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A study on the electrophoretic deposition of gadolinium doped ceria on polypyrrole coated yttrium stabilized zirconia.

The technological feasibility of electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of gadolinium doped ceria (GDC) on polypyrrole (PPy) coated yttrium stabilized zirconia (YSZ) has been reported. To enhance the EPD technique for the fabrication of GDC layer and to deepen the understanding of EPD, the fundamental characteristics of EPD of GDC on PPy coated YSZ were investigated. The deposition rate of GDC on PPy coated YSZ is slower than that on graphite under the same voltage. An H ion accumulation zone is formed in the vic...

Market segmentation and urban CO emissions in China: Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta region.

As the largest CO emitter in the world, China plays a crucial role in global CO emission reduction. Meanwhile, as the largest developing country, China gives top priority to economic development, especially balanced regional development. In order to narrow regional development inequality, China has formulated some economic zone plannings to weaken market segmentation. However, existing studies pay little attention to the impacts of intra-national trade barrier on CO emissions within China. This is the first...

Combination of 1,064-nm Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser and Steroid Tape Decreases the Total Treatment Time of Hypertrophic Scars: An Analysis of 40 Cases of Cesarean-Section Scars.

The 1,064-nm neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser (Cutera, Inc., Brisbane, CA) and steroid tape (fludroxycortide tape) have been used to treat keloids and hypertrophic scars.

Enhanced thermoluminescence of magnesia doped zirconia nanoparticles expose to UV/beta irradiation.

In this study, magnesia doped zirconia nanoparticles were synthesized via the sol-gel method, and this was followed by pellet manufacturing for UV and beta rays dosimetry. The raw materials included Zirconium(IV) propoxide, Isopropyl alcohol, Acetic acid, Nitric acid, and Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate. Taguchi experimental design with L9 orthogonal array and variance analysis was used to optimize the essential parameters and achieve the smallest sol average particle size. The sol average particles size, typ...

Extraordinary n-Type Mg SbBi Thermoelectrics Enabled by Yttrium Doping.

Advancing thermoelectric n-type Mg Sb alloys requires both high carrier concentration offered by effective doping and high carrier mobility enabled by large grains. Existing research usually involves chalcogen doping on the anion sites, and the resultant carrier concentration reaches ≈3 × 10 cm or below. This is much lower than the optimum theoretically predicted, which suggets that further improvements will be possible once a highly efficient dopant is found. Yttrium, a trivalent dopant, is shown to ena...

A Computational Study on the Effect of Minor Yttrium on the Interfacial Adherence of Al Oxide film to Aluminum Substrate.

It is well documented that minor rare-earth can improve interfacial adherence of oxide films to passive metallic substrates. However, such benefit vanishes when the amount of rare-earth increases. The mechanism for such a change has never been well clarified. This article reports our ab initio calculations to investigate the role that yttrium plays in promoting the interfacial adherence of Al oxide film to Al substrate. Influences of Y3+-ions on Al2O3/Al interfacial bonding, strength of Y-doped Al2O3 layer ...

The Patterns and Social Determinants of Breastfeeding in 12 Selected Regions in China: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study.

With rapid industrialization and urbanization, there is a growing need for women to enter the workforce, and affluent people are drawn to the infant formula market. The breastfeeding rates in China are below the optimal level. Large scale quantitative research studying breastfeeding practices after 2015 in China are lacking.

Effect of two universal adhesives on microshear bond strength of resin cement to zirconia.

Considering the increasing demand of patients for esthetic and durable restorations, zirconia, with its excellent mechanical properties, has overcome most of the limitations of all-ceramic restorations. However, bonding to zirconia is still challenging.

From parasitic disease control to global health: new orientation of the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, China CDC.

As the only specialized institution for research and control of parasitic diseases at the national level in China for almost 70 years, the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases (NIPD) at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) has been instrumental in supporting the remarkable progress from high prevalence to transmission interruption or low endemicity of several diseases, lymphatic filariasis, malaria and schistosomiasis in particular. This has taken place through technical gui...

Thermochromic behavior of yttrium substituted bismuth oxides.

High-temperature thermochromic materials are poorly explored in fundamental research, let alone applied research, alt-hough these materials may be used as low-cost, intuitively usable sensing materials in an industrial environment. Yet, only few of these materials have been described systematically. We describe a series of yttrium substituted bismuth oxides (Bi1-xYx)2O3 (0.05

Detection and genetic characterization of Toxoplasma gondii in market-sold mussels (Mytilus edulis) in certain provinces of China.

Mussels, randomly collected from fish markets in China, were analyzed by a semi-nested PCR to detect B1 gene of Toxoplasma gondii. Out of the 2215 samples, fifty-five (2.48%) were detected T. gondii-positive. The prevalence in Shandong province, Liaoning province and Zhejiang province were 2.51%, 2.26% and 2.69%, respectively. T. gondii oocysts were more frequently detected in digestive glands (1.04%) and haemolymph (1.49%) when compared with gills (0.23%). Of the 55 positive DNA, only two samples showed co...

Rare-earth elements in the circular economy: The case of yttrium.

This paper discusses the economic rationale of recycling exhaustible raw materials and assesses how a circular economy perspective can improve the sustainable use of critical raw materials (CRMs). We use the case study of yttrium, a rare-earth element (REE) on the EU list of CRMs, given its widespread use in the electronics industry and the geopolitical concentration of its supply. Even if recycling REEs from waste electric and electronic equipment is a valid alternative to extraction from mines, as propose...

