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Ecological hazard assessment of methyl ethyl ketone using the species sensitivity distribution approach in a soil ecosystem.

Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) is a common and widely used industrial solvent. However, few studies have investigated its toxicity, or its effects as a contaminant in soil ecosystems. In this study, acute and chronic toxicity data for MEK were generated, and ecological risk based on a species sensitivity distribution was assessed. Seven soil organisms from six taxonomic groups were used for acute toxicity tests and five soil organisms from four taxonomic groups were used for chronic toxicity tests. Acute and chr...

Engineering β-oxidation in Yarrowia lipolytica for methyl ketone production.

Medium- and long-chain methyl ketones are fatty acid-derived compounds that can be used as biofuel blending agents, flavors and fragrances. However, their large-scale production from sustainable feedstocks is currently limited due to the lack of robust microbial biocatalysts. The oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica is a promising biorefinery platform strain for the production of methyl ketones from renewable lignocellulosic biomass due to its natively high flux towards fatty acid biosynthesis. In this stud...

Target site mutations and cytochrome P450s confer resistance to fenoxaprop-P-ethyl and mesosulfuron-methyl in Alopecurus aequalis.

Shortawn foxtail (Alopecurus aequalis Sobol.) is a competitive grass weed infesting winter wheat- and canola-growing fields in China. In May 2016, a suspected A. aequalis resistant population AHTC-06 that survived fenoxaprop-P-ethyl and mesosulfuron-methyl applied at their field-recommended rates was collected from a wheat field in Jinji County, Anhui Province, China. This study aimed to determine the resistance profile of this AHTC-06 population to ACCase- and ALS-inhibitors, and to investigate its mechani...

Acetyl Methyl Torsion in Pentan-2-One as Observed by Microwave Spectroscopy.

The rotational spectra of two conformers of pentan-2-one (also known as methyl propyl ketone) were recorded in the frequency range from 2 to 40 GHz using two molecular jet Fourier transform microwave spectrometers. Fine splittings due to the internal rotations of the acetyl methyl group CH3CO- and the butyryl methyl group -COCH2CH2CH3 were resolved and analyzed with high accuracy. The torsional barriers of the acetyl and the butyryl methyl groups are 238.14 cm-1 and 979 cm-1, respectively, for the lowest en...

Perspectives for the microbial production of methyl propionate integrated with product recovery.

A new approach was studied for bio-based production of methyl propionate, a precursor of methyl methacrylate. Recombinant E. coli cells were used to perform a cascade reaction in which 2-butanol is reduced to butanone using alcohol dehydrogenase, and butanone is oxidized to methyl propionate and ethyl acetate using a Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase (BVMO). Product was removed by in situ stripping. The conversion was in line with a model comprising product formation and stripping kinetics. The maximum conversi...

Analysis of global stock index data during crisis period via complex network approach.

Considerable research has been done on the complex stock market, however, there is very little systematic work on the impact of crisis on global stock markets. For filling in these gaps, we propose a complex network method, which analyzes the effects of the 2008 global financial crisis on global main stock index from 2005 to 2010. Firstly, we construct three weighted networks. The physics-derived technique of minimum spanning tree is utilized to investigate the networks of three stages. Regional clustering ...

Recent Advances in Drug Development and Regulatory Science in China.

As the second largest pharmaceutical market with a great potential for future growth, China has drawn much attention from the global pharmaceutical community. With an increasing government investment in biomedical research, the domestic biopharmaceutical (biotechnological) companies in China are turning their attention to the development of innovative medicines and targeting the global market. To introduce innovative products to Chinese patients sooner, to improve the efficiency of its review and approval p...

RIFM fragrance ingredient safety assessment, 4-pentenoic acid, 2-acetyl-4-methyl-, ethyl ester, CAS Registry Number 20962-70-3.

Enzymatic synthesis of methyl derivatives of L-tryptophan selectively labeled with hydrogen isotopes.

We report the enzymatic synthesis of the derivatives of L-tryptophan methylated in indole moiety and labeled with deuterium and tritium in the 2-position of side chain. For kinetic studies twelve isotopomers, i.e., 1'-methyl-[2-H]-, 1'-methyl-[2-H]-, 1'-methyl-[2-H/H]-, 2'-methyl-[2-H]-, 2'-methyl-[2-H]-, 2'-methyl-[2-H/H]-, 5'-methyl-[2-H]-, 5'-methyl-[2-H]-, 5'-methyl-[2-H/H]-, 7'-methyl-[2-H]-, 7'-methyl-[2-H]-, and 7'-methyl-[2-H/H]-L-tryptophan are obtained by the enzymatic coupling of the appropriate ...

