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The healthy life-style: attitude of population and priority directions.

The Moscow residents are prone to lead a healthy lifestyle (29% follow most principles of a healthy lifestyle and 56% follow some of them). During the study six main aspects of a healthy lifestyle were selected and described in detail from the perspective of Muscovites' self-assessment. Factor analysis revealed two types of behavior that characterize attitudes toward a healthy lifestyle by Muscovites: an "active healthy lifestyle" (nutrition, physical activity, work and rest regime) and a "passive healthy l...

Impaired brain network architecture in Cushing's disease based on graph theoretical analysis.

To investigate the whole functional brain networks of active Cushing disease (CD) patients about topological parameters (small world and rich club et al.) and compared with healthy control (NC). Nineteen active CD patients and twenty-two healthy control subjects, matched in age, gender, and education, underwent resting-state fMRI. Graph theoretical analysis was used to calculate the functional brain network organizations for all participants, and those for active CD patients were compared for and NCs. Activ...

The Concept and Epidemiology of Disability.

A profound need for rehabilitation services exists, especially in developing countries. This article highlights the role of the epidemiology of disability in addressing this critical need. The article concludes that national and global disability epidemiology statistics inform stakeholder development of rehabilitation policies and programs necessary to meet the global need for rehabilitation, directly supporting the World Health Organization Rehabilitation 2030: Call for Action and United Nations Sustainabl...

Centenarians: An excellent example of resilience for successful ageing.

Centenarians are remarkable not only because of their prolonged life, but also because they compress morbidity until the very last moments of their lives, thus being proposed as a model of successful, extraordinary ageing. From the medical viewpoint, centenarians do not escape the physiological decline or the age-related diseases or syndromes (i.e. frailty), but the rate of such processes is slow enough to be counterbalanced by their increased intrinsic capacity to respond to minor stresses of daily life (i...

Investing in Public School Kitchens and Equipment as a Pathway to Healthy Eating and Equitable Access to Healthy Food.

We gathered baseline data about student need of healthy, free school food, and if current school meal programming serves students in need of healthy free school food, in anticipation of the completion of a district-wide kitchen infrastructure and educational farm project in a high-poverty urban school district.

Inflammatory cytokine profiles in the crevicular fluid around clinically healthy dental implants compared to the healthy contralateral side during the early stages of implant function.

To describe and compare cytokines levels in clinically healthy sites of dental implants and natural teeth.

Healthy Aging and Cardiovascular Function: Invasive Hemodynamics During Rest and Exercise in 104 Healthy Volunteers.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between age and invasive cardiovascular hemodynamics during upright exercise among healthy adults.

Healthy mum - healthy baby? Safety of vedolizumab during periconceptual period.

Will esports result in a higher prevalence of problematic gaming? A review of the global situation.

Video gaming is highly prevalent in modern culture, particularly among young people, and a healthy hobby for the majority of users. However, in recent years, there has been increasing global recognition that excessive video gaming may lead to marked functional impairment and psychological distress for a significant minority of players. Esports is a variant of video gaming. It is a relatively new phenomenon but has attracted a considerable number of followers across the world and is a multimillion dollar ind...

Prevalence and significance of fragmented QRS complex in lead V1 on the surface electrocardiogram of healthy athletes.

Limited data exist concerning fragmented QRS complexes (fQRSs) on the surface electrocardiogram (ECG) of apparently healthy athletes. We aimed to study the prevalence and significance of fQRS in lead V1 (fQRSV1), representing right ventricular (RV) activation, regarding training-induced RV morphological remodelling.

What is Left Ventricular Strain in Healthy Neonates? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

Reference values for left ventricular systolic strain in healthy neonates are necessary for clinical application of strain. The objectives of this systematic review were to identify echocardiographic studies that presented left ventricular strain values in healthy neonates, perform a meta-analysis for speckle tracking-derived global longitudinal strain, and identify areas that require further investigation. A structured search was applied to MEDLINE, Embase, and Cochrane Central Register of Clinical Trials ...

Preparing student nurses to be healthy role models: A qualitative study.

There are national and international expectations for nurses to be healthy role models. This study aimed to investigate student nurses', nurse educators' and registered nurses' experiences and perceptions about being healthy role models and to explore whether nurse education prepares students to become healthy role models. The study used an exploratory qualitative design and was based in the south of England. Participants (n = 39) included student nurses, nurse lecturers and registered nurses. Data coll...

Entitled to a healthy, thriving future.

'Becoming-with' a repeat healthy volunteer: Managing and negotiating trust among repeat healthy volunteers in commercial clinical drug trials.

