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Methods for analysis of complex survey data: an application using the Tanzanian 2015 Demographic and Health Survey and Service Provision Assessment.

Low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) seek to better utilize household and health facility survey data for monitoring and evaluation, as well as for health program planning. However, analysis of this complex survey data are complicated. In Tanzania, the National Evaluation Platform project sought to analyze Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data and Service Provision Assessment (SPA) data as part of an evaluation of the national One Plan for Maternal and Child Health. To support this evaluation, ...

Estimation tools for reducing the impact of sampling and nonresponse errors in dual-frame RDD telephone surveys.

We discuss alternative estimators of the population total given a dual-frame random-digit-dial (RDD) telephone survey in which samples are selected from landline and cell phone sampling frames. The estimators are subject to sampling and nonsampling errors. To reduce sampling variability when an optimum balance of landline and cell phone samples is not feasible, we develop an application of shrinkage estimation. We demonstrate the implications for survey weighting of a differential nonresponse mechanism by t...

Prevalence and Altered Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury in China: A Nationwide Survey in 2013.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of death and disability annually worldwide. However, the epidemiology of TBI had not been established in China. We conducted a nationally representative door-to-door survey in the general population across all age groups in 31 provinces in mainland China in 2013.

The impact of door-to-electrocardiogram time on door-to-balloon time after achieving the guideline-recommended target rate.

Little is known about the components and contributing factors of door-to-balloon time after implementation of Door-to-Balloon Alliance quality-improving (QI) strategies, including the impact of door-to-ECG time on door-to-balloon time.

Time window to constrain the corner value of the global seismic-moment distribution.

It is well accepted that, at the global scale, the Gutenberg-Richter (GR) law describing the distribution of earthquake magnitude or seismic moment has to be modified at the tail to properly account for the most extreme events. It is debated, though, how much additional time of earthquake recording will be necessary to properly constrain this tail. Using the global CMT catalog, we study how three modifications of the GR law that incorporate a corner-value parameter are compatible with the size of the larges...

Landscape of Global Oncology Research and Training at National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Centers: Results of the 2018 to 2019 Global Oncology Survey.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI)-Designated Cancer Centers (NDCCs) are active in global oncology research and training, leading collaborations to support global cancer control. To better understand global oncology activities led by NDCCs, the NCI Center for Global Health collaborated with ASCO to conduct the 2018/2019 NCI/ASCO Global Oncology Survey of NDCCs.

Joint Coding of Local and Global Deep Features in Videos for Visual Search.

Practically, it is more feasible to collect compact visual features rather than the video streams from hundreds of thousands of cameras into the cloud for big data analysis and retrieval. Then the problem becomes which kinds of features should be extracted, compressed and transmitted so as to meet the requirements of various visual tasks. Recently, many studies have indicated that the activations from the convolutional layers in convolutional neural networks (CNNs) can be treated as local deep features desc...

Surveying Strategies for Hard-to-Survey Populations: Lessons From the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander National Health Interview Survey.

Calls for remedies for the persistent scarcity of accurate, reliable, national, disaggregated health statistics on hard-to-survey populations are common, but solutions are rare. Survey strategies used in community and clinical studies of hard-to-survey populations often cannot be, and generally are not, implemented at the national level.This essay presents a set of approaches, for use in combination with traditional survey methods in large-scale surveys of these populations, to overcome challenges in 2 doma...

Using a National Register as a Sampling Frame from the Perspective of an Early Career Researcher.

Selection of a sampling frame is a key component of conducting survey-based research. This article discusses the use of a national register, the Dental Register, as a sampling frame from the perspective of an early career researcher.

Rapid sequence induction: are useful muscle relaxants the same from out-door to in-door hospital setting?

The ship recycling market in Brazil - The Amazon potential.

Despite the considerable Brazilian coastline and vast water transportation cargo and passenger capacity, Brazil currently does not have a satisfactory amount of research aimed at ship recycling markets, especially in the Amazon region. This study aims to characterize this market in Brazil through research and data filtering related to national vessel fleets. Fleet data were obtained from the National Agency of Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ). Quantitative spatialization of the fleet was based on geostatisti...

Spatial-temporal variation characteristics and evolution of the global industrial robot trade: A complex network analysis.

Industrial robots are a strategic future technology and an important part of the development of artificial intelligence, and they are a necessary means for the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry. Based on global industrial robot trade data from 1998 to 2017, this paper applies the dynamic complex network analysis method to reveal the spatial and temporal variation characteristics and trade status evolution of the global industrial robot trade network. The results show that the global indus...

A comparison of frequency of alcohol and marijuana use using short message service surveying and survey questionnaires among homeless youth.

: There are several benefits to using short message service surveying (SMS) to gather data on substance use from homeless youth, including capturing data "in the moment" and verifying the timing of one behavior relative to another. Though SMS is a valuable data collection tool with highly mobile populations that otherwise are difficult to longitudinally sample, the reliability of SMS compared with surveys is largely unknown with homeless youth. Examining the reliability of SMS is important because these dat...

Reducing door-to-needle times in stroke thrombolysis to 13 min through protocol revision and simulation training: a quality improvement project in a Norwegian stroke centre.

