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Hypothenar hammer syndrome: An uncommon cause of secondary syndrome and digital ischemia.

Hypothenar hammer syndrome affects less than 1% of the population, but if the diagnosis is delayed, digital gangrene and critical ischemia can ensue. The condition is caused by injury to the ulnar artery at the level of the hook of hamate when the palm of the hand is repetitively used as a hammer. Injury includes segmental occlusion of the ulnar artery and aneurysmal formation with or without occlusion. Patients with hypothenar hammer syndrome often present with symptoms of secondary Raynaud syndrome; if Ra...

Social grooming efficiency and techniques are influenced by manual impairment in free-ranging Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata).

Animals born with physical impairments may particularly require behavioural flexibility and innovation to survive and carry out social activities, such as grooming. Studies on free-ranging Japanese macaques on Awaji Island, Japan, have shown that individuals with congenital limb malformations exhibited compensatory behaviours while grooming, such as increased mouth and elbow use for removing ectoparasites. The aim of this study is to explore disabled and nondisabled grooming techniques to determine whether ...

Carbon/PEEK nails: a case-control study of 22 cases.

Interest around carbon/PEEK plates and nails has been raising. The elastic modulus close to the bone, the high load-carrying capacity and radiolucency make CFR/PEEK materials a potential breakthrough. In the literature, there are abundant data about CFR/PEEK plates in the treatment of proximal humerus, distal radius and distal fibula fractures. In patients affected by bone metastasis, CFR/PEEK nails were proved effective and safe with 12 months of follow-up. Very little is known about performances of CFR/P...

Association between pubic hair grooming and prevalent sexually transmitted infection among female university students.

Recent findings have suggested an association between pubic hair grooming and self-reported history of sexually transmitted infection (STI), specifically gonococcal infection (GC), chlamydial infection (CT), or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). We evaluated the association between self-reported extreme grooming and laboratory-confirmed prevalence of GC/CT. Between April 2017 and April 2018, we enrolled English-speaking, adult, female students at a large, Midwestern university who presented on-campus for S...

Biomechanical and Clinical Comparative Study of the New Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing "MJ-FLEX Orthofix".

The objectives of this study were first to compare the results of osteosynthesis with standard Metaizeau (MS) nails versus Metaizeau Junior Flex or MJF Orthofix (MJF) in terms of the stability of long-bone fractures in children, and to study the preoperative and postoperative safety of these new nails. We also carried out an analysis by computer modeling of a femur, in order to compare the biomechanical stability of the 2 nails. The interest in the MJF nails lies in the improvements they bring in terms of s...

Neuromedin U induces self-grooming in socially-stimulated mice.

Emerging evidence suggest that appetite-regulating peptides modulate social behaviors. We here investigate whether the anorexigenic peptide neuromedin U (NMU) modulates sexual behavior in male mice. However, instead of modulating sexual behaviors, NMU administered into the third ventricle increased self-grooming behavior. In addition, NMU-treatment increased self-grooming behavior when exposed to other mice or olfactory social-cues, but not when exposed to non-social environments. As the neuropeptide oxytoc...

Early life experience and alterations of group composition shape the social grooming networks of former pet and entertainment chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).

The long-term effects of early life adversities on social capacities have been documented in humans and wild-caught former laboratory chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). However, former pet and entertainment chimpanzees have received little attention to date. This study aimed to investigate the long-term effects of early life experience on 18 former pet and entertainment chimpanzees, based on social grooming data collected at a primate rescue centre over a 12-year period. Moreover, we also focused on the possibl...

Asystole in a syncope by hair grooming in children: Case report and literature review.

We report the first case of syncope with a documented asystole in a child triggered by hair grooming. No pathological findings were found, and a 15 s asystole event was recorded in an ambulatory 24 h electrocardiogram while her mother was combing her hair. Syncope by hair grooming is an infrequent type, reported in 162 patients. It is more prevalent in females (84.6% vs. 15.4%) with a mean age in the range of 8.9-12.3 years. The diagnostic is based on clinical history and the most frequent complementary ...

Reduced complication rates for unstable trochanteric fractures managed with third-generation nails: Gamma 3 nail versus PFNA.

Third-generation nails for the management of unstable trochanteric fractures were evaluated with regard to outcomes.

Unravelling property of polysaccharides from Sargassum sp. as an anti-wrinkle and skin whitening property.

In recent years, the natural ingredients are in high demand in formulating the cosmetic products. Seaweed polysaccharides signify the attractive natural ingredient with a wide range of functional properties that are expected for cosmeceutical formulations. The present work aimed to study the skin protection ability of polysaccharides extracted from Sargassum vachellianum (SvP), Sargassum horneri (ShoP) and Sargassum hemiphyllum (SheP). The extracted crude polysaccharides were characterized by HPLC and FTIR,...