Recent sociological research has raised important sociological and ethical questions about the role of financial rewards in terms of healthy volunteer involvement in clinical trials. Research suggests that it would be parochial to assume financial rewards alone are sufficient to explain repeat healthy volunteering. This paper explores other factors that might explain repeat healthy volunteering behaviours in phase I clinical drug trials. Drawing on qualitative research with healthy volunteers, the paper arg...

Application of nutrient profile models to compare products offered in 'healthy' vs 'conventional' vending machines in a Spanish hospital environment.

Vending machines promote easy access to food with low nutritional value. 'Healthy' vending machines (HVM) have been introduced as a means to improve the availability and accessibility of healthy food options, and the healthiness of the foods, however, has not been evaluated.

Healthy and Climate-Friendly Eating Patterns in the New Zealand Context.

The global food system is driving both the climate crisis and the growing burden of noncommunicable disease. International research has highlighted the climate and health co-benefit opportunity inherent in widespread uptake of plant-based diets. Nevertheless, uncertainty remains as to what constitutes healthy and climate-friendly eating patterns in specific world regions.

Whole-genome sequencing and comparative analysis of the genomes of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron and Escherichia coli isolated from a healthy resident in Vietnam.

To report the draft genome sequences of two multidrug-resistant bacteria,Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron F9-2 and Escherichia coli 09-02E, isolated from stool samples of a healthy resident in Vietnam.

Why Knowing Healthy Controls Matters.

Although healthy volunteers often serve as controls or primary participants in neuroscience research, they are usually less rigorously screened than patients, which can have far-reaching implications for interpretation of study results. Although this issue has long been recognized, it is rarely discussed in the research literature. This article examines how the rigorous screening and characterization of healthy volunteers is key for quality research.

The mediating role of cognition and social cognition on creativity among patients with schizophrenia and healthy control: revisiting the Shared Vulnerability Model.

As suggested by the Shared Vulnerability Model, impairment in executive functions could lead to worse creative performance among individuals with schizophrenia. Another impaired function in schizophrenia, previously related to creativity in healthy people, is theory of mind. However, little is known about the effect of theory of mind in creativity in schizophrenia. Therefore, the aim of this study was to analyze differences in creativity among patients with schizophrenia compared to healthy controls and to ...

Step hunting! - how fitness apps and electronic feedback devices enter our lives.

"Papa, how many steps did you make today?" is a common question when I come home from a day at work. My 9-year-old son has a tracker himself, and boys at his age love competition with their dads. He tries to beat me wherever he can and actually and increasingly does. Apps have entered our daily lives and remind us vibrating at our hand wrists on smartwatches that it is time to stand up and get in motion for at least a minute, to close our activity circles for the day. The movement gives us a good feeling an...

Modern demographic trends in Ukraine as a ground for realization of prevention strategies

The data of the world statistics show that the process of demographic ageing becomes significant in modern conditions, and the number of elderly people annually increases by 3%. Owing to the global tendencies for ageing, the health care and social security systems are facing important challenges to ensure healthy lives and promote the well-being for this segment of population, provide affordable and quality medical care according to needs.

A giant exoplanet orbiting a very-low-mass star challenges planet formation models.

Surveys have shown that super-Earth and Neptune-mass exoplanets are more frequent than gas giants around low-mass stars, as predicted by the core accretion theory of planet formation. We report the discovery of a giant planet around the very-low-mass star GJ 3512, as determined by optical and near-infrared radial-velocity observations. The planet has a minimum mass of 0.46 Jupiter masses, very high for such a small host star, and an eccentric 204-day orbit. Dynamical models show that the high eccentricity i...

Time trends in healthy lifestyle among adults in Germany: Results from three national health interview and examination surveys between 1990 and 2011.

The combined impact of multiple healthy behaviors on health exceeds that of single behaviors. This study aimed to estimate trends in the prevalence of a healthy lifestyle among adults in Germany.

Measuring university students' beliefs toward healthy snack selection.

Understanding university students' beliefs toward selecting healthy snacks is important in developing effective programs targeting healthy eating behaviors. The purpose of this research was to assess students' beliefs toward healthy snack selection and consumption. In November 2017, a convenience sample of 779 undergraduate students living on campus completed an online survey. A survey was developed to measure students' beliefs about eating healthy snacks. Paired t-tests were used to compare differences i...

Use of healthy conversation skills to promote healthy diets, physical activity and gestational weight gain: Results from a pilot randomised controlled trial.

This study evaluated the use of Healthy Conversation Skills (a client-centered communication approach to behaviour change) in supporting women to achieve optimal gestational-weight-gain and health behaviours.

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