In eligible patients with acute ischaemic stroke, rapid revascularisation is crucial for good outcome. At our treatment centre, we had achieved and sustained a median door-to-needle time of under 30 min. We hypothesised that further improvement could be achieved through implementing a revised treatment protocol and in situ simulation-based team training sessions. This report describes a quality improvement project aiming to reduce door-to-needle times in stroke thrombolysis.

Fragmentation and inefficiencies in US equity markets: Evidence from the Dow 30.

Using the most comprehensive source of commercially available data on the US National Market System, we analyze all quotes and trades associated with Dow 30 stocks in calendar year 2016 from the vantage point of a single and fixed frame of reference. We find that inefficiencies created in part by the fragmentation of the equity marketplace are relatively common and persist for longer than what physical constraints may suggest. Information feeds reported different prices for the same equity more than 120 mil...

A national survey of videolaryngoscopes and alternative intubation devices in Hungary.

Videolaryngoscopy (VL) as a new airway management technique has evolved in recent decades, and a large number of videolaryngoscopes are now available on the market. Most recent major guidelines already recommend the immediate availability and use of VL in difficult airway management scenarios. However, national data on the availability of VL, introduction into practice and patterns of use are rarely published. Therefore, the current study aimed to provide data on VL in Hungary.

The analysis of medical market in Russia in 2016-2018: main economic indices and research results.

The article presents the main indicators of development of Russian medical market in 2016-2018. The basic data concerning main activities in market of medical services and goods, key figures on patterns and trends of market of medical sphere, pricing policy, organizational forms of medical institutions is presented. The conclusions on the research oт supply and demand in medical market are made. The conclusions related to forecasting and planning of development of Russian medical market in Russia, its pers...

Canadian results from the European Men-who-have-sex-with-men Internet survey (EMIS-2017).

In 2017, the international European Men-who-have-sex-with-men Internet Survey (EMIS-2017) collected data from 50 countries, including Canada for the first time.

Market segmentation and urban CO emissions in China: Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta region.

As the largest CO emitter in the world, China plays a crucial role in global CO emission reduction. Meanwhile, as the largest developing country, China gives top priority to economic development, especially balanced regional development. In order to narrow regional development inequality, China has formulated some economic zone plannings to weaken market segmentation. However, existing studies pay little attention to the impacts of intra-national trade barrier on CO emissions within China. This is the first...

Analysis of Immunogenicity Data in the Product Information of Biological Drugs: A Need to Report Immunogenicity Data Systematically.

The aim of this analysis was to evaluate whether the current unsystematic assessment leads to sufficient reporting of immunogenicity-related information in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPCs) of biological products approved in the European market.

Commentary on the Benefits of US Pharmacopeial Standards: A Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Survey.

Pharmacopeial quality standards for medicines are associated with ensuring quality, but they can also facilitate innovation and competition in pharmaceutical markets. Unpublished data suggest that pharmacopeial quality standards, while not associated with increasing the likelihood of a first generic entrant in the market, are associated with increasing the overall number of generic entrants. This commentary describes an online survey of finished-dose generic drug manufacturers in the US and India that explo...

Sexual Orientation Disparities in Pregnancy Risk Behaviors and Pregnancy Among Sexually Active Teenage Girls: Updates from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which sexual identity and/or sexual behaviors were associated with pregnancy risk factors (condom use, alcohol or other drug use before sex, and World Health Organization [WHO] Tier 1 [i.e., intrauterine device, implant] or Tier 2 [i.e., injectable, pill, patch, or ring] contraception use) and teen pregnancy among female high school students who reported having a sexual relationship with a male partner. Data were from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (...

Improved MAC layer protocol of Wifi for satellite network.

With the development and universal application of satellite technology, an important way to expand the function of satellites is setting up inter-satellite networks to make them work together. Traditional satellite networking methods generally adopt a fixed time slot allocation method, which is not suitable for small satellite groups with low latency and high throughput requirements. In order to solve this problem, it has been proposed to apply the traditional Wifi protocol in satellite networking. As there...

Assessment of Knowledge on Risk Factors, Warning Signs, and Early Treatment Approaches of Stroke among Community Adults in North India: A Telephone Interview Survey.

As stroke is a catastrophic illness, knowing its risk factors, early signs and symptoms, and management strategies could potentially prevent morbidity and mortality among the people. The aim of this study is to determine the public cognizance of risk factors, signs and symptoms, and early treatment options available for stroke with particular emphases on thrombolysis, and its window period. A cross-sectional telephonic interview-based survey was conducted in the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pra...

Bilateral Madelung Wrist Deformity in a 13-Year-Old Girl: Surgical Correction With the Taylor Spatial Frame External Fixation System.

Madelung deformity is a complex malformation of the wrist, due to growth disturbance in the volar and ulnar part of the distal radial physis. We report a bilateral idiopathic Madelung wrist deformity, in a 13-year-old girl, corrected surgically with the Taylor spatial frame external fixation system plus osteotomy. The Taylor spatial frame,a hexapod system of external fixation, has the ability, by distraction histogenesis, to simultaneously correct all components of this multiplanar three-dimensional wrist d...

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