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Robust Landmark Detection and Position Measurement Based on Monocular Vision for Autonomous Aerial Refueling of UAVs.

In this paper, a position measurement system, including drogue's landmark detection and position computation for autonomous aerial refueling of unmanned aerial vehicles, is proposed. A multitask parallel deep convolution neural network (MPDCNN) is designed to detect the landmarks of the drogue target. In MPDCNN, two parallel convolution networks are used, and a fusion mechanism is proposed to accomplish the effective fusion of the drogue's two salient parts' landmark detection. Considering the drogue target...

Substandard and falsified medical products are a global public health threat. A pilot survey of awareness among physicians in Sweden.

Substandard and falsified medical products are a public health threat, primarily associated with low- and middle-income countries. Today, the phenomenon also exists in high-income countries. Increased Internet access has opened a global market. Self-diagnosis and self-prescription have boosted the market for unregulated websites with access to falsified medicines.

Laser Cutting as a Rapid Method for Fabricating Thin Soft Pneumatic Actuators and Robots.

Pneumatically actuated soft robots address many challenges with interfacing with delicate objects, but these actuators/robots are still bulky and require many hours to fabricate, limiting their widespread use. This article reports a novel design and manufacturing method for ultrathin soft robots and actuators (∼70 μm) using a laser-cutting machine that cuts/welds sheets of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from a 2D CAD drawing. Using this method, five different soft actuators (e.g., bending, rotating, ...

Analysis of global stock index data during crisis period via complex network approach.

Considerable research has been done on the complex stock market, however, there is very little systematic work on the impact of crisis on global stock markets. For filling in these gaps, we propose a complex network method, which analyzes the effects of the 2008 global financial crisis on global main stock index from 2005 to 2010. Firstly, we construct three weighted networks. The physics-derived technique of minimum spanning tree is utilized to investigate the networks of three stages. Regional clustering ...

The Effectiveness of Social Robots for Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Studies.

Social robots may promote the health of older adults by increasing their perceived emotional support and social interaction. This review aims to summarize the effectiveness of social robots on outcomes (psychological, physiological, quality of life, or medications) of older adults from randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

The struggle for existence in the world market ecosystem.

The global trade system can be viewed as a dynamic ecosystem in which exporters struggle for resources: the markets in which they export. We can think that the aim of an exporter is to gain the entirety of a market share (say, car imports from the United States). This is similar to the objective of an organism in its attempt to monopolize a given subset of resources in an ecosystem. In this paper, we adopt a multilayer network approach to describe this struggle. We use longitudinal, multiplex data on trade ...

Effects of market type and time of purchase on oxidative status and descriptive off-odors and off-flavors of beef in Vietnam.

The objective of the current study was to determine the effects of market type (super market - SM, indoor market - IM, open market - OM) and sampling time (at the opening - T0 and 4 h after the opening - T4) on antioxidant capacity, lipid oxidation, and descriptive sensory attributes of beef in Vietnam. Values of FC and TEAC were greater in OM beef than IM and SM (P 

Recovery planning towards doubling wild tiger Panthera tigris numbers: Detailing 18 recovery sites from across the range.

With less than 3200 wild tigers in 2010, the heads of 13 tiger-range countries committed to doubling the global population of wild tigers by 2022. This goal represents the highest level of ambition and commitment required to turn the tide for tigers in the wild. Yet, ensuring efficient and targeted implementation of conservation actions alongside systematic monitoring of progress towards this goal requires that we set site-specific recovery targets and timelines that are ecologically realistic. In this stud...

Hardware Sequencing of Inflatable Nonlinear Actuators for Autonomous Soft Robots.

Soft robots are an interesting alternative for classic rigid robots in applications requiring interaction with organisms or delicate objects. Elastic inflatable actuators are one of the preferred actuation mechanisms for soft robots since they are intrinsically safe and soft. However, these pneumatic actuators each require a dedicated pressure supply and valve to drive and control their actuation sequence. Because of the relatively large size of pressure supplies and valves compared to electrical leads and...

Recent Advances in Drug Development and Regulatory Science in China.

As the second largest pharmaceutical market with a great potential for future growth, China has drawn much attention from the global pharmaceutical community. With an increasing government investment in biomedical research, the domestic biopharmaceutical (biotechnological) companies in China are turning their attention to the development of innovative medicines and targeting the global market. To introduce innovative products to Chinese patients sooner, to improve the efficiency of its review and approval p...

Vital Signs: State-Level Variation in Nonfatal and Fatal Cardiovascular Events Targeted for Prevention by Million Hearts 2022.

Despite its preventability, cardiovascular disease remains a leading cause of morbidity, mortality, and health care costs in the United States. This study describes the burden, in 2016, of nonfatal and fatal cardiovascular events targeted for prevention by Million Hearts 2022, a national initiative working to prevent one million cardiovascular events during 2017-2021.