Nail clipping in onychomycosis and comparison with normal nails and ungual psoriasis.

Of all nail disorders seen in dermatology offices, half of them are due to onychomycosis. The main differential diagnosis is nail psoriasis. The objective of this study was to compare the microscopic findings, other than the presence of fungi, in the clipping of onychomycosis versus normal nails and nail psoriasis.

Mesangial Cells: The Tuft Guys of Glomerular Development.

Lower Extremity Fractures: Tips and Tricks for Nails and Plates.

Lower extremity fractures, ranging from the proximal femur to the distal tibia, come in a variety of patterns and complexity. Treatment modalities typically consist of using plates and intramedullary nails; however, each has its advantages and disadvantages in each anatomic region. In this instructional course, salient points and nuances in setup and implant choice are reviewed. Furthermore, the essential tips and tricks to avoid pitfalls and achieve a desired clinical result are discussed.

Titanium Elastic Nails are a Safe and Effective Treatment for Length Unstable Pediatric Femur Fractures.

Controversy exists regarding the treatment of length unstable pediatric femoral shaft fractures. The purpose of this study was to investigate the outcomes of skeletally immature children with length unstable femur fractures treated with titanium elastic nails (TENs).

Post-feeding behavior in crayfish (Procambarus clarkii): description of an invertebrate behavioral satiety sequence.

Previous studies have demonstrated that food consumption induces the behavioral satiety sequence (BSS) in some animals, a characteristic series of activities which include exploration, grooming, and resting. The BSS, while valuable in assessing the effects of drugs on food intake, has not been widely studied in non-mammalian species. Our experiment examined post-feeding behavior in crayfish using continuous recording of five behaviors: feeding, walking, grooming, leg wave, and quiescence. We found that food...

Annals Consult Guys - Nausea and Vomiting After Surgery.

Annals Consult Guys - Peripheral Artery Disease Management.

Annals Consult Guys - Procedures With DOACs: How Long to Wait?

Web Exclusive. Annals Consult Guys - Ouch! Imaging and the Prevention of Kidney Stones.

Lek-associated movement of a putative Ebolavirus reservoir, the hammer-headed fruit bat (Hypsignathus monstrosus), in northern Republic of Congo.

The biology and ecology of Africa's largest fruit bat remains largely understudied and enigmatic despite at least two highly unusual attributes. The acoustic lek mating behavior of the hammer-headed bat (Hypsignathus monstrosus) in the Congo basin was first described in the 1970s. More recently molecular testing implicated this species and other African bats as potential reservoir hosts for Ebola virus and it was one of only two fruit bat species epidemiologically linked to the 2008 Luebo, Democratic Republ...

Web Exclusive. Annals Consult Guys - Bridging Anticoagulation for Patients With Valvular Heart Disease.

Web Exclusive. Annals Consult Guys - Preventing Coronary Disease in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Do Guidelines Apply?

Using an Impact Hammer to Estimate Elastic Modulus and Thickness of a Sample During an Osteotomy.

Performing an osteotomy with a surgical mallet and an osteotome is a delicate intervention mostly based on the surgeon proprioception. It remains difficult to assess the properties of bone tissue being osteotomized. Mispositioning of the osteotome or too strong impacts may lead to bone fractures which may have dramatic consequences. The objective of this study is to determine whether an instrumented hammer may be used to retrieve information on the material properties around the osteotome tip. A hammer equi...

Hybrid Operating Room: One-Stop-Shop for Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment.

The Hybrid Operating Room allows the thoracic surgeon to image, biopsy, diagnose, and operate in the same setting. With this streamlined model, time from referral to diagnosis to treatment is reduced. Increased efficiency allows for diagnosis and definitive surgical therapy sooner, thereby improving patient outcomes. A team-based approach is required for this one-stop-shop model of thoracic surgical practice to succeed. We present a series of prospective registry chart reviews demonstrating the utility of s...

Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for a Parallel Batching Distributed Flow-Shop Problem With Deteriorating Jobs.

In this article, we propose a hybrid artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm to solve a parallel batching distributed flow-shop problem (DFSP) with deteriorating jobs. In the considered problem, there are two stages as follows: 1) in the first stage, a DFSP is studied and 2) after the first stage has been completed, each job is transferred and assembled in the second stage, where the parallel batching constraint is investigated. In the two stages, the deteriorating job constraint is considered. In the propose...

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