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Open source software in quantum computing.

Open source software is becoming crucial in the design and testing of quantum algorithms. Many of the tools are backed by major commercial vendors with the goal to make it easier to develop quantum software: this mirrors how well-funded open machine learning frameworks enabled the development of complex models and their execution on equally complex hardware. We review a wide range of open source software for quantum computing, covering all stages of the quantum toolchain from quantum hardware interfaces thr...

Noise-Resistant Device-Independent Certification of Bell State Measurements.

Device-independent certification refers to the characterization of an apparatus without reference to the internal description of other devices. It is a trustworthy certification method, free of assumption on the underlying Hilbert space dimension and on calibration methods. We show how it can be used to quantify the quality of a Bell-state measurement, whether deterministic, partial, or probabilistic. Our certification is noise resistant and opens the way towards the device-independent self-testing of Bell-...

Certification of Powder-containment Hoods for Nonsterile Compounding.

It is essential that pharmacy staff, store customers, and the environments to which those individuals are exposed be protected from particles dispersed during compounding when powders are handled, incorporated into preparations, or become airborne when vessels that contain them are opened. The primary engineering controls used most often in nonsterile compounding to protect against such contaminants are fume hoods and powder-containment hoods. Those units must routinely undergo certification testing to conf...

2018 Guide to Nursing Certification Boards.

Nursing specialty certification is a way to demonstrate clinical and professional growth. Use this resource to learn about available certifications and contact the certifying body that meets your needs.

Advancing Professionalization of Biobank Business Operations: A Worldwide Survey.

Quality specimens from biobanks are key resources to support reproducible research. Sustaining biobanks requires robust management. We recently published a pilot survey that indicated that over half the participating biobanks had business plans in place and another third were working on business planning. While the results provided a clue to the status of business planning in biobanking, it was concluded that a longer and more in-depth survey and analysis were required. In April 2017, an extended survey was...

Magnitude-based Inference: Good Idea but Flawed Approach.

Introduction of the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ABMGG) Certification Exams and maintenance of certification.

Medical photography with a mobile phone: useful techniques, and what neurosurgeons need to know about HIPAA compliance.

Medical photographs are commonly employed to enhance education, research, and patient care throughout the neurosurgical discipline. Current mobile phone camera technology enables surgeons to quickly capture, document, and share a patient scenario with colleagues. Research demonstrates that patients generally view clinical photography favorably, and the practice has become an integral part of healthcare. Neurosurgeons in satellite locations often rely on residents to send photographs of diagnostic imaging st...

DKG Certification of Paediatric Cancer Centres.

The new certification module will continue to foster the development of interdisciplinary networks and a centralised commitment to high quality of care in paediatric oncology. The new module was initiated in a joint venture of the German Society of Paediatric Oncology and Haematology (GPOH) and the German Cancer Society (DKG) in 2016. The comprehensive Catalogue of Requirements is based on the directive for paediatric oncology by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) and has been successfully implemented into ...

Variability in radiation dose and image quality: A comparison across fluoroscopy-system vendors, generations of equipment and institutions.

To evaluate differences in radiation dose and image quality across institutions, fluoroscope vendors and generations of fluoroscopes for pediatric cardiac catheterization.

Exploring the business of urology: Is it time for a "Business of Healthcare" curriculum in urology residency programs?

The Relationship Between Board Certification and Disciplinary Actions Against Board-Eligible Family Physicians.

Lack of specialty board certification has been reported as a significant physician-level predictor of receiving a disciplinary action from a state medical board. This study investigated the association between family physicians receiving a disciplinary action from a state medical board and certification by the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM).

Adoption of the Methodology for the HHS-Operated Permanent Risk Adjustment Program Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for the 2017 Benefit Year. Final rule.

The Secretary of Education (Secretary) amends the regulations implementing Parts B and C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). These conforming changes are needed to implement statutory amendments made to the IDEA by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), enacted on December 10, 2015. These regulations remove and revise IDEA definitions based on changes made to the definitions in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by the ESSA, and also update several ...

Big data: the elements of good questions, open data, and powerful software.

Can vendors' age limit control measures increase compliance with the alcohol age limit? An evaluation of measures implemented by three Dutch liquor store chains.