The US Biosimilar Market: Stunted Growth and Possible Reforms.

In 2010, Congress created an abbreviated application pathway for biosimilars, versions of approved biologics made by different manufacturers. However, as of November 1, 2018, the Food and Drug Administration had approved only 13 biosimilars under this pathway, of which just 6 were available for patients to use. We review the history of US regulation of biologics and identify manufacturing, regulatory, and marketing issues that have limited biosimilar market entry and uptake, concluding with recommendations ...

Multipoint Rendezvous in Multirobot Systems.

Multirobot rendezvous control and coordination strategies have garnered significant interest in recent years because of their potential applications in decentralized tasks. In this paper, we introduce a coordinate-free rendezvous control strategy to enable multiple robots to gather at different locations (dynamic leader robots) by tracking their hierarchy in a connected interaction graph. A key novelty in this strategy is the gathering of robots in different groups rather than at a single consensus point, m...

From failed global drug prohibition to regulating the drug market.

A Geometrically Exact Model for Soft Continuum Robots: The Finite Element Deformation Space Formulation.

Mathematical modeling of soft robots is complicated by the description of the continuously deformable three-dimensional shape that they assume when subjected to external loads. In this article we present the deformation space formulation for soft robots dynamics, developed using a finite element approach. Starting from the Cosserat rod theory formulated on a Lie group, we derive a discrete model using a helicoidal shape function for the spatial discretization and a geometric scheme for the time integration ...

Walking with perturbations: a guide for biped humans and robots.

This paper provides an update on the neural control of bipedal walking in relation to bioinspired models and robots. It is argued that most current models or robots are based on the construct of a symmetrical CPG (central pattern generator). However, new evidence suggests that CPG functioning is basically asymmetrical with its flexor half linked more tightly to the rhythm generator. The stability of bipedal gait, which is an important problem for robots and biological systems, is also addressed. While it is...

Vital Signs: Prevalence of Key Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors for Million Hearts 2022 - United States, 2011-2016.

Despite decades-long reductions in cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality, CVD mortality rates have recently plateaued and even increased in some subgroups, and the prevalence of CVD risk factors remains high. Million Hearts 2022, a 5-year initiative, was launched in 2017 to address this burden. This report establishes a baseline for the CVD risk factors targeted for reduction by the initiative during 2017-2021 and highlights recent changes over time.

Endoscopy robotics: current and future applications.

Many different types of endoscopy robots have been developed or are under development. Some of these innovative biotechnologies are dedicated to complex endoscopic procedures as endoscopic submucosal dissection while others are purely diagnostic. In endoscopy robotics there are still several problems that need a solution. These problems concern basically robotic locomotion and instrument control from on hand and clinical application on the other. In most of the cases the technology is still under developmen...

ICT and autism care: state of the art.

Over the past 10 years, the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has increased in regard to the treatment of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). ICT support mechanisms (e.g. computers, laptops, robots) are particularly attractive and are adapted to children with ASD. In addition, ICT algorithms can offer new perspectives for clinicians, outside direct apps or gaming proposals. Here, we will focus on the use of serious games and robots because of their attractiveness and th...

CGRP Antibodies as Prophylaxis in Migraine.

Monoclonal antibodies against calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) or its receptor (CLR + RAMP1) offer considerable improvements over existing drugs in migraine prophylaxis and are the first designed to act on the trigeminal pain system. Erenumab is approved by the FDA and EMA and has reached the market since May 2018. Two antibodies, fremanezumab and galcanezumab, directed towards the CGRP ligand, were approved by the FDA in September 2018. To view this Bench to Bedside, open or download the PDF.

Million Hearts 2022: Small Steps Are Needed for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.

Acknowledgment of Reviewers, 2018.

What to Know About Medicines With New Active Ingredients Approved in FY 2016 / 2016 in Japan and EU: A Brief Comparison of New Medicines Approved in Japan and the EU in 2016.

The Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) in Japan and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have a long-standing experience of reviews of new medicines, and they meet their target pre-market review periods. In FY 2016 / 2016, 112 and 83 new medicines were approved in Japan and EU, respectively. Out of these medicines, 41 and 27 medicines containing new active ingredients were approved with total pre-market review periods of 209 days and 428 days in Japan and EU, respectively. Approximately one-th...

The Influence of Culture on Attitudes Towards Humanoid and Animal-like Robots: An Integrative Review.

The aim of the present review is to explore the influence of culture on attitudes towards humanoid and animal-like robots.

Comfort and Attitudes Towards Robots Among Young, Middle-Aged, and Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study.

To explore the social impact of, comfort with, and negative attitudes towards robots among young, middle-aged, and older adults in the United States.

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