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High-throughput screening of alkoxide/oxime-based library: an alternative to organotin compounds for the alkoxysilane condensation in adhesives and sealants.

In this work, a high-throughput screening (HTS) method was used to discover new efficient catalysts to substitute organotin compounds (DBTDL) for the cross-linking of silyl-modified polymers (SMPs). We report here on the use of our HTS method to investigate a library of alkoxide/oxime systems with different metal/ligand (M/L) ratios. Among the 156 candidates tested, 40 interesting hits were detected. Then, the cross-linking times for the better hits were measured on the SMP. Some of these seem to be more ef...

Increasing dental health-care utilisation for all: understanding individual factors and place factors in Hawaii.

Dental service utilisation is an important global health problem. Studies report that when people are able to access oral health care, they are more likely to receive basic preventive services than emergency care. Previous studies also report that dental-care utilisation varies according to individual patient and place factors. However, studies on the interplay of individual and place factors are limited. This study investigated the associations of dental-care utilisation according to urban/rural setting an...

NHS dentistry is falling behind in an overall growing dental market.

Dental device market prepared for Amazon growth amid safety fears.

Career Pathways and Professional Skills of Post-Graduate Students from a Dental Research-Intensive Program.

With current global trends in postgraduate education, graduate programs must make evidence-based improvements to offer the best program that aligns with student needs and prepare them for their future career prospects. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to investigate the post-graduation career pathways of MSc and PhD students who graduated within the past 15 years from the McGill University Postgraduate Dental Research Program.

Long-term bonding efficacy of adhesives containing benzodioxioles as alternative co-initiators.

This study evaluated the three-year lifespan of the bond to dentin of experimental self-etch adhesives containing benzodioxole derivatives - 1,3-benzodioxole (BDO) and piperonyl alcohol (PA) - as co-initiator alternative to amines. Adhesive resins were formulated using Bis-GMA, TEGDMA, HEMA, camphorquinone and different co-initiators: BDO, PA or ethyl 4-dimethylamino benzoate (EDAB - amine). An experimental self-etch primer was used to complete the two-step, self-etch adhesive system. Clearfil SE Bond (CSE)...

Knowledge And Attitude Of Undergraduate Dental Students Towards Research.

Scientific research is an important part of healthcare curricula and a vital exercise to help develop clinician's research skills. The aim of this study was to evaluate quantitatively the knowledge and attitude of undergraduate dental students towards scientific research. In addition, the study explored the reasons for lack of interest in research by the dental students.


Introduction: Experiencing emotions is complicated process often related to dental treatment. Based on research conducted in different countries, the occurrence of dental anxiety is estimated at around 20% and 5% of the general population of patients is characterized by high level of anxiety , including dental phobia. Research indicates that many dentists have problems with identification of the symptoms of dental phobia and implementing appropriate and effective treatment. The aim: The goal of the article ...

Patient versus proxy response on global health scales: no meaningful DIFference.

Assessment of outcomes from a proxy is often substituted for the patient's self-report when the patient is unable or unwilling to report their status. Research has indicated that proxies over-report symptoms on the patient's behalf. This study aimed to quantify the extent of proxy-introduced bias on the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System Global Health (PROMIS GH) scale for mental (GMH) and physical (GPH) scores.

Influence of a hydrophobic monomer on the physical and mechanical properties of experimental surface sealants.

This study evaluated the effect of adding the hydrophobic monomer 1,12 dodecanediol dimethacrylate (DDDMA) to experimental sealants with and without thermocycling on degree of conversion (DC), water sorption (WS), water solubility (WSB), color stability (ΔE), and micro-shear bond strength (μSBS). Five experimental and one commercially available sealant (Bisco - BIS) were tested. The experimental sealants were formulated by mixing different percentages of DDDMA monomers and urethane dimethacrylate (UDMA). ...

The improvement of biocompatibility of adhesives : The effects of resveratrol on biocompatibility and dentin micro-tensile bond strengths of self-etch adhesives.

The aim of this in vitro study is to evaluate the effects of resveratrol (RES) addition on the cytotoxicity and microtensile bond strength (μTBS) of different adhesives.

Bioinspired Baroplastic Glycosaminoglycan Sealants for Soft Tissues.

We describe biomimetic adhesives inspired by the marine glues fabricated by the sandcastle worm. The formation of stable polyelectrolyte complexes between poly-L-lysine (PLL) and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) with different sulfation degree - heparin (HEP), chondroitin sulfate (CS) and hyaluronic acid (HA) - is optimized by zeta-potential titrations. These PLL/GAG complexes are transformed into compact polyelectrolyte complexes (coPECs) with controlled water contents and densities via baroplastic processing. Ro...

American Association for Dental Research Policy Statement on Community Water Fluoridation.

New Silyl-Functionalized BisGMA Provides Autonomous Strengthening without Leaching for Dental Adhesives.