Dutch liquor store (off license) chains have voluntarily developed and implemented age limit control measures to increase compliance with the Licensing and Catering Act (LCA), aimed at prohibiting vendors from selling alcohol to minors (

An Evaluation of the Hygiene Practices of European Street Food Vendors and a Preliminary Estimation of Food Safety for Consumers, Conducted in Paris.

The aim of this study was to evaluate hygiene conditions and practices in selected street food facilities in Paris, France. One hundred twenty mobile food establishments were studied: kiosks, 66 (55%); stands, 32 (26.7%); and food trucks, 22 (18.3%). Inspection of street food vendors and short interviews with staff using a specially designed checklist revealed that none of them were entirely hygienic. The hygiene conditions of the facilities themselves were the most satisfactory (77% of them were up to stan...

Business performance management in university hospitals: a diagnosis in Brazilian institutions.

To investigate whether business performance management practices are used by Brazilian federal university hospitals, and if so, to determine which practices are used and explore characteristics that may be related to their adoption.

Automated body volume acquisitions from 3D structured-light scanning.

Whole-body volumes and segmental volumes are highly related to the health and medical condition of individuals. However, the traditional manual post-processing of raw 3D scanned data is time-consuming and needs technical expertise. The purpose of this study was to develop bespoke software for obtaining whole-body volumes and segmental volumes from raw 3D scanned data automatically and to establish its accuracy and reliability. The bespoke software applied Stitched Puppet model fitting techniques to deform t...

3D Organ Modeling with Open-Source Software.

To date, 3D organ modeling has not reached widespread clinical use, despite showing promise in medical literature. The majority of anatomic modeling that is presented in the literature is performed with proprietary software, presenting certain barriers to use such as price for usage rights. Open-source software not only circumvents this barrier, but also often provides greater customization offered by global communities. In this proof-of-concept experiment, a HeartMate II LVAD was "virtually fit" in a patie...

Anthropogenic influences on emergence of vector-borne plant viruses: the persistent problem of Potato virus Y.

Potato virus Y (PVY) has reemerged as a serious impediment to seed potato production, responsible for reduced yields and tuber quality, as well as the majority of seed lot rejections by certification programs due to excessive virus incidence. This has led to seed shortages, especially in cultivars highly susceptible to infection. While seed certification programs have been effective at managing many virus diseases below economic thresholds, PVY has rapidly evolved in recent decades to become a complex of st...

Novel imaging phantom for accurate and robust measurement of brain atrophy rates using clinical MRI.

Brain volume loss, or atrophy, has been proven to be an important characteristic of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis. To use atrophy rate as a reliable clinical biomarker and to increase statistical power in clinical treatment trials, measurement variability needs to be minimized. Among other sources, systematic differences between different MR scanners are suspected to contribute to this variability. In this study we developed and performed initial validation tests o...

Quality of medicines in southern Togo: Investigation of antibiotics and of medicines for non-communicable diseases from pharmacies and informal vendors.

Substandard and falsified medicines represent a serious threat for public health and patient safety. Especially in low and middle-income countries, the prevalence of substandard and falsified medicines is reportedly high. However, reliable information on the prevalence of poor-quality medicines is scarce. In this study, 12 essential medicines, including antibiotics, antidiabetics, cardiac drugs and antiasthmatic drugs, were collected from six informal vendors and six licensed pharmacies in the southern part...

An unexploited dimension: new software for mixture analysis by 3D diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy.

3D DOSY experiments have the potential to provide unique and valuable information but are underused, in part due to the lack of efficient processing software. Here we illustrate the power of 3D DOSY and present MAGNATE (Multidimensional Analysis for the GNAT Environment), an open-source and free software package for the analysis of pulsed field gradient (PFG) 3D NMR diffusion data, distributed under the GNU General Public Licence. The new software makes it possible for the first time to efficiently analyse ...

The soul as the 'guiding idea' of psychology: Kant on scientific psychology, systematicity, and the idea of the soul.

The extent that certain dairy farmer attitudes and behaviors are associated with farm business profitability.

The way in which farm managers' attitudes, personality, behavior, values, and sociodemographic characteristics influence farm business performance is, at best, only partially understood. The study reported here expands on this understanding by analyzing the attitudes and personal attributes of 80 dairy farmers in Great Britain in relation to the profitability over 3 yr of their farm businesses. Business goals, temperament, purchasing behavior, and having a growth mindset toward the business were found to be...

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