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel pyrrole derivatives as potential ClpP1P2 inhibitor against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

In an effort to discover novel inhibitors of M. tuberculosis Caseinolytic proteases (ClpP1P2), a combination strategy of virtual high-throughput screening and in vitro assay was employed and a new pyrrole compound, 1-(2-chloro-6-fluorobenzyl)-2, 5-dimethyl-4-((phenethylamino)methyl)-1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylate was found to display inhibitory effects against HRa with an MIC value of 77 µM. In order for discovery of more potent anti-tubercular agents that inhibit ClpP1P2 peptidase in M. tuberculosis, a series...

Direct formylation of 2-pyridone core of 3-N-methylcytisine via Duff reaction; synthesis of 9-enyl, 9-ynyl and 9-imino derivatives.

The first direct synthesis of 3-N-methyl-9-formylcytisine via electrophylic formylation is described. It is established, that Vilsmeier-Haack and Gatterman variants of this reaction are unsuccessful in the case with 3-substituted (-)-cytisine derivatives, but Duff procedure (with hexamethylenetetramine in trifluoroacetic acid) gives a possibility to obtain the target pseudo aromatic aldehyde with the 69% yield. Convenient precursors for [4 + 2]- or [3 + 2]-cycloaddition reactions are obtained by means o...

OBO-Protected Pyruvates as Reagents for the Synthesis of Functionalized Heteroaromatic Compounds.

Pd-catalyzed α-arylation of methyl-OBO-ketone (OBO = 4-methyl-2,6,7-trioxabicyclo[2.2.2]octan-1-yl) gives rise to arylated OBO-protected pyruvates. By appropriate prefunctionalization of the aryl ring or by subsequent functionalization at the α-carbonyl position of the arylated OBO-ketones, useful diketo OBO-protected carboxylates can be generated. Cyclization, aromatization, and OBO deprotection of these intermediates, using two distinct routes, gives access to valuable α-acyl heteroaromatic compounds.

Substandard and falsified medical products are a global public health threat. A pilot survey of awareness among physicians in Sweden.

Substandard and falsified medical products are a public health threat, primarily associated with low- and middle-income countries. Today, the phenomenon also exists in high-income countries. Increased Internet access has opened a global market. Self-diagnosis and self-prescription have boosted the market for unregulated websites with access to falsified medicines.

A Computational Study on the Unimolecular Decomposition of JP-8 Jet Fuel Surrogates III: Butylbenzene Isomers ( n-, s-, and t-CH).

Ab initio G3(CCSD,MP2)//B3LYP/6-311G(d,p) calculations of potential energy surfaces have been carried out to unravel the mechanism of the initial stages of pyrolysis of three C10H14 isomers: n-, i-, and t-butylbenzenes. The computed energetic and molecular parameters have been utilized in RRKM-Master Equation calculations to predict temperature- and pressure- dependent rate constants and product branching ratios for the primary unimolecular decomposition of these molecules and for the secondary decompositio...

Enhancement and control of the selectivity in light-driven ketone versus water reduction using aminopyridine cobalt complexes.

Cobalt(ii) complexes with the general structure [CoII(OTf)(Y,XPy2Tstacn)](OTf) (1R, where Y,XPy2Tstacn is 1,4-di(p-Y,m-X-picolyl)-7-R-1,4,7-triazacyclononane; 1H, 1CO2Et, 1DMM) and [CoII(OTf)2(Y,XPyMetacn)] (2R, where Y,XPyMetacn is 1-(p-Y,m-X-picolyl)-7,4-di-methyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane; 2CO2Et, 2Cl, 2H, 2DMM, 2NMe2) were active in both light-driven acetophenone (3a) and water reduction. Competition studies show that aromatic ketone/water reduction selectivity ranks from 0.2 to 8.0. Nevertheless, conside...

Gas/Particle Partitioning Constants ( K) of Nicotine, Selected Toxicants, and Flavor Chemicals in Solutions of 50/50 Propylene Glycol/Glycerol as Used in Electronic Cigarettes.