Resin-based composite has overtaken dental amalgam as the most popular material for direct restorative dentistry. In spite of this popularity the clinical lifetime of composite restorations is threatened by recurrent decay. Degradation of the adhesive leads to gaps at the composite/tooth interface-bacteria, bacterial by-products and fluids infiltrate the gaps leading to recurrent decay and composite restoration failure. The durability of resin-dentin bonds is a major problem. We address this problem by synt...

A global perspective on implant education: cluster analysis of the 'first dental implant experience' of dentists from 84 nationalities.

The aim of this cross-sectional study was to explore the demographic and educational patterns related to the dentists' first implant dental experience.

Investigation of Surgical Adhesives for Vocal Fold Wound Closure.

Surgical adhesives are increasingly used for vocal fold microsurgery to assist wound closure and reduce the risks of scar formation. Currently used vocal fold adhesives such as fibrin glue, however, have thus far not been found to promote wound closure or reduce scarring. The objectives of this study were to investigate the mechanical strength and the cytotoxicity of three commercially available adhesives (Glubran 2, GEM, Viareggio, Italy; BioGlue, CryoLife, Kennesaw, GA; and Tisseel, Baxter Healthcare, Dee...

Modification and crosslinking of gelatin-based biomaterials as tissue adhesives.

Tissue adhesives have been developed to overcome the difficulties of conventional wound closure techniques (e.g. sutures and staples), such as the potential for collateral damage and difficulty of stopping body fluid and gas. At the same time, it provides advantages such as simpler implementation, less painful, and does not require removal. However, representative adhesives such as cyanoacrylates and fibrin glues are plagued by cytotoxicity and low adhesion. In this study, we choose instead gelatin as the b...

Clinical Feasibility of Large Gastrotomy Closure Using a Flexible Tissue Glue Based on N-Butyl-2-Cyanoacrylate: Experimental Study in Pigs.

The use of synthetic adhesives such as cyanoacrylates has been established previously for a wide range of clinical indications. However, more research is necessary to evaluate their use in digestive closures or anastomosis. New chemical formulations developed to achieve more flexibility of synthetic adhesives (i.e., based on n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate) could be an alternative to achieve this purpose. The aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility of using flexible cyanoacrylate adhesives for large ga...

Predictability in process-based ensemble forecast of influenza.

Process-based models have been used to simulate and forecast a number of nonlinear dynamical systems, including influenza and other infectious diseases. In this work, we evaluate the effects of model initial condition error and stochastic fluctuation on forecast accuracy in a compartmental model of influenza transmission. These two types of errors are found to have qualitatively similar growth patterns during model integration, indicating that dynamic error growth, regardless of source, is a dominant compon...

An Overview of Dental Anxiety and the Non-Pharmacological Management of Dental Anxiety.

In this article we will seek to provide an overview of dental anxiety and fear, including its most extreme manifestation, dental phobia. We will explore the prevalence of different levels of dental anxiety and outline some broad principles for the management of dental anxiety based on an approach which suggests that management should be proportionate to the level of anxiety.

Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of a Child with Ectodermal Dysplasia: A Preliminary Report.

This case history report describes the dental management of a child with ectodermal dysplasia with the premise that appropriate and early dental management positively impacts the oral health-related quality of life of such patients, irrespective of the age at which treatment is initiated.

A Literature Review of the Predictive Validity of European Dental School Selection Methods.

Selection to dental school is the point at which there is the potential to assess a wide range of candidate attributes and select those most likely to learn, train and work within the profession. Despite this, little is known in terms of what works and what does not work in dental selection in terms of predicting future performance accurately and fairly. Given this, our aim was to synthesize the last 30 years of research investigating the predictive validity of dental school selection methods.

Ocular adhesives: Design, chemistry, crosslinking mechanisms, and applications.

Closure of ocular wounds after an accident or surgery is typically performed by suturing, which is associated with numerous potential complications, including suture breakage, inflammation, secondary neovascularization, erosion to the surface and secondary infection, and astigmatism; for example, more than half of post-corneal transplant infections are due to suture related complications. Tissue adhesives provide promising substitutes for sutures in ophthalmic surgery. Ocular adhesives are not only intended...

Knowledge, Awareness, and Attitude Regarding Dental Implants among Dental Interns.

Implant therapy is an elective dental procedure of dental rehabilitative treatment. Objective of this study was to assess the knowledge, awareness, and attitude of dental interns of Nepal toward dental implants and to see associations of the responses with gender and geographic location of dental college.

Evaluation of remineralization potential and mechanical properties of pit and fissure sealants fortified with nano-hydroxyapatite and nano-amorphous calcium phosphate fillers: An study.

The aim of this study was: (i) to formulate pit and fissure sealants (PFS) containing nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAP) filler; nHAP filler and silica co-filler; nHAP and nano-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (nACP) co-filler, (ii) to evaluate physical properties; degree of conversion (DOC), curing depth (CD) and mechanical properties; microshear bond strength (MBS) of fortified PFS, and (iii) to assess remineralization potential and release of Ca and PO ions from newly synthesized sealants.

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