Centers of Excellence and 9 Affiliate laboratories in 32 countries. The 11th International GVN meeting was held from June 9-11, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain and was jointly organized with the Spanish Society of Virology. A common theme throughout the meeting was globalization and climate change. This report highligh...

The overlap between OCD and PTSD: Examining self-reported symptom differentiation.

The role of stressful precipitating events has long been recognized in the genesis of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also necessitates the experience of a traumatic event (PTSD criterion A). Research has demonstrated a high degree of comorbidity between these two conditions. However, few studies have examined symptom overlap as a potential cause for this co-occurrence. Thus, the purpose of the present study was to examine symptom endorsement and overlap between OCD...

The Experts Are Not Enough.

As Achim Rosemann and colleagues rightly suggest in their article "Heritable Genome Editing in Global Context: National and International Policy Challenges," in this issue of the Hastings Center Report, the scientific, ethical, and governance challenges associated with heritable genome editing are global in scope. Both the genetic interventions and the social and moral judgments about human identity and integrity associated with them will affect all humanity. Yet the worries, problems, and solutions that th...

Neurodevelopmental outcomes of the West syndrome in pediatric patients: The first report from the Middle-East.

This study aimed to investigate the clinical characteristics and neurodevelopmental outcomes of children with West syndrome (WS) by using the Bayley-III scale of infant development, as the first report from the Middle-East.

Topical Review: State of the Field of Child Self-Report of Acute Pain.

Children experience acute pain with routine and emergent healthcare, and untreated pain can lead to a range of repercussions. Assessment is vital to diagnosing and treating acute pain. Given the internal nature of pain, self-report is predominant. This topical review reflects on the state of the field of pediatric acute pain self-report, and proposes a framework for acute pain assessment via self-report.

Systematic analysis of global health research funding in Canada, 2000-2016.

Considering recent shifts in global funding landscapes, this study analyzes Canada's long-term global health research funding trends in the hope of informing a new Canadian global health research strategy. Examining past investments can help prioritize limited future resources to either build on Canada's existing strengths or fill gaps where needed, while simultaneously informing the investments of research funders in other countries.

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