For an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) aerosol with known total particulate matter concentration (TPM, μg/m), predictions of the fractions of some compound i in the gas and particle phases ( f and f) at equilibrium can be made based on K (m/μg), the compound-dependent gas/particle partitioning equilibrium constant. f and f affect the modes and locations of deposition in the respiratory tract. K depends inversely on: 1) the pure-compound liquid vapor pressure ( p ); 2) mole-fraction activity coefficient...

Delitpyrones: α-Pyrone Derivatives from a Freshwater Delitschia sp.

In research focused on the discovery of new chemical diversity from freshwater fungi, a peak library was built and evaluated against a prostate cancer cell line, E006AA-hT, which was derived from an African American, as this population is disproportionately affected by prostate cancer. The chemical study of the bioactive sample accessioned as G858 ( sp.) led to the isolation of eight new -pyrone derivatives (1:  - 7: , and 11: ), as well as the new 3,4-7-ethyl-4,8-dihydroxy-3,6-dimethoxy-3,4-dihydronaph...

Global transcriptomic analysis of Rhodococcus erythropolis D310-1 in responding to chlorimuron-ethyl.

Chlorimuron-ethyl is a typical long-term residual sulfonylurea herbicide whose long period of residence poses a serious hazard to rotational crops. Microbial degradation is considered to be the most acceptable method for its removal, but the degradation mechanism is not clear. In this work, we investigated gene expression changes during the degradation of chlorimuron-ethyl by an effective chlorimuron-ethyl-degrading bacterium, Rhodococcus erythropolis D310-1. The genes that correspond to this degradation an...

Stability of Ethyl Glucuronide, Ethyl Sulfate, Phosphatidylethanols and Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters in Postmortem Human Blood.

The lack of systematic studies on the stability of ethanol's non-oxidative metabolites in postmortem specimens restricts their use in forensic cases. This study aimed to compare the stability of ethyl glucuronide (EtG), ethyl sulfate (EtS), phosphatidylethanols (PEths) and fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs) in postmortem human blood.

Evaluation of mosquito larvicidal activity of fruit extracts of Acacia auriculiformis against the Japanese encephalitis vector Culex vishnui.

The larvicidal potentiality of crude and ethyl acetate extracts of fruits of Acacia auriculiformis was investigated against all the larval instars of JE vector Culex vishnui. The crude extracts showed good results against all the larval instars with highest mortality at 0.09%. Highest mortality was found at 300 ppm of ethyl acetate extract. Lowest LCvalue was obtained at 72 h for third instar larvae. Non target organisms tested, showed no to very less mortality to ethyl acetate solvent extract. Presence o...

N-Ethyl Pentylone (Ephylone) Intoxications: Quantitative Confirmation and Metabolite Identification in Authentic Human Biological Specimens.

N-ethyl pentylone (ephylone) has been identified as the most recent novel stimulant to emerge into the arena of evolving novel psychoactive substances (NPS). Due to its novelty, information regarding case reports with associated quantitative confirmations, biotransformation pathways, and identified unique metabolites will assist the scientific community in understanding the implications of the emergence and risks associated with N-ethyl pentylone use. Authentic blood specimens (n = 26) submitted as part of ...

At-home Bleaching With 10% vs More Concentrated Carbamide Peroxide Gels: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

To perform a systematic review to answer the following research question: Is at-home bleaching in adults with more concentrated carbamide peroxide (CP) gels as effective and safe as bleaching performed with 10% carbamide peroxide gels?

Effects of market type and time of purchase on oxidative status and descriptive off-odors and off-flavors of beef in Vietnam.

The objective of the current study was to determine the effects of market type (super market - SM, indoor market - IM, open market - OM) and sampling time (at the opening - T0 and 4 h after the opening - T4) on antioxidant capacity, lipid oxidation, and descriptive sensory attributes of beef in Vietnam. Values of FC and TEAC were greater in OM beef than IM and SM (P 

The social issue in the BRICS Project.

BRICS, the acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is the first multilateral group created and run by non-western developed countries. The group aims to influence world geopolitics and market based on the right of developing and emerging countries to participate equitably in development. The social issue lies at the core of the group's justifications to achieve its goals. In this regard, this paper aims to analyze how the social issue has been addressed by BRICS. The methodology was based...

Bibliometric analysis of global publications in medication adherence (1900-2017).

Medication non-adherence is a worldwide problem. The aim of this study was to assess the global research output, research trends and topics that shaped medication adherence research.

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