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Evaluation of the Intel Xeon Phi 7120 and NVIDIA K80 as accelerators for two-dimensional panel codes.

To optimize the geometry of airfoils for a specific application is an important engineering problem. In this context genetic algorithms have enjoyed some success as they are able to explore the search space without getting stuck in local optima. However, these algorithms require the computation of aerodynamic properties for a significant number of airfoil geometries. Consequently, for low-speed aerodynamics, panel methods are most often used as the inner solver. In this paper we evaluate the performance of ...

Applying Item Response Theory to the Development of a Screening Adaptation of the Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation-Second Edition.

Item response theory (IRT) is a psychometric approach to measurement that uses latent trait abilities (e.g., speech sound production skills) to model performance on individual items that vary by difficulty and discrimination. An IRT analysis was applied to preschoolers' productions of the words on the Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation-Second Edition (GFTA-2) to identify candidates for a screening measure of speech sound production skills.

Where Does the Health Insurance Premium Dollar Go?

Analysis of Human Papillomavirus Genome Replication Using Two- and Three-Dimensional Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.

This unit includes the necessary information to conduct neutral/neutral and neutral/alkaline two-dimensional and neutral/neutral/alkaline three-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis. The methodology has been optimized over the years to gain a better outcome from the hard-to-interpret signals of human papilloma virus replication intermediates obtained from two- and three-dimensional agarose gels. Examples of typical results and interpretation of replication intermediate patterns are included, and the outco...

Pemetrexed in Nonsquamous Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: The Billion Dollar Subgroup Analysis.

Million dollar ride: Crime committed during involuntary scopolamine intoxication.

Event-related potentials to changes in facial expression in two-phase transitions.

The purpose of the study was to compare event-related potentials (ERPs) to different transitions between emotional and neutral facial expressions. The stimuli contained a single transition between two different images of the same face, giving a strong impression of changing expression though apparent motion whilst eliminating change in irrelevant stimulus variables such as image contrast or identity. Stimuli were calibrated for intensity, valence and perceived emotion category and only trials where the targ...

Controlled multiple neutral planes by low elastic modulus adhesive for flexible organic photovoltaics.

To protect brittle layers in organic photovoltaic devices, the mechanical neutral plane strategy can be adopted through placing the brittle functional materials close to the neutral plane where stress and strain are zero during bending. However, previous research has been significantly limited in the location and number of materials to protect through using a single neutral plane. In this study, multiple neutral planes are generated using low elastic modulus adhesives and are controlled through quantitative...

Indirect NMR detection of transient guanosyl radical protonation in neutral aqueous solution.

By using the time-resolved chemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization technique, we show that the neutral guanosyl radical, G(-H)˙, formed in the reaction of guanosine-5'-monophosphate with a triplet-excited 3,3',4,4'-tetracarboxy benzophenone in neutral aqueous solution, protonates readily at the N7 position with the formation of a new guanosyl cation radical (G˙(+))'.

Quantum delayed-choice experiment with a single neutral atom.

We present a proposal to implement a quantum delayed-choice (QDC) experiment with a single neutral atom, such as a rubidium or cesium atom. In our proposal, a Ramsey interferometer is adopted to observe the wave-like or particle-like behaviors of a single atom depending on the existence or absence of the second π/2-rotation. A quantum-controlled π/2-rotation on target atom is realized through a Rydberg-Rydberg interaction by another ancilla atom. It shows that a heavy neutral atom can also have a morphing...

Importance of neutral processes varies in time and space: Evidence from dryland stream ecosystems.

Many ecosystems experience strong temporal variability in environmental conditions; yet, a clear picture of how niche and neutral processes operate to determine community assembly in temporally variable systems remains elusive. In this study, we constructed neutral metacommunity models to assess the relative importance of neutral processes in a spatially and temporally variable ecosystem. We analyzed macroinvertebrate community data spanning multiple seasons and years from 20 sites in a Sonoran Desert river...

Comparative tests of the species-genetic diversity correlation at neutral and non-neutral loci in four species of stream insect.

A fundamental question linking population genetics and community ecology is how adaptive processes (e.g., natural selection) and neutral processes (e.g., drift-migration equilibrium) underpin the species-genetic diversity correlation (SGDC). Here we combine genome scans and outlier loci detection with community analysis to separately test for neutral and non-neutral SGDCs in four species of stream insect. We sampled 60 localities in Japan and examined the relationships among population AFLP band richness (B...

Elucidation of Insulin Assembly at Acidic and Neutral pH: Characterization of Low Molecular Weight Oligomers.

Deficiency in insulin secretion and function that characterize type 2 diabetes often requires administration of extraneous insulin, leading to injection-site amyloidosis. Insulin aggregation at neutral pH is not well understood. Although oligomer formation is believed to play an important role, insulin oligomers have not been fully characterized yet. Here, we elucidate similarities and differences between in vitro insulin aggregation at acidic and neutral pH for a range of insulin concentrations (2.5-100 μ...

Individual differences in processing emotional images after reading disgusting and neutral sentences.

The present study examined the extent to which Event Related Potentials (ERPs) evoked by disgusting, threatening and neutral photographic images were influenced by disgust propensity, disgust sensitivity and attentional control following exposure to disgusting information. Emotional cognition was manipulated by instructing participants to remember either disgusting or neutral sentences; participants in both groups then viewed emotional images while ERPs were recorded. Disgust propensity was associated with ...