Effects of universal adhesives and resin cement on the shear bond strength of zirconia.

To study the effects of universal adhesives and resin cement on the shear bond strength and durability of zirconia ceramics.

The ship recycling market in Brazil - The Amazon potential.

Despite the considerable Brazilian coastline and vast water transportation cargo and passenger capacity, Brazil currently does not have a satisfactory amount of research aimed at ship recycling markets, especially in the Amazon region. This study aims to characterize this market in Brazil through research and data filtering related to national vessel fleets. Fleet data were obtained from the National Agency of Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ). Quantitative spatialization of the fleet was based on geostatisti...

Bone Tissue Responses to Zirconia Implants Modified by Biomimetic Coating Incorporated with BMP-2.

This study aimed to histologically investigate the bone tissue response to zirconia implants functionalized with a biomimetic calcium phosphate (CaP) coating incorporated with bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2). Zirconia implants coated with biomimetic CaP were prepared with and without BMP-2. Untreated zirconia implants served as a control. These three groups of implants were placed randomly in the mandibles of six beagle dogs (n = 6). Three months later, samples were harvested for histomorphometric anal...

Fracture Resistance of Additively Manufactured Zirconia Crowns when Cemented to Implant Supported Zirconia Abutments: An in vitro Study.

To compare the fracture resistance of implant-supported milled zirconia, milled lithium disilicate, and additively manufactured zirconia crowns.

Research Capacity and Research Training Needs of Clinical Nurses in Suzhou, China.

Several studies examined the research capacity of nurses in the United States and other countries. However, the research capacity of clinical nurses in China has not been systematically surveyed. Thus, there is a need to investigate and report the research capacity and training needs of nurses in China.

Spatial-temporal variation characteristics and evolution of the global industrial robot trade: A complex network analysis.

Industrial robots are a strategic future technology and an important part of the development of artificial intelligence, and they are a necessary means for the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry. Based on global industrial robot trade data from 1998 to 2017, this paper applies the dynamic complex network analysis method to reveal the spatial and temporal variation characteristics and trade status evolution of the global industrial robot trade network. The results show that the global indus...

Nutraceuticals' Novel Formulations: The Good, the Bad, the Unknown and Patents Involved.

Traditional nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals hold pragmatic nature with respect to their definitions, claims, purposes and marketing strategies. Their definitions are not well established worldwide. They also have different regulatory definitions and registration regulatory processes in different parts of the world. Global prevalence of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals is noticeably high with large market share with minimal regulation compared to traditional drugs. The global market is flooded with nutrac...

Strength and Adaptation of Stereolithography-Fabricated Zirconia Dental Crowns: An In Vitro Study.

To evaluate the physical and mechanical properties of zirconia ceramic manufactured with stereolithography and to quantitatively analyze the internal and marginal adaptation of the zirconia ceramic dental crowns.

Mixed-valent neptunium oligomer complexes based on cation-cation interactions.

Mixed-valent tri- and tetranuclear complexes of neptunium, [{NpIVCl4}{NpVO2Cl(THF)3}2]·THF and [{NpIVCl3}{NpVO2(μ2-Cl)(THF)2}3{μ3-Cl}] (THF = tetrahydrofuran), were synthesised and characterised. Both the complexes are formed via the cation-cation interactions between the Np(iv) centre and the axial oxygens of the neptunyl(v) unit (i.e. trans-dioxo NpO2+ cation), demonstrating the potential of cation-cation interactions for further exploring the oligomer/cluster chemistry of actinides.

Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Sm3+ doped Yttrium Orthoferrite (YFeO3) obtained by sol-gel synthesis route.

Fine powders of Y1-xSmxFeO3 (x=0, 0.05, 0.10, 0.15) were synthesized via citrate based sol-gel route. While the as synthesized powders were amorphous, the calcined (900 ˚C / 8 h) powders were confirmed to be polycrystalline by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) studies. The calcined powders were found to crystallize in an orthorhombic structure associated with the lattice parameters a= 5.59 Å, b= 7.60 Å, c=5.28 Å. These lattice parameters increased with the increase in Sm3+ content at yttrium sites. The str...

Sustaining WEEE collection business in China: The case of online to offline (O2O) development strategies.

WEEE has become a global focus because of its environmental pollution and human health risk and the valuable resources contained. China's ban on solid waste imports reconstructs the global WEEE flow, leading to a more complicated situation for global WEEE recycling that asks for innovative development. The advanced development of the Internet opens new doors to WEEE collection-the first step of recycling, O2O (integrating online platform and offline collection) development strategies are adopted by many com...

Effects of surface treatments on mechanical behavior of sintered and pre-sintered yttria-stabilized zirconia and reliability of crowns and abutments processed by CAD/CAM.

This study evaluates the micro shear bond strength of resin cement to an yttriastabilized zirconia ceramic and the survival probability of zirconia abutments and crowns after different surface treatments through a fatigue test.

Optical properties of currently used zirconia-based esthetic restorations fabricated with different techniques.

The aim was to evaluate the effects of different types of monolithic zirconia (MZ) and fabrication techniques on the optical properties of newly generated zirconia-based materials after aging.

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