A Fe(II)/citrate/UV/PMS process for carbamazepine degradation at a very low Fe(II)/PMS ratio and neutral pH: The mechanisms.

A novel Fe(II)/citrate/UV/PMS process for degrading a model micropollutant, carbamazepine (CBZ), at a low Fe(II)/PMS ratio and neutral pH has been proposed in this study, and the mechanisms of radical generation in the system was explored. With a UV dose of 302.4 mJ/cm(2), an initial pH of 7, and CBZ, PMS, Fe(II) and citrate at initial concentrations of 10, 100, 12 and 26 μM, respectively, the CBZ degradation efficiency reached 71% in 20 min in the Fe(II)/citrate/UV/PMS process, which was 4.7 times high...

The Effect of Head Position on the Cross-sectional Area of the Subclavian Vein.

In 41 healthy volunteers, we investigated the cross-sectional area (CSA) of the subclavian vein (SCV) in the following head positions: neutral and 30° head rotation toward the contralateral or ipsilateral sides. Significant differences were observed in the CSA of the SCV at 3 different head positions: contralateral 30° versus neutral, -0.05 cm (95% confidence interval, -0.08 to -0.03); contralateral 30° versus ipsilateral 30°, -0.15 cm (-0.19 to -0.12); neutral versus ipsilateral 30°, -0.10 cm2 (-0.13 ...

Affective Enhancement of Working Memory Is Maintained in Depression.

We currently know little about how performance on assessments of working memory capacity (WMC) that are designed to mirror the concurrent task demands of daily life are impacted by the presence of affective information, nor how those effects may be modulated by depression-a syndrome where sufferers report global difficulties with executive processing. Across 3 experiments, we investigated WMC for sets of neutral words in the context of processing either neutral or affective (depressogenic) sentences, which ...

Neutral chiral cyclopentadienyl Ru(ii)Cl catalysts enable enantioselective 2+2-cycloadditions.

Cyclopentadienyl ruthenium(ii) complexes with a large number of available coordination sites are frequently used catalysts for a broad range of transformations. To be able to render these transformations enantioselective, we have designed a chiral neutral Cp(x)Ru(ii)Cl complex basing on an atropchiral cyclopentadienyl (Cp(x)) ligand which is accessed in a streamlined C-H functionalisation approach. The catalyst displays excellent levels of reactivity and enantioselectivity for enantioselective [2+2]-cycload...

Measurement of Neutral-Current K^{+} Production by Neutrinos using MINERvA.

Neutral-current production of K^{+} by atmospheric neutrinos is a background in searches for the proton decay p→K^{+}ν[over ¯]. Reactions such as νp→νK^{+}Λ are indistinguishable from proton decays when the decay products of the Λ are below detection threshold. Events with K^{+} are identified in MINERvA by reconstructing the timing signature of a K^{+} decay at rest. A sample of 201 neutrino-induced neutral-current K^{+} events is used to measure differential cross sections with respect to the K^...

Electrocatalytic water oxidation by Cu(ii) ions in a neutral borate buffer solution.

Herein we report that a Cu(ii) salt can efficiently catalyze water oxidation in a neutral borate buffer. Studies on the mechanism revealed that the borate anion serves as an oxygen donor in O-O bond formation during the process of water oxidation, assisting in enhancing the catalytic activity of Cu(ii).

Nickel-Catalyzed Direct Synthesis of Aryl Olefins from Ketones and Organoboron Reagents under Neutral Conditions.

A nickel-catalyzed addition of arylboron reagents to ketones results in aryl olefins directly. The neutral condition allows acidic protons of alcohols, phenols, and malonates to be present and fragile structures are also tolerated.

Combining fragment-ion and neutral-loss matching during mass spectral library searching: A new general purpose algorithm applicable to illicit drug identification.

A mass spectral library search algorithm that identifies compounds that differ from library compounds by a single 'inert' structural component is described. This algorithm, the Hybrid Similarity Search, generates a similarity score based on matching both fragment ions and neutral losses. It employs the parameter DeltaMass, defined as the mass difference between query and library compounds, to shift neutral loss peaks in the library spectrum to match corresponding neutral loss peaks in the query spectrum. Wh...

Rational Development of Neutral Aqueous Electrolytes for Zinc-Air Batteries.

Neutral aqueous electrolytes have been shown to extend both the calendar-life and cycling stability of secondary zinc-air batteries (ZABs). Despite this promise, there are currently no modeling studies investigating the performance of neutral ZABs. Traditional continuum models are numerically insufficient to simulate the dynamic behavior of these complex systems, due to the rapid, orders-of-magnitude concentration shifts that occur. In this work, we present a novel framework for modeling the cell-level perf...

Infrared-Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study of Neutral Methylamine Dimer.

The methylamine dimer, (CH3NH2)2, is a model system to study the CH3 and NH2 spectral patterns in the neutral microsolvated systems relevant to chemical biology, atmospheric chemistry, and catalysis. We report infrared-vacuum ultraviolet (IR-VUV) spectroscopic measurements to probe the neutral (CH3NH2)2. Quantum chemical calculations and ab initio molecular dynamics simulations were carried out to understand the observed spectral features. Experimental and theoretical results indicate the likely coexistence...

Comparison between Positive Dental Images and Neutral Images in Managing Anticipatory Anxiety of Children.

To evaluate the impact of positive images versus neutral images on child behavior during dental treatment and their dental anxiety after dental treatment.

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